Indiana and Louisville exploring 3-year series

Rick Pitino raised the possibility of a new series between Indiana and Louisville after the teams played each other in December’s Jimmy V Classic at Madison Square Garden.

Two months later, that series appears close to coming to fruition.

IU coach Tom Crean acknowledged Tuesday that the two programs have discussed a three-year series, but said it was too premature to discuss specifics. Pitino said on his Monday night radio show that the teams would potentially play next season at Lucas Oil Stadium — where they would each split 35,000 tickets — followed by a game in Bloomington and a game in Louisville in the ensuing seasons.

“A series of that magnitude really deserves the respect of an official announcement and it being a big deal, because it would be,” Crean said. “Are we in the midst of it, among other things that we’re doing? Absolutely, we are in the midst of that. We have been. With a series of that magnitude and the dates that we would potentially play it at, the way we would play it, a lot of things would have to get worked out, so it’s premature to talk about it.”

Indiana athletic director Fred Glass confirmed to The Herald-Times on Tuesday that talks are ongoing, but declined to discuss specifics until a deal is done.

The series would fill the void of Indiana’s longtime rivalry with Kentucky, which was discontinued in 2012. IU didn’t have a marquee home game in 2013, but tried to fill that void with SMU in November.

“I hope when that time comes,” Crean said. “It’s a big enough deal that it deserves a proper announcement.”

Glass told the H-T in December that he was open to pursuing the series with Louisville, but added that he would opt to have a campus component. On his radio show, Pitino seemed willing to agree to that suggestion.

“We are negotiating to play Indiana next year in Lucas Oil Stadium, where we split 35,000 tickets each,” Pitino is quoted as saying in the Louisville Courier-Journal. “If we can’t get Lucas Oil on the date, we’ll go to (Bankers Life Fieldhouse) and split 10,500 tickets or whatever. It’ll be half going around behind our bench and half at mid-section, going around their bench.”

Pitino said in December that he’d like to try and break the single-game record of 79,444 set this past April at the Final Four in Arlington, Texas, but Lucas Oil Stadium lists its basketball capacity at 70,000. An announced crowd of 70,930 watched Butler and Duke play each other in the 2010 final four at the stadium.


  1. IU will need to recruit a blue chip center and blue chip forward (4.8 star or higher) or this could be very boring for IU fans. Just pound in the middle on offense, play middle honest on defense and guard perimeter for Louisville.

  2. Oh no! That means I’ll have to look at the Scum Bag more than I’d prefer to. Remember, if he comes to Bloomington, just keep your wives away from the restaurants.

  3. Podunker
    Rick Pitino has acknowledged several times that he made a mistake and his wife has forgiven him. That is their business. Your favorite coach would probably tweet something like ” let he who is without sin cast the first stone” That would disqualify most of us from passing judgement, even you Podumber. Even you.

  4. His wife forgave him. Good for her. But, he’s still a scumbag. Mistake? That’s one whopper of a mistake and speaks to the man’s character. He has no honor, and obviously little self discipline. What an example he set for the young men who he’s responsible to coach. To have sex with the wife of one of your subordinates, a man who is a part of the team he leads, on a table in a restaurant, is about as low as you can go without risking a prison sentence. If he’d been an officer in the U.S. Military, he’d have been dishonorably discharged and might have gone to prison. But I guess we’re now living in a “just win, baby” society. And RAM, no one is suggesting he be stoned to death, but people can be disgusted by his behavior without being hypocrites. I am not at all surprised that someone who frequently attacks Crean would be so ready to defend the scumbag. “Just win, baby.”

  5. Sorry, I may have gotten one detail wrong in my previous post. Some news reports from the time suggest that the scum bag had sex with his assistant coach’s/equipment manager’s wife in the restroom of the restaurant, not on top of one of the tables. Jeffrey V, I’m sure you can Google “rick pitino infidelity” and get all the sordid details about this married father of five’s big “mistake.” Some time after their hook-up in the restaurant, the women approached the scum bag, told him she was pregnant and demanded that he pay her to have an abortion. He paid her $3,000 (heck of a stand-up guy, right), but it turns out she was not pregnant. She was later arrested and charged with extortion, and the details of their dalliance came out as a result of the testimony he provided under oath during the criminal justice system’s proceedings against the women.

  6. Po, based on the reports, kinda reading between the lines, I believe dishonorable discharge was involved.

  7. Top opening line for Pitino at an Italian restaurant;

    “Lasagna…? Let me put this on ya..!”

    Promise…Last post.

  8. Podunker ” Someone who frequently attacks Crean” Go look at some of your posts from years past and square them with what you are saying today. I didn’t use the word “hypocrite” but if the shoe fits wear it to the ball. Since you are so intent on dredging up scandal like a TMZ reporter, tell us what the Kardashians did today. And by the way, since you are so self righteous and indignant you lose the argument . Have a nice night sir or madam or whatever.

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