Indiana homecoming set for Oct. 17 vs. Rutgers #iufb

Homecoming at Indiana will be Saturday, Oct. 17 against Rutgers, coach Kevin Wilson announced Thursday.

It will be a 3:30 p.m. kickoff.


  1. Jeremy. USA Today. or Yesterday. Or maybe the day Before, had an article ranking college sports expenses, revenue and amount of subsidy required. Ohio State, Michigan, Alabama heading the list with generated revenue and 0 subsidy. So would guess football is the money maker? IU somewhere around 40 or so, $80 some thousand generated $ spent with $3,000 subsidy. Have not been able to find the story. Numbers sound right to you?

  2. Thanks Jeremy. Interesting numbers. Rutgers looking bad. And schools that increase the student athletic fees confusing. Scholarship does not include student fees?

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