Where IU stands in the way-too-early poll projections #iubb

With a roster that’s far from settled, with an off-season that has only just begun, it’s way too early to pinpoint a landing spot for Indiana come November.

But that hasn’t stopped our friends on the national scene from trying.

The projections vary — wildly — but here’s a quick rundown of where some of the national outlets have pegged the Hoosiers:

ESPN: 16.

“If both (Yogi Ferrell and Troy Williams) are back, Indiana’s starting lineup of Ferrell, James Blackmon, Robert Johnson, Williams and Bryant may well be the Big Ten’s most talented,” Eamonn Brennan writes.


What was Indiana missing this season? A competent big man. What is Thomas Bryant? A competent big man,” Gary Parrish writes.


Rob Dauster doesn’t include IU on his early top 25, but lists Maryland at No. 3, Michigan State at No. 9 and Wisconsin at No. 19.


“Despite all the Tom Crean jokes and unrest in Bloomington, Indiana has the potential to be awfully good in 2015-16,” Mike Rutherford writes.


“This could be one of the most dynamic perimeter attacks, and the addition of freshman Thomas Bryant means IU won’t be totally outmanned in the frontcourt,” Mike DeCourcy writes.


  1. While all this sounds good, there are A LOT of ifs in this equation. If Yogi & Troy return, if the entire team makes better decisions with the ball (fewer TOs), if the entire team begins to take being scored on as an affront, if Priller & April can contribute up front. I should clarify that I believe all of these ifs and a few others I failed to mention are very possible. Go Hoosiers!!!

  2. April and Priller are gone in my opinion. Crean will add a guard possibly a 5th year senior or just with defensive capabilities. This is potentially Creans most well rounded and deep team of his career. 3 mcdonalds all americans, a potential lottery pick, and a seasoned Robert johnson will leave crean no excuses not to get the job done in Bloomington next year.

  3. Names on a roster listing gives rise to hope; BUT…..someone HAS TO play defense or Bryant will spend more time on bench with fouls than on the floor playing. CTC has to devise an offense where the #5 player touches the ball more than 2 times a half. The tell-all will be to see how CTC uses Bryant against a zone.

  4. You have that right. The key is defense and Bryant being on the teams helps interior defense but does not help defense as a whole. If this team can step up its defense they should justify these projections.

  5. Ben_M, you wrote “no excuses not to get the job done in Bloomington next year.” Please tell us what you think getting the job done means. Is the job winning the NCAA Championship, winning the Big Ten Championship, making it to the final four, or simply improving on this season’s W – L record? What is “the job” we should expect Crean to get done next season?

    With the commitment of Bryant, and assuming we don’t lose Yogi or Williams, IU should win at least 25 games next season. And if they do that, they’ll probably be a fourth seed in the NCAA. Anything above that would be gravy.

  6. I will take your challenge Podunker: 1) the minimum season is always 20 wins, NCAA Tourney, fighting for a top 5 B1G finish; 2) a good season is top 4 in the B1G, a 4th seed in the tourney, and a Sweet Sixteen; 3) a great season is 1 or 2 in the B1G, 2 seed, Final Four; 4) a Perfect Season, win a B1G Title, 1 seed, Hang a Banner!

  7. I U fans the dust on the past season hasn’t settled, like a transfer or two has to happen to have enough roster spots. We don’t want to be like the KY fans, one Ky fan had a preseason tattoo that read 40-0 and National Champs or the tee shirt vendors with 40-0 shirts selling for a deep discount. Take a deep breath and wait until the Indy 500 time trials start and most of your questions will have answers.

  8. The bar for IU next year should be 25 wins, top 3 finish in the Big 10 and at least the Sweet 16. I feel they need one more defensive minded big which means April and Priller must transfer to create scholarship room. Perea should be a 3rd option, not a 2nd. I think Crean is still looking at a point guard depending on what Yogi does. Crean gets the opportunity to answer a lot of his critics next year as there is competitive talent on this team

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