1. What does this say about 2 scholarship players that have been on the team all year, Priller and April, that a football player that’s been on the team for a few days gets playing time ahead of them?

  2. “What does this say about 2 scholarship players…”

    I think it tells us what we already knew, they were very late addtions that were a bit of a reach to add some frontline depth.

  3. “A bit of a reach”? I’d say a rather HUGE reach that we will be paying for over the next 3-4 years unless ……

  4. To paraphrase CTC, that stuff works itself out.

    While we as fans concentrate on players in a game the team still needs bodies for practice. Nobody plays their entire roster during conference play. The average NCAA D1 basketball team has 2 transfers a year. If these guys are preparing their teammates for game situations they have done their job. It’s unlikely that they will try to hang around for four years to be cannon fodder for the guys who play in the games when they can head off to a mid major with a year of big boy basketball under their belt. Everybody wins.

    That’s not a problem, an issue, or a scandal. It’s how D1 basketball works these days.

    BTW, Fuchs was a well regard basketball recruit. If he can provide solid minutes down low there is not much downside.

  5. Chet, Right on, you said a mouthful. Few understand the behind the scenes prep and the resources needed to implement it. I still believe April will spend his entire eligibility at IU and will be highly valued in his upcoming years.

  6. Chet, great post. I think we will see transfers from this year’s roster, and rightfully so. Nothing wrong with that. Since you can’t coach height and/or desire, if you recruit a big, and he does not work out, he should at least be better prepared if/when he transfers to another school. Or, like Wisconsin’s big man, who hardly ever played as a freshman, he may work really, really hard, take the long-term approach, and develop into a highly productive player in his junior or senior seasons.

  7. Judgments always
    Dustin used to make big hullabaloos over scholly crunches….Look where Dustin is now.

    Nobody cares about these things when you’re winning…..Nobody cared about Knight’s BS until he had no worse a drought than Bo Ryan in the early rounds of the NCAA

    Compared to what most(not yours truly) were expecting out of the 2014-15 season from Crean and the Hoosiers, it has been a pleasant surprise…The expert bracketologist, Joe Lunardi, had us out of the tournament in his early season projections….

    Outside of catching Crean in the locker room with an equipment manager’s wife in handcuffs while watching ‘Fifty Shades of Grey,’ Crean has freed himself of all other forms of hot seats. To attempt to stir any controversy when the team is on track to make the NCAA tournament is just asking for Chet.

    Come to think of it…..? When’s the last time we’ve heard Geoff talking about his “jumping off the fence”..? When’s the last time we’ve heard him blowing his spout over how he just can’t believe that Crean is a competent enough coach to ever take IU back to elite status and championship runs?

    Chet used to be in full agreement with Geoff on nearly everything he said……Funny how I never saw Chet claiming agreement with Geoff’s assertions that Crean just doesn’t have the level of expertise to take IU back a level of consistent greatness and deep tournament runs…Do that accused lack of “stuff” in Crean’s ability also “have a way of working itself out?”

    Geoff and coachv have really toned down their criticisms for Crean of late….But don’t fool yourselves…If we would have stumbled last night, there would be no golden silence and cute little scholarship problems functioning as the soft criticism for the day. Hell, Geoff only pops out when I bait him with Troy Williams exaggerations…

    Maybe Chuck Martin is why it’s all working itself out….? The execution has been certainly showing signs of hope….But can an assistant coach be enough to fill the void of what our Scoop resident b-ball genius from Maine views as a coach seriously lacking in the X’s and O’s department? If you got a 5-ft snowdrift blocking your front door, you dig….These things also work themselves out.

  8. [Does] that accused lack of “stuff”……

    First Take hosts sure didn’t seem very impressed with the dunk contest…..Personally, I think Oladipo looked silly with his singing bit. The fans desire the truly elite and recognizable stars of the game for these slam dunk contests….

  9. i agree with geoff about crean, who is greatly benefiting from yogi’s brilliance. without yogi this team would be near the bottom of the big 10. they will go only as far as he takes them. it’s possible that yogi can take this team on a surprising post-season run. kudos to crean for getting him to come to iu

  10. Is the Purdue game going to be on Television, Jeremy? I looked at BTN schedule and did not see a Television listing.

    And while I’ve enjoyed your posts, Harv, this last one is a bit mean-spirited for me…just my opinion and just my observation. I’m not asking you to change, just letting you know it did not read that well to me for whatever that’s worth.

    I like to hear Crean being criticized….he’s a hypocrite “Christian” who supports the US war effort and has done so from the git-go. And IU pays him far too much money…it’s disgusting, but the players this year are very fun to watch — as long as you accept that this team is built on the concept that you don’t need a Big Man (remember, Vonleh left without notifying Crean…while that gives Crean an excuse the fact is that Crean did not maintain enough of a relationship with Vonleh that Vonleh would have felt it proper to inform Crean.)

    This team, for better or worse, rides on Yogi Ferrell’s coattails and some nicely timed home calls (like at the end of the first half against Minnesota)

  11. Yogi is the entire team…..JBJ is deplorable when the shots aren’t dropping ….More Max Hoetzel.

    Here’s the deal, boys….We got shooters this year. For whatever bizarre reason, that helps win games…Go figure…..?

    Most wanted Hartman thrown under the bus when he was being recruited. What’s the kid do now…? He comes off the bench and immediately drills a deep corner three that becomes a dagger when Minnesota was flirting with a comeback…

    Realizing it’s the Yogi party right now…..But don’t ignore the tremendous job Robert Johnson has done….Johnson does not play the game like a freshman He is sold.

  12. Crean is a “hypocrite ‘Christian’ who supports the U.S. war effort…”

    Wow, JeffreyV….Where did that come from..? That sounds awfully mean-spirited. And it has absolutely nothing to do with basketball.

    Look what we had to put up with when we had Bobby?…..Once you win banners, the Hoosier Nation will tolerate anything…Start to slide, time to run and hide….You think Crean promotes his beliefs now..? That’s funny…If Crean \somehow makes a Final Four, you’ll likely see a giant 50-ft tall golden cross mounted to the top of Assembly Hall…..His new office. a Glass cube, will be atop the cross. He’ll watch football games from the perch…It may even be a rotating cross so it catches various angles the sun’s reflection….It will include a private elevator shaft…appropriately named “The Hoosier Rising Shaft.”…..(to be cont.)

  13. “Crean did not maintain enough of a relationship with Vonleh”…?

    Wow…That sort of comment reminded me of a time there was a blogger on here that attempted to implicate Coach Wilson with the academic scandals at UNC..

    Vonleh blew town for the same reason they all leave if their name pops up high on NBA draft boards…He left for the cash… Cody left for the cash…Dipo left for the cash…Crean could kiss their butts ’till his lips get sore, they’ll still leave for the cash.

    I’m sorta glad Fischer left….Watched him in the Marquette vs. Creighton game and I wasn’t very impressed. Devin Davis would have been plenty to fill his unexpected departure.

  14. try “hypochristian”. i trademarked that so don’t steal it.

    is it true that vonleh didn’t personally tell crean he was entering the draft? source? that would be a “wow”.

    before denegrating max, harv, give me your list of big 10 players who are 6-8″ or more who can dribble in traffic with their eyes and hit the open man while doing so. if he had gotten real minutes this season he would be getting attention for his game. of course, until he stops shooting from his chin like a 6th grader, i’m not giving him any more props

  15. You’re right, Harvard. My comment was mean-spirited and directed at the hypochristian Crean.

    Point well taken. Thanks.

    Someone on this site should know….I do believe that Vonleh entered the draft without informing Crean…I might be wrong however.

  16. I like Max Hoetzel….Good speed..Sorta moves like he’s dashing quickly through the tulip garden….If he someday takes a charge and quits wearing those nurse stockings, I may even like him more.

  17. If you guys are going to take aim at Christians, you’re going to obliterate the entire team…Have you been to Doc Libby’s “Crossover” or her Twitter page? Cody had the glowing cross on his twitter page….Jonny Marlin was almost Christian enough.. He made some weird comments about being too tempted by pretty girls in revealing yoga pants and was quickly sent packing….Crean has assembled a fine Christian basketball team….Nothing wrong with that…If they can ball, that’s all that should matter. Hell, Watford’s first name is “Christian.” Remy was thanking god every time he took a whiz….Jordy was more strict to Christian doctrines than the Pope..

    If you don’t like Christians(and who’s to say which are hypochistians and which are legitichristians..?), then you best sit this era out…

    I’ve gotten past it….You boys should do the same.

  18. Q. What did you hear? What did you find out that told you now this year was the time to go?

    NOAH VONLEH: Like Coach Crean said, we got the information from the teams and we got the feedback from what they said, and I just felt like I’d be ready to go, and it’s always been a dream of mine to play in the NBA. The chance was there, and I just went with it.


    After taking a look at the ITH piece, it appears all lines of communication were open….Noah said he was discussing the various “feedback” from “teams” with Crean.

    JeffreyV- please don’t tell me you were the blogger that was making up the stuff about Wilson at UNC.. It sure sounds eerily familiar in style something randomly concocted as truth.

  19. I have absolutely no interest in IU Football…it was not me, Harv!

    Well, if the lines of communication were open, then Crean did know and Crean did not adjust…that’s not ‘great recruiting’.

    And I never said I did not like Christians! I did say that Crean is a hypocrite for saying he’s a Christian AND at the same time supporting the war(s). (but I’m not going to belabor the point, I was duly corrected and will stick to basketball on this site!)

  20. It’s not ‘great recruiting’ unless Coach Crean WANTED a team without a big man in the middle, and it’s an intriguing project….and, if we can get hot and stay hot like last night we could really go far in a tournament (BIG or NCAA). I doubt it happening, but it could happen.

  21. Where are the quotes that he supports all recent U.S. war efforts…? I haven’t seen anything quoted or heard him make those sort of statements…Not saying he hasn’t, but where is your source…? Or, were you at an event when he made such comments? Did you sit next to him in a restaurant and overhear him making pro war remarks…? Were they remarks he made during a basketball function or interview…? Is it personal stuff from his twitter page..? The context and whereabouts of the comments would clarify if he’s using his basketball position at IU to add legitimacy to the alleged positions on war that you claim.

    Don’t want to get into politics on here, but since you brought it up, you should state sources.

  22. Could one imagine a team with Cody(senior), Hanner(junior), Fischer(sophomore), Vonleh(sophomore), Davis(available and healthy sophomore), Holt. and Hartman…? What’s the quality of that inside game recruiting? Unrealistic? Maybe. But there have been far more talented “bigs” than Cody and Noah that stayed in college for four years…

    I can’t fully blame Crean…He brought in quality bigs that just felt the NBA was more important(or more of a “dream”) than championships at IU. Fischer transferring doesn’t seem worthy of blame against either party(unless facts could prove otherwise)…And how do we totally blame Crean for not having Davis available this season?

    It’s really sorta hard to believe we’re not even thinner on the inside…If there’s any sort of loyalty to the program(and if there’s not a freak accident on Halloween night), we likely have one of the stronger inside games in conference….

    If just one of those bigs(Cody, Vonleh, Fischer) stays to do their utmost a championship for candy-stripes, Crean is “Coach of the Year” with the array of ‘lights out’ perimeter shooters and a super-talented wing in Troy Williams to complement…Crean was playing 1-out-of-3 odds in one big going a bit more distance for the glory of Indiana and her loyal fans…They didn’t bite on such dreams of titles…He went 0-for-3….That is hard for any coach to plan(except for a choice few crooks like Calipari).

  23. That doesn’t mean anything, Price. It certainly doesn’t mean there was a disconnect in terms of NBA aspirations…ITH did plenty of reporting that Crean and Vonleh had already had discussions about various teams and fit.

    What was more telling was Vonleh’s comments about being underutilized….But when the dollars call, these kids always want to look like the saints…They put up with diddlysquat compared to what Knight’s players had to endure….Disconnect? They are disconnected from being driven to achieve high college goals when money calls.

  24. Thanks, Jeremy, that was the article I had seen….but if it was only a day or so prior to letting the Coach know that’s not what I had thought. So OK on that.

    I have absolutely no inside information on Tom Crean’s views…was just making the comment due to my belief that after he came here the Assembly Hall invitations to military personell (to be honored prior to games, sit on bench, etc) was increased. But I’m letting that go.

    I should never had made that comment. My fault. Sorry everyone.

  25. And if you don’t want to be involved in a conversation, then don’t.

    Then maybe this puts religion back on the table…If Crean is so disconnected from his players, then why in the hell is he kept on? Why in the hell was he given extensions? Why is Assembly Hall not packed with disgruntled fans? BS journalism attempting to stir trouble because a kid wanted to chase a thick wallet…. a kid that was not a maturely developed talent.

  26. He said he did the “fact” was that Crean did not maintain a relationship with Vonleh….

    :Please tell me how you know that to be true…? The announcement is sold as if it was some kind of bomb drop on Crean.. Whether that is true could be debated forever…Have you asked Crean if it was a bomb drop? And it has absolutely nothing to do with a “disconnect” or a “fact” that there was not maintained relationship or discussions about the NBA between Crean and Vonleh…

    You should act the journalist and get to the bottom of such accusations..Isn’t that what you’re paid to do? If we have a coach disconnected to his players, I’d hope that an HT journalist wouldn’t find some purpose in burying such truths to the point of not even pursuing Noah(or the inexcusable Crean that puts total fear into your veins)and getting some answers.

    We should all be snippy if such a terrible coach is being protected for….what? It’s seem like quite the abundance are claiming his quite the hypocrite and war monger….Maybe you should also pursue those “facts” as well as the disconnect malarkey.

  27. He said it was a “fact” that Crean did not maintain a relationship with Vonleh…

    The answering a reporter/journalists question right after a season-ending game(when emotions are high)about an NBA decision may be a fact…But there are no necessary leaps in claiming that makes for a “fact” of a relationship not maintained with a coach..or a disconnect.

  28. jeremy,

    as long as you’re hovering around making sure the letter “f” doesn’t get used here you should take jimmy olsen, er, mike miller under your wing and coach him up a bit. his baseball report here on sunday’s game left out the final score and his basketball story stated the lead grew as large as 19 late in the half while, in fact, that was the final margin. while technically true i guess, you get the point.

  29. And also from the same article we find this beauty from Parish:

    But Crean was never going to have a roster good enough to compete at the top of the Big Ten this season, and now that ho-hum roster has four players starting the year either suspended or injured by one of the suspended players. Consequently, most smart projections have the Hoosiers missing the NCAA tournament, and I think those projections are probably accurate.

    -Roster not good enough? We won’t get first, but we are certainly competing with the rest of the “top” of the Big 10 despite the setbacks.
    -It’s a bitch being “ho-hum.” The “ho-hum” roster is one of the best shooting perimeter teams we’ve seen in years…And Troy Williams and Yogi Ferrell are having real “ho-hum” games of late. Troy Williams might just be the top skyrocketing talent(in terms of just unbelievable presence in big games)in all of college basketball.
    -“most smart projections have the Hoosiers missing the NCAA tournament” Well, Mr. Parish, you’re one of those smart guys(along with soothsayer Lunardi) that is going to be wrong and very distant from “accurate”….again

    Bottom Line: Parish quotes his own piece(a very small piece of an interview with Vonleh) to build his complete hypothesis in a follow-up wrought in agenda….The entirety of the piece Jeremy provide such a fact link is built on innuendo and personal opinion disconnects and predictions of an impending doomsday year now all proving false.

    But why come down on a kid leaping to the pro game that is no different than the rest with a talent someone is willing to pay a few million….? He sees his name on the big NBA marquee and it’s game, set, match….There’s no story there other than the one Mr. Parish wants to invent. Sensational and agenda sells…Thus, take aim for the bigger targets: Tom Crean and his “disconnect.”

    The real story is the kid with backbone that stays though turmoil and disconnect and spits in the faces of checkbooks buying away college dreams and loyalty to causes without a payday.

  30. JeffreyV-

    My apologies for doubting the truth of your story…A story was out there that claimed Vonleh letting a journalist know of his NBA decision before formally telling Crean. I’m not really sure if Crean backed that up, but it’s out there…That being said, it’s of my opinion that the story pushed an agenda…Words like “ho-hum” roster smell of such.

    Nonetheless, you’re entitled to your opinion on the rest of the garbage(mostly predictions and doomsday assertions that have not come true)in Parish’s piece….

    These guys stick together…Funny how “objective” journalism has lost its way. Yet, many don’t have the stones to make true commentary…They simply teeter on agenda and bashing teams/coaches with off slang and weak predictions….Nothing hard-hitting and no effort to get to the truth. It’s really quite sad.

  31. ok so has anyone else seen this BS?

    Seth Greenberg has a new sideline role for ESPN called “behind the bench”… basically he just stood behind the WVU bench and yelled into the mic what KU was planning on doing for the last 7 minutes…

    I mean I was rooting for the WVU upset, but that was unbelievable. If that happened against IU I would hire a sniper to shoot him in the head.

  32. Hard to believe the Kansas guy missed the layup at the end…Such a beautiful length-of-the-court pass ..

    Did I hear the WVU’s Juwan Staten in the postgame interview(star player that made the final Mountaineers bucket on a drive to the hoop)say..”this is the entire reason I came back”…? I assumed that meant why he didn’t leave for the NBA…Well, I guess there are a few still out there that value the chance of momentous victories…and lifelong memories. ..and opportunities to play for loyalty and love of teammates

  33. Re # 26 JeffreyV. Really? CTC supports war with his invitations to the members of the military? ‘But I’m letting that go.’ I’m trying to express my feelings on those comments in such a manner that Price would not delete. I can’t. Those military members have sacrificed more than you could imagine. I’m glad I don’t know you. What a stupid statement. TTG – you want to take over on this.

  34. that pass was a beauty Harv… Just an incredible spontaneous heads up play from whoever that inbounder was… unfazed by the fact that Staten just scored that bucket. As a coach I’d be very proud of both players (even though Perry missed the lay-up). Execution under duress is a beautiful thing to watch.

    And here would be my answer to Staten… “no the reason you stayed this year was because it was your best option…” He is a good college player, but not on anyone’s draft board this year or last. Very smart of him however to grab those to cute coeds and start posing for the cameras… confirmed his place on the front page of ESPN.com

    I thought we were finally able to support our returning troops regardless of our stance on the war…. guess we haven’t all gotten there yet. too bad.

  35. When I read Crean “supports the U.S. war effort,” I immediately thought that meant Crean has made statements that supports sending troops into many of the current global conflicts…I would see really no reason that a basketball coach would make such judgments in the public realm. But if this is about welcoming troops with handshakes or visiting them in a hospital, etc…and honoring those that have served our country, then it is pretty ridiculous to define that as “supporting a war effort.” Supporting our troops is not necessarily supporting the decisions to go to war.

    But I will come to JeffreyV’s defense a bit…I road him too hard….He still has every right to express his opinion….Sometimes when you use every moment a running camera to sell yourself as ‘Mr. Good Cause’ for any heartwarming photo op, it can turn stomachs….It can turn stomachs even more it it’s always wrapped around religion….or when we see behavior that sends conflicting messages.

    ISIS is about as frightening and terrifying a group of killers I’ve seen in my lifetime….We see those horrific images of men on their knees waiting for the brutal act to end a life as is the life was trivial…. There is nothing at the heart of any faith or war that should take claim over another man’s life….And as horrific those acts of terror theater fed to CNN have been, the United States is not a flawless country when it comes to the killing of innocent….We wiped out generations and caused suffering upon children and families when we drop bombs indiscriminately….We made a statement at the end of World War II by obliterating cites as if children were simply the necessary collateral damage….We’ve gotten used to killing from sea and air without ever really visually being fed the true horror…I don’t see the need to glorify sniper killings nor feel on warm and fuzzy when we drop bombs on children and families that are not in any form supporting “war efforts.”

    War and terror are easily sensationalized….It can be sensationalized by brutal acts and sensationalized by approaching it as trivial a basketball game….A camera is the furthest vehicle from the heart of measured decency…A camera cannot detail the fear of impending death a young soldier being sent into jungle warfare.. A camera from the underbelly a plane dropping bombs upon families cannot capture a mother looking into the eyes of her child knowing that child will never know peace as a final breath….A camera cannot enter the heart of intentions bombs dropped on cities…A snapshot of a coach shaking any hand is no different…It cannot speak of the man. It only speaks a glimpse of what we want or choose to believe..

  36. Nuts…You took down the post that I was referencing…Now nothing makes Rhinoplasty sense…of smell.

  37. I wasn’t referencing #39..You took down the post move….Now it’s just not making any sense…

    “Price is currently the Hoosiers best post defense.” I do something a little clever and….and….and….I need some Cutty…..Ever hear from Korman? Dustin ever drop a note? Maybe they just don’t have the time. Sorta miss the days of Osterman interrupting everyone on ScoopTalks…..You guys never have any ScoopTalk guests……Entertainment, my friends….It’s all too serious anymore. Too policed…
    Too politically correct …Scoop now smells like Crean cologne….

  38. Don’t worry about a thing, Harvard. I went too far with my comment and reaped the consequences.

    I apologized for it…let’s put it in the past, OK?

    All is well, Beat Purdue!

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