IUWBB: Larryn Brooks leaving IU

At one point, Larryn Brooks was considered the face of the Indiana women’s basketball program.

Now, she will no longer be a part of it.

The sophomore guard asked for and was granted her release from IU Thursday morning, according to her high school coach, Madison Central’s Robert Cooksey. Brooks is the third player to leave the team this week, following sophomore guard Taylor Agler and freshman wing Maura Muensterman.

“I don’t think this is a decision she made lightly,” Cooksey said. “But sometimes with a new coach, it just isn’t a good fit.

“She loved playing basketball at IU, she enjoyed the support of the fans, but she just decided it would be best to have a fresh start somewhere else.”

While Agler and Muensterman were role players who logged lesser minutes under first-year head coach Teri Moren, Brooks’ departure is a major blow to the program. Moren pointed to Brooks as the team’s leader, if not its best player. This year, Brooks broke the program record for the most points scored through a player’s second year, with 919.

Right after the Hoosiers’ second-round exit from the Big Ten tournament — coming away with the program’s first tournament win since 2009 — it was Brooks who stated the program’s next goal.

“We’ll keep on moving forward, and the next step is to try to get into the NCAA (tournament),” Brooks said.

That may be the case, but Brooks won’t help to make that happen. And as players recruited by former head coach Curt Miller continue to exit, it is now up to Moren to fill the holes.

Without Brooks, the Hoosiers are left with Tyra Buss as the only true point guard on the roster. The two recruits Moren signed for next year are front court additions, 6-foot-2 forward Kym Royster and 6-foot-5 center Danielle Williams.

““I want to thank Larryn, Maura and Taylor for their work and dedication in our first year at Indiana. We wish them nothing but the best,” Moren said in a statement.

“We are committed to signing tremendous student-athletes who will earn a degree from one of the finest institutions in the country while working to lead us to a Big Ten championship. We know we will experience some growing pains as we build this program to compete at a national level. Indiana University is a special place and we are excited about the future.”

A lack of post depth was an ongoing concern this season, but the Hoosiers may now have to look to the junior college ranks for ballhandling help. The Hoosiers have four scholarships available after the loss of Brooks Agler, Muensterman and redshirt junior forward Claire Jakubicek, who is forgoing her final year of eligibility because of knee issues.

There were indications this season that Brooks and Moren didn’t always see eye to eye. Moren would joke about her “banter” with Brooks, their disagreements over 3-point shots early in the shot clock and how to run the offense in certain time-and-score situations. Throughout the season, however, Moren would comment on moments where Brooks took charge of the team at practice, and she was a respected voice in the locker room.

If Moren and Brooks agreed on anything, though, it was the point guard’s lack of consistency on the court. Brooks’ points per game average dipped from 16.3 in 2013-14, a year where she was named second team All-Big Ten, to 11.9 in 2014-15. In conference play, Brooks shot a nearly identical 33 percent from the field and beyond the arc.

Still, Brooks was the only Hoosier to amass a double-figure scoring average in Big Ten games. She logged a team-high 10.9 points and 33.7 minutes per outing in conference.

According to Cooksey, Brooks took several days to come to a decision, talking with her parents and family members before approaching IU for her release at an 11:30 a.m. meeting Thursday. No thought has been given to a next step, but Cooksey is confident Brooks will have options.

“She’s a proven scorer, an All-Big Ten player, a two-year starter,” Cooksey said. “There are going to be a quite a few teams there are interested in a player like that.”



  1. She should have at least kept Brandy on the staff. All year the excuse was what she didn’t have, may need to be worried sbout having a full team.

  2. Hmmm, The first two exits were more or less expected but this newest one does make you think there is a whole lot more going on inside than first glance would tell you. Could be more than just a difference in schmatic styles of play. Also you wonder if there will be more and how much trouble will future recruiting be in light of this news today. Somebody best put a stopper in this thing before the dam bursts!

  3. Perhaps this will open the eyes of those that support the coach and her decision making this past season. Larryn was pretty much the face of the IU women’s team, in some people’s opinions, the captain.

  4. Wow….

    Tom Crean can’t get a break…His job seemingly on the line…and on one of the most important days of his coaching career(many analysts claiming all tournament invite hopes hinge on tonight’s game), the women’s team is attempting to steal all headlines by not postponing this drama for a few days…Rather sad.

    And what a telling tale of just how low the interest in the storied men’s program has fallen when defections from a bottom-feeding women’s team becomes more the focus this day..

    We are more shocked by players on a women’s team exiting after a coaching change than the shock of a men’s team losing the last 8 out of 12 games to Northwestern? Now I know why there’s so much praying going on in IU locker rooms these days..

    Strange, strange days at Indiana. I don’t doubt that the women’s team is very entertaining …Nor do I doubt these defections hurt….But for the team to not keep this under wraps until the men’s hopes play out is rather narcissistic and classless.

  5. What is the problem? I like it. Again, IU women are going to elevate competitiveness of program with some physical bigger ball players who understand the letter I is not in TEAM.

  6. Harvard, you really think these ladies making the difficult decision to leave the school they planned on spending 4 years, are thinking about “stealing the spotlight” from the men’s program. This has been a long time coming, and i think the women’s program has problems that eclipse the problems of tom crean. Hopefully they have enough people to play next year! So done with the “moren era” and her significant other posting insane comments on this forum. Go Hoosiers!

  7. Tracy or “t” or whatever you call yourself, you cant help yourself can you? You’ve posted 9 times in 24 hours. This is exactly what coach moron wanted. Run 3 or 4 girls off and replace them with transfers and JUCO players. The scholarships are for 4 years now not one year so the only way she can get their scholarships is to make them so miserable they leave. Mission accomplished. As far as the players leaving being selfish, these 3 are the least selfish on the team. If i am correct, muensterman is #1 in career assists in the state of Indiana. Do you know what an assist is t? I listened to every game this year and we have 3 players who at times can be selfish. Watch the last 5 minutes of every game, especially non-conference, and see who is forcing shots, not making the extra pass, and driving into traffic forcing contact trying to get to the foul line. Those 3 players are still at IU. By the way, morons last year at Indiana state there were 9 transfers on the team. There is alot more ‘t’ if you want to keep it up.

  8. Its hard to have to share the spotlight with others. when once upon a time you were the only attraction for the spotlight to shine on.

  9. hoosierfan041931-

    I’m sure that’s not the intent, but it does put the comatose state of the men’s program into clear view…..(in my humble opinion…with this being a bigger topic of discussion than a possible nail in the coffin of the man that cleaned up the “cancer” and ran the “thugs” out of Dodge City.).

  10. I wish those who decided to leave; I hope they all find places to play that better match there physical ability skill levels. Unless satisfaction is derived from average these girls are not good enough to play all the time at big ten level.

  11. t, don’t be a classless jerk and stab these ladies in the back on their way out. Two of these ladies started for B1G team for 2 years. Larryn was leading scorer for 2 years, was second team all B1G, and made freshman all B1G, so just lay off. The other one was marked for removal before the new coach even stepped on campus. if you want to see average recruits, let’s see what the new administration gets with these four scholarships.

  12. t first you say they are selfish , now you say they aren’t good enough to play in the big ten. Dont be so classless.

  13. Anderson, Buss, Gassion, Mcbride, Cahill, Stratman, Walter with addition of Royster + 3 or 4 scholarships to give. Things are looking up for IU women basketball.

  14. T. You are missing a player there, unless again you know some insider info the rest of us don’t know. And I’d be surprised if all on your list return next year.

  15. I don’t know about everyone else, but I am growing weary of the non-stop drama that surrounds IU sports in general. Jesus, can we ever get back to where it was all about the game instead of it being all about who the head coach is or is not, and which players are coming, going, or staying? This is madness.

  16. I am not on the list of those who are blaming Coach Moren for all of the problems that the team has faced this past year. She was a late hire, who had limited time to make the changes she wanted to the team and absolutely no time to find JuCo players who could fit the mold of players she would like to have. If you all remember, Curt Miller’s first year with IU was absolutely abyssmal. The games that year were painful to watch at times as we only had one player who could score reliably, and it took him getting players who fit his playbook for the team to see success. However, seeing Larryn leave makes me worry. Larryn has been a strong leader for the team the past two years and it is largely on her back that the interest in the team has re-energized.

  17. good luck to Larryn, Taylor, and Maura . High character kids who will make any program better before they even step on the floor. True IU fans will miss you. Go Hoosiers

  18. There is no way to “sugar-coat” this transfer, it hurts! But only time will tell if it is a great loss to a new coach and team, or a serious mistake by a good young player. We will have to wait and see where Larryn goes and what sort of career she has. There is also the question of what new players Coach Moren can land with her 4 now open scholarships! Much uncertainty, But also much opportunity!

  19. I have to say it’s rather entertaining watching personalities who are primarily (98%) men’s basketball commentors come over to the women’s chat and be total strangers… The readers of the women’s forum don’t have a scooby-doo of what they are dealing with… all the latent sarcasm or trolling is completely lost on them. Now Scoopers like Harvard and t and coachv get to have all their old back-and-forth like it was 3-4 years ago…

  20. These transfers are in the best interest of everyone involved. It is a great opportunity for the team and the transfers. Both the coaching staff and the players had to play the hand they were dealt on short notice this season and did a good job. Now it is time to shuffle the deck and play a new hand. Go Hoosiers!!!!!!!!

  21. In other words nobody on the forum has a clue, just a lot of gibble gabble among those who say they do. One thing is for sure Coach now has 4 open scholarships I hope the staff chooses wisely that is if anyone of quality is willing to come to IU after these recent events.

  22. Can’t expect to recruit top level kids in the state with a supposed “defensive philosophy” that really is mainly about running down the shot clock to zero before shooting in the name of holding opponents scoring down. Why is Indian University at THE VERY BOTTOM in terms of paying their Women’s Basketball Coach? Kinda embarrasing that quality b-ball girls throughout the Hoosier State tend to look elsewhere to play hoops when IU has so many cool things going for it (great college town, campus, etc.) Can’t the administration go out and aggressively find a coach (and pay them competitively) that has a quality pedigree who can get players, fans, and the community truly excited about women’s basketball? Coach Miller was well on his way to doing this, but made a really horrible mistake.

  23. In a way I can understand Taylor and Maura leaving but not Larryn. Where ever she ends up may be way worse than the situation she had here. Coaches will always push to the max some can take it some cant. I just wish I knew the real reason Curt left, he seemed to have things on a roll and also had Jenna Allen.

  24. Personally I like the defensive approach to bb and it is really needed when you dont have any size. What do you think Stratmans gonna do she is a defensive ace from the sound of it. Coach sure didnt have a problem with Jess throwing the threes up when open, what she wanted from brooks was a little more consistancy and I sure agree with that. Now someone else will have to step and be that leader , any takers? Im hoping tyra is a gym rat and gets stronger shoots 3s till her arms fall off, not really.

  25. OK 4 scholarships, now we will have the chance to find out if the new coaching staff Moren and co have what it takes to bring in the right players who can help bring the IU program up out of the ashes. So far of the two recruits from last year for the upcoming season Royster looks the best along with the addition of the eligibility of Stratman should be a big plus to start with. Lets be real Brooks is a big loss with her shooting and free throw %. As far as this coming season is concerned athleticism and depth at post should be a priority and this is where the staff has an opportunity to earn their pay or not. Hopefully not just any big that happens to be out there , we need a game changer , ok staff ball is in your court.

  26. First off losing larryn taylor and muensterman is an indictment of Moren that bleeds black and gold with bob knights arrogance to boot. Curt Miller leaving has many behind the scenes secrets I bet. he had IU Womens Bball on a roll. if you watch the video of him and team dancing and having fun you could feel how much they enjoyed being a TEAM. Great recruiting class with Larryn and Taylor and others already there I couldn’t wait for this past season to start. Chemistry is EVERYTHING IN SPORTS and Life In General. You will NEVER see Moren dancing in video with squad laughing and acting silly building that team morale . hell I don’t think ive seen moren smile since shes been in Bloomington!!! SAD!!! I Pray Curt Miller Comes Back!!! MIRACLES DO HAPPEN!!

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