Jordan Fuchs added to IU basketball roster #iubb

Indiana announced Wednesday morning that tight end Jordan Fuchs will join the basketball team and be available for tonight’s game at Maryland.

Fuchs, a 6-foot-6, 230-pound freshman, had basketball offers from Iowa State, SMU and Florida before committing to play football for Kevin Wilson at IU. He played in all 12 games for the Hoosiers last season, catching three passes for 31 yards and scoring a touchdown against North Texas.

Fuchs played at Christ The King in New York, where he was ranked as a two-star basketball prospect by ESPN.

“Jordan is someone we’ve been aware of for some time now and had he not gotten injured in the Purdue game and had to recover from that, we would have brought over to evaluate earlier,” IU coach Tom Crean said in a statement. “We worked with him since last week, and with coach Wilson’s blessing, we are adding Jordan at this time. He has considerable basketball experience and brings size, athleticism, toughness and a tremendous competitive attitude.”

The move doesn’t solve Indiana’s frontcourt issues, but it should add depth — especially as it becomes increasingly clear that scholarship freshmen forwards Jeremiah April and Tim Priller aren’t capable of giving IU anything close to meaningful minutes. Fuchs’ football teammate Darius Latham, a 6-foot-5, 300-pound defensive lineman, also had an invitation to walk on to the basketball team at one point.

Former IU receiver James Hardy is the last football player to try basketball during the 2004-05 season. Prior to Hardy, Hoosiers quarterback Antwaan Randle El played in 11 games during the 1998-99 season.

Fuchs didn’t start playing football until his junior year of high school. By that point he was already a star in basketball, playing power forward at Lamar Odom’s alma mater and earning 15 scholarship offers.

As Indiana’s season approaches the homestretch, Fuchs once again has an opportunity to return to the court, while giving IU some much-needed size and bulk on its bench.


  1. Makes you also wonder coachv; if someone hasn’t withdrawn from the team at this late date. I think its too late toqualify for redshirt status and you gotta wonder about Priller staying with team as well.

  2. Both players will be gone it’s a non issue and more than likely was told to each of them from the get go.

  3. april has only played 14 minutes in three games and i don’t believe any of them have been during conference play. i have seen players get medical redshirts playing more

    1. You can get a medical redshirt if the injury happens in the first half of the season and you appear in 30 percent or less of the team’s total games, but once a player sets foot on the floor in the regular season, a redshirt is gone barring an injury. So unless IU intends to argue that injury is the reason April or Priller are not playing, redshirting is not a possibility.

  4. I brought this question up about 6 games ago and there were nothing but crickets.

    At the time, the purpose was for Priller and April to provide some size, even on a limited basis, for this year. I think April may have played about 40 seconds this year against Butler? Priller hasn’t even sniffed the floor. So badly that in one game, I think Troy Williams was playing the 5. It seemed more likely that John Mellencamp’s thug son (that’s for you Harv) would check in at the scorers table than either of these guys.

    But, the mistake in bringing these guys in this year compounds our problems into next year. Our two commits for next year are 6’6″ and 6’7″. Maybe they’ll be good, but as a team, we still have no size. Our only hope is a long shot: Thon Maker, who has IU in his Top 3 (but leans UK) might reclassify for 2015. But, we need 2 guys to leave to even have room for Thon. At this point, I think Yogi might be the only one in danger of leaving early to make a spot. The rest are going to have to come through “transfers.” If Priller and/or April transfer, that’s a pretty crappy thing to have done to those kids.

    This was a recruiting catastrophe.

    On a positive note: can you imagine Thon Maker coming to IU next year and all our other starters return? That could be one sick team.

  5. Is Coach Crean really saying that a 6’6 football player who has worked out with the basketball team for two weeks (?) is a better potential player for this team than a 6’11/240 scholarship basketball player who has been with this team since August? That does not speak well for the scholarship offer (Coach’s recruiting decision) or for the coaching/development abilities of the program. Why do we need this distraction now when a good freshman basketball player, Emmitt Holt, can only get the Coach to play him 4 minutes in a game in which he played well? This is mildly curious.

  6. Currently, IU BB kind of reminds me of a school like Bradley or Western Michigan with an additional 2 or 3 really good athletes trying to play in big ten. Where is the talented big man? This is going on to long with no really good prospects (4.8 or higher 6’10″+) coming aboard in the foreseeable future and IU needs at least 2 talented big men. Hope to make tournament. Hope to make sweet 16. Hope to make NIT. Hope to over achieve. Hope to finish 4th in big ten. Insignificant.

  7. Thank you Coach Wilson.

    Sounds like a good move. April and Priller not working out, so be it. Can’t say they were not given the opportunity. Recruitment oop’s happen when trying to fill holes. I am confused about Holt’s limited time.

    Welcome Jordan. I’ll just stick to the first name.

  8. I heard Dakich imply on his radio show that April’s issues are work ethic…..Doesn’t sound like he’s taking the scholarship or the opportunity seriously…Don’t now how much truth there is in any of that, but it was certainly the implication for the lack of minutes.

    This sounds sorta fun….Kid could be a real banger…Wish we would have had him for Wisconsin…It’s not like Hoetzel was willing to give up his body for a charge.. A charge is just as productive as forcing a turnover…It’s better…It comes with a foul against the other team…That foul may be against a rather important person in the roster.. If this kid had a b-ball offers from Iowa St, Florida, and SMU, he has to have some sorta game that likely rivals anything those that aren’t putting forth in practice(or playing soft in games).

    Rebounding is about positioning….Watch Hartman grab boards….Might not be highlight reel stuff(going high over the backside and snatching something out of the clouds) that happens once every couple games, but he kid is masterful at shielding and boxing out. Hopefully, the football kid that can ball can bring some of the same strong fundamentals back to the inside….

  9. t-

    Hard to listen to that defeatist stuff when your early season evaluations predicted this team to be 15-16…..This team will “breeze” into the NCAA tournament..Sound familiar? .Even the brilliant Lunardi that gets to readjust his brackets more than that scary Halloween wig he glues to his albino pumpkin didn’t see it happening..

    Stranger things have happened…This team could end up going deeper than the Children of the Cody Corn…

  10. have to assume fuchs held his own in practice. perhaps he is so strong he will be a good rebounder and be able to push opposing post players off their spot. he has to have something because he would be taking minutes from emmitt and max, perhaps stanford. maybe crean just likes him for practice to bang inside. hope we see a little tonight. too early to start drinking?

  11. to your point Double Down, and for anyone else, does Yogi leave to NBA if CTC cant bring in “a playable” big man or if CTC does will Yogi stay??

  12. Wasn’t Thon Maker a Pat Benatar song..?

    You’re a heartbreaker..
    Dream maker,
    Thon Maker, don’t you mess around with me!

  13. Promise…Last post…

    But did anyone else notice that Mile Miller’s story was entered onto the pages of
    Scoop at 11:11 a.m. on the eleventh day of the month..and Jordan Fuchs is a name with eleven letters..and we’re currently eleven games into the conference season?

    And this! “Prior to Hardy, Hoosiers quarterback Antwaan Randle El played in 11 games during the 1998-99 season.”

    This either means the end of he world or we’re going to win a big game on the road…..

  14. Any other players on the football team who played basketball in High School ? Hell how about junior high?

  15. Harvard, you could be right. If they meet Syracuse in the tournament IU might score first for a 2 -0 lead.

  16. I’m pretty sure Syracuse self-imposed sanctions leaving them out of the tournament this year….We’ve got that one in the bag.

    15-16…? You could be right, as well. You know, you’re on a real roll.

    Last post…Promise.

  17. Amazing news! Just confirms the insanity of bringing April, Priller and Burton to IU. Hoetzel is another player without the skills to play at a strong D1 level. Maybe this actually works. The 2 recruits for next year are promising but there is still a Big missing.
    Robinson should transfer so there will be room for more scholarships . April and Priller should go too. Go get em Coach Tom.

  18. Priller, April, and Holt were last ditch efforts to add size….and nothing more….but it worked to an extent because Holt is panning out. It is the same thing as adding Remmy…and that technically was worth it. Crean will use all the scholarships to get that one guy every so often that pans out. It’s a smart move really and in today’s
    college basketball every team has players
    leave. Some people over look the value of a
    practice player or the fact that your stock
    can rise as a bench warmer on a major
    team. Look at Bawa. A guy like Johnny Marlin realized hed rather play than ride the pine as a hoosier. I’m sure April and Priller were told by someone competent and realistic in the process that this is an opportunity to take advantage of and maybe it will pan out. It hasnt. It wont. Expect another big man and another guard to be added to the recruiting class.

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