1. A road win. Dominating road win. It puts us at 9-6. And it is crickets on here.
    The boo birds only know how to boo. They should learn to applaud as well.
    The story of this team is still to be told. IF we get to the NCAA, I like our chances to pull an upset or two.

    Go IU!

  2. A sloppy road win. A real sloppy road win. It’s rare when you play that carelessly and win by 30, but I think Rutgers could not hit water from a boat, quit in this game, and can’t wait for the season to be over. IU did some good stuff, but had nine or ten turnovers in the first 12 minutes of the game. Yuck!

    Hope CH is O.K.

  3. Would someone help me to remember (other than Mr. Delany and more money) why we are playing a Big Ten game in New Jersey against a team whose arena seating capacity is 7,000 plus?

  4. Right on, Mr. Walker! While watching the game yesterday, I asked myself, “why the hell is Rutgers in the Big Ten?” If I use my imagination and give Delany every benefit of the doubt, I can sort-of understand including Maryland. But including Rutgers makes no sense at all. Recruiting Rutgers into the Big Ten was a major reach. It was just stupid. Delany reminds me of too many corporate CEOs who engineer mergers and acquisitions simply to keep things stirred up in order to protect their jobs and enrich themselves and their immediate cronies, regardless of the impact it has on the shareholders, customers and employees of the companies involved. The Big Ten did not need Rutgers, and it was really stupid to include them in the Big Ten.

  5. It was for the NY and Jersey TV Market for the Big Ten Network…all about the $$$…same reason we added Maryland, for the TV market!

  6. Maybe the BT did not need Rutgers but what it does need is rooftops for future growth of BTN. In other words a masterful addition by Delaney. Piscataway is about an hour driving time from New York rooftops. Look how long Northwestern was nothing but toilet paper to BT BB. FB is the big engine for the BT and Rutgers can help carry water with that program.

  7. I’m with Harv and Clarion. I liked what I saw from April, although tempered by the fact that he was posting up against Rutgers’ scrubs. He moves pretty well and seems to have developed a nice B1G caliber body at least.

    From what I saw from him, it is surprising that he didn’t at least get a few minutes in Indiana’s debacle in Mackey as we were just getting pummeled inside by Hammons. In our close home loss, Fuchs who hadn’t even been on the team for a week saw a couple minutes as we got into all kinds of foul trouble. Who knows if he would have been manhandled just as badly, but from what I saw in limited time yesterday, it is puzzling that this kid doesn’t see a few min here and there.

    But, I don’t have any idea what is happening in practice. Could be that HMP, Hartman and Holt just beat him senseless at Cook Hall. But, I’m an internet commenter, so I probably have the hypothetical right answer, of which I’ll never have to face its consequences.

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