Devin Davis cited for marijuana possession #iubb

Indiana forward Devin Davis has been suspended from the team after he was cited for possession of marijuana Monday night by Indiana University Police.

According to IUPD spokesperson Lt. W. Craig Munroe, officers received a call around 8 p.m. about an odor of marijuana coming from a residence inside Hickory Hall. When officers arrived they could detect the odor coming from a second floor window. Inside, officers identified two individuals, one of whom was a resident who allowed officers permission to search the room. Munroe said they found a small amount of marijuana in a backpack owned by Davis, who was served a citation for possession of marijuana under 30 grams.

According to a statement issued by Indiana, senior forward Hanner Mosquera-Perea was also with Davis at the time of the incident. Mosquera-Perea was not charged.

“We have been made aware that Indiana sophomore Devin Davis was cited by IUPD for possession of marijuana in an IU dormitory room last evening,” Indiana’s statement read. “Effective immediately, Davis has been suspended from all team activities. Any additional action related to Davis’ status will occur after further review of this matter. We understand that junior Hanner Mosquera-Perea was present at the time of the incident but was not charged by IUPD. Mosquera-Perea’s role, if any, will also be reviewed as part of this matter.”

Davis, who redshirted last season while recovering from a traumatic brain injury suffered on Nov. 1, is the latest IU basketball to run afoul of the law during the last 15 months.

Yogi Ferrell and Stanford Robinson, who announced in March his intention to transfer, were arrested in April 2014 on charges of underage drinking and possession of fake IDs. Mosquera-Perea was arrested for operating a vehicle while intoxicated in February 2014.

Robinson and Troy Williams were also suspended four games to start last season after reportedly failing drug tests.

Davis suffered his brain injury after jumping in front of a vehicle driven by teammate Emmitt Holt during the early-morning hours of Nov. 1. Holt, who was 18 at the time, was cited for illegal consumption of alcohol after registering a blood alcohol content above 0.02.

The 6-foot-7, 230-pound forward was on the verge of a big season prior to the injury. During IU’s five-game trip to Canada last August, Davis averaged eight points and led the team with 7.6 rebounds. He had his best effort during a contest against defending Canadian national champion Carleton, when he scored 13 points and grabbed six rebounds.

Speaking with reporters after the season, IU coach Tom Crean said he was hopeful Davis could return for the upcoming season.

This story will be updated.


  1. Tom Crean. And please don’t insult Hoosier fans intelligence by saying its entirely the kids faults. They own some responsibly, but so do the coaches. That;s almost half the team that’s been caught up in substance abuse issues. I know the man can recruit. But when is it enough, Its not like he’s winning games and taking us to the final four. I can understand when Kentucky fans defend the cheater in Lexington. But why defend the man? When we found out Sampsons teams were running wild we were all appalled. What’s different about Crean?

  2. This is horrible news! It is probably time to part ways with some of these team members who repeatedly bring shame to themselves and the program. This is such a disappointing event.

  3. It’s my understanding that Dr. Sanjay Gupta is currently in negotiations with Indiana to feature Crean and the Hoosiers in his next CNN documentary: “Christians & Cannabis: Munchies at the Last Supper?”

    Meanwhile…. back at the ranch.

  4. I’m going to cut him some slack here, at least until we have more details. Legalization of marijuana for medical use is happening in more enlightened states (yes, I’m a Hoosier) for good reason. And if a significant brain injury does not justify some pain relief…well what does?

  5. First of all Devin Davis is another recruit who was ok but not that good (not demonstration of that good of recruiting) before his injury. He was not going to make a great miracle comeback and his play was pretty much always going to be limited. For all practical purposes Devin Davis needs to just become a college student and focus on his studies and get a degree or if he actually wanted to play a little transfer to a smaller school or even division two school. Devin Davis was never going to be an impact player at IU after his injury.

  6. Poor guy is probably looking through his papers trying to find his prescription for the stuff. Medically allowed in Indiana? (the state – not the university). Maybe it’s time he transferred to Colorado or Washington.

    Not an advocate of it, but I would like to see the real utilization nation-wide. I would bet Physician/Attorney use would be higher than the general public. Way higher.

    And here come the Crean haters.

    It’s usage is against the rules. Appropriate actions are and will be taken. Hate to see this with what he’s gone through.

    OK. Let the crazy talk begin.

  7. I find the drinking and driving stuff far more dangerous and worthy of strong punishment that was never really administered….In terms of putting innocent citizens of the community and teammates at risk, pot in a dorm room is pretty harmless.

    t- Beg to disagree. Devin Davis could have definitely been an impact player….He had a ton of potential and supreme instincts inside. I really don’t understand your desire to degrade his talents and undermine his potential. We may now never know how far he could have taken that potential, but that shouldn’t allow such lowly attempts to claim that it could not have blossomed without the results of one foolish night he must come to terms with everyday. And even if your assessment were accurate(which I believe is nowhere close), your matter-of-fact voice is callous and heartless.

  8. Unfortunately I feel this team has a lack of focus, discipline, and repeat for their coach. I think these factors have caused a lot of talent to underachieve. Truly a shame.

  9. Heartless, callous. That’s fair. At 100 percent DD would had to work really hard and it would have been a pretty big challenge for him to be a dominant impact player. After his accident he was not going to be that good at all. I base this on watching him play before his accident and others who through over more than 50 years try to come back in high school and college from a variety of injuries and accidents. This happens to be one of those kinds of accidents. In the long term he would play not more than a little @ IU.

  10. OK, look, I’m going to be honest and probably speak for many ‘old school’ IU fans here. I’m nearly 60 years old, an IU grad, and a former weed smoker. As a matter of fact, I still occasionally take a hit if offered. But this is just plain d. u. m. b. Anybody who wants can stop smoking if there is enough on the line. Like a scholarship. If you can’t put down a joint to keep your scholly, and to avoid embarrassing your coach and teammates, you’re too dumb (or spoiled by constant stroking since grade school) to keep your place on the team. I’m all for legalization of weed, and hope that our state soon follows the lead of other more enlightened states in doing so, but if a kid whose free education depends on avoiding it can’t do so, he’s not really smart enough to stick around.

  11. Good point.

    I went into the military after graduation. Probably 90% or more of the people I served with (I’m referring to officers) smoked pot in college. To the best of my knowledge all of them managed to quit as it was part of the job requirement (as were routine drug screens). It was also a good survival plan.

    That’s life.

  12. Dump both of them, they are a disgrace to the candy stripes. Dakich clean up Samson mess, if Cream won’t do the right thing, dump him too…

  13. Regardless of full-on legalization in CO and WA, and medical legalization in many states, THC is a forbidden substance in the blood at IU and on the basketball team. It is also continually tested in many walks of employment, particularly those whose professions save or affect lives.

    So considering this a “minor” offense is short-sighted and meaningless. Just like a BAC of 0.03 for an 18 yr. old (Holt) is illegal. Illegal is just that! Against the rules.

    Here’s a kid who had tremendous upside and has done 2 things in 9 months to jeopardize his own life and his team and teammates.

    Sorry, loved you Devin, but adios. It needs to be done. A message finally needs to be sent. Pack up your stuff and go somewhere else. And take Perea with you. But you’d better drive because he can’t.

    And in other news, the evidence is building that Crean has no huevos to make the right calls on ethical and behavioral issues OFF and ON the floor. Period.

  14. Around 8:01pm I would’ve called for a mandatory urine test for these two and the entire team.

  15. This is by far the saddest news we could have read that didn’t involve real tragedy or injury… Not the most damaging, or the most inhibiting. But the most saddening. If anybody was going to be more rooted for– with more fan love and support– it was Davis. If anybody should have had been more appreciative of life and circumstance, it was Devin. And yet he f’d it up.

    I’m not at all opposed to marijuana use in private moderation– despite it’s illegal status in Indiana– even though I haven’t touched it in over decade. And I completely get that college kids do dumb shtuff. (I did myself.) But of all the kids… Definitely this is the saddest and dumbest…

    Yeah, maybe anybody could’ve gotten caught. I’m not naive. And I don’t doubt it happens on most every campus most every every weekend. (Except for BYU… where sex doesn’t even happen, right?Brandon Davies not included… but certainly not Jimmer…) But for some you just have to ask– why?

    Devin hurts. He now falls out of the realm of potential hero to dumbass who took it all for granted. I had hoped better of him. Most of us did.

    Still time to fix it, but he has to fix himself. Two strikes, homey. Two minor strikes, but you don’t get anymore. Please make it count.

    He’s still young, and he still has challenges– some of us can’t even spell TBI– and he has time. He has redemption a possibility, still. So despite our sadness, he can hopefully turn it around. Surely a National Championship will help excuse the doob hit. Right?

  16. Some people have to just suffer life, as they can’t be helped. Take the scholarship away, refocus and identify a prospect who wants to be a Hoosier team mate.

  17. DD was never going to be great. After the accident whether he would stay at IU or not DD was not going to be an impact player. Tom Crean PR about his progress, limited practice, and comeback etc was hope and wishful thinking which is ok. However, hope and wishful thinking sometimes gets in the way of reality.

  18. On a side note…

    Based upon the limited information at hand I think many are offering too gloomy a medical prognosis for Devin. I’ve worked with many a TBI patient over the years. Quite often there is never a return to the pre-accident state, that is true. But, generally speaking, those people aren’t taking college courses two months after the injury. Significant damage would make that impossible.

    Any type of skull fracture is likely to exclude the patient from physical contact for months no matter the severity of the injury to the brain. A concussion is, by definition, a traumatic brain injury. We generally assume a concussed athlete will return to relatively normal function.

    Like all of us, I have followed the information presented to the public regarding Devin’s injury. At least from the aspect of the TBI there has been no information released that would indicate Devin could not return to full function.

    Regardless of the outcome of his most recent incident I hope the accident does not impact his potential as a player or a person. I certainly have done things that were equally as stupid, particularly at his age. I just had better luck.

  19. who calls the cops on a college kid smoking pot in his dorm room? someone should kick that person’s ass. hope he/she feels real good about themselves now for trying to ruin someone’s life. good job, whoever you are. you saved the world from this horrible, dangerous person.

  20. It’s time for the whole country to come out of the dark ages as far as marijuana is concerned. It should be decriminalized,regulated and taxed just like alcohol.The tax revenue alone would pay off the national debt. People who still believe in the reefer madness BS are buffoons.

  21. The local schools in my area of Colorado have returned a full slate of Fine Arts and Physical Education to the curriculum over the past year. It had been slashed to the bone over the past 20 years. The local high school just had the ground breaking for their new performing arts center. Education has the best funding in memory. While the data is insufficient to claim a trend, the one year retention rate in high schools improved across the state.

    DUI’s are way down as are incarceration rates (and costs). None of the predicted (and claimed) pitfalls have come to pass.

    The most vocal opponent of legalization has been the for profit prison industry. They are losing their tax payer sugar daddy and their slave labor force.

    I’m good with all of that.

  22. Just another blatant example of no respect for CTC or his program . And Crean’s isolation from his team . It is killing the program and the reputation of INDIANA . Until it’s not against the law it is against the law !

  23. It’s time for the whole country to come out of the dark ages as far as marijuana is concerned. It should be decriminalized,regulated and taxed just like alcohol.The tax revenue alone would pay off the national debt. People who still believe in the reefer madness BS are buffoons

    RAM- for discussion, let’s say you’re right. That is beside the point. The issue most (including me) have isn’t that Devin smoked POT, it’s that he clearly makes poor, selfish decisions that hurt the team. There are lots of things he could have done that aren’t illegal but are dumb and harmful.

  24. I don’t think anyone disagrees that what Devin did was boneheaded. I didn’t read on here that anyone suggests he get a pass on it.

    It’s Devin’s problem.

    Let’s face it, the last incident occurred when he jumped in front of a moving car.

  25. T. Let me get this straight. Mens team is a joke. D. Davis is mediocre. Larryn brooks can’t play. All the other girls leaving are bad. Our new recruits gpa doesn’t matter. Doing the minimum is fine since they’re all there to play basketball. Coach moren is a great coach, all her recruits are great and the girls love playing for her. Did I miss anything? We are going backwards.

  26. It took 20 comments before anyone asked the question that immediately popped into my head — thanks coachv. Who and why did somebody make the call?

  27. IU Men’s team needs to beat teams like Duke its share of the time including tournament. DD not star power, but could play in big ten before injury…after injury if he would stay at IU DD is not going to play a big role physically in winning BB games. Larryn Brooks can play in many right situations. Her honors during freshman year allowed her to do just that, but not a big loss as far as physical size talent goes to women’s program. The girls leaving just needed to go to programs that better matched physical ability. If they stayed at IU for 2 or 3 more years they may have made it to .500 BB in big ten. Sure, you want high GPA, however if GPA requirements are met and girls win enough (and for that matter men) who is going to be to concerned or really who cares. You are not going to kick players off the team regarding GPA if they are good players and eligible to play. T. Moren is an excellent coach that has solid credentials plus some players like/love playing for her. Yes, N.J. you are not to far off except we are going forward.

  28. Re; #’s 20 & 28.

    Additionally, how many schools, the first call from the campus cop would have been to the BB coach?
    Before paperwork is processed.

  29. coachv’s post #20 was the best…Some a-hole wanted Devin and Hanner to burn. And what a-hole is around in the summer months to even care? This smells of an inside job. Working with Hanner and Devin was probably getting too expensive.

    McRobbie’s son was caught with far more pot …Did he get expelled? Did he get his good name run through the muck?

    Athletes have to live by rules….But if rules are so GD important, then Hanner, Williams, Robinson, Yogi, Holt…should have had their asses kicked off the team ages ago for sh___ even more stupid. Fake ID’s..DWI’s…Holt(a freshman no less)out at 1:00 a.m. the night before a game and doing stupid crap…Multiple issues with some of these players. Seems rather petty how so many our now getting all bent out of shape over a kid that has experienced the most mental hardship(from the standpoint of his basketball dreams possibly gone up in smoke…no pun intended)caught with a tiny amount of weed. Sounds like we need room for more scholarships again.

    I always got the feeling that Devin was just a rather quiet young man that wanted to fit in…He got with some players that knew how to play the center of that game real well. Devin needed some young leaders from this team around him that weren’t narcissistic to the point of press conferences for NBA declensions…He needed guys like a DJ White or a young man like Jordan Hulls. We all have to grow up, but when the coach is out of touch, it’s invaluable to have alternative examples and leadership that goes beyond the court.

  30. 2 reportable incidents in 1 year. Developing behaviors that demonstrate inability to make responsible decisions IS disturbing. Crean HAS to address that. CTC cant go on about “accepting personal responsibility” and not taking some of his own as HC of Indiana. Hes responsible for ALL the off-court actions that reflect upon the IUBB program. Glass has to take him to task and tell him the BS ends now!!!

  31. DD’s poor judgment – not necessarily to blow a joint, but where, when, and with whom – should be taken as a slap in the face to CTC and to the university. CTC has no choice, IMO, but to make an example of DD and cut him ASAP. As for Perea – since he apparently was not actively participating in the revelry – he should be put on the shortest leash possible, along with a warning that any future transgression means adios. Additionally, all this chit chat about whether or not pot should be legal is not germane to the matter at hand, specifically as to how it relates to team and university rules. Simply put, it’s past time to demand more from everyone involved with the program.

  32. It’s a Catch-22 for CTC. There is no right answer.

    If he stands by Devin he gets blown up for not making him accountable.

    If he sends Devin packing he gets blasted for not sticking up for a kid who has suffered a TBI and is working his way back.

    He’s screwed either way.

  33. Chet,

    That’s true. I think the best course of action is to read what Chaz says and do the opposite.

    The Cooler.

  34. This is what happens when you force kids into summer school in attempts to graduate them early. Boring as hell down in Bloomington when most the students are gone…What do you expect when you make these young men prisoners of Tom Crean for 12 months of the year? Who wouldn’t need to get high as some form of momentary relaxation/escape from his tense and smothering persona? Let these kids go home for a couple months and chill with the parents…If they eff up, let it be under their watch. Let Yogi use his fake ID to sit at Ruth Chris’s bar with mom..

  35. Unless you’re Jordy or Cody and don’t mind being locked in your room to roll through scripture every weekend while figuring out which giant glowing cross should be your Twitter background, what other form of diversion is there for the less devout teammates that can only take so many New Testament hits of getting high on the Good Book of cloud living? Answer: You desire an early glimpse at what cloud really like…and sorta sneak behind Jesus’s back and cheat your way to weightlessness. You resurrect the reefer…

  36. Well, we know one thing for certain….Though playing for a pious charlatan can cause levels of frustration escalating into a case of TCDS, there’s no reason whatsoever to suffer from THCDS during the few moments you’ve escaped him in your dorm room.

  37. I always loved summers in Bloomington. It was the best time of the year. Many of my friends worked at the hospital, as did I, and we really enjoyed the easy pace and the fact that you didn’t have to wait in line for everything you did.

    Almost universally, year round residents disliked fall when the crowds of frat boys came back and made the place noisy and crowded.

    The difference being that we actually lived there as part of the community and didn’t just show up for a few months out of the year.

  38. Coachv, Harvard – I’m not usually a big conspiracy guy, but you two are saying the first thing that came into my head. Who the hell calls the cops on a kid smoking weed in his dorm room? Who would stand to gain from creating a public situation where Davis and Perrea were put in a position to have their schollys pulled? Something’s real fishy here, and the smell might be coming from the head of the fish. And the smell ain’t weed.

  39. Some really sad/bad news; Some guy from IU’s Office of Student Ethics arrested for child porn.

    Some good news; The 1955 Crispus Attucks, state basketball champs to be honored in the 500 Festival Parade.

  40. T. 4 left. 1 decommitted. 2 graduated early. 3 want to leave. 2 love playing for I.U. Not Moren. That leaves our 2 selfish players. Who knows about them. Maybe her new recruits will love playing for her but you are clueless.

  41. When I was a student, B-Town, whom I love dearly, was painfully boring. I couldn’t stand it. Instead, I ended up taking my classes pass/fail and then just road-tripping for the summer. I tried to drive as much of the lower 48 as I could with one caveat: I couldn’t drive on a single freeway. One of the greatest and most rewarding summers of my life. In fact, it changed everything for me.

  42. This website is for talking about basketball not religion. See post #39.

  43. DD,
    My roommate graduated after my junior year. We decided to take a motorcycle trip for a few weeks.

    It lasted for 6 months and set me back nearly a year toward graduation. I don’t recall setting tire upon a single divided highway. I had never been west of the Mississippi before that trip. It was glorious.

    We covered 17,000 miles of North America. As you said of your travels, it was a life changing experience. I was a 21 year old kid and my roomie was a 25 year old Marine (there are no ex-Marines).

    I passed the wanderlust on to my kids who never miss a chance to take of on a sojourn. My 23 year old daughter has lived on 4 continents.

    My wife has the same travel itch as I do. We just got back from a trip 5 days ago and we are ready to go again…and our home base is pretty nice

    I find that the attitudes of people on many subjects directly reflects how much they have lived away from their home port.

    As far as Bloomington, I never had any trouble finding plenty to entertain me during my time there but I probably turned over every rock to find it. That being said, I probably would not be a good fit in Indiana anymore.

  44. Yeah, I worked summers in Bloomington as an assistant manager for Wendy’s …This was back when we made homemade biscuits, made those square meat patties from fresh ground beef via a large pattying machine ….We had a kid from New York….His name was Phil. Best damn meat pattier I’ve ever seen…Seriously, he was the only guy that could run the machine nonstop, run the full large metal pan filled with about 20 stacks @ 15-high each(300 patties per pan) to the refrigerated walk-in, hustle back to the machine while never letting the machine stop its rhythm of clunky output, spitting out patties at a rate of one per second…He was like the Baryshnikov of my morning prep….You can sometimes see the world through the beauty a kid with a Bronx accent and a smile just killing it at his job like no other. His name was Phil. He was the King of the Meat Pattying Machine. Bloomington gave me Phil…I never knew Phil’s story…Maybe I should have asked him more about his life. Not sure how he ended up in Bloomington, but he was a light that made just about everyone around him appreciate doing any job with pride and art.

    Next up: Michelle. Michelle, another damn good worker, would strip down to her muscle shirt to do all the backroom duties and the washing of pots and pans my closing shifts. She was so genuine. Actually rather pretty and very smart too. Sexy as all hell…Could run registers…run dining room…grill, fries…You name it, Michelle could do it. If you were short-handed with staffing and got clobbered with huge onslaught of customers on a Little Five weekend, Michelle was that person you’d want to have on your shift to get through it…Maybe we’ll talk about Michelle another time. I know she was a student busting her ass to cover her college costs. Like Phil, one hell of a worker. How do they do it? How do they give so much on such a inconsiderate wage when nobody is watching?

    Athletes need to know more Phils…and Michelles They need to find faith in the quiet surroundings a place where true angels work with no need a podium or a personal news conference to find grace and goodness.

  45. I wonder if Tsao is alive….? Would love to tell him my recent tale of seeing Rick Bayless at Frontera Grill.

  46. Devin-

    Don’t sweat it…None of us our saints. …and all of us have done dumb as hell stuff. When I was 16-years-old, I was driving late at night down the streets of Chesterton with a large can of Hills Brothers coffee in the front passenger seat a ’65 Newport convertible….The coffee can was filled with homegrown and home-dried weed. Dried it in the crawlspace under the living room floorboards my parent’s home. It was well after midnight…Streets are pretty abandoned in Chesterton(especially as long ago my years of youth)…Headlights in your rearview mirror sorta catch your attention….In my rearview mirror on that night I had the coffee can full of weed(and likely a blood achohol number triple today’s legal limits) was a Chesterton cop…Followed me all the way down Broadway. Never pulled me over. Sometimes stupid luck for no stupid reason steps in to save a stupid ass from being treated like the only stupid and careless fool on the planet….or the “bad kid” serving under the flawless coach that identifies all the “wreckers” of the world.

  47. Everyone needs to know lots of Phils and Michelles.

    I spent a summer working as a cook in a Mexican restaurant at Opryland in Nashville, TN. Miserable job. It was hot and humid as hell outside and the kitchen was “open air”, meaning there was no ventilation and the door was left open. My spot was between the 400 degree ovens and the heated pass thrus. I don’t know what the temperature was but all the cooks repeated fell ill from the heat. It didn’t pay squat either.

    At the end of the day I got to go back to the crappy room in east Nashville I rented from a guitar player at the park. I don’t know how in the hell I ended up way down there just to work a rotten job.

    We did have a party once that Henry Gibson (remember him from ‘Laugh In?’) showed up at. Apparently he was in town filming a movie and must have been bored. I have no idea how he ended up at the party, though.

    On the up side of living down there, some (many actually) of the girls working there were really hot and I was a guy from somewhere else with a motorcycle. So, it wasn’t all bad.

    A decade later I married a girl from Tennessee. How about that?

  48. Chet, Harv, great stuff. Enjoyed reading the stories.

    Chet, just reading your description of your journeys, the sights, smells and sounds came back on my trips. You’re right, perspectives definitely change the more you get out. You become less certain and more comfortable with the deep complexities that life is. I’m driving through the Black Hills next week. Maybe I’ll ask Harv to send some of those burgers out to support our trip!

  49. That’s a great area. I’d never been there until a few years ago. If you get near Sundance, and if you’ve never been there, go see Devil’s Tower. There’s nothing else I know of quite like it.

    Best steak I ever had was in Sundance.

  50. Chet, good call. I’m booked to climb Devil’s Tower with a guide on Day 2. Definitely one of things I’ve been most looking forward to doing in a long time. I’ll celebrate with a steak in your honor afterwards!

  51. Cool.

    You’ll likely end up here without recommendations as there are probably 4 restaurants in town but I had a great steak at ARO Restaurant and a spectacular breakfast at Higbee’s. As I said, you’re probably staying in Sundance already and there aren’t many choices but I had good experiences at these place.

    Breakfast at Higbee’s story. My wife, yet another old IU roomie, and I were having breakfast at Higbee’s. Three big ‘ol petroleum cowboys were having breakfast at the only other occupied table. These boy were b.i.g. They would have put John Wayne in a highchair. All in the 50-60 range.

    Cowboy #1, “I hear they legalized gay marriage in California.”

    Cowboy #2, “Do you want to marry a boy or something?”

    Cowboy #1, “A’course not!”

    Cowboy #2, “Then what the hell do you care if they get married or not?”

    I spewed my biscuits and gravy out my nose and their whole table erupted in laughter.

    I love the west.

    Did you know the Sundance Kid got his nickname by escaping from the Sundance, WY, jail? They still have the tiny structure on display. You will see it.

  52. While I’m giving possibly undo credit, when leaving we stopped for gas at the edge of town. The station/convenience store, besides being incredibly clean, had fresh cut flowers in the bathroom.

    Who does that?

  53. We also used to hand-bread fresh chicken breasts at Wendy’s. Took a gentle rolling of the fist technique after dipping into a buttermilk mix and seasoned flour … Then on to the Henny Penny pressurized fryer. We could drop about a maximum of 18 breasts during very busy lunch rushes….Holding time was 30 minutes. Never open the fryer until the pressure gauge drops all the way to zero…I sometimes cheated by releasing the locking wheel(look sorta like the wheel on the door that seals off compartments inside the engine rooms, etc. a ship) timed precisely to the finishing timer/gauge….

    When I left Wendy’s, they were sadly eliminating breakfast, changing over to a pre-pattied beef that was delivered ready-to-grill, frozen pre-breaded chicken breasts, and healthier frying oils….Nothing like the old days when it was basically all homemade and fresh. Baked potatoes were popular. I would work up to 60 hours a week…often asked to open at 4:30 a.m. after working a closing the night before(sometimes not getting home until after 1:00 a.m.).. I’d get home smelling like meat fumes and oil…Would handwash my uniform in the sink and give it a pressing with an iron every day. I had to wear a light blue shirt, navy vest, navy pants, and same blue polyester tie…

    I think I was the best I’ll ever be working that job…It wasn’t because of the job…It was because the hope I carried around and pride I took in everything I did. Somewhere the losses just wore me down.

  54. harv,

    my first job out of college was wendy’s in walnut creek, ca. and i too showed up at 7am for parking lot duty followed by patty making. imagine a fast food restaurant grinding fresh slabs of beef every am into burgers. then flipping/rotating them down the grill and if they weren’t sold by the time they hit the end of the flat top they were dropped into a big pot for chili. after two weeks they sent me to “district headquarters” where they offered me an asst. mgr. job which meant a raise of ten cents an hr. the benefit for wendy’s was they could now keep me on the grill for 10 hours instead of 8 because “managers” did not have hour limits. i lasted another 3 days as “asst mgr”.

    also worked the “stacks” library on their grill. at 8pm all the students would start pouring in for burgers, tenderloins and fries. snl’s cheeseburger routine was a couple years before and i would mimick it by standing there nodding to whatever the order was for and then i would say “cheeseburger” and slap a burger on the flat top. when they corrected me i continued nodding and when they were done i would say “cheeseburger” again and slap another patty down. what fun.

    i would also wrap up frozen burgers and tenderloins and drop them in the trash and while wheeling it outside i would stop at the locker room and stuff in in my backpack and take it home at the end of the night on my ten speed so i would have something to eat.

    also did a year and a half at pagliai’s pizza and dreaded sunday night delivery with their $4.25 special of a large, one-item and 2-liter soda. a whole night would net about $5 in tips but a few bong hits and a shot or beer as a bonus. the boss, jeff, (not his real name…yes it was) would let us drink all the pitchers we could stand regardless of our age. otherwise he was a girl mauling pr–k.

    did a stint at hojo’s, too, where after being a phenom in the back, i was “promoted” to waiter. my first table i dumped an ice cream soda on an old lady’s lap by failing to adhere to the laws of physics.

    even lower, i washed dishes and bussed tables at a fraternity for free meals. what a sucker.

    harv, hope you track down your friend so he can “phil ‘n the blanks” for you. also the name of a new wave band from chicago i saw at second story during my punk rock days. anyone ever see “dow jones and the industrials” out of purdue. the greatest band ever!

  55. Wendy’s hired me in as a manager….The closest thing I know to hell is when they were shifting around managers and they sent me to work in Martinsville for a week..The franchise owner at the time had all the Bloomington Wendy’s ..Unfortunately, he also owned the Martinsville location..(It’s now a Starbucks). I did the Wendy’s gig for a couple years….putting my degree in Business to wonderful use while the gal eventually with the dreadful conclusion to spend most her life with me finished up a degree in some science field way over my head. The Wendy’s owner had big plans for me, but I foolishly took the easy route and returned to a pleading family wanting me back into a family business. …I worked all my life to be the good son.. and it sorta blew up in my face.

  56. To this day one of the best jobs I’ve ever had, and certainly the best employer, was at a car wash in Bloomington. I was one of one or two undergrads at an incredibly over educated car wash.

    Butch paid everyone very well, much of it on commission, and had a bunch of people, many of whom were completing their MBAs, making him quite a bit of money. Jobs were always filled by friends of current employees who were begging for them based on word of mouth and no one ever stole from him. At a time when the minimum wage was around $2.10/hr we probably averaged $5.00 or more. He would schedule us around our classes and, in the summer, put everyone who wanted it on full time working four ten hours days a week. It was freaking awesome. If anyone complained about an employee they had better be prepared for a very smart guy who would defend us to the hilt. We would walk through walls for the guy and he was extremely successful.

    He once knew I didn’t have money for tuition and just handed it to me in cash. I thanked him and said I pay him back as soon as I could and he just said, “I know.”

    If he took a week off he’d turn the business over to one of the dozen or so Kelley School of Business MBA candidates who worked for him. Pretty sweet.

    It was part of a spectacular business model that would later help me retire at a relatively young age. I have a couple very small ventures that I rarely have to deal with because their managers really, really like their gig. I’m sure I’m not squeezing every penny out of them but I sleep like a baby at night. I regret that I haven’t talked to my old boss in too many years but we did stay in touch for a long time. He’s a helluva guy.

  57. Chet,

    On your recommendation, we’re booked at ARO and hope I have enough room in my stomach for breakfast in the morning. I really appreciate the recommendations.

    I love vignette with the Cowboys. There would be no Brokeback there that day.

    Reminds me of being at a Wafflehouse-esque diner outside of Montgomery, AL. I was sitting at the counter and the old timer with the crow’s nests hiding dinosaur bones, smiling away reading the sports page leans over to me:

    Old Timer: fere neer verger nernenr neeeer nerr veeeer.

    Me: (staring)

    Old Timer: fere neer verger nernenr neeeer nerr veeeer deeeree ner.

    Me: (staring)

    Flo at the Counter: He says he can’t believe there is a woman on the front page of the sports section (It was a golfer that just won the LPGA US Open.

    Me: Oh? I don’t know if you are still translating, but tell him its better than them voting.

    I almost had to give him the Heimlich from him choking on his biscuits and gravy.

  58. Oh, the humble beginnings of such great men. …Currently thinking of a line in City Slickers delivered by Jack Palance…..”I crap bigger than you.” And most men without many stories tend to talk little and crap large.

  59. Chet, you lived in East Nashville ? No way. Next you’re going to tell me you lived in South Austin.

  60. I drove south of Austin in January if that helps. I was headed to Galveston and didn’t really spend any time in Austin. Austin was a lot more crowded than I had envisioned. Looked the same as Houston from my limited vantage point.

    My old Nashville digs were near the Trinity Lane exit off I-65. Just across Gallatin Road. It was a low income, ethnically diverse neighborhood. Really nice people.

    This was back before the Austin music scene really exploded and, from what I understand, overtook Nashville. Back in the ’70s half the people I met in Nashville were aspiring musicians. Everyone I met could play the guitar a thousand times better than I ever will.

  61. anyone know anything about lakeland fl? leaving this frozen wasteland for there.

  62. Yeah Austin is a lot bigger now then when I lived there (80 to 89). My wife loves East Nashville but she is the artist type. It’s just over an hour drive for us.

  63. coachv,
    I don’t know much about the area except for Tarpon Spings to the north of Tampa. It’s kinda neat. It has, to the best of my knowledge, the last sponge fishing fleet in our part of the world. Most signs, menus, etc., are written in Greek and English. Very Greek centric town. I liked it.

    There used to be a great Greek restaurant called Louis Pappas in Tarpon Spings. My parents went there on their honeymoon in the 1940s. I first went there when I was 10 and have been several times since. I think they have expanded and might have a location in Lakeland.

    I don’t go much south of the Panhandle anymore. I’m not good with crowds of people or lines or any of that kinda of thing. The middle of nowhere works better for me. Probably to the world’s benefit.

    Good luck on your move. Hope you like it.

  64. Just bought a place 60 miles north of Lakeland. Lakeland is a nice area but too busy for me. Sure beats a frozen wasteland.

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