1. Ouch…Blackmon is in a funk. And Hartman missing the go-ahead layup was critical….

    This was the road game that I thought we would steal….Yogi had the good look…Just wasn’t to be.

  2. Yep. Tough seeing JBJ struggle so mightily right now.

    Overall, the effort was great tonight. The Hoosiers didn’t have their best stuff and they fought hard in a hostile environment.

  3. too bad we couldn’t make a lay-up or even a dunk tonight… totally outplayed MD, but missed high % shots time after time. Oh well, this is one that will irritate the players, which is probably a good thing. I’m not that irritated because they executed so well.

    Best guess is that if Blackmon makes a normal % of his 5 (wide open) 3-pt looks, and we make 60% of the easy lay-ups and dunks that we missed, then we win by 15ish.

    Glad we won’t spend much more time on the road.

  4. Probably one of IU’s better defensive efforts all year and if JBJ hits half the shots he misses, IU wins by double digits.

  5. Disappointed we lost, but not disappointed by the effort. After watching the game and considering the two-head-to-head games between these teams, its reasonable to conclude that IU is the better team. Either Maryland should not be ranked in the top 20, or IU should be on that list.

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