Snapshot: When Yogi attacks

What started out as a look at how Indiana attacked the basket on the way to 34 points in the paint and 15 more at the free-throw line, quickly shifted into a look specifically at Yogi Ferrell and how his ability to attack a defense, both with and without the ball, keys the Hoosiers.

(1) We’ll dive in during the first half with Michigan going zone. Ferrell is on the left wing as the ball is swung to the right wing, with a gaping hole in the middle of the Wolverine defense.

Ferrell reads that opening and flashes to the middle while all the Michigan perimeter defenders are focused on the ball and not communicating what was happening behind them, allowing Ferrell to receive the pass from Troy Williams.

Ferrell takes the pass, shot fakes, then splits two defenders to get to the baseline and drop in two points.


(2) Michigan’s still playing zone, and this time IU gets Collin Hartman a touch in the middle, and he quickly kicks the ball back out to James Blackmon, while Ferrell is in the left corner reading the defense.

Hartman flares to the right wing, and as he goes out, Ferrell follows back into the middle with a banana cut, while Zak Irvin is busy watching the ball.

Blackmon makes a nice bounce pass to Ferrell, who has Irvin beat on the play, leaving Ricky Doyle frozen between helping on Ferrell and staying with Troy Williams.

By the time Doyle makes a decision, it’s too late to do anything but commit a foul on Ferrell.


(3) More zone from Michigan in the second half, and this time Stan Robinson flashes the middle, receives the pass and then kicks back out to Ferrell.

But Ferrell isn’t settling for a 3, he’s driving right back into the middle of that zone, drawing the attention of all five defenders.

The result is a wide-open Nick Zeisloft, who drains the 3-pointer for an 11-point lead.


(4) More Yogi with the ball in his hands, and he’s isolated on Spike Albrecht at the top of the key, a matchup the IU junior knows is to his advantage, while Troy Williams sets up in what you’ll hear Tom Crean refer to as the short corner along the baseline.

Ferrell drives by Albrecht and into the middle of the lane, drawing three defenders and dropping the bounce pass to Williams cutting toward the basket.

The end result is another highlight reel jam for Williams and another assist for Ferrell, who is now 10th all-time in that department at IU.


  1. Yogi has improved a lot since early this season (and from last season). Specifically, he’s become a part of the team. To me, Yogi’s maturation as a team player is the most intriguing aspect of this season.

    I’m excited to see if the Hoosiers can score at will against Maryland. I think they can and think we will win there in a high-scoring, exciting game.

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