IUWBB: Indiana loses to Maryland, 83-72

The Hoosiers hung with No. 5 Maryland for the second time this season, but for the second time, the Big Ten regular season champs were just too much for Indiana in a 83-72 defeat Thursday at Xfinity Center.

After a 3-pointer by Karlee McBride with 8:57 left in the game, IU had cut Maryland’s lead to 62-58. But the Terrapins (26-2, 17-0 Big Ten) were able to hold the Hoosiers to three points over the next five minutes and rebuilt the double-digit lead they maintained much of the game.

IU head coach Teri Moren was proud after Thursday’s result at Maryland, just as she was after a 10-point loss at Assembly Hall in January.

“Just really pleased with our basketball team,” Moren said, “and the toughness we showed through the 40 minutes.”

McBride paced the Hoosiers (14-14, 4-13) with a career-high 18 points. Larryn Brooks finished with 13 points, and Tyra Buss and Alexis Gassion both added 10 points.

The Hoosiers shot 41 percent from the field, including 9-of-29 from 3-point range, but they had 16 turnovers to five assists. The Terrapins also converted 12 second-chance points and had 34 points in the paint.

But IU won the rebounding battle, 37-36, limiting Maryland, a team that has averaged nearly 17 offensive rebounds per night during the conference season, to eight offensive boards Thursday night.

That would not only be an accomplishment for IU on a regular night, but a team that lacked post depth got a little thinner in the front court when Jenn Anderson went out with a head injury in the second half.

“Really really proud of the effort,” Moren said. “We are not a big team, we are not a deep team, especially at that four and five spot. Just for our kids to battle the way they did, especially on the low block, I’m really proud of them.”

McBride led a strong bench effort for IU; the Hoosiers’ reserves had 27 points, compared with four for Maryland’s bench. Senior Laurin Mincy led the Terrapins with 28 points on what was Senior Night at the Xfinity Center.

“We cautioned our kids that there was a chance she was going to try and have a special night in front of her family and friends here,” Moren said. “Not surprised.”

Maryland has now won 20 games in a row and remains undefeated in conference. Moren said during her postgame conference that a program the caliber of Maryland didn’t have to adjust to the Big Ten — it is the Big Ten, and teams like Indiana, that have to adjust to Maryland.

“To say I’m surprised and shocked, a little bit, but only because this is such a crazy game and night in and night out you have to play. They clearly have to play with a special mark on their back,” Moren said. “They are going to get everybody’s best shot and for them to stay undefeated is the makeup of a special team.”


  1. i would like to congratulate the girls on climbing all the way to the top…..of second place in this game

  2. Good job by the ladies last night against Maryland. When the dust settles at the end of the regular season Maryland will be a number 1 seed in the NCAA tournament. I have watched every game this season and have seen tremendous improvement and growth. Congrats to the coaching staff for a job well done. Now it’s time to finish strong and make some noise at conference.
    “Great moments are born from great opportunity” Herb Brooks

  3. coachv, sarcasm spoken again from someone who admitted earlier this year he has never seen the team play, really nice. I have seen the team play in person 17 times this year and have seen then on tv 3 times. This team has fought against teams much better than them athletically all year long in the conference and done themselves proud. The deficiencies they try to overcome in each game they play are very apparent as you watch them. A lack of size and athletic ability as opposed to the teams they play are very apparent. They have played hard in most games and have tried to compete but, there lack of size and inexperience show up quite often.
    Last night they played one of the top teams in the country on their court and fought hard to the end. Losing Anderson to injury during the second half certainly didn’t help. Showing their grit they outrebounded a much bigger team last night on the road. Cahill was one basket and a rebound away from another double-double. Maryland was a final 4 team last year and only lost one player from that team. Although our team is enduring a 4 game losing streak, it is quite apparent the team is improving. They now have to travel to Rutgers for the final league game of the season. Rutgers is probably the most athletic team in the conference and also nationally ranked. Another really tough test for our ladies. Keep fighting girls, most of your REAL fans are very proud of your effort! Go Hoosiers!!

  4. It really amuses me that coachv always seems to have a warped opinion about a team and a coach that he has never seen play.

  5. i may have never seen them play but i will watch the ceremonial cutting down the nets for trying real hard

  6. It must be very empowering to anonymously sit in your mother’s basement and continuialy tear down a coach and team who represents a university that you claim to be a fan of. It amazes me that you continue to do this when you in fact have no actual knowledge of the program except for what you read. Your continual criticism of the program and coach is cowardly and short sided to say the least. It’s a shame you have no more respect for our team and coach than you appear to have.
    The thing that I will say for Hoosierfan (who I normally don’t agree with ) is that he at least watches our team play and therefore his opinion although I don’t agree with, I do respect. You sir, are apparently simply a whiner who apparently has nothing better to do with his time than to spew criticism of something you know nothing directly about. How sad.

  7. mike,

    your spelling and grammar make it clear you never attended iu so why do you care about the team? does real basketball go too fast for you?

  8. T. Moren has a vision for IU women basketball. To play for her and this will be true for recruiting as well a player will have to be a competitor. Players will play with a competitive edge.

  9. It sounds like t is either t moren or t buss. Don’t all coaches try to recruit competitors? Is t implying that this year’s team has players who aren’t competitors?

  10. The players on this team that are getting to play are most competitive at her respective position among this team. Does not get any more fair than that.

  11. Hmmm, coachv, I guess I don’t understand the rules of posting on this website? Is it true that you have to be an alumni to appear here? You mean you can’t be a die hard IU fan to post here? Are theses your rules? I am so confused. Of course what is most confusing is what you post on here concerning our girls when you have never seen them play??

  12. t, I disagree with you on that. I believe coach plays certain players longer than they deserve. There are 2 players in particular that i am a fan of, and i believe both “deserve” more minutes, quality minutes. Lindsay Leikem is under-utilized. She is very fundamentally sound; gets herself in right position, always blocks out, sees open teammates well, takes and hits good shots, 3s included. Maura Muensterman has been negligently under-utilized from the beginning. Let’s pretend that she is a terrible shooter. In the first several games of the season, when she actually played more than 2 pity minutes at the end of a blowout, she showed potential as a solid rebounder; U of Indy – 4 rebounds in 8 min, Gardner-Webb – 5 rebounds in 9 min, Morehead St – 5 rebounds in 11 min. Then she didn’t play anymore quality minutes. As much as coach complains about lack of size/rebounding, I would have thought using Muensterman as a rebounder would have made sense. And again that is pretending that she’s not the best shooter on the team.

  13. Johng, your points are very valid concerning the two players you mentioned. While I think for the most part that Moren has done a decent job with the team, the lack of minutes for those two players seems strange indeed? Lindsey has played some very good minutes this year in Anderson’s place when she has been in foul trouble but, for some reason Moren seems to have no confidence in her? And the Maura situation is indeed befuddling? She didn’t get that many minutes in the pre-conference games either? The Agler’s situation I understand because her field goal percentage this year (19%) has dropped off the face of the earth but, the other two??

  14. mikec,

    no, you do not have to be an alumni to “appear” here. you do have to be an alumnus, so beat it. here’s where chet chimes in to tell us that alumni is not wronger than alumnus

  15. I agree Chet. I doubt coachv went to collage as well. Considering he was born in a gum ball machine.

  16. Be careful boys or coachv will perfect your shooting form. He is an expert. If you do not believe me, ask him.

  17. austin,

    nice “collage” spelling. a proud “alumni” of university of phoenix? man, there are a lot of uneducated peoples on here

  18. Coachv, nice to see that I am not the only person that is suspicious of your intelligence.

  19. My wish was granted. I wanted coach valvano to respond. I love pulling coachv’s chain. Flustered so easily! Sure you’re not a troll gum ball?

  20. I’m so glad coachv isn’t my son’s coach. I feel sorry for the school that is saddled with him. Why should I feel sorry though? I highly doubt he’s a coach. Living on California welfare perhaps?

  21. mikec,
    do you always question the intelligence of someone who constantly corrects your grammar and spelling? that explains a lot.


    why would i get flustered? i’m having a blast! i will admit to being a troll gum ball if i ever figure out what that is. i would rock that hair style.

    coachv jr.,

    that would make you my son, not my brother. you might want to try learning the difference between “to” and “too”. this is just two easy

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