IUWBB: Rutgers sends Indiana packing, 63-52

For the third time this season, the Hoosiers were stymied by Rutgers.

This time, it was the last time this season, as the Scarlet Knights dropped Indiana from the Big Ten tournament’s second round with a 63-52 win Thursday afternoon at Sears Centre Arena at Hoffman, Estates, Illinois.

The Hoosiers were led by Tyra Buss, who finished with 19 points, including 11-of-12 from the free throw line. Her lone miss came late in the second half, shortly after returning from an ankle injury. She also provided five rebounds and four steals.

But the freshman guard was one of two players in the double figures. Karlee McBride scored 10 points off the bench in the first half, but did not score anymore as Rutgers frustrated the Hoosier offense and holding them to 17-of-57 (29.8 percent) from the field ad 3-of-18 (16.7 percent) from 3.

IU did make things interesting down the stretch, scoring nine points in a little more than a minute to reduce the lead to 60-52 with 58 seconds remaining. But Cynthia Hernandez, who hit three consecutive 3s in her first game against the Hoosiers Dec. 28, hit a trey with 33 seconds left to subdue the Hoosiers.

Rutgers had three players in double figures, including Kahleah Copper (16 points), Tyler Scaife (14) and Betnijah Laney (12). Laney added 15 rebounds and four assists.


  1. This game was another example of the talent deficit that IU faces almost every time they play in the conference. Rutgers is a very talented ranked team that we are simply not talented enough to beat at this time. The girls played hard but, were unable to get open shots against a very athletic defense. Tyra Buss was incredibly tough and fearless continuing to take the ball to the basket and scoring from the free throw line. The rest of the team really struggled trying to get open shots. All in all, this season was a terrific learning experience for this young team. I agree with t in beleving the future could be bright. Go Hoosiers!

  2. T. Buss just seems like she is going to get better and better as a player all through her college years. I think for the love of the game, her attitude making the most of her physical abilities, wanting to be very coachable, and her work ethic plus she does have athletic ability; her play on the court just seems to come across that way.

  3. I heard tyra buss can fly and that she can lift a car with one hand!! She obviously cant lift her team to victory though. Also say bye to all the remaining talent and size! Since that’s why we keep losing according to mikeC. Are we gonna use that excuse next year too? Cant wait to see!! Hopefully all 5 foot 6 of t buss and her less than college caliber shot form will be enough!

  4. 041931, maybe you will get to follow the remaining talent and size to wherever they transfer and watch them play after all.

  5. i have to agree with mike. time to get rid of all the players who aren’t good enough to play in the big ten and get some players who can. should coach take their scholarships or do we have to wait years for them to graduate? anyway, like mike says, in a few years the team’s future will be bright.

  6. Coachv, now that is to the big ten bill of rights, all moren can do is be so awful towards the girls that they want to leave on their own, but no worries, she has been hard at work freeing up scholarships! Now lets see if she can recruit.

  7. Well, well, well, finally, there is Hoosierfan, nice of you not to say a thing when out team won their first tournament game but, there you are after they lose. What a fan! Your sarcasm where Buss is concerned is very petty even for you. As good as she is, she certainly is not a Kelsey Mitchell who CAN carry a team and is surrounded by really good athletic talent. Funny how she was able to score 19 points against a team that is as athletic as any in the conference despite, according to you “her less than college shot form” is up to snuff? Her incredible grit and determination and toughness willed her to scoring 19 points yesterday. And by the way, more height and athletic ability will be coming next year which of course we desperately need. BTW, there is no doubt in my mind that a couple of players will transfer because of their limited playing time this year. Transfers happen all the time, last year, the leading scorer at North Carolina, Delina Deshields decided to transfer to Tennessee. She was probably the best freshman in the nation last year and was Carolina’s leading scorer but, not happy there for some reason? I look for 2 maybe to transfer off our team, we will see?
    Now coachv, at no time did I say anything about getting rid of the players we have.? What I have said again and again is that when we add that additional height and athletic ability that is coming in next year, we will be a much better team just as t has stated. Quit putting words into my mouth.
    As I stated earlier, it is amazing that both of you haters are all over this website when we lose but, when we win, you are nowhere to be seen? Way to be a real IU fan. I am sure the girls really appreciate your support? And again, coachv who has never seen this team play continues to hate all over the program for whatever reason? How you can legitimately criticize a team you have never seen play is beyond me? Chet and t, it is great to see your enthusiasm for our team next year. Keep it up, it is good to see positive posts on this site as opposed to the haters. Go Hoosiers!!

  8. Tyra was a true trooper injured warrior that just will not quit. Hopefully she will get stronger and work on her 3ptr in the offseason her only weakness it appears.

    Im truly looking forward to next season and the addition of Royster and Stratman the Big East “defensive player of the year ” in her junior year for butler with 79 blocked shots.

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