Friday’s live chat transcript

QUESTION: MODERATOR: Good morning, and welcome to today’s IU sports chat. Thanks for being here. Let’s get this first chat in May under way, shall we?
Mike, Andy, Jeremy: How are you tonight? Are you ready to get started?

JEREMY: The first of May, huh? Let’s take a break from dancing around the Maypole for a little chat on this May Day.

MIKE: Morning, everybody. Not much on the schedule today, aside from draft stuff later. Tevin Coleman is expected to be picked tonight, and I wouldn’t be shocked to see Bobby Richardson go, either. Let’s chat.

ANDY: May day! (not a distress signal, in this instance) And time to chat.

QUESTION: Why are we not knowing where the scholarship is coming from for recruit Bryant ? IU is a public institution and taxpayer supported. I personally want transparency in everything, including my sports teams. Plus, is there a date the rosters have to be settled ? NCAA mandated.
Thank you.
Terry H., Bloomington

JEREMY: Terry,
Recalling from the Ron Patterson situation a few years back, the rosters simply have to be at the scholarship limit by the time school starts in August, so there is plenty of time to sort this one out, and with the end of the semester around the corner, it will probably be sooner than later.
While I’m thinking out loud, I suppose the situation with Devin Davis bears watching too, because if doctors aren’t satisfied with where he is at the end of the summer, he could be a medical hardship waiver candidate.

MIKE: Hey Terry,
I, too, endorse transparency. I also understand the need to be patient. The semester ends within the next week, so if we don’t hear something soon — maybe the next 10-14 days or so? — then I would be concerned. They don’t have to have the roster set until the fall semester begins so, I mean, this could also play out over the summer. That, of course, would not be ideal for a number of reasons, so my best guess is that something comes out relatively soon.

ANDY: Terry H:
Yes, there are NCAA-mandated dates when rosters have to be settled, but I believe it’s months away for men’s basketball. And while I’m a journalist and therefore endorse transparency and the public’s right to know, I also understand there are some limitations to that, even with public institutions. Nobody is going to be successfully suing IU to gain info on a student scholarship situation that might not even be resolved yet. And we’ll likely know the resolution sometime soon, once the semester ends, anyhow.
I might also note just as an aside that IU, like so many public universities across the country, is far less tax-supported than it once was in terms of percentages. When I was in school, back in the mid-to-late 1970s, funding from the Indiana General Assembly accounted for almost half of IU’s total operating budget, according to a conversation I had with the late John Ryan (IU’s president at the time). He said it was consistently the 40s, in terms of percentiles. Now I think that percentage is in the low teens and dropping. Which is probably why we see so much emphasis on private fund-raising these days.

QUESTION: Now that Yogi has announced he is coming back, it seems like the key to next year is to bring in a defensive guru. Any chatter on who IU is looking at to fill out the coaching staff? Certainly having some size in the middle will help but the lack of basic defensive effort was alarming and it didn’t seem like current coaches had the answers.
WineCountry, Sonoma

JEREMY: WineCountry,
I’m not completely discounting a defensive guru or coordinator, but from the sound of things during our recent press conferences with Tom Crean, he already has an idea of where things are headed defensively. That seems to be a two-part proposition based largely on having more depth and versatility: (1) Playing with the kind of passion and intensity that suddenly showed up against Northwestern in the Big Ten Tournament last year; (2) Using more pressure, whether that’s fullcourt or halfcourt or 3/4-court to create turnovers while having a Thomas Bryant as a rim protector in those situations.
I would applaud both of those things, but it’s just as much, if not more, on Yogi, Blackmon and Johnson to be better perimeter defenders and not allow opposing guards to get in the lane so easily.

MIKE: Hey WineCountry,
I don’t have names, per se, but my read on the situation is that Crean already kind of has a feel for what he wants to do defensively. So I’m not sure he’s looking strictly at bringing in a guy — a defensive whisperer — to radically change things. He went into detail last week about playing schematically different on that side of the floor, about having the ability to press more like they did against Northwestern in the Big Ten tournament. Whether he and the current members of his staff can coach that, I’m undecided and, frankly, skeptical. But you’re right, no matter what kind of defensive philosophies they wish to employ with the current roster, the guards up top have to do a much, much better job of simply grasping some of the basics on that side of the floor.

ANDY: WineCountry:
I’ll defer to Jeremy and Mike on this one, since they keep closer tabs on the intricacies of the men’s hoops program, other than to say I haven’t heard any names seriously floated as yet.

QUESTION: Realistically, what should the expectations be for IUBB’s upcoming season? And if the team doesn’t meet those expectations, should and will Tom Crean be fired?
Shooby Fims, Bloomington

JEREMY: Shooby,
Great question, because the words realistic and expectations don’t seem to co-exist in the IU basketball vocabulary. Let’s put it this way — this was a team that was between No. 36 and No. 40 last year based on its seeding for the NCAA Tournament. It returns almost all significant contributors and adds a significant contributor in Thomas Bryant, along with some depth in Juwan Morgan and OG Anunoby. Is that enough to jump 25 spots into the top 15?
Perhaps by the end of the 2015-16 season, it is. But you’ll need some of the typical growth from freshman to sophomore and sophomore to junior seasons, you’ll need somebody to step up and be better than expected and you’ll need a marked improvement on the defensive end of the floor. That doesn’t include recalibrating the chemistry of a team where a couple of guys may well go from starters last year to coming off the bench this year.
Don’t take that as pouring a bucket of cold water on the season. It’s just that being realistic means realizing success isn’t guaranteed and doesn’t come easy. The potential is certainly there for an outstanding season — top four in the Big Ten, Sweet Sixteen in the NCAA seems a fair expectation, though that may be far closer to the ceiling than the floor.

So if IU finishes sixth in the Big Ten and wins one game in the NCAA Tournament, should and will Tom Crean be fired? Yes and probably, although you never know what kind of extenuating circumstances can take shape during a season, be it injuries or whatever. There are a lot of things that can happen on the court, off the court, with the roster, with the coaching staff — you name it, it’s all on the table in the next 6-10 months. After that, we’ll see where things stand.

MIKE: Hey Shooby,
As long as everyone stays healthy, and as long as Thomas Bryant fits the great hype, I think Sweet 16 and a top three finish in the conference should absolutely be the baseline expectations. My palms get sweaty just typing that — THE HEAT IS ON! But seriously, Tom Crean is going to be under a tremendous amount of pressure to get them just to those checkpoints. Even then, a loss in the Sweet 16 and anything short of a conference title already seems like it’s going to disappoint a lot of folks. Rightfully so, I might add. A lot happens during the course of the season, so I kind of want to judge the trajectory of the year before I say one way or another whether Crean ought to go should he not fulfill those expectations. But another part of me says it’s going to be tough to justify keeping him around if IU can’t author a markedly better season. With this year’s roster, I don’t know how the extreme highs and lows of last season can be justified again. Yes, they’ll rely heavily on a freshman like Thomas Bryant, who will naturally need to find his way over the physical roadblocks of early-to-mid February, but I venture to say this could very well end up as the most talented roster he’s had at any point in his career. At some point, you have to deliver.

It’s a very balanced roster, on paper, and expectations should be high. If the Hoosiers improve defensively, they should be very competitive in the conference, but fans these days seem to predicate almost all of their ultimate evaluation on how well teams do in March, and we’re a long way from next March.
The B1G remains very formidable, top to bottom, but I think it’s reasonable to think Indiana should fit somewhere in the top four or so. Maryland, Michigan, Purdue, Michigan State — and Bo always seems to find a way with Bucky — and others will have something to say about how well the Hoosiers ultimately do. There always seems to be a surprise team or two, as well. Illinois will be interesting, for example.

I think a lot of factors could come into play. Just to cite one, much might depend upon how good Thomas Bryant really is — and that could be very good, indeed. But like any freshman, he’s going to have to adjust to a more physical, faster game, and get through a very long grind of a season. And the makeup of the team is interesting in that it almost compels the coaches to put more conventional 1-5 lineups on the floor, rather than the makeup of last year’s team, which compelled a more unconventional approach that accentuated guard-heavy lineups.

As for the coach, sure, it’s another very important season. The heat will be on. The scrutiny will be intense. But he’s got a lot more ammunition in the arsenal this season. Going to be a really interesting and potentially memorable season. So it’s perhaps time for some folks to put away the torches and pitchforks for a while and see what develops first.

QUESTION: 1. I worry about with basketball things being to good to be true right now. The last month everything has just gone to perfect and I fear with Murphy’s law everything will catch up in a bad way. I have never seen stars align so much in an offseason for IU.
2. Looks like Nick Ramos was out indeed close to the 8 weeks that the guy on the message board reported.
What concerns me is this same person said the players are not connecting with the coaches and a particular coach isn’t well liked (I won’t say who because its just a rumor but its on peegs’ baseball message board). This guys has proven credible in the past and seems to be well plugged in with program (he has known a couple other tidbits to that were not important really but related to program).
If this is the case Fred Glass really really needs to to re evaluate who hes is hiring as coaches. I think he does a great job running the department but his ability to hire coaches is very much questionable. I’m not going to pan him but its very much a wait and see with Moren, Wilson, Lemonis and Berbary. The only coach he got mostly right is Todd Yeagley but not sure how much of that was Glass and how much he was pushed by dad Jerry Yeagley. In general i’m not a fan of Fred Glass continually hiring coaches with no head coaching experience (Wilson, Lemonis, Berbary) before they get to IU.
Darren, Martinsville

JEREMY: Darren,
1. I would be worried if you weren’t worried about something. You’re right that about the last month going just about as perfectly as possible with the addition of Thomas Bryant and the lack of overly ambitious departures for the NBA Draft. But the actual season is still six months away, so just enjoy it for now.
2. I can’t speak to baseball specifically, particularly message board rumors, but of the four coaches you listed, three are in their first or second year. So it’s a little early to make broad, sweeping judgments on the long-term prospects, but in the short-term present, some of these transitions have obviously not been smooth.
I will address soccer, since you mentioned it. Unlike some others, Berbary found immediate success in her first year with women’s soccer, reaching the NCAA tourney and winning a game there with a team that had some veteran pieces in place. The second year was a step back, but also part of a larger reboot with youth and style of play. It’s just my opinion, but from what I’ve seen and heard, it would be surprising if things didn’t start trending in a positive direction sooner than later.
Sort of similar to Todd Yeagley on the men’s side, who won a Big Ten title in his first season, then two years later the national title and now three more years later has what I would say is the most depth/talent an IU soccer team has seen in a decade.

MIKE: Hey Darren,
Whether the stars have aligned, or everything is following some sort of plan, things are indeed amazingly positive on 17th street compared to where we were a month and a half ago. Still awaiting word on what the next roster move will be, so the off-season is far from over.
You’re right that it’s a wait-and-see period for three of those four coaches. I’d also gently remind folks that Moren, Lemonis and Berbary are all in their first or second years. I would also completely give fans the right to voice their displeasure in baseball’s slide. I don’t know that anyone truly expected them to host a regional, but no one really thought they’d be fighting down to the wire for a conference tournament berth either. Coaching transitions are difficult on all involved, so I prefer to let a few seasons play out, to evaluate recruiting and to look at the big picture before making sweeping generalizations. Obviously, the Moren situation was wholly unique, while Lemonis inherited a team that lost three or four of the best players the program has ever seen. I think you can fault Lemonis and his staff for some of the strategic baseball blunders that this team can’t seem to master, but the power/offensive numbers lost with the departures of Schwarber, Travis and DeMuth, along with the reliability of a Friday starter like DeNato seems to comprise the difference with this team. You couple that with staff transition, and maybe it shouldn’t be so shocking. But I understand your larger point, Darren.

With Wilson, we’re at the point where this season pretty much has to be make or break, right? Extenuating circumstances can always seep in, but most people — myself included — have been pointing to 2015 as the year when excuses and rebuilding talk won’t cut it anymore. On the other side, although Wilson was indeed a first-year coach, I think he’s done a pretty nice job of building this program into something better than the one he inherited. When you look at the programs that are usually in position to be successful — inside and outside of the Big Ten — they’re typically the ones that have an established foundation of talent on the offensive and defensive lines. That’s really, really hard to do, and it is absolutely part of the deal when we talk about what separates the mediocre programs from the successful ones. I think retaining Greg Frey for as long as he has is a very good sign of the program’s overall health for a couple reasons. Frey, who is by all accounts one of the best offensive line coaches around, feels comfortable enough building something in Bloomington. Also, the department shows a willingness to invest in Frey, who is the third-highest paid assistant coach in IU athletics (Knorr and Johns are just ahead of him). So there are always different things to consider, but I’m not ready to sound the alarms on any of those coaches, or Glass’ overall hiring record just yet.

ANDY: Darren:
1. Don’t worry. Be happy. (not the sort of song I would normally quote but, hey, it seemed to fit.)

2. Again, any coaching transition is liable to have a few bumps in the road, for whole hots of reasons that aren’t necessarily an indictment of those involved. Approaches are going to alter. Different sets of eyes are going to evaluate players differently. Personalities are different. Chemistry changes when different elements are placed into the mix. It’s just how it is. So I wouldn’t necessarily put too much stock into “a certain coach is disliked” or “the players aren’t connecting with the coaches” sorts of rumors, especially when the team is experiencing a funk in terms of on-field results. Folks are gonna be a bit grumpy. I think fans, especially in this instant-gratification age, tend to be far too quick to judge new coaches. I think, for example, Wilson got off to a tough start. And he might not ultimately succeed in turning the program around. But I sense people inside and around the IU football program are now very happy he’s here. That wasn’t necessarily the case his first year in Bloomington. Some things take a while to develop, team chemistry included.

QUESTION: MODERATOR: That’s all the time we have for today’s chat. Thanks for being here and be sure to follow IU sports at the Hoosier Scoop app and blog.
Thanks for the time, Andy, Mike and Jeremy. What else should we know as we inch closer to the weekend?

JEREMY: It’s pretty much all about the NFL Draft this weekend, with Tevin Coleman almost certainly going tonight and several other Hoosiers looking to find a professional home tonight or Saturday. We’ll have it all covered as it happens. Thanks for chatting!

MIKE: Barring any breaking news in any of the other sports, it’s a football weekend for me. As mentioned earlier, Tevin Coleman is expected to be selected tonight when ESPN airs the second and third rounds of the NFL Draft beginning at 7 p.m. Bobby Richardson could also go tonight, but I’d guess he’s probably more likely to find his next destination during Saturday’s staging of rounds four through seven. We’ll keep an eye on Collin Rahrig, Shane Wynn and a couple others who have a chance to go to mini camp, so stay tuned to the Scoop all weekend as news breaks. Thanks for checking in, everybody. See you next week.

ANDY: Should be a great weekend of weather here locally, so hope folks get a chance to enjoy that. Baseball Hoosiers have a massively important series at Maryland. We’re heading into a less active period in terms of public profile, for men’s basketball and football. But that doesn’t mean there won’t be news. Recruiting, for one thing, never really ends. Thanks to all who checked in and/or chatted.


  1. Completely disagree with the premise any “heat” will be on Tom Crean if the Hoosiers don’t reach a Sweet 16 next season. L-U-D-I-C-R-O-U-S. HT has a bunch of Establishment troublemakers.

    You simply can’t fire a coach that keeps landing top recruits from within and outside Indiana. And is it his fault that so many that come in promising desires to reach for banners jump when the NBA comes calling? If Vonleh stays we likely go deep last season…If Cody stays like the center from Wisconsin, Crean has his national championship already. And if Davis wasn’t in the freak accident, we likely have the depth and inside resistance to get past Wichita State(even with the total disruption of Fischer transferring and Vonleh jumping to the NBA like a fool).. And, anyhow, once you get past the early rounds, anything can happen(somewhat dependent on brackets, of course…see MSU).
    People think Shaka Smart is a great coach…Blah…blah…blah. Look at the substandard results he’s had of late….Virginia…fizzled….Gonzaga…fizzled…Can you say overrated? All these supposed great coaches, but where are their banners? I’ll tell you where…In the make believe world that makes you think Tom Crean isn’t a good coach. Where are their Final Fours? Oops..Don’t see any.

    The measure of a program is the talent it can attract. Does IU Football attract top talent? Nope. Crean has an ability to keep IU relevant because he knows how to recruit and he knows how to get young talented men prepared for the NBA…And he gets them on the track for a DEGREE. and I’m not talking antiperspirant. And CBS and ESPN like to have him on their programs to offer commentary. Why do they have him on TV if he didn’t have a great mind for the game? Duh.

    It would be a momentous mistake to let go of a coach that can recruit and talk up Indiana like Tom Crean. And don’t we already have strong interest from the youngest Gordon? So many things go into deciding the outcome of a contest…Scoop’s highly respect b-ball aficionado, Geoff of Maine, has often pointed out the many times refs have taken away victories….But refs can’t take away recruits…And you can’t win without talent. Crean is on the cusp…He had to recruit Cody because the fan base so the in-state hero as a must…Tom Crean would have landed higher level talent if the home state fans wouldn’t have demanded kids like Cody, Jordy, and other mechanical ballers of the corn. Now Tom Crean is landing the talent level that he always knew he was capable. Winning the big games is right around the corner..You just wait and see..

    Is this all I need to say? Will you take the shock paddles off my temples now? Thanks.

  2. Thanks…It’s about time somebody truly stands up for Crean instead of slithering around like snakes to quietly undermine him(while so honorably supporting his personal rights to express his personal beliefs)…because we can’t afford his buyout. I only wish Crean would personally express his beliefs by asking where this program would be if he hadn’t rescued it. I firmly believe we should honor every year his remaining contract. It’s the right thing to do. How can you expect to keep attracting talent when your holding ultimatums of Sweet 16’s like a gun to the head? It’s silly and it’s wrong. Have some damn honor. Don’t measure a man by his battles lost..Measure him by his conviction to press on because you walk hand in hand in trust.

  3. Thanks. It’s a new day. All these experts on here acting like they’re better coaches than Tom Crean. Think it’s easy? Go get his job, blowbags. Send in your resume from the YMCA of Portland.

  4. It’s just a sign of the times in this country….The only thing we know how to manufacture in this country anymore is negativity. Call me old-fashioned., I guess. Did you read a lot of that “ultimatum” garbage in the LiveChat..? If there was a negativity factory, our unemployment rate would be zero.

  5. But I’m not going to turn this negative by talking of negativity ….Support this coach because he loves the candy stripes. At the end of the day, that’s all it’s really about. And I trust the young men that come to Indiana that believe in his ability.

  6. Harvard,

    I thought I read where Gordon didn’t have us in his list, but maybe I’m confused with another player.

    1. Gordon told Fort Wayne’s Pete DiPrimio last week his top three were Butler, Notre Dame and Arizona State. Didn’t rule Indiana out, but I think he was just being polite.

  7. Guess he doesn’t want to play in front of the best fans in the country. I’m not worried. Indiana is looking very strong again. He may revise that list very soon once he sees how our 2015-16 squad breaks into the top-10 after the first month the season…..Crean won’t hesitate to have a plan B if the time and need arises. I didn’t intend to make this about a kid that has a right to play wherever his heart desires. Would I like him at iU? Of course. Am I confident our coach can reel in someone that could be just as good if not better? Of course x 2..

  8. According to Inside the Hall, De’Ron Davis is supposed to be very interested in Indiana.. Plenty of talent out there. And Bryant might just be the force that opens floodgates of even more positive recruiting momentum …I don’t think we can underestimate how this helps Crean three…four years down the road..

  9. Why so negative on Harvard Chet? Did Vietnam scramble your brains that bad?

  10. Jeremy Price: ‘So if IU finishes sixth in the Big Ten and wins one game in the NCAA Tournament, should and will Tom Crean be fired? Yes and probably, although you never know what kind of extenuating circumstances can take shape during a season, be it injuries or whatever.”

    Chet- What do you think? Do you agree with such a bleak outlook for Tom Crean if IU only wins one game in the NCAA tournament? Gosh…I’m reminded of the many comments on Scoop from those that were around during the Knight years…They told of his many droughts droughts in winning that many just choose to ignore, and first round exits…This happened to one of the best to ever coach the game.

    It just seems ludicrous to start assembling the wood for a “fire Tom Crean” bonfire of doubt for a coach who had three players that passed on the NBA(JBJ, Yogi, Troy Williams) and has a post player coming that will likely be a superstar at the next level in five years. Loved Guy-Marc Michel…Unfair that we didn’t get to see what Tom Crean could and should have been allowed to do with Guy. Hated to see Peter Jurkin and Jeremiah April not be able to keep pace with a coach’s plans for their talent development curve…It’s a facet of college basketball that I’m sure they all understood…As parents, we all want the best for our kids..Sports is no different…Sometimes we have to accept that their is a ceiling and, though Tom tried his sincere best to raise that ceiling, these young men just couldn’t cut the grade at Indiana….

    But now we have true momentum and you have to allow a coach building true respect around the conference and outside the conference(only a couple months ago, John Calipari identified Tom Crean as a realistic candidate for Coach of the Year honors) to coach without the barrels a shotgun of early exits or a buyout dangled above his head. When coaches that have the talent and genius to assemble Final Four teams are identifying our coach as someone they truly admire for a job well done, shouldn’t we get the cotton out of ears instead bonfire building?

    Lastly, I quiver a bit when journalists are talking of firing coaches under any circumstances they see as fitting scenario for just cause… That’s like allowing someone that builds model airplanes to inspect your jet and tell you it’s safe to fly. Nothing against model airplane developers, but the blueprints of mini proportions are much safer to afford careless conclusions while flying things off the tongue rather than the truth a man’s hard-earned career and livelihood off a runway of some random expectations deemed fitting by the toy developer….

    Anyway…phew…Long story short. I think Indiana is no different than much the national culture…We simply expect success to be as fast as googling some quick grotesque desire our darker inner sins satisfied(e.g. a rumor about somebody we want to tear down)…So much immediate satisfaction right at our fingertips for bonfires

    How’s mountain life? Here’s wishing Jeremiah April well too..He did his best, but life is always a quest.. Nobody at fault…Sometimes you just get buried in the sand.

  11. oops…[there] is a ceiling.. Got to drop at least one right there/their/they’re bomb for Tsao.

  12. Harv,
    Who knows? When have we not had some sort of extenuating circumstances? I’ve long since given up on trying to determine where, and if, a line in the sand should be drawn. They pay people lots of money to make that determination and they almost never call me anymore and ask my opinion. I’m sure there is a ton of information that I am not privy to. I just try to enjoy the product that is put out there, root for the kids (and they are kids as far as I’m concerned), and I never lose sleep about any of it.

    Do I think the Hoosiers are well coached? Well, I don’t understand the logic behind much of what I see on the court but, then, I’m not paid millions of dollars as a basketball coach. There’s an outside chance that my decades of watching the game may not have left me with a fully complete education on the topic. Some apparent schematic flaws jump right out at me but, hey, maybe I’m wrong.

    Do I think the Hoosiers will be an good next season? Well, they should be shouldn’t they? They certainly have a lot of good basketball players and that is all on CTC. He put this team together.

    Do I think we should be satisfied with a Sweet Sixteen run or less? That is something each fan will have to make a personal decision about. I’m pretty sure that a third place finish in the B1G and a first round win in the Big Dance is not going to silence any critics.

    I must say I’m impressed how your little novella of sarcasm seems to be completely flying over the collective heads of the Scoop.

    Well done.

  13. Wow. Chet went into detail instead of the boring one liners that nobody cares about. Thsts something to be impressed about.

  14. Chet-

    I’m confident that my decades of playing basketball(and many more watching) leaves me very assured that the product Tom Crean’s teams bring to the floor is as exceptional as recognized by John Calipari’s words for our fine coach.

    I’m often disappointed when teams fall short of deep runs we all wish, but I also feel we’re overly influenced by the few with the time and means(as in journalists that can slither in the criticism or, possibly, slightly jealous/cynical YMCA coaches that are more angry at the product because they have not reached the pinnacle of a career in the manner a great coach like Tom Crean) to voice doses of heavy criticism as if it’s the sea of dissent actually not present.

    Ripples in the water from drops of jealousy can soon turn into tidal waves of agendas and manufactured calls for heads from those with really very little expertise.

    If a coach continues to attract very high level talent to a place that was so deeply decimated as Indiana, it’s hard for me to listen to the “experts” that say he’s not as good as a Final Four coach, John Calipari, declares him to be. Do I listen to the YMCA experts(guys that never played the game at this level and coach their buddies to deep runs in pick-up leagues at a YMCA in Newfoundland) that type into these boxes or an established coach that is demonstrating he can coach teams to undefeated seasons that rival things Bob Knight was once doing in the heyday his IU Hall of Fame career?

    Many teams get upset and topple to lesser squads…It happens..It’s what I love about the game(except when it happens to us)…It hurts when it’s our boys with the preseason #1 that come across that team that can’t miss for 40 minutes….But the bottom line is talent. Are you getting the talent? I’m amazed this program could even be resuscitated. I’m not sure what Tom Crean tells a prospect/recruit in a living room after druggies and flunkies have ruined Indiana, but I do know we put out the flames of kids like Finkelmeier and Danny Moore when give up on a coach simply because a team falls short of prognosticators expectations. Do you ax a coach that did what no other basketball coach could do after the drug lords that were running IU Basketball only 8 years ago? I have a hard time shortening that contract or buying it out as if Tom Crean is some kind of failure. Do we leave that negative stain on Indiana again? I believe Tom Crean deserves better of Indiana especially considering the kids of high caliber character and talent that miraculously wear the candy stripes once again. . It’s nothing short a miracle that young men of sound principles put their trust in that uniform so recently “wrecked” and desecrated. Don’t get me wrong…I don’t blame the kids that didn’t have the right example a man like Crean that could be that father figure on and off the court.

  15. Sarcasm? I didn’t catch your last sentence before I wrote my heartfelt response and support for Tom Crean. …Not sure what that means unless you have me confused with Podunker(the guy whose friends say, “When did IU get a football team?). You’ve been absent for a while….so I won’t judge your misconceptions too harshly.

  16. And if we land Thon Maker, I’ll gladly be the first to advocate an extension for Tom Crean through, at minimum, the year 2020. His vision for rebuilding Indiana from EJ bankshots and charcoal dust has been nothing short of Hugh ‘Downs’ Kellenberger’s 20/20 vision that built HT into what it is today. And how long is too long before we start recognizing prayers that were answered with a bit of long term job security rather than this constant and petty undermining built on sharpening an ax instead our collective IQ lost to silly ultimatums like “what if he doesn’t get to this round” ….? Indiana Basketball under Sampson was the Pompeii of a 3-way volcano erupted with force that could have left us buried for centuries.. …Tom Crean stood in front of that lava wall and didn’t allow the Establishment to write our death certificate. Now we want to buy out his contract if we somehow get upset by a team like a Davidson with a Steph Curry draining every shot…? Maybe that’s what some YMCA coaches cynical world of judgments might think is just, but it just doesn’t feel built on hope now restored…And why is that hope restored?

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