Glass apologizes for comments in Thursday’s H-T #iubb

Indiana athletic director Fred Glass issued a statement Thursday afternoon apologizing for his references to suicide in a Herald-Times story about Tom Crean’s status as Indiana coach.

While discussing fan frustrations, Glass told the H-T on Wednesday, “I don’t like the losses we’ve had, but just like I wasn’t popping champagne corks in January, I’m not ready to slit my wrists now. I sense that some people are starting to pull the razor blades out of the medicine cabinet. I encourage them to put them back.”

Here is his statement:

“This morning, I received an email from a woman who long ago was hospitalized for multiple suicide attempts,” Glass said. “She rightfully objected to comments that I made in an interview with the Bloomington Herald-Times. Regrettably, I did say those things and was quoted accurately. The metaphor I used was insensitive, distasteful, and hurtful. Suicide and depression should never be referenced in such fashion. I was wrong to do so. I have apologized directly to the woman who wrote. I am now also publicly apologizing for my inappropriate remarks.”


  1. Glass is feeling the heat. This is not what he expected to be dealing with right now.

  2. Can anyone say anything anymore without having to later apologize to some whiner about it being offensive?

    I deeply regret and humbly apologize to those who get overwhelmed to the point of getting pissy eyes and feel the need to call my office about my offensive comment. I publicly apologize and plan to donate $3 to the Waaaaaaa Fund for the Perpetually Outraged and Constantly Offended.

  3. I don’t care about the apology…I expect robber barons to be offensive. Complete lack of tact and sophistication is a given.for a carnival salesman working alongside a Joyce Meyer megaphone pretending to be a b-ball coach… Hopefully he’ll mix it up and use a Robin Williams metaphor next time….

  4. I think the most important thing here is that you can get to him by writing an email. Good to know.

    I wish this woman was offended by the on court product – the underachieving – CTC’s pathetic coaching – etc. She should have said ” Thanks to you and CTC – and considering the state of IUBB – it makes me wants to repeat my past destructive habits”.

  5. I said this on aessage board yesterday but of Crean does not go, the way Glass is handling things seems similar to Brandon the AD at Michigan. He needs to do something if he doesn’t want the heat to jump on him soon of it has not already.

  6. Apology accepted, AD Glass. It takes a “big person” to listen to the “little people.” It takes an even “bigger person” to apologize to them when feeling vulnerable.

  7. When I first saw this headline, I thought Freddy was gonna apologize for saying Crean’s “body of work is pretty darn good,” or for telling ESPN “he’s a great coach.”

  8. The most whining is being done by these supposed “fans” of IU about coach Crean. Let’s see… 3 freshmen starting, their best and most experienced big man not playing (Devan), and other injuries all year… and they are still close to 20 wins. What do you expect, an national championship every year? Bobby could only manage to do that roughly every 6 years, until the 90’s. What about these other coaches that get the “best” players in the country (Kansas, N. Carolina, Arizona etc.), talk about coaches who suck. With the players they get, they should win the national championship every year, right? No wonder they get these guys, they don’t have to do classwork (N. Carolina), or they get family incentives (new report on Cliff Alexander @ Kansas) or Kentucky…(Well you know). Why don’t you supposed “fans” get a clue! Here is my offer to you… When IU makes the tournament, I say they will make it to the sweet 16. If they do, I don’t want to see another comment from Harvard, Crimson, or Fan 4. If they don’t, you won’t see another comment from me. Of course these “men” talking like boys aren’t man enough to do that, because they must get a thrill out of seeing their name on the comments page so many times.

  9. IU ’89 – you couldn’t be more wrong. IU fans should expect to “compete” for a national title every year, similar to fans of the teams you mentioned. Obviously only one team wins each year. But several teams have hopes and intentions, and the elite programs have those hopes and intentions every year.

    You cannot win a national title by only competing for 1 every 6 years… You win 1 every 6 years by competing for one every year.

    Fans are upset because the product is bad. We’ve won 19 games, but we are getting worse as the season progresses instead of better. The team is making horrid defensive mistakes… ones that well-coached HS teams don’t make.

    You also need to stop using the “freshman” excuse… All the teams you mentioned are starting freshman. Duke starts 3… UK plays several… Kansas plays several… All the elite programs start and/or play multiple freshman important minutes. Stop using it as an excuse for our short-comings.

    How many other teams start a back court with 2 McDonald’s AA’s???

    How many other teams have 5 top-50 recruits on their roster?

    Of the teams that do, how many aren’t sniffing a ranking and are on the tourney bubble?

  10. Fred Glass is a class act.There is no doubt about that. Anyone who is that easily offended should not watch TV and stay off the internet. Maybe a little more professional help is in order. The outside world is a scary place.

  11. Glass needs to put his money where his mouth is. We are to good to play in the cbi bit we will tolerate 2 seasons missing the ncaa.

  12. IU ’89 — Maybe you should get a clue. Do you really think Devin Davis was IU’s “best and most experienced big man”? For one, at 6-7, he’s not really a big man — he’s a 3 or 4. And for two, he’s only a sophomore — how’s that make him experienced? And as far as how this team is close to 20 wins with three freshmen, etc. — who put this team together? It’s not like there’s a GM or director of player personnel giving the coach the players with which to work. Crean is the GM and director of personnel — and he’s done a poor job of recruiting and putting this team together. Geoff is right: fans are upset because this team has gotten worse as the season has worn on, when it’s supposed to be getting better. Just like the team in 2012-13, which was the best in the country, but faded down the stretch and got whipped in the NCAAs because its coach didn’t know how to attack a 2-3 zone. Initially, I like what Crean brought to the program and how he got it back on its feet. But the longer he’s been here, the more it’s apparent that he’s just not a very good coach. His teams not only make very fundamental mistakes, but they peak in December and January — rather than in February and March.

  13. I don’t think Glass is reacting with any amount of professionalism. He should keep his mouth shut and let the results speak for themselves. If he’s feeling heat, then take the heat rather than be a spin doctor sounding like a politician supporting bad policy. He is not the coach…He is not on the bench….He does not conduct the practices(though I’m not sure if anyone is conducting practices….Hopefully not. I”m hoping a team that is so ill-prepared in games is not a result of thorough practice)….He is not the reason chemistry and synergy does not happen on a Tom Crean team…Does he even know anything about basketball to defend it?

    Results are all that should matter. He is responsible for those results. He’s not responsible tor the results on the court…He’s responsible for more than simply consulting with the basketball coach and allowing Crean to be his senior adviser. He had better get off his thumbs because, in my humble opinion, he’s acting far more incompetent when he opens his mouth. Put on your Sperry boat shoes and the candy-stripe clown suit and keep the trap closed…Your coach needs to hear a bit of fear in your silence.

  14. Kent Sterling has a different take on what Fred Glass’ statement really means. He says: “If I’m Crean reading that Katz post, I would have gone to sleep last night with the stomach ache that precedes imminent termination. Here’s why.”

  15. Geoff, on what basis should “IU fans expect to “compete” for a national title every year,….”? IU has won five National Championships throughout all the years it has been playing basketball, the most recent one 28 years ago. That’s all ancient history. And if people really think about how IU Athletics has been “managed” over the last 20 years, and how the college basketball landscape has changed, people understand why IU fans should have no reason to “expect” anything special from IU Basketball.

    Do you think UCLA fans expect the Bruins to compete for National Championships every year? They may hope, they may dream, they may long for the good old days, but it’s not realistic for UCLA fans to “expect” their basketball team to compete for NCAA Championships every year. Those that do are not living in the real world.

    “They wrap dead fish in old newspaper,” and nostalgia does not recruit great players or win basketball games. And competing for an NCAA Championship every year is at odds with IU’s values associated with their athletes’ academic achievement. With the exception of Duke (and that’s only because of Coach K), schools that demand their players be “student-athletes” and actually pursue a solid college education are less and less likely to “compete for a national title every year.” So unless IU wants to embrace Kentucky’s model and create a glorified NBA Draft combine on campus, or start cheating like Syracuse and North Carolina, old IU fans like us, who witnessed the glory days, have got to modify their expectations regarding IU competing for National Championships. Given the landscape of today’s college athletics compared to IU’s devotion to following the rules and academic achievement, such expectations are simply not realistic any more. It’s sad, but it’s the reality we have to deal with.

    Until something is done about the one and done rule, or until the NCAA decides to enforce academic achievement and honor the “student athlete” concept, schools like IU, regardless of past glories, will be less and less likely to compete for championships. Don’t blame Crean for that.

  16. ^ All of this is a lot of BS from the one and the same troll who supports Crean ad nauseam. Just because Crean is a mediocre coach doesn’t mean he needs to exercise his mediocrity here for 3 millions per year.

    Crean will go. He will lose one more game in the tourney and then he will (have to) resign,

  17. I think most would agree that when Tom Crean said “Because it’s Indiana,” it meant competence in teaching the game to go along with academic accountability. Why in the hell else do they have all these dumb reunions….?

    This is some of the worst basketball I’ve ever seen played on McCracken….NCAA Championships? Spanked by Purdue away and at home….? This is a complete embarrassment. Add in all the righteousness that surrounded Crean’s witch-hunting that went on for five years, the chasing of Jeff Meyer, the claims how much our teams pray at halftime, and complete look of perplexed faces completely lost while playing defense…? This is not about playing for the old glory days(though that’s what IU fans were sold), this is about insulting the fan base with a product that should be seen as sacrilegious to everything the state of Indiana has long represented in the game of basketball…

    March Sadness…..

  18. “Modify their expectations” WHAT A BUNCH OF COMMUNISTIC CRAP. You don’t accomplish anything worthwhile with low expectations.. That’s the kind of crap they taught at Berkeley back in the 60’s. Ok Jimmy Carter.

  19. Po – I honestly have no idea where you’re coming from… IU fans shouldn’t have high expectations year-in and year-out??? And those that do are delusional???

    UNC is a good academic institution outside of what’s happened in their athletic department. Is Michigan State a “bait and tackle shop”? They have high expectations every year. How about Kansas?

    What advantages do Kansas and MSU and UConn have that IU doesn’t?
    – better weather? nope…
    – better in-state talent? nope…
    – better facilities? nope…
    – better tradition? nope…
    – more passionate fan base? doubt it…

    HMMMM…. what could it be?

    Let’s talk about UCLA… Is Southern California synonymous with basketball? Do they have a passionate fan base that cares more about UCLA men’s basketball than any other team or sport in the state? That program could fold tomorrow and there would be more outrage outside of California than in Los Angeles…

    Here’s the deal… when I tell people where I’m from the response goes something like this depending on the situation…
    “oh, no wonder you love basketball so much”
    “oh, that explains why you can shoot it”
    “oh, now I see why your team plays that way”

    There is an inherent respect for Indiana basketball outside of the state lines. Indiana is known for 3 things… Corn, the Indy 500, and BASKETBALL!!!!

    There is no reason with our brand, our tradition, our in-state talent, our facilities, and our fan-base, that we should not be expecting IU to be in the hunt every year. Not just for a B1G title, but for a NCAA title.

    Of the teams that have won multiple national title in the last 50 years, IU and UCLA are the only ones that aren’t considered elite headed into almost every season.

    If respectable institutions like Duke, UNC, Kansas, and MSU can do it every year, so can IU. If a VERY respected academic school like UVA can find a coach to bring them to elite status, so can IU…

    All we need is the right coach to take advantage of the massive opportunities that being the head of the IU basketball team affords.

  20. Geoff,

    I’m putting you on the spot and you might not be able to answer it. If CTC was to be released, do you think many of the players would also say sayonara or would stick around? I mean would it be as bad as what CTC inherited in your opinion? Thanks.

  21. personally I don’t think it would be anywhere close to the situation Crean walked into… More like the situation that Sampson walked into. I firmly believe that the players respect Crean as a man, but they’ve lost faith in him as a coach. I think there’s more threat of departures if he stays than if he goes. Ultimately it depends on who they could get to replace him, but my guess is they throw a lot of money at someone with a good reputation that most fans and almost all the players would be able to support. I mean, outside of Blackmon and Williams, who is in a situation to land in a better spot than IU? Neither are pro prospects for the upcoming draft, so that means they’d have to sit out another year and push off their pro prospects even further….

    Bottom line, I think almost everyone would stay… including all of the important contributors, and they would be excited for a fresh start at a great program with a better coach.

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