1. I will take being down 8 on the road versus the #5 team in the nation. Should be closer. Missed some shots we shouldn’t have but holding our own right now. Scared what halftime adjustments we do or don’t make.

  2. welllll since April and Priller are nothing more than roster “fodder”….without a big man of any consequence..this is THE BEST IU and the fans can hope to achieve. Any uncommitted big men are not leaning to come so next year appears to be a “ground hog day”

  3. absolutely pathetic…everything that is a weakness in IU play is a highlight reel. If Fred Glass is happy with a program that has players looking like middle school players getting their shots slapped back at them from High School players …not going to cut it.

  4. Crean should put together a coaching video on how to make millions without doing shtuff. That guy is stealing $3.1 million a year. This team is just a glorified rec league. Watch Virginia if you want to see how Indiana used to look. This is just garbage, just like the coach. You have a system and develop players instead of waiting for the next D-Wade to walk thru the door.

  5. I don’t understand how we play defense, what is Coach doing in practice?? This game is an embarrassment to all involved. I really like Crean as a person, but I think this really shows his faults as a x’s and o’s coach.

  6. I also really like Crean as a person….I also like his new striped gray suit as a suit.

  7. Jeff, Virginia and Tony Bennett are not my idea of how it’s done. That’s hardly a juggernaut of a program. No amount of coaching – good or bad – can overcome bad recruiting, and that’s where we find ourselves.

  8. Chaz
    Your logic really works. You probably don’t understand the team concept. Thanks for showing your ignorance again. Now go clean up aisle 4. I would take Virginia’s team all day long.

  9. Jeff, if you can’t have a respectful exchange of views then you need to simply go find someone else, somewhere else, to insult. Bennett has been at UV for what – 4 years – and what exactly has he accomplished? Beating a subpar UNC team last night? Bennett is apparently your coach du jour, so have at it. Bon appetit.

  10. He has been at Virginia since 2009…not his 4th year and he was offered the Indiana job. This team is working it’s ass off, two starters down on the road. Support the Hoosiers! Not sure Crean is the guy but support these kids!

  11. Well said, J Pat. I’m watching OU dismantle WVU. Kruger vs. Hutchins. Like IU, WVU has no answers tonight, so I guess Huggy Bear is a lousy coach. I don’t like losing again and again at both WISC and MSU, but given the shortcomings we all know IU has this result comes as no surprise. I’ve seen worse efforts in Madison with better teams. Too bad some folks can’t resist getting personal.

  12. “Bono”…Jeff, is that you, or is it one of the others who can’t or won’t realize that IU’s problems extend far beyond who the mens basketball head coach may or may not be? Somewhere, Kevin Wilson is smiling…….

  13. Now we have to face the issues rationally, here. Blackmon, while injured, was allowed to watch the game from the bench; while Hanner Mosquera Perea, when injured, was made to watch it from the basement. Is the issue citizenship? I leave it to Chaz, Jeff, Jpat and Podunker to discuss; Harvard can arbitrate; and, Jeremy and Meek hold judgment.

  14. Wisconsin is better. What’s distressing is that IU is not competitive on the road against teams that are better. Whether it’s coaching or recruiting, those are the results. Beating Illinois and Nebraska isn’t a “Big Deal” and thus, though I think IU will make the NCAA Tournament and I hope they play well, they are a ‘middle of the pack’ team. That isn’t the IU I expect. Once again, I don’t like Crean but I guess I could put up with him if the results were better and I’m not interested in hearing that “IU won the Big Ten Championship ‘outright’ for the first time in years” with him as coach. He had the best team in the country and it took a ‘miracle’ at Michigan to do it. Then he couldn’t prepare them for a Zone Defense he had seen before. I guess he gets credit for recruiting the best team in the country, but to his detriment, he sure didn’t know what to do with them at ‘crunch (and also at more than one other) time.’

  15. TTG, I wish there was a simple answer, but IU’s problems have lingered far longer than the Crean Era. It’s clear that we are not a very good team, but the likes of Crean/Alford/Stallings/Pearl/Bennett et al isn’t the cure-all either.

  16. Tsao-

    Notice how evasive the Crean apologists are to the Hanner locker room thing? Notice how they shift gears and get nowhere near that subject? Don’t ever expect to get a straight answer…Anyone with an ounce of honesty in their veins knows Hanner’s forced viewing of the Maryland game from the locker room had nothing to do with Hanner gaining some different perspective….It’s one of the strangest things I’ve ever heard of a coach doing to a player…This coach we’ve employed has zero creditability. What is it, Tsao..? Why do journalists refuse to press him on anything? Why is he so shielded to the point we must buy into actions beyond the absurd?

    Interestingly tidbit: Crean has not made a comment on his Twitter page since the day after Davis incurred the terrible head injury….Isn’t that so uplifting..? I know that I’m moved.

  17. While the outcome isn’t surprising, I am disappointed by the lack of defensive effort over all. Like that old adage says ” A good big man will always beat a good little man”; what started out very promising year, it appears that coaches are catching up to CTC’s “system”. While recruiting is fundamental to the success of any program,3 blowout losses in past 4 games doesn’t send a good message to high school seniors. If Mike or Jeremy know any difference, there doesn’t seem to be much interest in IU by uncommitted, touted senior big men. Therefore it isn’t a far reach to believe that next year will be the same ,possibly worse, since most teams with big men will have 1 year of experience with them. I’m not sure if Hoosiernation will tolerate a repeat of this year(or worse)

  18. Where is IU’s blue chip 6’8″ 220lb forward (high 4 star or 5 star) and blue chip 6″10″ 220lb or taller and heavier center (high 4 star or 5 star). 4 star at 80 does not count as IU has coming in next year.

  19. TJ, it seems like every year most of the decent teams catch up to what Crean is doing. Every year there is a late season slide off. Even the year they won the BIG that team limped into a championship.

    What I hate is everyone talking about how the last 6 games this year are against easy opponents. Whoop dee doo, that’s going to help prepare this team for the tournament. I am still not confident this team will be so successful in the last 6 games even with it being “easy”.

    Also what’s up with all the people on sites making excuses for this game. JBJ was hurt, no Hanner, no DD. Like that would have made a difference? Nick replaced JBJ just fine and this team is better without Hanner and we really have no basis for how DD would have been this year.

    In the end D fense will win IU games. Continuing to play playground fast break ball with no d will get this team to the same average IU team we have been used to for the last few decades.

  20. well, this seems strange, but I was actually slightly encouraged by last night’s game. I watched it twice, which is usually difficult to do with a loss.

    1. I completely disagree with TJ – I thought they showed tremedous effort on D. UW is an older, bigger, more physically mature, more mentally mature team, that’s more experienced playing together. Regardless of the almost record-setting FG%, I thought the way they communicated switches (for the most part), and how the guards (especially Yogi) fought their tails off in the post were awesome to watch. Those things will pay dividends down the road – UW was just too good for it to really matter much.

    2. I thought Nicky Buckets and Stanford both settled into their comfort zone even more. We need Z knocking down shots for our offense to be running at peak efficiency, and the last couple games he has really shot with confidence. Stan has turned a bit of a corner, being more decisive and strong at the rim. The biggest thing is that the decisiveness is leading to fewer TO’s. His last 3 games = 42 minutes and 0 turnovers(!).

    3. Hartman showed it wasn’t just a flash of confidence. It’s now lasted several games, and overcome a bad game. To be able to spark the team like that when no one else could buy a bucket or break the seal showed great leadership and balls. While he isn’t perfect on defense, he tries hard and fights nearly every possession despite being severely physically over-matched.

    4. I like the fact that none of them quit when they got down 30 on the road. They fought back to make it respectable and actually forced Bo to play his starters extended minutes. We were realistically within 1 more stop and made bucket from making them sweat.

    Now the bad…

    1. Why didn’t Crean give April a shot at some point? I mean Frank the Tank is just bashing Colin, Yogi, and Emmitt about the head and shoulders all game… you’re down big… why not let April lean on him a little or simply clog the middle in that match-up? How bad is that kid?

    2. Seriously… why does he automatically take out the hot hand???!!! Colin in the first half and Troy in the second… whoever was the only guy proving he could score was immediately punished for it.

    3. I became weary of watching IU get called for ticky-tack crap on one end and UW only penalized on the obvious and once the foul count became so skewed that the refs had to blow the whistle or face a review from the conference… I mean Yogi gets tripped – nothing. Frank plows into Yogi, lays it in – nothing. Troy battles for a rebound – foul on Troy. A 6’9″ guy plants his ass into Yogi’s chest and rides him 20 feet out to the 3-pt line and it’s a foul on Yogi… It was just ridiculous. Not that it would’ve changed the outcome, but FT discrepency was a bit embarrassing considering we weren’t fouling down the stretch to play the clock game.

    Regardless of the feeling of overwhelm that clouded most of that game, I thought it was a valuable experience for the boys. They communicated the best I’ve seen all year. Scrambled and fought together despite being severely undersized versus a highly skilled and intelligent team. They never gave up on the notion that they could make it a game, even though they couldn’t buy a call, got down 30, and were in a place the program hasn’t had any success in their lifetime.

  21. i, on the other hand, was not impressed. wisconsin too their foot off the gas and easily could have won by 40 if they wanted to. it’s a shame blackmon was out. we really could have used his defense.

  22. 1. We will win enough games to make the NCAA’s this year but this feels like a “wait until next year” season.

    2. Wisconsin has better & stronger players, is better coached, and as has so far been true we are not good enough to compete with teams of this caliber.

    3. Dan Dakich is thoroughly convinced that he is the main reason people tune in to watch games he is broadcasting.

    4. Watching Coach Crean on the sidelines in his “hands on knees crouch” (See photo in todays HT) as well as other postures has resulted in my personal fear that at some point he will rip off his coat and tie and insert himself in the game.

    5. I sure hope I am wrong about that but in the second half of the Rutgers game, from the 16:27 mark to the 4:55 mark, Coach Crean made 9 separate substitutions. That is one substitution every one minute and twenty eight seconds.

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