IU postgame press conference transcript

THE MODERATOR: The Indiana Hoosiers of the Big Ten conference are with us, Yogi Ferrell, Troy Williams and Collin Hartman represent the Indiana student body. Coach Crean will open up with a statement.

TOM CREAN: First of all, we appreciate the way Bruce Rasmussen and everybody from the NCAA Tournament and certainly Creighton and the city of Omaha, the way they have treated us. We certainly wanted to stay a few more days. I say a great city, great love for amateur sports and college basketball here takes a beak seat to no one. The tournament has been extremely well run and we were honored to be a part of it. As far as for the game, hard-fought game, no question about that, both teams playing very, very hard, the 50/50 balls going both ways. Unfortunately for us the biggest difference was the points they were able to score inside of the paint. When we have been able to keep that under control this year, we have been better and when we haven’t, that’s what we have struggled. A few points off turnovers, we would like to have back, we shot the ball well, you come into a situation and shoot 50% from 3 there is no argument on that part of it but we gave up too many easy baskets and VanVleet did an excellent job of controlling the game for Wichita State. He broke us down some in our coverages, but he was also able to find the roll. They did a better job than we did of finding the roll in the pick-and-roll because we felt we could run a lot of middle offense, ball-screen-type of offense, which we did, but we had a harder time dealing with their length, finding that roll man and, again, they were able to get more points in the paint. To me, we will watch the film and see different things but bottom line is I think that’s the biggest difference in the game for us. I’m proud of our guys, the way they have persevered is a great word for us right now. I wouldn’t call it a mantra, we’re not trying to make a T-shirt, but the bottom line is that’s what our guys have done all year long. They have persevered through adversity, persevered through different trials, and they did some things that not a whole lot of people expected them to do. Unofficially picked 11th in the league and they get into the NCAA Tournament with a 10th seed as the youngest team. We’re not happy with the outcome today, certainly we could have played better, but I have zero disappointment in the way these guys battled, competed, got better and persevered throughout the season.

THE MODERATOR: Questions for the four gentlemen up here.
Q. Yogi, Fred and his running the offense, running pick-and-roll, what made that so hard to guard tonight?
YOGI FERRELL: We needed to be more up in our defensive coverages. We shouldn’t have had the big so far back where he could attack our feet, he’s very good at doing that. He needs to be — we need to be more up on the drive screen and take away the angles.

Q. For Yogi, even with the points you guys were giving up inside, you guys kept hitting three after three. Were you thinking for most of that second half that that was going to be enough?
YOGI FERRELL: No, I mean, we never knew it was going to be enough. Our offense was hitting a couple of shots at the end of the day, we should have been playing better defense. They scored so many points inside. If we could have got more stops in a row, which is what we wanted to do and knocked down a couple of shots, we could have been right there.

Q. Tom, I know it’s difficult in the moments right after a loss, but what would your expectations be for next season? You mentioned a young team. What would you think this team could do next year?
TOM CREAN: You said it all first, it’s too early to think about that, but my thing would be that we continue to build on the things that we do pretty well, and absolutely be obsessed with getting better at the things that we struggled with. We’ve got to get a lot stronger. We’ve got to have a more consistent — we just got to build consistency. We’ll leave it at that. I don’t have a lot of deep thoughts on that one yet, but we have to build consistency in all the areas and improve and stay on course, because I think they got a lot better during the year. Our record didn’t always reflect it in some of the games, but I’m with ’em every day, so I’m going to stick with being the judge of it. And I don’t get to have an opinion and insights — I can have an opinion. I have insights into this team because I’m with them every day. I like where it’s headed, but there is no question that we’ve got to continue to improve in not only in the basketball areas, but certainly the strength areas; and being able to, I would say, the biggest thing right now is putting more multiple stops together, because when we did that, we were a pretty good team. When we didn’t, it got a little harder for us. Off the top of my head that’s where I am at. I wasn’t ready for the checklist at the end of the year.

Q. Collin, as Coach mentioned, given some of the challenges you had at the beginning of the season and the ups and downs you had, how do you think you will look back on this year given everything that’s transpired?
COLLIN HARTMAN: I feel we have really come together as a team, and as brothers, as a family. We’ve really stayed together through as a unit through everything, the ups and the downs and I feel we did get better throughout the season and I couldn’t be prouder of this team and how hard we played.

Q. Yogi, physical game out there and I know the Big Ten is a rough-and-tumble league, but how does Wichita State compare with those teams you faced? Are they any more physical than what you guys saw during the year?
TROY WILLIAMS: Yeah, like we said before coming into this game, they reminded us of Michigan State in our league. They go to the boards hard; they play very physical, they help really strong on defense at the elbow and that’s who they mostly resemble.

COLLIN HARTMAN: They’re a very strong team, very athletic. They’re great, they’re old; they’re skilled and they’re relentless on the boards. So that’s the team that they do remind us of.

THE MODERATOR: Tom, did you want to contribute on that question?
TOM CREAN: I’m fine, thank you.

Q. Troy, when you guys — there was about two minutes to go and you hit Yogi in the corner, what was your guys’ mind-set? You got down to 1 point. Did you have a mind-set as a team that you were going to come over that hump after you hadn’t led in the final 6 or 7 minutes of the game?
TROY WILLIAMS: No matter how large the deficit is, we always stay together, we always say anything can happen. We could easily back and get two more threes or two more possessions, we get a bucket and we’re right there in the game. We never see each other as out of the game. Like you said, Yogi’s got us down 1 and we were right back in it after that.

THE MODERATOR: Anything else for the Hoosiers of Indiana? Gentlemen, thank you for your time. Congratulations on your season.


  1. take away the 9 cupcakes on the schedule and we were below .500. 4-10 against top 50 teams. how in the hell is that persevering? this season was a miserable failure, period. but crean is so proud because everyone expected them to be bad. no wonder this team is so weak. crean, you’re pathetic.

  2. Hey genius,
    Any sane fan of this program would’ve been more than surprised at a .500 B1G record, 20 wins, and a tourney berth at the beginning of the season. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not pleased with some of Crean’s in-game coaching, but let’s not get all holy and entitled here and say that the expectations were high this year. Our starting PF, and ONLY reliable big up front, got hit my a car and missed the season. He was our ONLY rebounder. He was our ONLY dirty work guy in the paint. Holt came on and had his moments, but as with any freshman, and a young one at that, he was very up and down. Hanner battled nagging injuries and tried, but let’s be honest, if he’s your starting center, it’s a problem. Zero awareness on either end. Zero post presence.

    Depending on how the offseason goes, this team will be really good next year. It’s gonna be a long year for the Crean haters next season. Well nevermind, because when we’re good, those fans ride the bandwagon and shut their pieholes.

  3. Jack: Your screen name suits your opinions. You base expectations on the talents of your own team – the schedule they have on paper – the strength/weakness of your opponents and the overall strength of the conference you happen to be in. This team had a weak non-conference schedule and the B1G was as weak as one can remember. Go down the rosters of each team player for player and you’ll see how much we underachieved. This team should have won 24 games all day long and no less than 11 in league play – easy. That’s being very conservative.

    With a better coach the expectations would have been higher. The same experts which I assume you hang your poor judgment on also are the same folks that picked Purdue 11th or 12th – had Nebraska and Michigan ranked in the Top 20 nationally and had a below .500 Florida team ranked 7th in the nation to start the year. Not to mention a Northeastern team predicted to finish last in the Colonial League ( they finished 1st and made the NCAA Tournament giving ND all they wanted yesterday ).

    In referencing Davis incorrectly as our starting PF ( maybe – maybe not ) – like many people – absence has made the heart grow fonder but the head forget or at least embellish a whole lot. I too would like to think that Davis would have made a difference this season – but nobody can say that for sure. Stan looked like he’d be pretty good last year and this season didn’t pan out that way. You never know – remember Hollowell just to pick a name that had high expectations that didn’t come to fruition. Due to injury – nobody could guarantee what impact Davis might have had this season. It would all just be a guess. People seem to want to remember a young Patrick Ewing or Dennis Rodman on the glass with a chance at young Karl Malone dominating in the offense paint.

    Here is reality. Davis averaged 8 minutes – 2 points and 2 rebounds per game last season. I repeat 8 minutes – 2 points and 2 rebounds per game last season.

    I’d like to believe he would have helped this season. But we’ll never know. Nobody even knows if he’ll ever play again. There can always be set backs even if he’s cleared to play in the future. Maybe he’s not as good coming back as we’d all like him to be.

    But your final brilliant point is “depending on how the off season goes” this team will be really good next year. Brilliant observation. You could hardly say the same exact thing for every team in the world could you. Oh wait – you could. Hey – here’s another observation like yours. “Depending on how the off season goes” this team could be really bad. Is that prediction vague enough for you genius.

  4. Crimson,
    Oh where to begin with your moronic rant. I base my expectations off of what I see from a team in the preseason and what their schedule looks like. It’s a roster with gaping holes up front that got even more apparent after our late night parking lot action. The schedule gets railed on for being weak when to be honest it was exactly the type of schedule this team needed. If we schedule a gauntlet in the non-conference and come out of it with a .500 record, then all of you jacktards would be rioting outside of Cook Hall with your pitchforks and Bobby sweaters. They played some quality teams in the nonconf. Enough to satisfy a normal, sane person. Yeah some of the crap teams were too crappy I guess, but that doesn’t discout Gtown, Butler, and SMU. Toss in Pitt which is given to us and a decent EWU.

    As for Davis, yeah he would’ve started. Any semi-intelligent basketball mind would tell you that. Not that it would have any effect on you and your agenda based argument. I don’t care what his stats were last season. He came on at the end of the year and it was obvious what he’d become. That’s like pointing to Holt’s yearlong stats as an argument that he won’t do much next year. Yeah, let’s compare him to Stan Robinson, our out of shape 2-guard that can’t shoot outside of 3 feet. Logical.

    Your last paragraph sums up your stupidity more than any other and it’s not remotely close. So you’re saying that me saying next years team should be good is a poor observation? No, it’s called understanding a roster that’s needed to compete at a high level. So by your astute intelligence, I could also say that depending on the offseason, Ball State will be really good. Go run with that. Now I can’t wait to read your entitled all holy reply based upon no real basketball knowledge. You’re wasting your time, but have at it. I’m sure you’ll begin with some KenPom numbersor something of the sort. Enjoy.

  5. And just because I say someone would’ve started doesn’t mean I think they’ll be an all-american. Davis, at worst, would’ve given roughly 5 points and 6-7 rebounds on a typical night, as well as most importantly providing some interior toughness. If that’s a Ewing, Rodman, Malone combo then that’s terrific. I’d go with more of a Jarrad Odle, but that’s your prerogative.

  6. Is that YOU, Coach Tom Crean, posting under the Jack Mehoff pseudonym? I have some reasons to wonder………

    Coming out of nowhere with such a mean-spirited snipe, in the same drive-by sniper style you have already proven you enjoy to employ, makes me think maybe you DO READ the Scoop. No wonder you feel the need to counter-attack at this point in time…….

    Excuses, excuses, blame and more excuses……

    Yes, it might very well be YOU.

  7. Jack, your observation towards next years team, I’m sorry to say IS lacking in understanding. No big man coming in means HMP and his designated proxy center ( of 6’6″ to 6’8″) will have to do battle against the likes of Haas at Purdue. IF Yogi leaves there will be no point guard ( unless you want to stick Stan Robinson at that position. I said 3 to 6 weeks ago, if I were JBJ’s dad I would go looking for another program. I would not be surprised if he transferred. Sitting a year out at a program, he and his dad figure, that can develop and progress skills is better than playing another year “under the Crean System of stagnation and chaos”. What is troubling is when players and coach are asked “what went wrong” ; we get the same answers. If Crean needs more film to review before answering that question then he’s coaching with his eyes closed. When Yogi says getting tougher on defense…hell’s bells THAT has been a point of contention since EW game and STILL with WSU defense was played like a matador. IF CTC cant teach defensive fundementals in a year’s time HOW can you say they will IMPROVE when all other programs in country will be doing same thing?? Only difference is at IU it all stays the same

  8. We don’t need Shaquille O’Neal or Neon Bodeaux. We need to sign Bryant or another big. The two signees at least bring some length and athleticism, and HOPEFULLY the ability to defend. As for transfers, who knows. Hence “depending on what happens in the offseason.” Robert Johnson would start at the point. He brought the ball up a lot this year and initiated offense. I’m sure you guys will be quick to rail on him for something but he played a boatload of minutes this year and appears to be the type of guy that will work hard and come back even better. Biggest question marks is who gets Creaned.

  9. You get those “answers” over and over because it’s called talking to the media. Do you honestly think that Crean or players are openly discussing things as far as game plans, what went wrong, what needs to be better, etc? No. They give generic answers. Players want to get the interviews done asap. Coaches don’t want to give anything of substance. Yet you fans take everything like it’s Crean’s gospel in a postgame press conference, as if that is also his constant message to players. No it’s not.

  10. Question to ponder : which is worse? An IU program knocked to the basement of “basketball world” because of scandals and sanctions : Having a coach take you there because of his inability to get the job done (perceived or otherwise) because perception and reputation is what is sold to recruits. Tom Crean has become toxic to IU basketball and its program.

  11. HA! The fact that you’re comparing those two tells me all I need to know. One results in a roster that would have trouble posting a winning record on court 1 at the HPER, the other gets beat in the NCAA Tournament. I’ll go with option B, but neither are particularly pleasant.

  12. Go Jack, Go. But don’t beat them up too bad, they’re not the brightest bulbs on the tree! When they have nothing to come at you with except juvenile insults, you know they’ve lost the debate. And they live to spread the hate.

  13. Podunker appearing quite excited to Jack Mehoff….

    Jack B. Nimble, Jack B. Quick ..Like it
    More slippery than a ValvoCrean schtick
    CharlaTom slathers it on holy and oily thick?
    Jack Mehoff on Scoop for Podunker does the trick!

  14. Crean couldn’t teach defence all year long?

    Isso must be drinking from the same well when it comes to free throws! Which is tougher playing d for 35 seconds or shooting free throws?

    It must be the coaching right?

  15. Hey Jack, I’d like your thoughts on the following post I made in another string. Here it is. I can’t wait to see the “moronic rants” that this will elicit, especially since Bennet’s name has been raised by some of these geniuses as a possible candidate to replace Crean. LOL!

    According to the brilliant logic put forth so often by the so called “expert” Crean haters who (too) frequently post on The Scoop, I guess Villanova should fire Jay Wright. His #1 seeded team just lost to in the second round of the NCAA tournament. Last year, his #2 seeded team also lost in the second round. And in 2013, his #9 seeded team lost in the first round of the tournament. Yea, yea, he lead one of his former teams to the final four, but that was a long time ago. Wright’s winning percentage at Villanova is only .677. Obviously Wright is wrong for the once elite Villanova basketball program.

    And using the Crean-haters’ logic, Virginia should announce, any day now, that they are firing Tony Bennet. Did you see Virginia’s debacle against MSU today? His team could not hit water from a boat. Obviously Bennet is to blame for his team’s inability to hit their shots today. Bennet must be an under-achiever at UVA, with a winning percentage of only .680 in the last six years. Who cares if his team won the ACC Regular Season Championship this season, they lost in the second round of the NCAA. Who cares if they won the ACC Tournament Championship last year, Bennet allowed his team to get beat by MSU in the early rounds of last year’s tournament, too! Clearly, Bennet is the wrong coach for Virginia’s elite basketball program.

    Hey, do you think the young men that play basketball at Villanova and UVA have to go to class? Do you think they have to take academic performance seriously? Or do they get to take those phantom classes, like the classes UNC used to offer (for about 14 years), where the football and basketball players never have to go to class, never have to write a paper, and still get A’s? I wonder if colleges that actually require their basketball players to be real students are at a disadvantage relative to schools such as Kentucky, Louisville, and UNC?

  16. That’s a strawman argument. Sure there have been Crean haters since the beginning, but there are a lot of Indiana fans who don’t hate Crean, yet question whether he’s the right guy for the job. More and more of those people are saying, “No.”

    There are much different contexts and variables comparing Crean, Wright and Bennett’s situations. The latter have two vastly different programs with different expectations. Although, if Jay Wright was the coach at Indiana and had that kind of tournament history here that he had at Villanova, there would be just as many people calling for his head. But that’s an irrelevant hypothetical.

    What I would like to see from people who support Crean coming back this season is an argument FOR him? Why do you think Indiana’s fortunes are going to improve next year and lay the basis for a National Championship run in the future. Remember, Crean has 3 years on his contract, and while that might sound like a long time, it isn’t. IF he gets another year, that’s all he’ll get. So he’ll have to turn it around next year.

    I’m all ears.

  17. The first reason is you don’t fire someone unless you have someone better to replace him with. Do we fire him then go begging other coaches? Do we go through 3, 4, 5 guys that turn us down and look like beggars? Don’t tell me there are 3.7 million reasons to come here.
    The second reason is that until the 1 and done rule is changed, the greasy cheat in Lexington will continue to rack up banners no matter who we have coaching. So laying the foundation for another banner is unrealistic.
    The third reason is that he graduates players and runs a clean program.
    These are arguments for him to come back for 1 more season and maybe even have him leave on his own terms which I think we can all agree would be better for the program.
    I have read that if we retain all of our players we will be considered a top 15 team next year. So if he goes then what do we have?
    I’m all ears?

  18. Ba4rt, #18 is a pretty fair assessment of the IU situation now and the process for the future. Someone damn near has to be hired before someone is fired. It you can’t get someone in the short term better than you live with what you’ve got till that corner is turned. I will say this if AD Glass is not talking to Greg Marshall ASAP he is not as good as I think he is as an AD. There are 3 or 4 others that could make the grade at IU besides Marshall. Again good comments.

  19. I often wonder how we all would do at our job if there were thousands of people wanting us fired. Or maybe if our team leader at work has thousands of haters. Not sure how ethical it is to want a man to to be fired. Losing you job isn’t fun, uprooting your family, kids changing schools, leaving friends and relationships built. Seems to be a very unseemly process just to hope we win a few more games.

  20. Hard to argue with much about Bart’s post.

    Who knows what happens this offseason, but if all the pieces return we’ve got a great chance to be a pretty good team. Two incoming freshmen with some decent size. Maybe Davis returns. Emmit will only get better. If Fuchs is able to practice/play early in the season, he could be a solid contributor. Our front court will have– at the very least– more size, bodies, and experience, even if we don’t bring in a true center (that can play right away.) We shouldn’t have to play Colin and Stan as primary post defenders!!! Our backcourt is another year older. If Yogi stays, he gets strong consideration for pre-season All-American, and will at least be in the running for B1G POY. Does anybody really believe Troy won’t be spending all summer working on ball-handling? His court awareness is there, even if his decision making isn’t. If that all comes around, and his jumper continues to improve, he could be dynamite.

    And on and on. There’s reason for optimism. We were close this year. A shot here, a defensive stop there, a few less mental lapses and/or horrific turnovers, and we’re looking at this season in a whole different light. This seemed like a team often on the brink of being pretty good, but routinely came up short in the end.

    For many of you, being close isn’t good enough. That’s fine. You’ve likely made up your mind. For me?
    My skepticism is growing, but this year was too inconclusive to warrant not bringing him back for another year. This will absolutely be a prove it year coming up. He’ll have too many pieces coming back to not have a top-15 type year and/or deep tourney run. Either Crean finally gets his team over the hump, or he has demonstrated once and for all that he’s just not up to the task.

  21. it’s called welcome to the hell fires of big time college basketball, Bartholomew..if you can’t take the heat, then go join Jonny Marlin at Indiana Wesleyan. And there aren’t “thousands of people” hating on Tom Crean. He hated and chased more labeled lifetime degenerates and villains out of Bloomington(screaming his “your wrecked the program” BS at an assistant 5 YEARS after a frivolous 3-way phone calling scandal that can’t touch the seediness going on a UNC)….Crean could never move on because he needed EXCUSES and drawn-out villain painting(a,k.a. “hate”) to forever compensate for his inadequacies at functioning as a competent tactician/X’s and O’s coach from the sidelines…

    The fans didn’t need his “hate” five years after his cleaning house that didn’t give any individual the benefit of any doubt. Crean had done plenty to fuel hate in the airways concerning absolutely nothing that personally or harmfully affected him(other than allowing a once in a lifetime opportunity for a man not a household coaching name to prove he could be more than a one-and-done Final Four coach with a D-Wade). Stop with your BS. Crean was gifted the finest opportunity in the world via a frivolous NCAA investigation…He had a clean slate and the full backing of a new AD that he had a huge part in selecting…
    He landed on of the top centers in the nation in his backyard(happenstance timing and happenstance alignment to his flawless Bible preaching spiel that lined up with Zeller)…..What did he choose to do with all that opportunity and fortune…He chose to hate on national TV and run done a former coach like a mad bozo…..

    When you build such a high podium to judge the rest of the world and throw fireballs from the heavens to label everyone a complete eff-up that paved the way for you having a job at IU, you best be prepared for the day all the carnival tactics will fade….He has his gazillions…He is no more wounded than the day he stepped off a plane in Bloomington for one of the greatest opportunities in college basketball….He cast many a first stone on national TV and in front of plenty of podiums filled with plenty of microphones to be heard….The few pebbles on blogs that call him out because his coaching is far more suspect than his theater and witch hunts is something he’ll survive….Lipscomb will always have open arms…Grand Canyon State…Transylvania U….There will be plenty of places for to reinvent his clown uniform….

    Give him one more season…..Let his incompetence be fully unveiled…Finish in same sorry stubborn-ass fashion as the manner he couldn’t let go of his excuses year after year after year. It’s Tom Crean that could never move forward without staring in the rear view mirror….Witch hunts…Knight handshakes….chasing Meyer instead of raising up his team for the world to see…..massaging D-Wade’s knee in Bloomington when the HEAT were in Indy…..banner reunions when the team has lost three straight home games…..

    Did I tell you we lost twice to Purdue this year? How much “hate” did Bill Lynch receive when IU football won in Lafayette? How much did Mike Davis get for losing a CHAMPIONSHIP GAME against Maryland? I’ll tell you how much, blowbags…More than the CharlaTom, King of Whiny ClownTweets and Happenstance, in his Christian pantyhose, with overbearing One-and-Done “Cinderella Runs” cologne of righteousness and superiority will ever know. ..

    Whatever doubt he’s getting know as a bonus on top his millions in contract extensions might just be enough to buy a valve job and a set of tires for the car Jamarcus Ellis was living out of before he “wrecked” our virgin and saintly village.

  22. Another 1000 words of nothing, RMK spewed hate, threw chairs, choked players but he WON. And if Crean was winning then it wouldn’t matter if he chased assistants or accepted the silver coins like Judas, he would be loved. Your eloquence is unmatched Harvard and your world seems so small in the bubble of the faithful IU fandom. No fan in Btown cares if he thumps a bible or do they remember Remy. Mitch is averaging 1.2 points in the league playing in scrap time. Ellis is doing fine slinging rock on the corner. I just bought an extra bottle of Old Spice (special edition of righteousness and superiority) for CTC. If he wins 25 games next year and we go to the sweet 16 there will be another contract extension and Limscomb or Grand Canyon State will have to wait for their savior to arrive.

  23. Btw Harvard where do you live? Because I’m just a lowly cab driver in Btown that interacts with a lot of Crean haters. Not sure I can write like you but I can count and I hear the hate spewed at Crean and his family. I get the feeling that the leather padded chair from which you are perched doesn’t allow you the perspective that you think it does. There are always people that think they understand what’s going on and there are the everyday folks that see what is going on.

  24. The fans didn’t need his “hate” five years after his cleaning house that didn’t give any individual the benefit of any doubt.

    Absolutely false…CDD cleaned house as he has said many times on his radio show. He has told the story of the drug dealing, booze, lack of class attendance. He relishes the fact that he cleaned house and understands he was made to be a scapegoat by his alumnus.

  25. Bart-

    Your opinions are from your Bloomington world…I don’t think thousands are hating on Tom Crean…Most people aren’t that consumed…Most struggle to make a month’s mortgage or rent…

    I’m mainly wasting away on Scoop threads in hopes an old friend from long ago days a place called Basketblog will reappear…But things are never the same…and the waves of time will eventually erase the sands with those footprints and memories…But this old friend, someone I had never personally met, challenged my thoughts and somehow made me feel good about things I expressed in these tiny boxes…..

    I’m not a Crean-hater anymore than he was a “hater” of the young kids he ran out of town while defecating on their names with the 19 F’s repeated in “thousands” of ears We’re those kids really so much different than many Tom Crean has coached? Or were they just foolish and without the guidance of loving examples in their lives to get through the rough seas? But I don’t believe everything was burned to the ground by Sampson….When we take to the decimation party with torches in the streets, we have a choice…We can continue to ignite the crowds in the streets with the vengeance cast upon their mistakes, make them into nothing by burning their names no different than the “ashes” we want to believe they left behind….Or, we can see them as needing something we were lucky to have in youth. Must we always choose to see where they were at fault….I wish we could somehow see through the windows of how some of these young kids had to fight for safety, happiness, and love so taken for granted….They succeed in so many ways…Yet, we’d rather burn their names to the ground because they weren’t prepared for consequences of actions….We can’t understand because survival doesn’t care about consequences..

    I wish that I could believe that it’s all about consequences….I wish that I could believe we tried to plant a seed of dignity where others failed us…I can’t. I think we made choices to go too far with it. And I think the last thing we ever found was a tree of faith in endlessly chasing whatever most those kids endured in their lives to be now labeled as “wreckers” of our Indiana home. I just could never go there…and I still can’t. If that makes me any less of an Indiana fan, then so be it. I feel more grief than any hate for Tom Crean for such a blinded vengeance he felt was required to gain our acceptance. But that’s just me….from my life of opulence and tufted leather wing chair….

  26. Maybe it’s a lot more difficult to change worlds than we think….Maybe it’s bigger high than any drug to finally feel at ease…? And maybe the sense of calm could begin to feel so unnatural that it begins to bring on anxiety…..And maybe you begin to panic that you’re not going to able to hack it in this new world and these classrooms that look a lot different than any you’ve ever known…And maybe many of those in the classroom have no idea how it clouds the mind ..and the anxiety turns into fear of failure…And maybe the thought of failure brings on the noises and screams in a life where a safety net was never known or truly felt….And maybe failure becomes a more “survivable” option…? And maybe the horrible consequences are still better than living with that daily fear in the halls of world so daunting? Maybe the court is the only place safe…and maybe the teammates are your only brothers….and maybe the coach is your only father…And maybe the rest of the world is threatening the only thing you want to protect. And maybe you fail because what other choice did you really have?

  27. The 999 fans I have spoken with in my cab as I wear my IU hat proudly will tell you how they feel about CTC.

    You have the 52% that don’t worry about mortgage payments because there section 8 check comes every month to pay the rent. They live in one of at least 8 different trailer parks that dominate the landscape. They wear their outdated IU gear purchased at goodwill and all they want is to win. They didn’t attend IU but that’s all they have known their entire lives. They hate CTC and teach their kids to chant “your dad sucks” at Bloomington South basketball games and they are proud of it! They would blog here but it’s tough on the free Obama flip phone.

    You have the dirty feet hippie culture that shops at Bloomingfoods and eats at the Owlery on Friday night’s. They help the environment by driving a prius and composting. They don’t know who CTC is.

    You have the IU student…most are east coast kids with some Chicago, Florida, and California tossed in. They love the idea of IU basketball but after the first game they attend they generally forget and let those student section seats go empty. Dads black amex card works better at Roy’s.

    Last but not least is the Alumni…living the dream in far away places. Having to suffer at work next to the MSU grad and the Syracuse grads. They want CTC gone but they ain’t going to help pay the 10 million it takes. When the alumni letter arrives twice a year asking for donations it finds file 13. They blog, watch on BTN, and cry for his head. There now..,we have reached the threshold of 1001.
    I made the 1001 without having to mention the faithful that live south 70 and north of 64. These are the people I grew up around that love RMK and still can’t believe IU allowed Davis to be a head coach. They fly the confederate flag right next to the BIG red and still live in the glory days where Friday night was when the boys played and Saturday at the barber shop is where we licked our wounds or praised the heavens. I’m sure there are more than a few haters in that group.

  28. I think many people have it all wrong. It is not about hating Crean, but rather caring deeply about IU. I firmly believe Crean is not a great coach. I watch his offense and I am dumbfounded how little strategy there is. Watch Wichita State and other teams work high-low offense with non-5 Star players. Watch teams attack a zone and then watch IU. On defense, it is worse. IU gives up layup after layup. They were one of the worst defensive teams OF ALL D1 programs. Are there better coaches out there that could guide IU to expectations? Sure there are. Why would IU settle for what they have as opposed to what they could be?

  29. And watch West Virginia press…..and force turnovers.

    And why is Remy starting and getting so much time on the court at Xavier…? Do you think it’s his jumpshot.

    Any IU coach flirting with the bottom dwellers of the conference in overall team defense stats should be employed at Memorial…Why did IU hire two football coaches?

    Man, how long does it take to get from one side of Bloomington to the other…? And where’s the hotspots to pick up so many fares? You’ve had a lot of conversations about IU basketball, Bart. It sounds like it may be more “your” life than “their” life. Seems like a profession you could just about take anywhere….Maybe you should find an apartment in Indy and start aiming a little higher for conversation….

    I used to know a blogger that always hung out at Soma Coffee…Is Soma still in town? I’d suggest attempting to pick up the next Oscar Wilde in front of this coffee shop….

    Most people feed you what you want to hear. They stranger begins to quickly gauge your position and they feed you the receptive ear…That”s the beauty of a blog….No receptive ear. There’s way more honesty here than you’ll ever get in the casual face-to-face on the street. Street cred in a cab?

    Now I’d tell you you’re hating on the wrong person…I’d tell you that Fred Glass is the man that opened the IU checkbook and daily direct deposits his cut of the gazillions that got the job for Crean while subsequently securing his own hiring via one of those wonderful Caddyshack hiring committees by collusion….I’d step my “hate” up a notch to where the real corruption began from the all the meddlers and Indy lawyers that play offense in the stands while our team refuses to value anything resembling a taste for the teachings of defense..Don’t chase Tom Crean’s bank account…Chase those that had a reason to give a “Because” preacher that much money and that much job security on that much contract….Christ sake, Bryce Drew has made a Sweet 16….

    Chet- Bloomington is becoming much more like Kentucky and South Carolina…..It’s the Bible Belt wave..It’s pretty much swallowed Southern Indiana…A lot of Tennessee as well. A lot of money in Sunday School.. Much of what Bart offers is true. A potential new coach has to understand what he’ll be dropping his family into upon coming to a very stagnant town stuck in the hills of Southern Indiana…It’s Martinsville with a slow drip of Soma coffee for those living the dream of thick pocketbooks and privilege turning over masters and doctorate degrees like pancakes served to the local confederate flag wavers living a few extra blocks south of 3rd…..It’s always been a rather unique place and the challenges to find those that want it for more than a handful of years will likely force much of your future coaching searches to someone like Tom Crean meets Dukes of Hazzard…

    Those that yelled profanity at Tom Crean’s kid should be identified and punished….There should have been suspensions handed down from the school….Mellencamp-ish thugs abound in that town and I feel for any new coach that has a young family he/she will try to make a cultured life for in that very odd and regressive place…And maybe that’s why “elite” will never be again….You have to have an “elite” environment to attract a full pool of cultured and unique candidates(for the student population as well as the leaders of the sports programs appealing to cab drivers moving about with the “thousands” of “those in the know” belching out their “hate” in the backseat for the smiling driver more than receptive ….Gotta land that big $1:00 tip on the Gold Coast of high fashion on Kirkwood! A thousand tips makes for a thousand dollars! .Maybe just succumb…Eff you to the Soma few….Hang two confederate flags to replace the ’76 and ’87 banners….Replace the ’81 banner with the main draw.”everything hinged

  30. Hypothetical questions are mostly worthless and usually asked by clueless people so here is my question. How much difference would Noel Vonleh have made on the wins and losses of this team compared to last year. I don’t know myself of course but I do believe it would have been enough to considerably soften the present opinion of Mr. Crean if he had stayed. I think basketball wise you can make a strong argument he should have (although maybe not money wise). We might also keep in mind the small # we represent as so far there are less than 20 individuals commenting at least once, versus thousands who stay quiet in the same way they no longer vote on elections days.

    Hope all of you have a nice summer with your families. It is almost time for golf.

  31. “Noel”….may have hung beautifully as a star atop the tree during a Rakeem Christmas at the Boeheim’s….

    But I doubt if “Noah” would have helped escapegoats during the great floods of Crean’s “we pray before every game” BS …Somebody would have been still blamed for “wrecking” the boat ramp…

  32. And why isn’t Wilson filing a pay discrimination lawsuit against the university on the basis of equal pay for equal defense we don’t play…..?

  33. I can laugh at my mediocre job as a cab driver as much as the next guy. The IU hat I wear tends to spark the conversation and if I want that $1.00 tip then I had better agree with the guy I just picked up at 2nd and Jordan right in front of Soma coffee house. His 15 minute ride across town is enough time for the hate to rear it’s ugly head.
    Before I drove here in Bloomington I drove for Yellow cab in Indianapolis and I had fares with the lawyers and doctors that had graduated from IU. The hate for CTC was basically the same just dressed in suits and scrubs.
    One thing I do know is people have no problem telling a cabbie or bartender exactly how they feel because we will probably never meet again and it’s safe.
    My life is just like most Indiana kids… play ball everyday… shovel snow to play ball…shirts and skins…watched my mother cry when Scott May broke his arm…shot free throws like Alford…and I am a fan of IU. I am a fan of CTC because he is our coach. I was a fan of Sampson and Davis. I was a fan of Ellis, Remy, Roth, and of all of the current players. Do I yell at the screen because of our porous defence, hell yes. Am I upset that CTC has a 10 million dollar buyout, Hell yes. Do I understand the predicament that we are currently in, hell yes. Do I feel the need to belittle his kids, no. Do I belittle his faith, none of my business! Do I see that the fandom here has a narrow vision believing that firing the coach or AD would make it all better, yes. This situation will play out soon enough and for Harvard’s sake I’m hoping for an atheist/ pacifist that likes to spend big bucks tipping a lowly cab driver and asking my advise on how to score against a 2/3 zone.


    1. Wisconsin 56.8
    2. Iowa 62.3
    3. Ohio State 63.0
    4. Nebraska 63.1
    5. Michigan State 63.1
    6. Maryland 63.4
    7. Illinois 63.6
    8. Michigan 64.0
    9. Purdue 64.6
    10. Northwestern 64.6
    11. Penn State 66.2
    12. Rutgers 67.2
    13. Minnesota 67.7
    14. Indiana 71.7

    Hoosier basketball is like catch and release fishing….For every crafty bit of fishing of points we work to get into the boat we just as quickly throw back.from the nets….It’s a process…It’s banner conservation with big victories to never filet….It’s shore lunch with only bread and beans….

  35. I think the ‘u’ is only in Paul….

    You watched your mother cry when Scott May broke his arm…? That sounds almost creepy….unless you’re a younger sibling of Scott May.

    I’ll grant you one thing, Bart. You put in on thicker than a Tom Crean Christian fart. Crean made his faith our business when he plastered IU basketball logos all over his “faith” page. along with his spewing of resurrection..decimation…and the advertising images of bright halos hovering over the “New Generation” heads selling only his version of saving anything in the new and improved IU with players filled with only his “pathway” to redemption as a necessary in recruiting the same “narrow doctrines” of exacting Christian heads….My donation dollars and your accumulation of dollar tips to do your part in buying out his contract might as well be sent to his church. They’ll go the same distance for every dollar as the praying for a team to play defense before every game….and most your hard-earned dollars of your “no different” than any Bloomington kid’s life will end up in the preacher’s pocket just the same.

    You’re the pacifist to accept a charlatan that feeds you something lacking in your soul that you think needs saved or chased out of town and labeled as more wreckers than those that dragged his cross from Marquette to southern Bloomington hills…I merely want a man that teaches and coaches and keeps the holier than thou blow off my IU…I’ll pay the preacher on Sunday for my gargantuan church replacing and acre of corn….But at 17th and Fee, my church is hoops….and my preacher better bring a clipboard with more than Joyce Meyer quotes…He was employed to get front point A to point B no different than you to make your dollar tips….If you drove around in circles, took your hands of the wheel to clap for every successful employing of a turn signal,…..and blamed a fired cab driver for wrecking the entire cab company eight years ago as a reason the new owner allows you to drive clueless with your eyes closed…Ask for five times the normal fare up front….and before you put it in drive make sure all join in prayer that you make it to the next stop ……?

  36. Come to think of it…..? It actually sounds like quite the fun cab experience….Maybe you should try it.

    Hi, I’m Bart
    I need $25.00 now because I’m the best cab driver that would ever want this wrecked cab company
    When i make a successful right turn, don’t be alarmed by excessive clapping with hands-free driving…No, I can’t just thump one hand on the seat…My Bible sits there and it wouldn’t be fair to be labeled a thumper and a clapper..
    I’m never going to be a defensive driver….My idea is to always honk and offensively weave this baby endlessly through the streets….You scream when you think you get an open look at your stop. If you see my window go down, I apologize for the occasional pick and roll……and fling. Because it’s Yellow. Because it’s the Yellow Cab Company.
    Have I told you about the time my mom cried when Scott May broke his arm? Wow…was that a big day. When I broke my arm, she told me to get my ass out there and get a job..
    Let’s all bow our heads while I put this baby in drive…Here we go.
    Is that you on the sidewalk, Jeff?!!! You wrecked the Yellow Cab Company! You wrecked the Yellow Cab Company…..I saw you wreck it…You ran right into a pole! Decimated the entire fleet! Why do I have nice people in my backseat?! Who cares! Yeah, they’re paying me….But you wrecked the Yellow Cab Company!!!

  37. Hoosier Hopeful, it is hate when people post relentless personal attacks against Crean and go out of their way to find fault with the man. When they call him names, or mock him, or criticize him for expressing is Christian faith, or when they just make stuff up to make him look bad. That’s hate. For some Scoop contributors, they hate Crean more than they love IU basketball. They’ve made that clear over the last couple of years. And with some of the Crean-haters, their hate has lead them to become irrational and delusional. Others were that way when they discovered The Scoop and have probably been that way for most of their empty lives. To those, Crean is just an easy target.

    Bart, great post with #39. I’m not huge fan of Crean, but he’s our coach and he deserves some respect for returning IU basketball to relevance. And paying him $7.2 million to go away early makes no sense at all. And for holding that opinion and opposing the personal attacks made against him, I’m labeled a Crean apologist. Harvard and the other Crean-haters can’t defeat your arguments, but he’ll sure as heck try to drown you out with volume. Most of it’s a delusional soliloquy, because he likes to read his own writing. And you can bet that his lips are moving when he’s reading it back to himself. Of course he’ll attempts to mock and insult anyone with an differing opinion, but pay him no mind. He’s harmless; like the dog in the back yard three houses down that barks continuously. You get used to the noise soon enough.

  38. What does all that mean…I guess driving the CTC cash cab collecting the dollars for the Crean church of RMK has caused me to no longer be able to understand the diatribe from the leather padded wing back chairman of all that is good in the land of IU Oz.
    Watching my mother cry was a cheap shot to the bastard son of Joyce Meyer…I’m sorry Harvard that you didn’t get to have my childhood. Yours spent…very well, where do I begin? Your father was a relentlessly self-improving boulangerie owner from Belgium with low grade narcolepsy and a penchant for buggery. Your mother was a fifteen year old French prostitute named Chloe with webbed feet. Your father would womanize, he would drink. He would make outrageous claims like he invented the question mark. Sometimes he would accuse chestnuts of being lazy. The sort of general malaise that only the genius possess and the insane lament. Your childhood was typical. Summers in Rangoon, luge lessons. In the spring you would make meat helmets. When you were insolent you were placed in a burlap bag and beaten with reeds- pretty standard really. At the age of twelve you received your first scribe. At the age of fourteen a Zoroastrian named Vilma ritualistically shaved your

  39. Come on Harvard. That’s enough. You’ve displayed numerous times you’re better than this. What’s eating you?

  40. Hatred for anything in the world will eat you from the inside out…his short mustache and tall leather boots sitting in the throne of the Scoop has made him feel like he can attack on 2 fronts. His IU Mein Kampf is soon to follow.

  41. Bart,

    I’ve agreed with very little of your posts, but I spit my coffee out of nose reading that Dr Evil quote. One of the greatest, most random and odd scenes and movie history.

    Well played!

  42. Ugh, typo city + no proofreading + I’m dumb on my phone here:

    Should be “I spit coffee out of my nose……..odd scenes in movie history.”

  43. I think the IU basketball program is in a similar place that the Michigan football program has been in the last 20 years. It isn’t an identical situation, but some of the bigger issues provide some interesting comparisons.

    The shadow of Schembechler loomed large (although the man never won a national title). Lloyd Carr managed to bring in their first national title since 1948 in 1997–but it was shared with Nebraska in the pre-BCS/playoff era. But, while Michigan fans sat high and mighty about getting 110k fans to sit in the dreary rain to watch their football team, their athletic department didn’t lift a finger to upgrade their facilities or their stadium. The story recruits would get from Michigan was all about their illustrious history and becoming a “Michigan Man.”

    However, their rivals to the south were pumping money into new facilities and their stadium. It has paid dividends in recruiting and eventually to dominance on the field. OSU has made the national title game 4 times, won 2 and only has lost to UM 2 times in the past 13 years (one of those times being the year OSU went on probation).

    OSU has been a model of excellence even with a scandal around tattoos that cost Tressell his job. But Michigan has struggled with their head coaching hires since Carr retired. Rich Rod was a failure (Appalachian State!) and so was Brady Hoke. Hoke came in and despite going 11-2 in his first season, got worse each successive season, and was fired in year 4 after going 5-7.

    Michigan has finally realized their errors and has spent the past 5 years or so upgrade and modernizing their facilities. They also haven’t let their failures in finding the right guy to lead the program be excused. Hoke was fired last year and, miraculously blessed by the idiocy of the 49ers ownership, landed the best coach they could have possibly gotten in Harbaugh this offseason. But, I guarantee that Harbaugh would be somewhere else this season if Michigan hadn’t invested in upgrading their previously awful facilities.

    Indiana was in the similar position. Under the Knight years, the AD didn’t pump a dime into modernizing our facilities (all sports). Knight took a pittance of a salary, and IU still couldn’t manage to keep athletics in the black. Our recruiting story has been to point the banners and the best crowd in college basketball. But, after Knight gets fired, we go through a carousel of coaches and ADs. The instability with the poor and revolving leadership in the athletic department cannot be understated in its impact with our basketball team.

    At last, we’ve managed to build a beautiful facility at Cook Hall, while AH is getting its big upgrade as we speak. It was embarrassing that our women and men’s teams had to schedule practices around each other since AH was the only place both teams could practice before then. Indiana finally has the components that can reel in the big recruits in the modern era. As we know, pointing banners has been an example of living in a past that kids can’t relate to. It has been a recipe for continued failure.

    So, the question is, is Tom Crean Lloyd Carr, or is he Brady Hoke. Only history is going to be able to answer this one. From my vantage point, I think he’s Brady Hoke. Just firing him isn’t the solution. It would be firing him and replacing him with the right guy to lead the Indiana program. Sure there is a lot of risk in that option, but Michigan wouldn’t tolerate failure and look who they eventually landed.

    I don’t lament anyone for saying it is foolish to fire Tom Crean, especially this year. But, I respectfully disagree with it. If we look to our neighbor to the north, their example demonstrates that it is possible to take something that was a relic of the past mired in mediocrity and turn it around to compete with the best again.

  44. Very well put Double Down. I also remember the Michigan basketball coach initially having some lean years only to drastically turn it around which I assumed saved his job. Michigan is no Indisna thouhgh. Our fan base is ruthless. If Crean isn’t canned perhaps his assistant coaches will go elsewhere.

    Living in Alabama, they don’t want him here either. When I ask why it’s always “he can’t recruit big bruisers to play the 5”. It will be interesting this offseason to say the least. I wish I could be a fly on the wall in our athletic department.

  45. The man is incompetent…He breathed it from his first utterances of “wreckers.” Why should I be a fan of incompetence and a man that spends more energy on preaching about the horrible people that decimated and damned IU than teaching a team to value defense or having much of any passion beyond where their individual talent can be showcased the brightest for the next level? I can get that empty promise with UK NBA farm while at least watching a lot more talent….
    Crean’s teams have rarely exhibited passion or camaraderie…His assistant coaches either look like they’re trying to pretend to be high strung like him or they’re faces exhibit a pain while trying to somehow endure him…. He successfully managed to land one of the three Zellers because he aligned with his faith doctrines….and the AAU buddies knew their own roster spots would follow….All other recruits not part of Adams’ groupies from Indiana Elite were came on heals of Zeller far more than any internalized confidence in the coach’s ability…..Other than A-Hope toe-tripppers, and Cody & Co momentum now completely exhausted,, he has basically fanned on almost all the top talent from Indiana. …Blackmon, at the time of his final commitment, took a gamble that some of the Cody momentum would stay(e.g. Fischer, Vonleh)..He”s likely now regretting that gamble…..Crean’s teams are an affront to what I witness in all other squads worthy of competitive admiration(e.g. what was obvious in the ND vs Butler) …It’s no fault of young men that are drawn by whatever he’s selling in their living rooms.. The passion expected is quickly usurped when even those with high levels of talent soon realize there will be no experience more rich in in what can be achieved collectively than their own individual skill sets brought to the floor….There are simply no tools taught or understood to be better group on the floor because of your teammate rather than in spite of them….And no matter the quality of the assistants, there is even more dysfunction when players begin to realize the assistants are never going to fully provide the fixes under a head coach so terribly afraid to relinquish control….We saw glimpses and then the fear kicks in…Crean builds the walls around the incompetence and the team appears frustrated and purposeless once again ..Year after year the same rerun plays out. Disjointed talent….fading results…underachievement …poor communication…tuned out…tired looking teams…more mentally fatigued than physically. Chet said it best….They just don’t look like they are cherishing or enjoying any moment….Pervasive frustration and a strange immaturity much like the fans most angry to defend it all. Defeatism from the fan base…Defeated because of a lack of hope from those that have to listen to Crean’s prayers rather than solid in-game adjustments that bring positive outcomes fostering what could be achieved collectively with the right message to grow a passion for learning something far more memorable and everlasting than how high you’ll go on draft night….

  46. Great post DD…and I’ve said in a previous post that I believe this situation will be resolved in a manner that is good for both sides.

  47. WOW! H4H must have run out of his medicine or he is on new stuff. The side affects are off the earth. The 1 that got me is TC played a “huge” part in hiring AD Glass. How many were on that advisory committee? 10, 12 maybe 14, that’s a hell of a lot of “huge” pieces involved in such a temporary, limited, part time participation process. Impossible to swallow anything after that.

  48. FWIW, Indy’s own Ron Patterson is transferring from Cuse. Just as well as his man-to-man D skills are wasted in JB’s zone D. Won’t be surprised to see him show up somewhere close to the Hoosier state. Butler?? MAC?? ??

  49. Yeah, right Clarion…The power that basketball exerts on the entire university was fully displayed by how much Crean was able to ride his chariot through the streets for over five years based on the “hate” was cast upon Sampson’s minor 3-way calling deeds and his group of select thugs(kids that got bad grades and didn’t commit any violent acts that could ever compare to the attack the baseball coach’s son and two Mellecamp brothers were involved in)….For a new coach to continually bait the fan base with calling people “wreckers” of a storied basketball program that could be jump-started by any forward-thinking competent coach is all the confirmation needed to understand Crean’s level of power standing high above his level of competence.

    Advisory role, my ass. Crean’s was the only voice that would have mattered in that room. Not to mention that a lawyer that was involved on the committee selecting Crean was, by no coincidence, a same lawyer had also dealt with Glass in Indy business affairs. Crean hired his own boss as a collusive arrangement with high-powered movers and shakers in Indy business and politics…..Crean won’t be fired….There would have to be such a meltdown at IU that a president would have no other choice but to form another committee of dimwits to pick the new coach that will pick the new AD.

    I’d start higher…I hire a new president and then build my new cabinet. They are all clueless. Accountability, my friend…Don’t ask for any buck stopping at Fred when it was Crean that played it like a mafia Indy big business hit to select his head. Fred ain’t going to fire Crean…These are very difficult and heart-wrenching decisions in a normal world for an AD under pressure….Fred knows Crean honored an arrangement with those that had already had their AD selected before Crean was the main voice of power at a university in which basketball everything still hinges.

    Everything hinged on Cody…..Remember? Everything hinged on Cody = Everything hinged on winning basketball games = Everything hinged on Crean’s percieved success = Everything hinged on Fred’s percieved success = Everything hinged on the relevance of sports within a very isolated town that hasn’t seen a championship in almost 30 years…

    It could actually be argued that Crean, no different than Knight, is the most important figure at Indiana University. Our perceived relevance(no matter our stellar reputation in academics) is undoubtedly fueled and revitalized by our perceived relevance found in the community of the mega dollars in college sports…To not be part of that relevance is a very hard pill for the already somewhat isolated university to swallow.
    The president of IU acknowledged such power by placing all confidence in Tom Crean in charge of hiring his own AD…..And doesn’t Tom make a hell of a lot more than Fred?

    Crean can’t communicate properly in a timeout to not foul the best free throw shooter on the other team when a game is on the line…Yeah, I want that guy having any part in picking the AD….Having Crean on a committee to pick Fred only highlights the clueless of the guy in charge of all Indiana sports…He’s good at fireworks and reunions….and collisions to suck money out of Indiana based on how loudly you can scream “YOU WRECKED THE PROGRAM” to a sea of dumb Christan blowhards hating on a kid that lived out of a car.

    Yeah, now that’s looking like it made a lot of sense.

    But if every word I’ve every typed on Scoop equaled $1;00 it wouldn’t put a dent in two months salary of a coach at IU fully enriched with gazillions of Indiana University dollars to validate his power. If that sorta dollar power is on any committee, it’s pretty obvious who’s in charge….They didn’t watch Bozo Circus to get more Ringmaster Ned….or Ringmaster Fred.

    How’s the master bedroom coming along…

  50. oops…that needed a question mark(then again…no big deal Harvard is forever poorly adjusting his meds so everything requires a question mark…..)

    How it the master bedroom coming along? Hey, I painted one wall of master bedroom…Wife’s been asking for a couple years…But I love neutrals and she wants more “color”…It’s sorta weird…At restaurants, she’ll never complain….Even if the food and service sucks, it’s always up to Harvard to provide the commentary and the color…But, at home…she wants color on the walls and like it more quiet and prefer color to be more the accent…..

    Yours truly?

    Harvard for Hillbillies?

  51. Hope springs eternal…..

    Hoosier basketball is eternal….and will find an “elite” coach.

    Tax rides will be at peace…

    I know this to be true….

    I once saw a Robert Blake movie called “Electra Glide in Blue.”

    I think of Chet…I think of Bart….I think of a fresh start and a quiet ride

    With a hippie by my side playing to the smooth vibe of Sampson starting five.

    Hope….and a bedroom finally painted in the color my wife’s complicated love for fool never a dove..

  52. H4H, You are not even rational. You act as though you have toys in your head. “huge” what a joke, I am still laughing. Thanks for the invite but I am not buying in.

  53. Is it “rational” to foul the best free throw shooter on the Shockers when a game is on the line….?

    Is it “rational” to cut down nets after a loss…?

    Is it “rational” to run down a legendary coach for a handshake when it’s more than obvious from his body language that he wants absolutely nothing to do with you..?

    Is it “rational” to accept a win against a very crappy Northwestern team in a Big 10 tournament opening round as a defining moment for a season recovered its horrible performances, two losses to Purdue, and three straight losses at Assembly Hall?

    Is it rational to really think a coach that sniffed one Final Four(and proceeded to get annihilated at that Final Four) should be thrown years upon years of contract extensions and millions in salary that is never commanded by most of the greatest coaches in the game?

    Let’s talk about rational…..Because most of you look god damn insane to me….or are so afraid of change that you’ll accept witch hunts and defeatism to replace hope and competency.

    Let’s talk about rational.

  54. You want rational…?

    Hire a decent coach not a blowbag…Hire somebody a teacher and humble of heart. Hire someone that loves the game more than chasing villains…Hire someone that can fall in love with Indiana Basketball because it’s in their DNA rather than in their marketing plan.

    HIRE BILL COEN NOW !!! (not like he’d take the job)

  55. Harvard, you rude sun of a gun, I checked this site today and note with pleasure that you have taken to personally attacking a cab driver. You’re moving up (from attacking me).

    However, due to the FACT that earlier on this site you made the prediction that I.U. was going to make a ‘deep run’ in the NCAA tournament, can’t you simply go on Facebook and find your friend instead of spouting off your nonsense here?

    If you would do so, then “the rest of us” can happily discuss every aspect of IU Basketball.

    I’m betting that more and more people on this site are going to find your idiotic childhood memories and personal attacks (which flip-flop with the changing situation) repellant.


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