Report: Michael Hunter to transfer to Oklahoma State #iufb

Michael Hunter appeared ready to quit football and focus on his post-graduate education in the days after Indiana’s season-ending win over Purdue on Nov. 29.

The ensuing two months have apparently led to a change of mind.

According to a report from ESPN, Hunter will transfer to Oklahoma State and use his final year of eligibility with the Cowboys after graduating from IU in the spring. Hunter, a redshirt junior in 2014, started 24 consecutive games to close his Indiana career and made 36 tackles, including 29 solo stops in his final season as a Hoosier. Hunter was an Academic All-Big Ten selection and really came on strong as last season progressed.

The plan for Hunter all along was to transfer after graduation, and he told reporters after the Old Oaken Bucket game that he was looking for a school closer to his home in Louisiana to pursue a graduate degree in occupational therapy.

Hunter developed into one of the best open-field tacklers in the IU defensive backfield, improving as a one-on-one player on the corner. He was a two-time defensive player of the week for the Hoosiers for his performances against Ohio State and Purdue to close the season.


  1. You can only wish this kid the best. Over his three years of action, he developed from a poor tackler to a very sure tackler this past season. Thanks for your contribution Michael Hunter. Go Hoosiers!!!

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  4. He can play another year in Bloomington. He doesn’t HAVE to. Since he graduated he can transfer and play immediately. Russell Wilson did the same thing.

  5. He said it’s because it’s closer to home. There are some who might even claim the caliber of play is slightly higher at Oklahoma State.

    Why not? He’s graduated and changing academic programs already.

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  7. I think he went to OK State because he thinks he can win there in his last season of eligibility as opposed to staying at IU. Though I don’t know his academic priorities, I think that IU can beat OK State in 99% of them. Thus, he saw an opportunity to transfer immediately and play at a school where he will probably go to a bowl and maybe a ‘big’ one. Otherwise, why would he leave the guys and coaches he has been with over the course of the last four years? He obviously doesn’t think that IU will be at OK State’s level next year and that is not an unreasonable analysis.

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  9. It makes total sense for Hunter to transfer to a school where he will finish his graduate degree, presumably at least a master’s. Maybe the answer isn’t even football. Maybe the OSU academic program in which he’s interested is better than IU’s, or a better fit for him, or he’s getting a better financial aid package, or a dozen other possibilities. Best luck to you, Mr. Hunter. Would that all NCAA athletes graduate and go on to professional careers!

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