1. a good big man will always beat a good little man…someone please explain to me what good are April and Priller if they never see the floor and (from watching this game) they do very little to prepare the team for playing against big men? With no big men coming in for next year; what ypu saw is what you will get. It’ll be the “same ol’; same ol'” against teams with legit centers

  2. I think we know what this team is about; Hanner, Davis, Blackmon, all soft on defense, no overall toughness. No need to watch anymore until Selection Sunday. Any win is a gift.

    Done riding the roller coaster and craving consistency and hope one day for a team of men.

  3. Pathetic is the only way to sum that one up. The team was pathetic. Coaching was pathetic. Above all the crowd was pathetic. I’m tired of hearing how fun this team is to watch….I’d rather win. So if we don’t end up making the NCAA….do we have to continue dealing with this turnover machine Tom Crean orchestrates?

  4. Lousy free throw shooting didn’t help, but IU’s inability to stop guard penetration and/or box out made it possible for Purdue to score too many easy baskets. The Hoosiers have too many guys who play scared after they commit a couple of fouls – – usually of the dumb variety to boot.

  5. I talked to several people who went and the crowd energy is just not there…I had a family member call me and say you would have never known we were playing Purdue.

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