1. Right on Oregon! What a play. Brilliant wasn’t it?!?!

    How about not starting Ziesloft after 4 3s in the 1H????

  2. One of those off shooting nights = disappointing loss. Just being outplayed. And giving up too many open shots, missing FTs, etc… Poor sub patterns. A team loss & there’s 6:30 to play.

  3. The last six minutes in the bonus and we’re still shooting threes? None of our coaches realize this? Are they paying attention? “Just keep shooting threes boys”. What a joke!

  4. Well, looks like we’re on the other side of the toupee now. The next two games are not easy either.

    Going 1 – 2 against NW in 2 years is absolutely inexcusable.

  5. I have been a supporter of Crean. But it is not working. What is the buyout after the 2015-16 season. No way is Crean gone this year, but hope remains after next.

  6. Love IU BBall, but obviously there is no defense. It would be nice if we had a Defensive Co-ordinator like in the NFL!

  7. This is not a tournament team. I think we will get beat by both Iowa and MSU at home. The coaching staff is clueless and they have no plan b if 3’s aren’t falling. They are nothing if not consistent. Overall, just really disappointing watching individuals coached by a clown

  8. That was the single most vomit inducing half of Hoosier basketball I’ve seen in quite some time. Lots of wet willies to hand out on this one.

  9. I’m sorry I love IU basketball but I cannot take anymore of this….we have one of the best front courts in the country. There is something wrong within the program. These boys looked like they had tired legs shots were way off…FT’s unacceptable…defense again questionable. CTC and coaching staff just seem lost at times…frustrated fan…sorry.

  10. Start the coaching carousel. I was a Crean supporter, but I think he’s losing the confidence of even the most basic fan. Not sure what is in these kids head. We need players that can figure out how to win games. Will themselves a victory.

    Blackmon disappears, no one refused to lose. Something clicked late, very late, too late, and they started playing defense and not relying on threes. Robinson is gone, not a factor. Just don’t know, at this point how the program will ever be elite again when Calapari gets more McDonald’s All-Americans in a recruiting class than we do over five seasons. Time to reevaluate how we build this program.

  11. for the past 3 years its the SAME story; when will the alumni and money men get tired of this TCC (Tom Crean crap). Team starts the season with high hopes and exuberance. At the end of the year, they are dragging tail and play like they cant wait to get off the floor. Play as if they have no clue whats been coached the past 15 weeks. Defense gets worse and each succeeding week and players get “lost” and there’s never a “paper trail” to even suggest they are on the team. NCAA’s I don’t think so; the quality of play has gone down so much they don’t resemble anywhere close to the team that started this season.

  12. TJ you’re right this squad was never developed as a team and it shows most at the end of each season, when IU players know they are not going any where but maybe the NIT but for sure not the NCAA. The most talented players start their resume building for what they hope will be the hop to the NBA. CTC must selling prospects on the fact that he will be the one to develop their NBA skills, in his NBA prototype college program that is geared to run and gun, one on one basketball, two unit just like the NBA. Offensive speed is the name of the game, defense is not required, after all, IU’s program is here to showcase individual talent and run the opponet to the point of ‘fatigue. But the opponents neither seem to get fatigue, oh, could it be they are 20 something years and in peak condition? Someone asked, and what could be doen aginst a zone like NW imployed tonight:what aboutt a high/low with one of the best baseline runners in the NCAA? I’m a tinsy bit pissed. I’m getting to the point I don’t even like watching basketball any more with all the contact and blatant disreguard for the so called ‘rules’. Why not just having a running clock, call nothing, unless the foul draws blood and get the game overwith? That might actually be a better game to watch.

  13. Have had season tickets for 25+ years with my alma mater, IU. But after watching the last several years, I find myself asking if Butler University season tickets might bring a more rewarding experience? Win or lose, the Bulldogs never give up. IU can learn a lot from Butler; especially on the coaching side.

  14. TJ in Texas; Crean’s contract buyout is a lot of money! Since you’re asking “the money men” to write checks totaling eight digits ($xx,xxx,xxx), how much are YOU willing to donate in order to see Crean’s contract bought out? The Hoosier Nation does not have to rely on a few “money men” to fund Crean’s contract buyout, it can accomplish the same objective if thousands, or tens of thousands of IU alumni and fans donate relatively reasonable sums of money. How much are you good for?

  15. I used to know this, but I’ve forgotten it. What is the amount of Crean’s contract buyout at the end of this season? Anybody know?

  16. You continue to deceive yourself Po(op) You don’t know anything, never knew anything, nor will you ever learn anything — including the tidbit you mention. As for the injustice of your teaming up with Harpfart and praising his coarseness the other day I can say this: them Hoosiers not going to win again this season. Enjoy.

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