Davis, Mosquera-Perea dismissed from team

8:30 p.m. UPDATE: In a text message sent to The Herald-Times, Tom Crean expressed a range of emotions about dropping the two forwards.

“To me our relationships transcended basketball a long time ago,” Crean said. “To most people they represent the school and the uniform, which is highly important. To us they represent family members and basketball is just a part of it. It’s a horrible feeling to have not reached our goals for them.

“I emphasized to both of them that they are good people who have to make much better choices over time. They will never stop being a part of my family and I hope fans will feel the same in time.”

6:45 p.m. UPDATE: Mark Adams, Mosquera-Perea’s former AAU coach, told The Herald-Times that his former player is devastated by the news. Adams, who at one time attempted to become Mosquera-Perea’s legal guardian, said he was not told of a specific reason for the dismissal.

“It’s probably just the accumulation of really bad decision on his part,” Adams told the H-T. “I don’t think there was a specific reason other than they’ve given him a lot of opportunities and he seems to squander those opportunities.”

Adams said Mosquera-Perea was informed of his dismissal on Thursday. Because he’s out of state to attend a wedding, Adams said he and Mosquera-Perea will not begin planning the next course of action until early next week.

“I don’t blame IU for it. They’ve given Hanner all the opportunities and he’s just gotta learn from the mistakes he’s made and take strides to correct it and make the best out of a bad, horrible decision. I’m just as upset at him also because IU did give him opportunities. He’s gotta learn from it and move on. Hopefully he will learn from it.”


Indiana forwards Devin Davis and Hanner Mosquera-Perea have been dismissed from the team, according to a department release.

The announcement comes three days after Davis was cited by Indiana University Police for possession of marijuana in a campus dorm. Mosquera-Perea was with Davis during the incident, but was not charged by police.

Indiana published a statement at 6 p.m. Thursday.

“Indiana Men’s Basketball announces that sophomore Devin Davis and senior Hanner Mosquera-Perea have been dismissed from the program effective immediately for not living up to their responsibilities to the program,” the statement read.

This week brought the second off-the-court incident for both players. Davis suffered a traumatic brain injury and missed all of last season after he jumped in front of a vehicle driven by teammate Emmitt Holt on Nov. 1. Police who investigated the accident ruled Davis, who does not turn 21 until next March, had been drinking.

Mosquera-Perea was arrested in February 2014 for a drunk driving incident in downtown Bloomington. The Colombia native is currently on probation after pleading guilt to a charge of operating a vehicle while intoxicated. Mosquera-Perea was given a 60-day suspended jail sentence with credit for a day served and required to complete 50 hours of community service.

On Monday night, Davis was cited by IUPD officers who responded to a complaint of marijuana smoke at Hickory Hall, according to IUPD spokesperson Lt. W. Craig Munroe. When officers arrived they could detect the smell was coming from a second floor window. Inside, officers were given permission to search the room and Munroe said they found a small amount of marijuana in a backpack owned by Davis, who was served a citation for possession of marijuana under 30 grams.

IU announced on Tuesday that Davis, but not Mosquera-Perea, would be suspended from team activities. From a basketball perspective, the loss of Mosquera-Perea and Davis is a blow to the Hoosiers’ frontcourt depth, which could have been a strength of next year’s team. After starting 22 of the 26 games he played as a junior, Mosquera-Perea was expected to backup incoming five-star center Thomas Bryant during the 2015-16 season. Now, that won’t happen.

In Mosquera-Perea, a former national top 50 recruit in the Hoosiers’ 2012 class, Indiana loses a 6-foot-11 forward who showed glimpses of reaching his potential last season.

Davis has not been medically cleared to return to action but IU coach Tom Crean said last month that he was hopeful the Warren Central product would be a factor during the upcoming season.


  1. Very sad to see this have to happen to IU players. Why oh why must they do what they do? Waste of an education, talent and unfair to their teammates. coaches, and fans. I wish these young men success in their future.

  2. about time Tom Crean started acting like a coach and honor those “lines in the sand” he kept drawing.

  3. they really backed crean in a corner on this one. crean had to do this or his entire career would be on the ropes. plenty of room for maker now. wonder if anyone else ends up in the recruiting crosshairs. could sure use more max hoetzel now. way to run him out of town, “coach”.

  4. Because of their past actions, these players were already on a short leash. They blew it and Crean did what he needed to do. End of story. Now, there are two more openings on the team, and Crean needs to get talent with size. IU has a good team heading into next season and there are some outstanding uncommitted players that might view IU more seriously as there are two scholarships now available. This could actually be a blessing in disguise.

  5. Well it’s about time ! Crean finally had enough, guess when your job is in question every bodies reality gets a little clearer. Crean knowing that outright acts of defiance by players has to stop and be sternly dealt with or his job may go up in smoke as well. Now for the pot smoking rule violating sense of entitled players, these two finally got what was coming to them. To play at IU or any division I school on scholarship is a privilege, and should be treated as such. So I say let this be the dose of reality to those left on the team and know the line is set and those who cross it will be just as gone with no more second chances.

  6. i’m surprised that Devin Davis would do somethin this stupid after he was almost killed while bein drunk you would have thought he of all people would have been more careful and responsible but young guys will learn hopefully

  7. Take away the 3-way phone call farce initiated by an NCAA under Brand looking for a Hoosier egg to fry, and the Sampson years are sorta tranquil in retrospect..

    Hanner and Devin Davis…and Jeremy Hollowell..and Etherington….and Patterson…and Jurkin. Weren’t they all part of the “Movement?” One hell of a movement to require so much wiping…This Hoosier roster is clean(‘Poltergeist’ tribute)….Are we certain that Assembly Hall wasn’t built on top of an ancient Native American burial site? The spirits seem very angry…Kids jumping in front of cars…steel plates falling from the rafters of assembly and crashing down into seats….Sampson ghosts enticing our choir boys to hit the peace pipe… And then we had the weeks of thousands upon thousands of crows descending upon the ‘Courthouse Square’ downtown? All captivated by the anti-Knight from Marquette; a man that came “just because” and turned our great history, traditions of precision and purpose rooted in mature students of the game that were as natural at hoops on maple hardwood as early Native Americans of the Plains and Rockies riding wild horses bareback…and proceeded to turn it all into a donkey show. …of continual scholly crunches, departures, collapses of calm and understanding in tight games, and off-the-court shenanigans that redefine stupid and reckless. Because It’s Indiana and this is what you get from Crean having a “movement.”

  8. An unfortunate, yet necessary decision. Both these young men, and I emphasize young, repeatedly made poor decisions. While the worlds of collegiate athletics or college life in general don’t necessarily mirror reality, there are consequences. I hope both guys are able to move on, mature and complete a degree. As coachv and Hoosier Hopeful stated, CTC had no other alternative. In the real world no one ever gets fired…they usually fire themselves. Go Hoosiers!!!

  9. harvard for hillbillies are you okay man?you writing looks like some crazy rambling about absolutely nothin i would love to find a point in what you wrote sir but i can’t.lol

  10. I have a question ;its a little off topic but I have been absent from scoop for awhile. Has there been a hiring for a new Asst Coach for Men’s basketball??

  11. Dorien-

    Let’s just say the portrait in the attic is morphing….a lot of boils on the skin….can barely detect who that fool in self-portrait. different Dorian, Oscar. I’m o.k., you’re o.k. Just take a look, it’s in a book…a Reading Rainbow..

  12. Good riddance to DD and HMP….Meanwhile, Harv and his pals yearn for the good ol’ days when BK got his kicks out of clotheslining players in practice, giving his loser kid a second chance to embarrass himself, butt-whipping his star player, making light of rape, and basically insulting anyone who dared to not kiss his ass. Yeah Harv, those were the days, weren’t they?

  13. Why do we even mess with this? These recruits (student athletes – blah, blah, and more blah.) are so catered to, its ridiculous. They know the rules, they know the boundaries. Yet they toe the line. It’s enough. Be responsible. They get a free education (not that they use it). I’m tired of calling them student athletes, young men, or whatever. They’re old enough to know. Grow up and accept the challenge of IU basketball.

  14. It’s a sad 20 years to be a Hoosier fan. Crean isn’t any better at keeping a clean team than Sampson was and not much of a better coach than Davis. Coach did what he had to do. Coach this coach that. Coach coach coach. I wouldn’t give him the privilege of referring to him as “coach”. I never thought I’d see the day when so many Hoosier fans would defend a man that doesn’t win with the elite. He’s the 7th best coach tops in the big ten and most iu fans are defending him because of one recruit. Bryant leaves this year and we lose yogi Blackmon and Williams. We will barely make not to the sweet 16 with this man. If Izzo or matta had this team it’s a final four team. But he will underachieve like he always does then back to 19-15 and an nit birth with all the delusional fans defending him by saying he is rebuilding. Yada Yada Yada. I can’t wait until the nightmare ends.

  15. Chaz- I never yearn for the good ol’ days….But watching a Hoosier team in Final Fours was rather intoxicating and fun(at least that’s the way I remember it). I fully understand why the man we have as head coach does a ton more yearning than I’ll ever do…He’s stalked Bobby Knight at a rare Hoosier game Bobby was covering for ESPN a few years back…He used to regularly mention Knight on his Twitter page when giving examples of character that he desires himself and his players…He’s done every brain dead reunion party(mostly the bench players being the only willing to show up) for Knight’s great teams of the 70’s and 80’s… Crean could build a career on the Hoosier past he never stops bringing back in our faces though he had nothing of an inkling of involvement or reason to yearn…The clown must think coaching ability will fall out of the sky like the afterlife by simply attaching the old Hoosier greats to his little reunion parties he plays host. I’m not sure who he’s blowing his nostalgic Hoosier bugle, but it ain’t this Hoosier fan that was plenty happy with simple sense of pride all teams that have graced Assembly Hall before Crean’s empty blow and disingenuous attempts to flatter and chase only Bobby Knight. Fred Glass and Tom Crean experienced time stopping at the last Hall & Oates hit….Don’t put that label on yours truly….It’s your preacher that couldn’t be more out of touch.

    Long story short…stay your true and classy self, Chaz.

  16. Harv, you are a fine wordsmith, so let me ask you where I praised CTC – directly or indirectly – in my post. I am not enamored with this man by any means, for as far as I am concerned he wore out his welcome some time ago. We all know about his flowery and emotional comments, just as we know all about the success BK had. I am simply worn out by the constant references to BK, whenever and wherever. As great as he may have been at coaching BK was and is a boor and is a jackass when it comes to his disrespect for anyone who questions him. That element of his persona will always taint his legacy, and it holds you, me, and everyone who cares about the program from restoring its luster. All of us need to get over BK, get past CTC, and start acting and talking sensibly when we consider the state of IU athletics and men’s basketball. Enough of the cryptic prose already.

  17. Don’t encourage Harv Quixote, his photographic memory of the CTC era transgressions make the auto play kick in with the same old broken record. Never any actual comments about current affairs without linking religion, the movement, chasing Bobby, Fred, or Twitter. I’m beginning to think that the “movement” he needs might come in the form of prunes.

  18. It is getting somewhat old of hearing so many people blame everything the players do on the coach. The coach is there to mentor, to teach, and to set guidelines for his player. But, he is not with them 24/7 and all of these young men have a mind of their own. I know a lot of good parents who raised their children right, but when their children got a little freedom to where they could exercise their own free will, they made some bad choices ( I was one of them years ago myself ). But, did that mean the parents were bad parents, absolutely not. Did that mean that it was the parents fault, no. These men are presented with the guidelines of being an IU basketball player and it is up to them to follow those guidelines. The one mistake that Crean may have made was not coming down harder after the first offense. But, I do commend him for giving these players a 2nd chance and I am sure, even though it may not have been public, that the 2nd chance came with a stern warning. Truth is, no one knows what goes on behind the scene and no one knows how Crean handled these situations out of the public eye. Anyone who tires to make out as they do are doing nothing more then acting on assumptions. The bottom line is, these young who are in the awkward stage of being between childhood and adulthood, perhaps experiencing a level of independence that they have never experienced before, made some bad choices. These bad choices that these young men made are not on Crean, they are on them. They made the choice to do what they did. My prayer is that they learn from their mistakes, move on with their life, and find success in whatever path life takes them.

  19. Some of IU issues goes to the type of recruit being recruited regarding maturity, both on and off court. In several instances Coach Crean has not been able to get his first targets and more mature serious kids who have a better grasp on his goals and what is at stake are going to the lite programs. Even though elite programs have their problems also, the current lite bb schools have a larger stable of quality players to step up that are better than the ones getting in trouble at IU. As teams the elite programs and successful programs are more focused from the top down. IU seems to have a lot of hyper active and attention deficit disorder.

  20. I beg to differ. If it were one incident here and one incident there I would blame it all on the player. But this is a trend and it unfortunate that the trends fall on the leadership. Its life. If it happened once in a couple of years then maybe, twice in a couple of years then it could be But half the team? That’s leadership. Why have a coach if the coach is responsible? Just name someone the player/coach then.

  21. Had to be done. To suggest otherwise is foolish. Nobody is bigger than the team. Excuses about youth and suggesting drug use is no big deal is sad. This is addition by subtraction. IU basketball deserves better.

  22. The highlights of the last 21 or 22 seasons have been 1 final four…2 big ten championships…and a couple lottery picks. You’d about have to be stoned to be a fan of that.

  23. I noted top down meaning coaching + coaching has to do with what is being recruited + coaching has to do with grasping goals and focus.

  24. I actually blame Double Down…He spent so much time with his bitter rants aimed at Mitch McGary’s stumble in the weeds, I think he brought the buds of his affections right back in the Hoosier laps. It’s all sorta karma…Crean’s calling everyone else in the world “wreckers.” It’s become more than obvious that the only true wrecking is a vengeful soul that paints the rest the world flawed while his own house rots from within.

    Sampson’s players brought no more shame to IU Basketball than Crean does to the profession of coaching. Somebody sold Hanner and Devin out….It’s not totally improbable that someone within the IU Basketball circle sold them out. The culture of undermining, whispering behind closed doors, public verbal “stoning” of those that don’t do life the “right” way….That is the culture of the preacher’s world. If you’re an undermining twit, don’t expect to watch your players have each others backs defending and communicating on the hardwood. The culture of scholly crunches, shoving kids off the side of the ship, and finding ever-changing ways to change the assessment levels their skills and make recruits lose all sense of trust and loyalty that their coach will embrace them rather than disgrace them, is now the culture of IU Basketball. Jeremiah April’s mom was certain God played a hand in sending her boy to IU…But it’s not God that keeps you at IU….It’s decency and trust ..and men that don’t build a culture where teammates and leaders only live in the narcissistic moments their own goals and achievements. Families never disintegrated because of the values brought by the last group of inhabitants a house. It’s sad to see IU disintegrate by way of players not having each others backside. Where is the brotherhood? Where are the teammates standing up for Hanner and Devin or, at minimum, communicating a sense of group or shared responsibility when any teammate stumbles or falls? Why should any of this really shock us? We were last in the conference in defense. Defense on the hardwood defines shared responsibility and having your teammates back. It defines unselfishness and unity. It means exposing yourself to help a teammate that lost his assignment. What you see on the court in how Crean’s Hoosiers play defense is what you see off the court in the culture of selfishness and careless regard a teammate.

    And if Troy and Stan got two strikes, why is Devin off the team after two incidents? And was the first really an incident? He was showing off in front of some girls and it turned out bad. Devin, to the best my knowledge, only had one “substance abuse” incident.

    I’m shocked that more Hoosiers and Hoosier fans aren’t coming to Devin’s defense.

  25. Why Harv, I’m touched. Not in the Sandusky kind of way, more in the Grinch on Christmas kind of way.

    I’m sure that is a relief to both of us.

  26. Can we assume that Tom Crean knows all the facts about this situation and made a judgment to dismiss two players? Is it possible that he knows things that we don’t? And that it is okay and fine and appropriate for this to be the case? Is it not possible that there are institutional guidelines that Crean has to follow and that these sometimes tie or loose his hands?

  27. It’s time to go get touched by your favorite poster, the “Po”-diatrist. He’ll get that foot removed from your mouth that you used on Mitch. You can then call Chaz mommy while you wash you angelic clean behind the Sampson “druggie” ears with the driver’s seat residue off Bart’s cab where all that Crean gaseous holiness is buried and defended like the scripture into the vinyl truth of his personality.

  28. It seems Crean’s hands are always tied until he finds a need to shove someone off the team….(usually to make room for that one holdout standout that’s going to rock our basketball world and erase incompetence from the bench and chalkboard). Yeah, his hands are so tied that it’s turned his tongue into an anaconda he named “Because” that feeds off excuses to strangle every “wrecking the program” scapegoat within center court and podium distance the perfect world he brought to Bloomington on his Sweet 16 chariot.

    Now we can only hope he’ll go from tied to straitjacket and put on a bus headed the direction of the Joyce Meyer Institute for Higher Learning Basketball Program.

  29. Keep up with the sweet talk, sugar lips. If you want to take me out to dinner, all you have to do is ask.

  30. It’s hard out here for Jamarcus Ellis…and Eli Holman…and DeAndre Thomas …and Troy Williams……and Stan Robinson……and Hanner Perea…..and Jeremy Hollowell …and Yogi Ferrell…and Devin Davis….and Mitch…and Kelvin…all my gangsta dorm room tokin’ bros.

  31. Also, contrary to your belief, I’m happy for Mitch McGary. I’m really happy he found an amazing tattoo removal joint in OKC. I notice he isn’t sporting that tattoo of Cody Zeller’s shoe on his face anymore.

  32. If I have to stop this car and come back there you are both going to be VERY sorry…

  33. What are you’re going to have with your medium rare Chet steak… ? Maybe a loaded baked “Po”-tato with extra butter on the side?

  34. Yes, we know…Now those players under Crean’s supreme guidance and example are no different than those he deemed “wreckers” when he arrived. Crean’s house is rotting from within because all he cared about was making blanket judgments of those before him instead of working as a mature leader that truly instills values he claimed so many others absent not under his flawless watch. Thanks for the reminder that brings light to his endless hypocrisy. The only thing worth a dismissal is Crean’s competence…His sh___ throwing has hit the fan and blown back in his pious face. And if Sampson was to blame for the disintegration of a cultural perfection that we all knew existed at IU under Knight, Davis, and Dakich(note to Bart: sarcasm), then it’s time Crean take the same heat for the embarrassment many of his recruits have brought to the IU brand…..an embarrassment added to the complete joke his pop-up book basketball acumen already bestowed upon the program now the laughing stock fodder of true teachers the game.

  35. I’ve taken to just ordering it medium anymore. If you go with medium rare you so often get it too rare. Then, when you send it back, they overcook it. Plus your baked potato gets cold.

    Ain’t nobody got time for that.

  36. Dark Days in your post#19 you are right on ; but add Zeisloft to that group. Next year will all the “fluff” bloggers here give Crean a Pass when he may have to replace: Farrell, Zeisloft, Williams, Blackmon, Bryant, Robert Johnson. Will you tolerate some more “we are young” excuses when he cant draw the recruits to fill ALL the holes and runs out and grabs “desperation recruits” the likes of Priller and April. Creaning Max Hoetzel off the team may come back to bite him in the ass as the kid is going to a school that makes the NCAA every year AND Steve Fisher can coach defense. One year “success” is NOT going to mean diddly squat because the next year will be a rebuilding/ creaning for next 3 years. THIS program deserves a helluva lot better than THAT

  37. Harv knows I love him. We’re just sparring in the ring and when the bell sounds, we shake gloves, laugh and call each other wussies for hitting like girls. Then we run to the nearest bar for a few cold ones.

    Chet, for the record, if we’re ever in the same town, we’re sharing a steak….for reals.

    You too, Harv. How is the weather ’round your parts this time of year?

  38. I once ate a steak that was cut from the bull I wrestled to the ground….This was in Brazil…1978…I was vacationing with a brunnette named Adrian that I met at a pet store in Bloomigton. I married that woman…We explored all parts unknown…We have children that have seen more continents than Anthony Bourdain….She’s bitchin’ hot as the day she sold me Cuff and Link.. Her ovaries are filled with Ivy League eggs. Yes, I get it , Chet. It’s all prime steak and prime living.

  39. DD,
    Sounds good. I’m pretty much west of the Mississippi all the time but, other than that, I can be flexible.

    I don’t know what any of that is supposed to mean.

  40. There’s an old story about Bear Bryant. I’m not good with the details of these kind of stories. It’s something about Alabama beating the snot out of some team and the coach complaining afterward to Bear. Bear responded that he could only coach one team at a time.

    Harvard, I’m just a middle class guy from Indiana like you. I had my experiences and made my decisions and so did you. I’m pretty happy with my life and you don’t always seem so.

    Sorry about that but I’m not responsible for any of it. I’ve got nothing against you, man. You’re pretty interesting from time to time but you so easily get pissed off at people for no good reason. Lighten up.

  41. There’s a far newer story about our very own “Don Precio” in El Universal. I too forget the details but here’s a direct link for those interested. It’s good to see him finally get international recognition. It’s long overdue and well-deserved and comes at the right time given the sad state of the IU Basketball Program under Crean.

  42. When I first heard about Thomas Bryant coming to IU I was torn. I knew we would have a decent season next year to watch and we’d probably have a lot if fun until we run into a coach in the big dance that mops creans game plan all over the floor. The crean loyalists will scream that it was just a bad match up Yada Yada Yada. Then 3 more years of rebuilding and chaos. I’m so glad we have Butler and notre dame these days. Purdue sucks and that rivalry is horrid. It used to be as good as UNC and Duke. Now it’s like watching northwestern vs Minnesota. Weak

  43. Happiness is not in a life…To me they’re just little gems that come now and then with no real planning or expectancy. They are the treasures you want to hold but with such beauty how can you really? Oh, where to find and talk of something so elusive as of you’ve lassoed it in a sea of tranquility with no visible difference between the darkness and the light that every gem of happiness requires its brilliance to find those moments? I rather wouldn’t want the overdose in my soul of what dances in front stage as a general disposition of the good ol’ happy existence. It cheapens the gems and imprisons a moment that is born to be ever so free in its brief breath of genuineness….I will cherish those moments and flashes into the soul and pray that they’ll always be a full dose of mystery none can claim. They require no pathway or circumstance and I would want nothing of a form of such to hold captive. How glorious and rare the moments when we’re so free as to be struck by a happiness that finds the heart like a comet …And how beautiful to see it strike upon those we love and those so troubled its all but lost of hope to find?

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