1. When journalists have so many questions, inputs and ideas, the confidence in their subject is gone. Everywhere.

    4-6 so far “down the stretch” = pathetic basketball.

    Missed FTs, TOs, D-what?….. This is a terribly average to below average team.

  2. Tom Crean hired Fred Glass….(yeah, I know….It was a committee…But Crean was on that committee and likely one of the most influential in picking are A.D.) You need to keep that in mind when you start pleading your case for changes in leadership.

    I honestly don’t see how you change basketball coaches and leave Crean’s hand-picked boss in place….Would we just consider Fred the produce of Crean’s recruiting skills? Or does incompetence seek incompetence to protect loyalties?

    We are in a very complicated situation….I just tend to believe that Fred will not give any thought to ending Crean’s stay or buying out remaining years on his contract…To lose confidence in Crean opens the door for second guessing everything Crean had in his sales job and “Because it’s Indiana” influences. Is it possible they are each handcuffed to the incompetence of an arrangement and partnership that was a package deal?

    Hard to think Fred will ever bring down the man that helped give hm his own position of leadership at Indiana……..I would imagine that Mr. Glass is more than pleased with his coach ….Glass will do all he can to temper the “irrational” crowd that bought into “Because it’s Indiana” as meaning more than marketing.

    All it’s going to take is one “savior” recruit…Who in the hell cared about coaching competency when we landed Cody Zeller….? Not a damn soul. Tom Crean was the most brilliant man on the planet during that ‘sign on the dotted line’ afternoon in a Washington H.S. gym.

  3. I have no idea….how “produce” found its way in there instead of “product.” Ugh.

  4. Normally dislike playing the speculation game but for this one instance; I wonder how this team would fare under a Coach Izzo, Ryan, Painter, any of the other Big Ten coaches. Seems to me that our hard-working players deserve much better.

  5. after watching end of season meltdowns and wiltings ; if you cant fire Crean because of Glass then its time to ire off letter to the Trustees and “money men” in the Alumni.Time to turn p the heat on the people that sit in the “cushy” chairs and allow this “fiasco” to continue with their “disinterest”

  6. I agree Harvard. Glass won’t fire him because of the issues you raise.

    So they both must go and likely it will have to be because of declining $ at the gates, in the overall athletic dept. financial performance & perhaps more importantly big donors/alumni to IU.

    Make no mistake, the Trustees only care about the above. Wins & 4-9 records vs. NW don’t get their attention.

  7. wait… Crean thought, “it was just a matter of not hitting shots”?????

    excellent analysis coach. couldn’t be more wrong, but hey it was an entertaining quote.

    How about, “it was just a matter of them making the barely contested lay-ups we handed them.” Or maybe, “it was just a matter of my teams’ historic inability to execute against even simple zones.” Shoot I’d even settle for the most obvious, “it was just a matter of us not being able to hit the front end of 1-and-1’s.”

  8. Sad … Pathetic … Embarrassing … Painful … ridiculous … and down right terrible … The good new is, opening day is only 1 month away.

  9. First, a question for the guys. I tried to submit a second comment on the prior story. It refused to accept it, saying that I had already submitted a comment. But my comment was significantly different, as I will add below, as follows:

    I didn’t see the game, so this comment is based only on the box score.

    Also, this is not to blame anyone. Shooters will have bad days. It happens.

    But, if Blackman had his normal shooting night, despite everything else, we win. 10% shooting is 10% shooting.

    Ditto with Johnson.

    Having said that, Mosquera-Perea had a terrible statistical game in all categories.

  10. westcoast… but that wasn’t an atypical game from Blackmon.

    2-12 vs Butler (neutral)
    2-9 @ Nebraska
    1-14 @ MSU
    2-14@ Maryland

    and then…

    4-12 @ OSU
    4-13 @ Purdue

    And there are a couple more games around 30% at home. He’s just not a consistent shooter yet. Obviously the stroke is there, and certainly the willingness is there, but it’s either a confidence thing, an experience thing, a speed of the game thing. Here’s one thing I do know he definitely is not a good shooter away from Assembly Hall.

    So that’s now 7 of the 12 road games that he’s shot 33% or worse. In other words that was a typical night for Blackmon.

    And don’t get me wrong… I’m not hating on him. I really like the kid and am glad he’s a Hoosier. He doesn’t drive me crazy like Troy Williams. It’s just that I have a feeling that Crean probably feels the same way you do… That “well if we just get a typical night from X, Y, or Z, then we’ll probably get a W…”, but then he doesn’t actually understand what a typical night from those players is and he doesn’t game plan for a worst-case scenario.

  11. Here’s who we got a typical night from – Perea and Williams…

    typically out of position and out of control. total lack of understanding how to play. get by only on pure athleticism. whatever positive they give is completely negated by their lack of discipline on the defensive end and the resulting effectiveness of the players they are “guarding”

    The defining play that perfectly illustrates my point is when Troy comes racing down the court with Hanner on the left wing. The defense is back and in position, but Troy fires bullet to a full-speed HMP, who has to gather then inexplicably lowers his shoulder and plows through a 7′, 300 lb man who lacks any lateral quickness.

    That should count as 3 turnovers… 1 for the horrid decision by Troy, another for the brutal maneuver by Hanner, and a 3rd for Yogi for not holding Troy accountable as they walked back down to the defensive end.

  12. wc hoosier,

    if olah and mcintosh shoot better we lose by 20. if we have a typical turnover night we lose by twenty. point is, you can ask for a “do-over” for a player after every game but it is meaningless. the other team can claim one to negate yours. just so much drivel. like 10% shooting is 10% shooting. a win is a win. it is what it is. thanks for your insightful contribution.


    you left out crean holding williams accountable. speaking of troy, if he would dunk with 2 hands instead of showboating always with the one hand attempt we would probably have a couple more wins. i can’t believe how lucky he was on two of those buckets last night.

  13. yeah V, I’m not sure that Crean didn’t…. But either way, if we start assigning TO’s to Crean then we would average 37 per game instead of 13, or whatever it is.

  14. Indiana’s problems are far deeper than just any one player. I agree with coachv and Geoff’s criticism of Troy, although, maybe not to the degree. Regardless, I think they are #60 & #61 on the list of things this team has issues with.

    And that’s the thing, this team has all the personnel, even with its size issues, to be a lot better than this. The last month has been particularly maddening watching these guys regress as a team.

  15. “Nobody wants to play Northwestern right now” …Did I hear Bardo correctly? Did he call us a nobody?

    Geoff makes a lot of good points… 7 games out of a sample set of 12…That’s one game more than a coin flip, a 50/50 chance, in calling Blackmon’s shooting lower than 33% “typical.” Geoff loves him his statistics….Don’t get me wrong, Blackmon should be shooting the long ball better than coin-flip odds of something greater than 33%….

    Is Jordan Hulls still the worst defender in all of college basketball…? Anyone on our current team that could rival such an honorable distinction….? Anyone with Nickie Buckets as a nickname? Zeisloft hit a lot of shots last night….Nice to see someone putting of the ball through the bucket with confidence …Nice to see the hometown Chicago boy do that cute thing with the hands that turns three fingers on each into a pair of spectacles…..But I don’t need his make-believe glasses to see that his defensive skills are beyond a liability…Have they checked his shoes for lead soles?

    Lastly, it appears the current trend of complimenting UK’s wonderful team is to include referencing Calipari as a great teacher of defense… But doesn’t having great athletes, guys that lived on basketball courts since childhood years and weren’t developed as “projects” help a bit.? Do you see many late-bloomer’s given the “accelerated” crash course in basketball based primarily on the observation of athleticism on a UK roster? Isn’t the defensive ability a UK team functioning beyond the equations of tremendous speed and natural gifts….? Doesn’t having solid backgrounds in playing under great h.s./academy programs and teachers have something to do with it…. ? Heard a quote from Calipair last night …He said Trey Lyles is the “greatest college basketball player in the country right now…”…..Not sure the total context, but it was pretty close to those words..Ouch….That must have been a compliment for Tom Crean and his “Because it’s Indiana.” Say what you want, but A-Hope projects and the reserving of spots on a roster fro what used to be an elite program that consistency recruited seasoned post players(most that had played the game since wearing Indiana diapers …most with possessing high basketball IQ before every enrolling at Indiana U) set this program back a dozen years…. Give these late bloomers, and A-Hope projects, and speed demons like Hulls and Zeisloft, to Calipari and witness his great teaching of defense….

  16. And one final point…(I’ll make it short)…Having a reliable inside game takes tremendous pressure off guys already struggling with confidence from the perimeter…? The biggest lift of confidence is to know their are other options…Blackmon is also expending a ton of energy going to the boards and fighting his ass off for rebounds against guys 50 pounds heavier and six inches taller… Our Hoosiers are playing multiple positions and expected to put a band-aid on a very absent true inside game…There efforts get the ball to the rim, but here is rarely anyone with basketball instincts to gain position and turn those efforts into rebounds and put-back buckets…Without Hartman, there was even more bandage upon the gaping wound of a “project” inside game. Easy to blame the guards for poor shooting… They run there asses of in Crean’s uptempo style,…They endlessly do the magical weave thing to try to get open looks…and then they’re expected to be power forwards on the glass…? Think they get a little exhausted without something we could call valid post presence? Think that could contribute to turning 45% shooters into 33%(along with the added pressure on your shots knowing full well some garbage inside points are almost impossible)? Sorry, it wasn’t as short a post as I intended.

  17. Wow…my apologies

    [Their] efforts [can] get the ball to the rim, but there is rarely anyone with basketball instincts to gain position and turn those efforts into rebounds and put-back buckets

    Hanner has all that wingspan….but he’s often out of position and still gaining instincts that a UK center/post player had in the 8th grade…..And was Crean the best coach to develop those “projects” like Jobe, Jurkin, Bawa, Perea….Priller(?)…April(?)…etc, etc. Crean had one post player that needed minimal schooling to do the basics…And that’s why he got his two Sweet 16’s at Indiana…. This isn’t a criticism of the other “upside” talent and effort all the great players under Crean…..But the facts are pretty clear to me…We had 2 years out of 7 with a true post player….That’s a lot less than a coin flip to build success on the game in the paint.

  18. Harv, good point about UK. Man, it pains me to write this, but that team isn’t just talent as you point out. They are playing ferociously. I’m praying to any god/God/spirit that someone takes them down, but when I watch them without paying attention to the name on the front of the jersey, I just marvel. They are doing everything you’d expect and hope an Indiana team would do. We are not even a shadow of what is being played down in Lexington.

    They don’t put up single conference championship banners. They don’t cut the nets down in tears after a home loss. I thought this is what “Because it is Indiana” was supposed to be before that statement was even uttered. The fact that our program is now more hype than substance–by fairly huge chasm–is depressing.

    Case in point, after we beat Michigan at home back in 2013, someone in the Athletic Dept told me that Crean had the media folks blow up a huge photo of Victor’s missed alley-oop for display in the press room. Celebrating missed shots for what they could have been, but weren’t, seems to be the theme under this regime. It should come as no surprise that a real achievement, like winning a National Championship, is earned in Lexington and not Bloomington.

  19. Pritchard wasn’t recruited by Crean…..And though he had some solid grit and instincts around the hoop, he would have struggled to hit short jumpers at 30% if the bucket was a hula hoop. That being said, I actually think having a guy like Pritch would still make our team so much better….Pritch was never surrounded by a full array of top quality guards

  20. Double Down-

    Have you gone in for the brain scan….? I am in total agreement….It feels like we’re having a one “shining” moment.

  21. My brain scan came back and it is conclusive: I’m screwed.

    Hopefully our shining moment doesn’t end up with an axe to my chest.

  22. Thing I love most about the historic put-back slam from Pritch…? Watch Crean on the sideline…He looks exactly the man I witnessed last night….He’s doing that exact back-and-forth, ” I got this,” sideline march as if time is frozen in a Disani bladder control bottle…..It is a classic, indeed.

    “Carry on”…..(Dusty Dopirak dedication)

  23. All hope is no lost…I’m having visions….visions of Crean’s first of many Final Four teams at IU….images coming….Fred Glass at the podium….”At Indiana, basketball is an institution…and now, again, our chief concern should be keeping a coach that has a great mind for the game…..

  24. 2 out of 7 years with legit center got us to the “Sweet Sixteen”……make that 2 out of 8 since there are no “legit centers” on the horizon or foreseeable future. I think JBJ leaves IU! IF I were his dad and I saw the regression of play: porous defense, stagnant offense, and overall game play going in reverse; I would have to evaluate IF IU and CREAN are truly the best place to “develop”. Given JB Sr’s credentials and experience I couldn’t blame him IF he at least raised those questions and welcomes the thoughts of a transfer and sitting out a year vs another year of NO BIG man and regressive and a reverse of game play and effort

  25. When you don’t teach defense, and only rely on offense then you are going to get beat by teams that know how to play defense; even though they may have lesser athletes or even a lower caliber of basketball player. Crean is the poster-boy for, “we were not hitting our shots tonight” as the problem. Good teams win when they have an off night shooting. Remember a very good defensive Syracuse team beat the best team in the country two years ago in the sweet 16, because we could not match their defensive intensity. We could not figure out the zone, but even that team with Victor and Cody offered little defensive resistance.

    Crean runs a clean program institutionally; notwithstanding his drunken minions, he is not a cheater and he gets kids to class etc. He is a very good recruiter and hard working as well. He married into a great coaching family but he is not a great coach as he does not know how to get kids to consistently play at the peak of or beyond their potential. It is getting old.

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