Purdue holds off Indiana 67-63

For the second time in a week, Yogi Ferrell tried to be the hero his team needed in the final moments. Instead, the IU point guard found himself on the wrong end of a familiar result as he watched his pull-up 3-pointer bounce off the iron and fall to the floor with six seconds remaining in Thursday’s game against Purdue.

It was a chance for the Hoosiers to salvage a series split with the Boilermakers, but instead they watched them walk off the floor 67-63 winners in a game that was much more valuable than mere bragging rights.

A.J. Hammons finished 20 points, punishing Indiana under the basket. Indiana, which travels to play Rutgers on Sunday evening, received a game-high 21 points from Ferrell.

Like the initial matchup in West Lafayette on Jan. 28, the Hoosiers once again struggled from the perimeter, where they shot only 5-for-16 (31 percent). James Blackmon and Troy Williams each added 14 points for IU.

Purdue scored 57 of its 67 points either in the paint or at the free throw line. Isaac Haas and Jon Octeus each added 12 points for the Boilers.

Making his first appearance in the starting lineup since Jan. 10, Hanner Mosquera-Perea had his best start since the Louisville game. The IU junior scored eight points in the first eight minutes on a collection of plays that included an alley-oop, sky-hook and a baseline jumper. He picked up two quick fouls shortly after that strong start and finished with only two more points the rest of the way.

He was a product of Indiana’s ball movement through the first 10 minutes of the half, when the Hoosiers collected seven assists on their first eight baskets. The game moved to Indiana’s pace before Purdue muddled play from there. The IU offense stumbled and had only three points — on a 3 from Ferrell — over an eight-minute span.

Purdue, which trailed by as many as eight points midway through the first, tied the game at 23-23 with three minutes remaining before halftime. From there, the teams traded points before Ferrell put Indiana ahead 29-27 at halftime on a buzzer-beating runner through the lane.

With the game tied at 35-35 four minutes into the half, Purdue went on a 9-2 run and led for most of the second half. The Boilers did it with steady doses into the paint, where IU had little counter to the work of Hammons and Haas under the basket. Hammons scored 15 of his points in the second half, as Purdue scored 37 of its 40 second-half points either in the paint or at the free throw line.

The Boilers outrebounded IU 38-21, with Mosquera-Perea, Collin Hartman and Emmitt Holt combining for only two boards.

Indiana went 23 minutes between 3-pointers when Blackmon connected from deep to cut Purdue’s lead to 58-57 with three minutes remaining in regulation. Ferrell tied the game at the line moments later, but it was short lived when Hammons answered with a layup on the other end. A 3-pointer from Ferrell gave IU a 61-60 lead with 1:45 left before Rapheal Davis answered with a layup to put the Boilers up by one.

The Boilers led the rest of the way, though a Ferrell layup with 27 seconds left cut the IU deficit to one at 64-63. Davis went to the line after Indiana was forced to foul and hit one of his two shots before Ferrell took the ball up the floor, missed the potential go-ahead 3-pointer and winced with the same pain he felt in the final seconds last week at Maryland.

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  1. This team is just sloppy and careless and they depend so much on the 3 and defense seems to be optional. I just don’t think they play fundamental basketball and they can’t overcome not having a big man. Beetle juice Wiiliiams can look brilliant and hopeless on cosecutive trips down the floor. I think Purdue is a solid team but they lack great guard play but we just had no answer for Hammonds. Painter has improved his team throughout this season. Has Crean?

  2. No really good quality big man for IU and IU plays a lot of low percentage ball to overcome it. They struggle against quality teams.

  3. Purdue has grown as a team, and I honestly think they have become the 2nd best team in a very weak Big 10. Fundamentals and defense just don’t factor in to the Crean System.

  4. And the next thought if IU had 2 really good big men (6’8″ and 6’10″+) would they be any better or analyzing a different set of short comings with not to much better record?

  5. Jeff and Ben, I give Painter credit for what he has done with his team, but I don’t think IU is as bad as you two say. The numbers don’t back up your claims of sloppiness, and despite getting hammered on the boards and buried at the free throw stripe PU still only put up 67 points. It’s simply a case of being intimidated by PU’s size and allowing their guards easy access to the paint time and time again. These tough losses fall more on our guys playing scared rather than seizing the moment, and I’m not sure how one teaches toughness as it always seems to come with experience.

  6. Bad loss. IU can beat a good team and lose to average teams . Just depends on 3-point shooting. Tonight, they didn’t fall and there were not a lot of great looks. Any high school quality big man looking to make an immediate impact need look no further than IU. The job is open. Perea had a good game for Perea, but the kid cannot play defense or rebound. Purdue scored inside with embarrassing ease. IU now needs to beat Rutgers and believe me that is not a certainty.

  7. They’re scared. Great analysis Chaz. Stronger than you normally come with. Pleas educate us on when Crean has coached up his teams. I look forward to your response if your not too scared.

  8. 1) Obvious that purdue wanted this one more than we did.
    2) Tommy was outcoached……yet again
    3) There is no reason to want this team to make the dance because we will be a one and done and get embarrassed again.
    4) If these kids can’t get up for purdue, then they should ask to sit on the bench and let some of our other kids play.
    5) It really really sucks to lose to purdue even once, twice is just plain inexcusable.

  9. Chaz. Just come with examples. Please. I want to learn from your teachings. Just give us something. Please. I am totally serious.

  10. Purdue is better. The only statistics that matter are the Final Scores along with 0-2 against Purdue which means that we will be seeded behind them in the Big 10 Tournament. They beat us ‘badly’ at Purdue and then just beat us at home. Purdue is better (and they shouldn’t be).

  11. Had Yogi hit the game winning 3s (hypothetically) at the end of the Maryland game and tonight would that mean we are a better team and CTC is a better coach?

  12. Chet,

    Hypothetically no. I wish he would have hit them. Do you have a time machine? Can we go back when we had Cody and Victor and replay the Syracuse game over as well or even better can we go back in time and not hire Crean.

  13. Crean is definitely at fault for consistently not being able to attract quality bigs to the program, but considering IU’s lack of any inside presence this particular team has overachieved. Wherever anyone wants to place credit for that really doesn’t matter as much as whether or not the program is trending up. All in all, most IU fans expect a better brand of basketball than what we are seeing, and they sense that the program is floundering. I have no doubt that Crean will move on – one way or another – soon, yet the challenge of finding an elite coach to come to the school will be great. Like Chet said, if IU had eeked out wins against MD and PU would it have changed anyone’s minds?

  14. pretty easy to sum up… Purdue’s advantage is in the post and they were able to take advantage of it. (although I enjoyed watching everyone except Perea work their butts off to try to negate the massive size differential) IU’s advantage is 3 point shooting and we could barely get a look.

    Can’t fault the fight of most of our guys. Troy and Hanner drove me nuts all night. Hanner on defense/boards and Troy whenever he touched the ball. Blackmon was iffy. I thought everyone else was pretty solid and tuned in.

    I was really pissed at Crean when in a crucial stretch in the middle of the second half we had a line-up of Yogi, Stan, Troy, Max, and Hanner… It was just such a terrible offensive stretch. Game really turned there in that couple minutes. We played catch up well after, but spending that energy to catch up is always better spent building or protecting a lead.

    That’s just really a bad match up for us. Multiple competent bigs. Grinding, committed defensive team. They can make us look worse than most.

  15. ^^ That’s the rigidly one-sided reasoning that is so typical of Crean apologists. IU has already eeked out home wins against Penn State, Rutgers and a depleted Michigan. Had they not, would that have changed anyone’s minds (and help see it like it is)?

  16. Chaz… attracting them to the program is not the problem. His first couple years were an up hill battle due to sanctions and the scandal, but since then he’s brought in:

    Zeller – top 10 recruit and top 5 draft pick
    Hanner – top 50 recruit who hasn’t panned out
    Fisher – top 50 recruit who transferred
    Vonleh – top 10 recruit and lottery pick

    That’s as good as anyone except UK, Arizona, and KU… The problem is he can’t keep them or coach them up.

  17. Chaz I agree with you in part; Crean has demonstrated a lack of ability to recruit the center position. The last 2 years has shown a consistently “flat” play with no appreciable drop in turnovers ( mental or physical).We keep hearing the SAME old worn out “reasons” for why the offense sputters CONSISTENTLY. Someone needs to ask CTC why he tolerates JBJ just “disappearing” in games? Why he allows TW to think hes a point guard and can handle & dribble the ball. The ONLY part of Crean coached teams are the mediocre games they play. They APPEAR to play hard but this team is like watching someone on a treadmill—-a lot of effort but mediocre results…….and ILL give you a name to consider for replacement: Stew Robinson. Look him up on the UIC Mens Basketball roster and read his short resume.

  18. Chaz – so apparently Nova vastly overachieves every year… please name the last time they scored a big as good as the 4 recruits I just mentioned. They play a style similar to IU’s and have managed to be consistently successful. IU has NOT overachieved by any stretch. IU started a line-up tonight with 2 McDonald’s AA’s and 5 top-50 players from their respective classes.

  19. I highly recommend the Video of Crean’s press conference. Good stuff. He’s pretty spot-on & up-front about what happened tonight.

    Very interesting stats acknowledged such as Perea with 1 rebound, Yogi taking all shots in the last 3 min., 2 pts. from the bench, and so on.

    Take the ‘vs. Purdue’ emotion out of this and here’s what happened….
    ….they are a bad match-up for us, especially playing in the 60 pt range. Score 63, we lose to anybody because we can’t defend anywhere
    ….both teams hit 24 shots
    ….we had 3 more shots & hit no more than they did
    ….we had 3 more 3s (+9), they had 3 more 2s (-6), for a +3 advantage for us
    ….they hit 7 more FTs on 5 more attempts, yet both teams had 17 fouls called
    ….we had 3 more assists, 3 more steals, & 5 less TOs
    ….they had 17 more rebounds (possessions) – our 5 less TOs = 12 more possessions than we did
    ….12 more possessions yielded 7 more FTs

    Basketball is about possession efficiency and match-up control, largely products of coaching & execution of said coaching. Crean acknowledges that these guys didn’t execute, and that is a function of youth and ability vs. the other team.

    Painter has built a team that is poised to dominate the Big 10, without defections, over the next 2-3 years with those Giants in the middle. If Hammons stays, the next frontier is playing he & Haas together, and that’s a very formidable result left to deal with. Hammons is developing his mid-range game, that is clear.

  20. Totally unrelated and I’m not poking at you, Geoff, but does anyone ever remember a Super Bowl winning team where no one on the team is doing a national ad campaign post Super Bowl. I’ve seen several commercials with Seahawks players but not a single one with a Pats player.

    Interesting times.

  21. 77 pts/game in 8 Big 10 wins
    65 pts/game in 6 Big 10 losses

    Should be interesting on Sun & beyond. Need 4 more wins here, but doubt it now. 3 of the 4 could beat us. Iowa can’t.

  22. I think the Pats are a bit disgruntled at the moment and staying intentionally out of the limelight. I’m a little surprised there isn’t a bigger Gronk presence. He seems like a great fit for a lot of brands. I don’t watch many commercials though so maybe there is… Brady just is really picky and turns down a ton of stuff. I’ve heard a couple of interviews where he’s addressed his abstinence with endorsements. Other than that who – Edelman is a media darling, but I don’t think he’s seen as a true star who can carry a brand. Defensive players besides JJ Watt just don’t move the needle… so Revis is basically out.

    Generally I think football is tough to commercialize for most players. They wear helmets and all look the same on the field. The only people we can pick out of a line up are HOF-calibre skill position players – QBs, WRs, and RBs… It’s also kind of risky to hang your hat on a lot of these guys. The NFL may be crazy popular, but it also has a huge image issue. The players commit crimes at an amazing rate, the league handles every issue it’s faced with in just about the most embarrassingly bad form it possibly can, and half the endorsement-worthy players who don’t get in trouble off the field act like total jerks on it. So yeah, I guess I’m not that surprised.

    Who besides Russell Wilson is part of any national ad campaign?

  23. Coach, did you READ my post? How do you deduce that I was making excuses for Crean? That’s ludicrous, but if you expect me to help tie the rope around his neck that is not happening either. And as for recruiting bigs, Hanner is a bust, Vonleh was a bust, Fischer has yet to prove his worth, thus that leaves us with Cody and the endless number of perimeter players we’ve seen. Not gonna win at the highest levels with that mix, and as for ‘Nova, how many Final Fours has Wright been to? Wasn’t that long ago that his job was in question. Also, how does anyone know that Crean doesn’t get on his guys for their repeated mental lapses? Besides, who is taking JBJ’s place if Crean sits him down? This team has a very short bench, no center, and no power forward. To finish in the upper half of the conference is an accomplishment, but it is not good enough. Lastly, I remember when all kinds of names were tossed about after Sampson was canned. Most every one of them would not be worth considering today, which proves that the university needs to make sure that its next move is the right one.

  24. Chaz – you’re direct quote was, “Crean is definitely at fault for not consistently attracting quality big men to the program”… That’s patently false. You can say recruits were busts once they got here, and that’s a different debate, but it’s definitely 100% false that he hasn’t been able to “attract” quality bigs to IU. He just sucks at coaching quality bigs, so they either leave prematurely or underachieve (or both).

  25. Seriously. I know there’s a bunch of good old boys on here that band together in creans defense. I came on here after the Syracuse loss complaining about the coaching and got lynched by the crean clan. Up to that point I was a defender because he was rebuilding. I watched this guy get rings for a sweet 16 and hang a banner up for a big ten title and the fan base get so excited about mediocrity. When I was growing up a sweet 16 didn’t mean squat. I mentioned it here and here some the good old boys again. Ha! Now look.. when we beat a few teams he’s the best in the world. Nebraska at Nebraska doesn’t impress me and neither does crean and I’m not a fan that likes what’s happening at IU. As long as Tom’s our coach we won’t be hanging another banner. Kentucky got rid of two decent coaches. They wouldn’t go for this. I hate Kentucky. I despise mediocrity. There’s no way Purdue comes to that hall and beats us and you keep your job during a mediocre year. He has to go.

  26. And geoff you’re one of the good old boys. Your argument is futile. Crean sucks either way. 2 lottery pics and 3 over seas professionals. He couldn’t get it done.

  27. Jamal – also, can you please re-read my posts and tell me what my “argument” is… I’d love to get your obviously well-thought-out opinion.

  28. Why sure boss hog. You seem to want to argue the big man no big man argument. Look roscoe pico train…. cream had zeller and it didn’t matter. His ceiling was still a sweet 16 both years. Futile argument..but you go on ahead and debate it. I’ll be back after that clown is finally gone whistlin sweet Dixie. The days of mediocrity must pass.

  29. The Assembly Hall crowd was a disappointment tonight. The Purdue fans had Mackey rocking when the Hoosiers came to town from the opening tip. At least on TV, the crowd seemed flat.

    I’ve been hearing stories of lots of empty seats this year. Is there anyone around here who has been to a few conference games and can report on the attendance? Reminds me of the empty seats in the Michigan Football student section this year.

    Maybe people are afraid the roof might fall on their heads? With Ken Nunn sponsoring every other ad in AH, you’d think they’d be more inclined to take one for the team.

  30. Geoff, outside of Zeller, Crean has missed out on numerous bigs who may have made a difference. He can compete with his guard-oriented scheme, but not consistently succeed, and that will likely be what he will be remembered for. No IU fan should settle for the brand of basketball we are playing, yet it’s too bad that his enthusiasm and work ethic hasn’t led to more wins.

  31. Coaching 101 in a nutshell:
    1) 30 seconds left in the game, both teams have 2 TOs, PU has the ball
    2) Painter doesn’t like what he sees and call a TO in the middle of a possession
    3) Draws up a play that is executed like a knife through hot butter
    4) 16 seconds left and Crean chooses NOT to call a TO
    5) Four guys is white shirts wander around aimlessly, wondering what to do
    6) Yogi jacks up a 3 that misses
    7) Game over——no, wait—-NOW Crean calls a TO…and spends the next 60 seconds going nose-to-nose with Ferrell–perhaps lecturing him about how to defend the coming free throw
    8) OK, NOW game over
    9) Let the rationalizing begin……

  32. How long should we accept being an average team? That is what we have been, are, and will always be with Crean as the head coach. There are times we look great, and there are times we look terrible. In the end, we will average out and be a middle of the pack Big10 team during Crean’s tenure. We most likely had the best talent in the country when Zeller was a sophomore, but could not get past the sweet 16. People say that Crean has brought Indiana back. He has improved the team GPA and has had some success, but he has not brought us back to national prominence. We will never be considered an elite program under Crean. It has nothing to do with his ability to recruit. It has everything to do with the style of basketball he implements. Our offense is a replication of AAU basketball. There is no team concept. As much as I hate to say it, Kentucky plays better team basketball than IU. Sure, there are times when we play as a team and play to our potential, but it is not consistent. Against Minnesota, I did not see much of the dribble, drive, and create your own shot offense that is typical of IU basketball – 90 points. The offense looked good. Against Purdue, we abandon that game plan. I know we missed some 3’s, but it did not seem like we were trying to get people open looks. How many screens did we set for a Hartman 3 point attempt? He has the highest 3 point% in the Big10, and had one 3 point attempt. Zeisloft had zero. It seems to me that the offense might be centered around our shooters taking 3’s instead of alley-oops. Yes, the Perea alley-oop was exciting, but it does not win basketball games. Personally, I am tired of watching mediocre IU basketball. I am tired of complaining about it, and I am tired of accepting it. A coaching change is needed, right now, period. Otherwise, this is what IU fans can expect under Crean. How long will the fans accept it? If we really want Crean gone, just don’t go the games. Empty seats should send a clear message to Glass. Otherwise, accept cheering for a middle of the pack team.

  33. Jamal – yeah that’s what I figured… your reading comprehension skills are lacking. Not that I cared too much about what you thought before, but since you whiffed so badly on what my “argument” was and who I was arguing for, I’ll just ignore any future comments of yours.

  34. Joe51 – excellent post

    dkg 1331 – those seem to be the questions don’t they… I would disagree on one point you made however… I saw a lot of the dribble drive offense last night. We certainly did not abandon it. Purdue is just a lot more fundamentally sound defensive team than Minny. They planted one of their massive bodies in the paint all night to protect the basket and then didn’t help off shooters when guys got beat off the dribble. There were countless times when we got into the paint, surveyed, didn’t have anyone to kick to, and then dribbled back out. But that’s why the dribble-drive offense is so limited. Unfortunately we don’t have a back-up plan to get anyone any open looks. weak side screens – weak sauce… a simple flex with back cuts – huh? If it isn’t dribble-drive or a weave with an occasional high ball-screen then we don’t know what to do.

  35. OH! and free throw shooting…. don’t get me started on free throw shooting… Apparently 7’2″ freshman Isaac Haas, he of the robust 54% from the stripe, has more mental toughness than Yogi or Blackmon, who both missed critical FT’s down the stretch… that made me sick.

  36. Geoff,

    You’re right. I meant to express the dribble-drive wasn’t present against Minnesota, hence the reason for our success. It was certainly present last night, hence poor offensive performance. What about my suggestion for fans to boycott our home games? That should send a clear message to Glass.

  37. Geoff, There certainly is confusion about what jamal meeks thinks your posts are describing and what I thought they were describing.

  38. dkg – I’m for it! I’ll do my part here from Maine.

    now that being said… the dribble drive is always present. It is the offense. The difference with Minny was that when we beat guys off the dribble their perimeter defenders helped and we either got an open look off the kick-out or one extra pass from that. Then they can’t help off as much and you get lay-ups… it’s pick your poison. That is a beautiful example of when the dribble-drive is working… However, if you can clog the lane with multiple rim protectors who don’t really need to worry about foul trouble, because they are multiple, then the system naturally breaks down.

  39. Can we stop these endless arguments and allegations about who is” Pro Crean” or “Anti Crean” ? How about a discussion on how to restore Indiana Basketball to its elite status? If that can’t honestly be done without a coaching change so be it. If it can then that’s just fine and dandy. At any rate it’s time to let the powers that be know how you feel instead of turning other IU fans into a scapegoat.

  40. Geoff, post #41. Good point. Haas & Hammonds hit their FTs. As I indicated, it came down to that. They hit 7 more than we did & only shot 5 more. We missed 6. Hit 4 of 6 & the game is tied.

    Haas and Hammonds also didn’t foul enough to be taken out. That is when Purdue gets into trouble with no inside or outside game. We have nobody to draw fouls on them, especially after Perea picks up 2 after scoring 8 quick points.

    As I’ve previously diagnosed, our problem is perimeter defense. And it bit us in the rear end again. We just let a guy who can’t shoot go right down broadway and dunk over us. That was a big play. Want to know why the crowd was quiet? That and we had 20 pts. at the 10 min. mark in the 1H. Up 20-12. We had 23 with 4 min. to go and ended up with 29 on that last sec. floater. So, in reality, we scored 7 pts. in about 10 min. right there between 10:30 and 0:01 which was the killer. We had a 20-12 lead and squandered it with bad shots (the Troy W. behind the head hook bank shot comes to mind), turnovers, poor possessions and poor FT shooting.

    In Crean’s pc after the game he basically calls out Yogi for not waiting on the ball screen on that 3 pt. attempt with 6 sec. left. And he’s right, but give me a break, that is grade school basketball. Who didn’t see that coming??? Purdue was all over it and with good reason, we’d run that set all night.

    This year, we only have 3 pt. shooters & no inside presence so we get extended defenses. This is the inconsistency that is Tom Crean basketball. When we had both, & were near the top of national 3 pt. %, we lost to Syracuse’s zone. He is not an Xs and Os coach. He makes 0 in-game adjustments, it is proven over and over again. Ref. Joe51 post #37. That says it all.

  41. It is and has been, all year, a painful experience to watch this IU team play. Even in most of their wins, there have been bad decisions, unforced turnovers, poor defense, and too many missed opportunities. When IU is hitting the 3 … they can beat anybody … when the 3’s are not falling anybody can beat them. I have been watching IU basketball faithfully since the early 70’s … The one thing I remember about the glory days under … I’m going to say it … Bob Knight … was that Indiana was a disciplined team. I remember those days, which is why it is so hard to watch this undisciplined team. Crean gives this team to much leeway and to much freedom to play wide open. And at the same time, I hardly ever … if ever … see him reprimanding anyone for sloppy play, bad decisions, poor defense, or poor shot selection. IU has two big problems … 1) no big man …and… 2) no discipline … But it is the lack of discipline and poor decisions that makes me want to throw something at the TV. I have been a Crean supporter in days gone by … He has brought this program out of the grave to at least a point of respectability … We should ALL give him credit for that … But I have also now come to the conclusion, that if IU is going to move forward and rise above mere respectability to a power house program like we once were able to enjoy … then it is time for Crean to move on and for someone else to come in and take the helm of this team.

  42. Geoff, you can’t turn on a television with seeing Richard Sherman selling soup or headphones or something else. Wilson is everywhere. Marshawn Lynch may not talk to the press but he sure can sell Skittles.

    Between those three alone there are at least 8 or 10 national campaigns.

    I haven’t ANY Pats doing ANY commercials and please don’t say it’s because they don’t want to do commercials (with the possible exception of Brady) and get paid lots of money for it. That’s just silly.

  43. Just because IU is hitting their 3’s does not mean they can beat anybody. It does mean they can beat the likes of Minnesota by 20 on home court; big deal. Northwestern beats Minnesota @ Minnesota.

  44. never seen a Sherman commercial… But you know, I really don’t watch commercials… He likes to bring attention to himself so it doesn’t necessarily surprise me. He is also very well-spoken and seen as kind of an African-American thought leader… Brash, but Stanford-educated… so again, I’m not all that surprised. I know that Skittles did the press conference stunt with Lynch, but is there really a campaign of any kind? Wouldn’t blame them if they did, since he meets the criteria that I stated above.

    Like I said, there are really only 2 candidates on the Pats – Brady and Gronk… I don’t know what Gronk is or isn’t doing. I know he does stuff with Dunkin Donuts because I hear it on the radio. Besides that they just don’t have nationally recognizable stars. Edelman is a growing force, doing the talk show circuit and magazine covers, but not sure he has done enough for a big brand to try to monetize with him.

  45. My original question was whether anyone can recall a Super Bowl winning team with no players on the team receiving big endorsement deals. Not even an ‘I love Cambell’s soup’ (Sherman, Clay Matthews, et al) or ‘I’m going to DisneyWorld’ (I thought that went with the Lombardi trophy) . Even Joe Flacco was selling McDonald’s burgers.

    Apparently, the answer is ‘no’.

  46. I’m going out on a limb here and guessing Sherman is doing all those commercials because they are giving him lots of money to do them.

  47. Getting into the “Big Dance” isn’t a guarantee. Rutgers and Northwestern should be wins. IF…IF we lose the last 2 games at home (which is a possibility) Iowa and Michigan State. Then lose first round in BIG10 ..IU could very easily be sitting home; then we can dream about next year with same results..no big man and 2 freshmen coming in. Is it any wonder then WHY Assembly home crowd is so silent?? Mediocre play creates a mediocre crowd.

  48. waiting for awinaz to remind us “a loss is a loss”.

    let’snot make an escapegoat out of any of the players. the problem has been, and always will be crean. he is a stupid man. as there are no lifeguards in the gene pool, he is not suddenly going to become intelligent and fix the team. he has to go.

  49. “no lifeguards in the gene pool….?”

    gene keady.pool..? now there’s a purdue dip worth taking….a tarpaulin over the pool..was his lifeguard.

  50. Nope, not going to do that coachv. You’ve actually made my point with your sarcasm. Thanks. This was more than a loss, as your comment suggests, which proves my earlier “a win is a win” philosophy. Nobody gives a rat’s fart how many you win or lose by. It’s who you beat and who you lose to. This was a pivotal game in that it would have tied us with purdue in the Big 10 standings, made us neutral with them, and they have a tougher closing 4 games. This was a loss that puts us firmly behind purdue getting into the tournament. They’ve beaten us twice, they should get in if both teams are fighting on the bubble. I don’t care who they’ve lost to. They beat us in our bldg.

    I do agree that Crean must go, as I’ve spelled out 100s of time on this blog. Those that disagree are happy with mediocrity and an Indiana mired in the middle of the Big 10 standings, on the bubble at best every year for a 6 – 10 seed and at most 1 win in the NCAA. That’s not MY Indiana. As I’ve also spelled out, Crean is at best the 6th best coach in the Big 10, behind at a minimum, Izzo, Ryan, Motta, Bielein, and McCaffery. 6th best in the Big 10 must be somewhere within the Top 50 in the country, which is about where we sit as a team every year in the RPI. Crean is a nice, well-intentioned, caring, passionate man. Put him on the court and he’s just a hyper cheerleader.

  51. I have a hypothetical question,( very possibly could be real); what would the repurcussions be if JBJ were to transfer ???

  52. We did not, absolutely did not, have the “best” talent in the country when Zeller was a sophomore…

    Zeller stay one more year and Crean is in a Final Four…It’s not just Crean that got embarrassed in that Syracuse Sweet 16 game…Our undersized guards got embarrassed…Zeller looked stunned going against a level of athleticism he hadn’t seen before…

    Vonleh had no business(other than to chase money) going to the NBA…It highlights all their immaturity…If Crean has one fault, it’s not in locating talent…His fault is in landing guys that are talented in the athletic and basketball skill set “upside”/potential, but rather unsophisticated from the neck up….His players are responsible and model citizens…They all walk a straight Christian line and don’t seem to be the type of young men that would buck any system….And the NBA is a :”system.” It’s a system that now influences the very naive into thinking it’s what all basketball goals should be about…It’s a system that that is sold to the naive and when the scouts put the naive on their NBA invitation list, it is a surge of gigantic proportions upon the ego of the immature….Crean plays into the system…He plays into more than Calipari because, in all honesty, his “next level” players have not been tested against a full array of teammates that posses truly elite level skills….That’s what we witnessed against Syracuse….We witnessed Crean’s emotionally immature talent act going against a team with NBA athleticism at nearly every position.

    Yet, Crean’s top talent seem to live by some preordained ideal that the perceptions of outside parties matter most. Vonleh and Zeller will likely put in their 5-10 years in the NBA….They will fade to role players…They will make their large salaries and, if smart, have a nest egg for life.. But there’s nothing spectacular down the road for these tall men…Their skill sets are not any better than Jordy Hulls…It’s merely more need for role players of height with those sets that gave them the NBA opportunity. Where these teenagers thought to be men by way of invitation the next level could have truly matured and reached something spectacular was the stage of college ball…Now they simply live amongst mostly immature men of a different variety playing at freakish levels of athleticism they’ll just not attain….

    Crean’s issues are not only coaching…He sells the system…And he sells it to kids(yes, they are “good” kids) that seem to believe it’s almost a duty(as if it were an insult to God’s creation) to take physical readiness to the heavens of the next level simply because they’ve hit NBA puberty. You know…You can wait to do the act…You can experience the ‘love’ of a college game…Mature as a person and a teammate before it all just boils down to the ‘act’ of what your talent can bring.

  53. Gotta give credit to Stan Robinson (I think) trying to cover the paint against the big guys. Guy was giving it his all.

  54. Interesting how it’s now finally being unveiled that the Colts GM was actually preemptively making suggestions about “deflated” footballs before the AFC title game…Why did it take so long to make that public?

    Indianapolis is a nice place…It’s always going to be a city struggling to have the lure of major metropolises…I’ll never forget when they squired their football by sneaking it out of Baltimore at a midnight hour…..It felt like a backroom deal and a robbery all in one…It felt needy..It felt as if an answer to years of envy…It felt to me a dirty way to spit on another city and such a storied franchise of Baltimore….

    They need to leave this “deflategate” nonsense alone….It’s simply becoming Envyanapolis all over again…It’s appearing the spoiled brat deserving when nothing is deserved….It’s spitting in the face of another city again because of some underlying inferiority and desire to put on big boy pants… They play a lot of dirty tricks in Indy in attempts to stand taller….Sometimes I just wish they would learn how to grow with class and how to lose with class.

  55. Have we really lost five out of our last seven…? 2-5 in the meat of the Big 10 season is not a tournament team…

    I’ll admit…I was wrong…This team is not “breezing” into the NCAA tournament…They are not “breezing” anywhere…They took these games as if they should be a “breeze” and squandered opportunity….Unless this team does an about-face, their recent stretch of uninspiring basketball with be the death certificate on a season that could have been so much more….

    Purdue brings in the 7′-4″ Jolly Green Giant and he’s more efficient from the charity stripe than our guards…Seriously? Please don’t tell me about Stan Robinson…If you step up to the free throw line and brick two offerings in a tight ballgame, you aren’t D-1 level talent…. Dan Dakich stopped Jordan…He averaged about 2 points per game….He sucked as an offensive player…But guess what..? Dakich hits at least one of those freebies… …Robinson(0-2) 0%…..Perea(0-2)…0 %..

    Robinson’s shot is so ugly at this point(thank you, Will Sheehey), he should never take to the floor..

    Purdue’s Jolly Green Giant: ? 6-6 100%

    Totals from stripe:

    IU 62.5 %
    PU 81%

    A Hoosier team all about “small ball” and “guard play” gets beat out by 20% at the charity stripe?
    Ambi-Stan is not the answer for Hack-a-Haas….

  56. Of all the posts, I think IU FAN IN NC nailed it. Crean deserves kudos for bringing IU basketball back to respectability after the Kelvin Sampson debacle. However, he is not the coach to bring IU back to consistent national prominence. An interesting question for IU fans would be, if not Crean then who would they like to see? Who is the coach that can bring in top talent each year in the era of one and done, coach them to maximum potential, and do it year after year. Who can recruit the high school kids in Indiana, which year after year has an incredible talent pool? When you have a legacy of 5 national championships, don’t you think there should be much higher goals and better results each year? I do.

  57. A Friday night song dedicated to a Hoosier named “Jeremiah” relegated to a season on the tarry……Meanwhile, Seth Greenberg talks of a Haas wondering into Lafayette as a “mountain mistaken for a man” not so hard for a inside game Purdue to find….

    It ought to have been different, but you often times will find
    That the story doesn’t always go the way you had in mind
    Jeremiah’s story was that kind
    Jeremiah’s story was that kind

  58. “de Sampson debacle” is sorta fun to say in heavy Indian accent(as in India)……..as in the guy you get on the phone when you have a technical issue with your internet wireless service…

    I shall put you on hold…Please be patient…and we shall see if we can get to bottom of internet debacle….May I take control of your screen? Have you downloaded from any untrusted sites that may have caused debacle…?

  59. “The hard thing was just getting him (academically) cleared,” said Pamela Nailing, Jeremiah’s mother.
    “It was definitely a journey. Indiana came out of nowhere. We don’t know how they got his name. God did it.”
    April didn’t want to go the junior college route, and was ecstatic to get the Indiana offer.
    Nailing, a devout Christian, said she went on a 40-day fast, searching for answers on her son’s basketball recruiting.

    Interesting, Jeremiah has gone on a playing time fast…and a coaching God did it. I am convinced that Haas and Hammons are sinners of gluttony and have gorged on too many all-you-can-eat Hoosier post dinner meals…..Let us pray.

  60. Harvard,

    Crean is saving Jeremiah for “April Madness” because it sure isn’t going to happen in March.

  61. I believe an escapegoat is used by petting zoo workers when they commit crimes or are found in compromising positions with the animals.

  62. While I’m sure you brought a smile to everyone the word you were attempting to use is ‘scapegoat’.

  63. origin, 19th century: farmhand or family member leaving a barn door open allowing goat to run off. someone has to accept blame

  64. Wow…..I’m really quite impressed with Bryce Alford….He shoots the ball with all the deadly accuracy his father and he has some real fire in his gut. Win, or lose, UCLA is showing a toughness in a hostile environment @ Arizona(a team many our calling a Final Four team and one of few capable of giving serious competition to UK) that puts to shame our lackluster home effort against or rival. 15-0 run for UCLA at start of second half to get them back into the game….Pretty impressive.

  65. And T.J. McConnell of Arizona is 18 colors of deep lobster red just trying to run and chase Bryce Alford sprinting nonstop along the baseline… back to the top, around numerous screens….I don’t think Alford has had one breather for the entire game..Now about 7 minutes to go.

    I don’t know what Steve Alford told his team at halftime, but after almost getting knocked out in the first half, they are like Buster Douglas going against Tyson right now….

    Absolutely fantastic game to watch and enjoy….Can’t wait for many like it in March Madness…

  66. Arizona comes out with the win…Refs certainly helped Arizona’s cause by fouling out 3 Bruins….Jay Bilas confounded by how the refs missed a key foul on a 3-pointer attempt from Alford….The Arizona defender made hard contact on the elbow area….Bilas: “I don’t know how the refs miss that when I can easily see it from where I’m sitting…”

    Bruins showed heart and that’s much more deserving postseason consideration than a team that found little reason for passion at home against a hated rival…

    I don’t know what “ageless wonder” drug that Steve Alford is popping, but I would like some…Obviously dying the brillo, but still! He’s must be in his late 50s and he looks 35…

    escape ♫♫♫♫♫♫♫♫♫♫♫♫♫♫♫♫♫♫♫♫♫♫♫♫♫♫♫♫♫♫♫♫♫♫♫♫♫♫♫♫ toga

    EJ UPDATE: EJ on fire against the Heat tonight!..No Anthony Davis and EJ lights it up….(1:30 mark)..Attaboy EJ!!

  67. He still looks great for 50……My bad. ..My math is even committing a ton of turnovers lately….Last banner(87)….28 years since banner + 22(avg. age college senior) = 50. Chet is always on his toes….

  68. Escapegoat
    A mythical creature rumored to have been spotted roaming the backwoods and hollers of Kentucky, mostly by women who only have one tooth.

  69. Think that’s a little harsh Mike? ‘Yogi trying to be a hero’. He’s trying to win the game. You know, that’s what they do, Could have worked out, but not this time, or the last time. Being a ‘hero’ probably was not anywhere in his mind. Don’t expect HT to be cheerleading. but still, that was harsh. Guess it’s easy to complain when you are on the sidelines.

  70. “tried to be the hero his team needed” That’s very carefully crafted by Mike…Far different than saying Yogi “tried to needlessly be the hero.”

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