IU receiver Isaac Griffith arrested on OWI charges #iufb

Isaac Griffith (Courtesy Monroe County Jail)
The mugshot of Isaac Griffith during his booking into the Monroe County Jail on Saturday morning. Courtesy photo
Indiana University sophomore receiver Isaac Griffith was arrested early Saturday morning by IU police on preliminary charges of illegal consumption, operating a vehicle while intoxicated with a blood-alcohol content of 0.08 and endangerment.

Griffith, 20, was booked into Monroe County Jail at 5 a.m. Saturday morning and released at 10 a.m. His bond was set at $500 cash, $1,000 surety. An Indiana spokesman said Saturday afternoon that the football program is aware of the arrest and is currently gathering more facts.

According to IUPD spokesperson Lt. W. Craig Munroe, Griffith was stopped near 19th and Dunn streets at 3:54 a.m. Saturday. Griffith’s vehicle was heading northbound on Dunn with its high beams on, Munroe said. Officers observed another vehicle flash its high beams on and off to try and get Griffith to turn his lights to low, Munroe said, but Griffith did not respond.

According to Munroe, officers pulled Griffith over and detected an odor of alcohol. Officers administered a field sobriety test and asked Griffith if he would perform a breath test. Munroe said Griffith agreed and, based on those results, he was arrested.

Griffith nearly drowned while on spring break in Sarasota, Fla. on March 17, 2014 when a rip-current pulled him too far from the shore. IU teammates Nick Stoner and Ty Smith, along with another friend, Mitch McCune, helped rescue him from the water.

Griffith was briefly placed into a medically induced coma before he was discharged from Sarasota Memorial Hospital on March 23. Doctors said they expected Griffith to make a full recovery.

Last season, he appeared in games against Indiana State and Ohio State, and earned scout team honors for his work leading into the Maryland game in late September.

It is the second arrest for an IU football player this off-season. Defensive lineman Ralph Green III was arrested April 19 on a preliminary charge of misdemeanor battery after allegedly slapping a 20-year-old woman in the face. Green was also preliminarily charged with public intoxication and disorderly conduct.


  1. Griffith nearly drowned while on spring break in Sarasota, Fla. on March 17, 2014 when a rip-current pulled him too far from the shore. IU teammates Nick Stoner and Ty Smith, along with another friend, Mitch McCune, helped rescue him from the water.

    Wow…just…wow. Careless disregard for the preciousness of everything extra granted. Just plain sad.

  2. I agree with Harvard. Life is just so precious. What does it take before the lightbulb comes on?

    IU clearly has a problem with alcohol use. Maybe it’s always been like this & Internet simply shines a light on it, or we fans are informed more of these type incidences. Did i drink at IU, heck yeah! But I can say I didn’t abuse it, I didn’t drink & drive, I wasn’t on a full ride scholarship & and i definitely never damn near killed myself drowning. This young man has been given a tremendous 2nd chance at life. Sad he’s not appreciated what he received. Hopefully, this is a minor setback and he wakes up to reality. Young man has God given speed and talent, and an opportunity to utilize those gifts to play college football & receive a great education. I would have loved to have had that type speed or talent allowing me the opportunity to play college football. This young man appears to be making poor choices. I hope he wakes up before its all squandered.

  3. Wolfer – – no IU has no problem with alcohol…..Alcohol and drugs or just the way of the world and society now a days….do college kids drink, for sure!!! The question we should be asking is why are there so many DUI and other drinking related problems….because it is Big business for college towns…..on any given Friday or Saturday night there are 10-20 drinking (DWI,DUI, etc.) relate crimes or issues…the lawyers and court systems make a fortune….It is no different at any small (midwestern) college town…..It is just more noticeable now that we have the Internet (social media)….i am sure the same amount of drinking related issues happen when you where in college also….but they where less publicize (most students didn’t have cars on campus then, like today).

  4. Here’s a booze sun.. Here are all the planets rotating around booze. Here are the oceans of booze we crossed when the New World was discovered….Here/s the booze we gave to the first Native Americans before they ever leaned how to shove gunpowder into a rifle …We gave the Native Americans six bottles of booze. They gave us their land. And from corn came booze and many a Happy Thanksgiving. Hurray booze! Here’s my kid at college having booze pumped into the rectum so it shoots like a rocket into the bloodstream and finds the neurons a drowning booze brain. Why didn’t I think of this? I didn’t know my butt had taste buds.. Here’s the liquor stores we gave the same nickname as our Hoosier sports teams. They play like sh___ lately so I guess it’s fitting the booze goes how the team shows. Does this mean our sports teams are endorsed by booze stores…..? GO BIG BOOZE STORE! Problem with booze? We don’t have a problem with booze.

  5. Couldn’t agree with you more, Harv. In my opinion– and hopefully that of the vast majority of people– and OWI offense is far worse than smoking some doob in a dorm room. Certainly more dangerous. But the root problem is no less concerning. What does it take for people– in this case, Griffith and Davis– to realize that a second chance at life is precious and they should make the best of it?

    College kids are invincible. We all know that. Or at least we knew that when we were in college. Or high school. Or pretty much any year before about the age of about 23-26…

    But how many of us actually survive life threatening situations and come out none the wiser? Probably too many.

  6. “IU clearly has a problem with alcohol use.” Relative to what? Relative to other Universities? That’s a joke, right? Relative to the past? No way. College students have been partying with alcohol for many, many decades, dating back at least to the post WWII surge in college admissions. What IU and Bloomington may have is a police force that is good at spotting people potentially driving under the influence, which probably saves a lot of lives. What IU has is a lot of students with cars, who decades earlier may have had to walk home from a party under the influence instead of driving to their off-campus residence. What IU does not have is a unique problem. Unfortunately, it has become the norm in college towns and college campuses.

    My guess is that this young man did not believe he was over the limit. But regardless, he’s going to learn a very expensive and painful lesson from his decision to drive after consuming alcohol. It could have been much worse.

  7. Oh by the way, on the subject of football, has anyone noticed that five Michigan football players have transferred since Jim Harbaugh became head coach? Most recently, a fifth-year senior All Big Ten HM cornerback with 30 starts announced his transfer to Auburn. I wonder if any Michigan fans have begun accusing Harbaugh of running his players off the team? I wonder if “Harbaughing” will become a new verb around the state of Michigan? I wonder if some fans have begun calling for Harbaugh’s cruel and cynical manipulation of these innocent and helpless young men to stop?

  8. I wonder if you’re realizing a football team has over 60 players and that’s equates to about 8% transfer/shoved out . I wonder if you realize you’re comparing apples and oranges(Crean being the orange) To match Creaning, Jim Harblah..blah…blah would require about 25-30 players to “voluntarily” leave(somewhere between 40-50% his roster). Basketball coaches only have to manage a roster of 13 scholarship players…Crean could be having trouble with that big number because he can only count to 10 with two very busy clapping hands.

  9. To expand on this a little more Po it is because there is only 13 scholarships available a BB coach has to be more meticulous in managing personnel using recruiting, over recruiting and replacing than a FB coach who most likely is 3-4 deep with many who can crossover or will/can be moved to a new position. Imagine a center and a SG swapping spots for a season. Not what H4H will like reading but it is the way it is and does draw some short term looks at Harbaugh.

  10. Crean’s coaching(if never to discussed in relation to his seedy practices of pushing off players he brought in while in desertion mode..e.g. Jeremiah April) should never, absolutely never, be shared with the word “meticulous.”

    And to expand upon Clarion’s superb ideas, Coach K didn’t even need all his scholarships last season. He meticulously managed to use less than 13 to somehow win a championship. Can you imagine? Tom Crean was born to distract, make excuses, push, shove, juggle, preach, confuse, pace, disgrace, jump up and down, and blame, He has not one ounce of accountability in his nature nor anything in his actions to be ever confused with “meticulous”(on the court or in his turning over of once promised stellar prospects no sooner labeled by his apologist and defeatist faithful as the next round of expendables/failures/homesick/wounded ducks).

    I take all that back. He meticulously works over a Disani bottle at a press conference…

  11. …seedy practices of pushing off players he brought in while in [desperation] mode

  12. And let’s not waste too much time slathering any kudos to Harbaugh. Hot commodities can turn cold very fast. Arrogance can get the best a man very fast. Currently, the Michigan basketball coach still employed, has taken a team to a Final Four on the backs an Indiana post player nobody at IU wanted when Cody Zeller was to be the savior of Crean and Indiana.

    Agree that Harbaugh should just work at doing something as astounding as Crean in the Big 10 coaching world. Forget about measuring his accomplishments against a basketball coach at Michigan; a coach that somehow reached a Final Four in the year Crean was supposed to solidify Indiana into the “We’re Back!” world. Pretty sure Harbaugh isn’t worried about being measured against his brother-in-law around the Thanksgiving table. He needs to get his football team to get to the highest stage in similar fashion John Beilein(with the assistance of Mitch of NW Indiana)did for Michigan hoops. I bet Harbaugh was at that Final Four that was putting Michigan back on the national stage.

  13. Overly paranoid Creaniacs at it again.They just can’t wait to pout about some perceived injustice aimed at their guy.. That persecution complex must be one hell of a demon to fight. Good luck with that.

  14. So you just admitted you only placed the post to troll…but feel nothing of sincerity in your convictions? What a shocker….

    Nice that you really changed it up. It’s either either a snidely troll attempt rooted in the usual defeatism aimed at IU sports(never to be mistaken for you personal mission of terror)..or wanting to fatten up our football team’s line as if it were monster pork raised for only purpose our consumption…Heaven forbid they all don’t way 300 pounds because it will prove a glaring deficiency in Wilson’s ability to raise pigs. But Tom Crean…? He is god that brings in a kid whose mother believed THE God had shined a light on her son to be picked by Tom Crean. One year later, Crean casts him off like a pile of dump..

  15. …and K should be ashamed of himself for not allowing some young man to use the available ride to fulfill his dream to go to Duke and earn a degree while playing roundball…piss poor societal HR…how can he sleep at night?…
    I am pleased we have a coach who is fluid and flexible while meticulously massaging the on hardwood HR and it gives h4h some shadows and ghosts to chase.

  16. piss poor…? fluid and flexible..? meticulously massaging the on hardwood…? no available ride to fulfill his dream?

    Do you think Crean is lonely? I did notice “Mr. Massaging” has no longer been in twitter contact with Joyce. Maybe this explains what Podunker passionately describes as Crean’s new “Harbaughing” technique on hardwood…?

    I don’t even want to know what’s in that ‘Hoosier Rising’ DVD that came out a few years ago…You know, the one made especially for private apologists moments in a resurrection state of darkness bliss?

    Maybe it’s all just an enlarged prostate. ? In any event, I’d suggest a doctor visit before spending anymore fruitless hours meticulously massaging to no avail .

  17. Is Thon Maker trying to enroll in college for semester 2 so he can just play in the NCAA tournament? Maybe, the NCAA needs to be put on probation and slapped with death penalties if they have rules that do not address this and it is within the rules to allow this.

  18. Interesting that Coach K only carried 9-10 worthy players on his roster; and did not require on the moral support from the bench. Given the cost of college these days and the limitations of budgets, perhaps the time has come for the NCAA (with the B1G leading the charge) to limit basketball scholarships to 10 and make the money made available by the other 3-5 ‘players’ for academic scholarships for worthy candidates. Perhaps the real coaching challenge for college sports is to encourage competition that includes ‘non-athletic scholarship players’. It would also contribute toi creating an environment where ‘classroom’ competitiveness becomes a stronger factor.

    BTW, the savings Coach K’s made amounted to a savings (rapidly calculated) of $250,000 per year, by simply eliminating the ‘far’ end of his bench. K well reflects the characteristic of self-imposed discipline of his alma mater, the USMA at West Point; while college basketball in general seems to be dominated by its tendency towards excess.

  19. HC, yes, I’m very much aware of the differences in BB and FB rosters and scholarship limits, and the respective ramifications of transfers for each type of program.

    And the reason I posted the comment about the MI FB transfers, even though approximately 20% of a normal recruiting class transferring is significant, is to remind people that Crean is not the only college coach that experiences player transfers. And the result of that post was as expected. It was a slow day for The Scoop. I envisioned Harvard, bored out of his mind, his anxiety building, frantically scanning the Scoop for anything that would provide an outlet for his TCDS, just waiting for any excuse to pounce and perpetuate his anti-Crean rant. Note that four of the five comments immediately following my comment (#10) were his, and each of them is longer than the one before. My comment made his day by providing an outlet for him to release what must have been excruciating build up of pressure. My good deed done for the day, I was happy to be of service.

  20. Treat young men with some dignity and honor your word. Make them into men that will live to do the same. .Maybe you’ll have a roster that has kids that will take that trust to do something special. Maybe they’ll not be last in the conference in defense. Maybe they’ll have some semblance of unity and not always reflect the frantic nature their very wired leader. Seems like we spend a lot of time giving credence to the seedy and cold side of college recruiting when it’s in desperation mode(as it was with Jeremiah April) and the practice of booting kids off for the next best flavor of the day. And here I though “Because it’s Indiana”: meant separation from the common practices not redeeming.

    But by all means, let the experiment continue. Indiana has very little respect from hiring a man so inept at the X’s and O’s of the game, but yet so piously grand in talking down to the world where zero accountability finds Crean’s own office. In the short window we retain a recruit, there is nothing of learning that can really take hold(no matter the quality names in assistant coaches that we hope will make the product on the floor resemble something Indiana has the eyes of tradition and heritage to know better).

    And though we have a 4-year point guard that desired the theater of his teetering decision to stay or leave, I will expect the same rerun of excuses when Crean’s teams collapse at the same time most others are gelling and coming together.

    We have been defeated by the defeatists. And “Because it’s Indiana” in Hoosier basketball is now defined by the sea of cold indifference for a kid that wears the candy stripes and the flippant acceptance of the lack a pursuit for the real endangered species of coaching; the men that once made Indiana Basketball the envy of the nation for the substance a model that valued the teaching and the integrity of the game.

  21. “Note that four of the five comments immediately following my comment (#10) were his, and each of them is longer than the one before.”

    Could have just as easily said 4 of the 6 comments immediately following while conveniently leaving out RAM’s comment.

    And, seeing how my comment #14 was merely a correction of a one word typo in #13, the number is actually 3 out of the next 6…

    And if you included the comments that Jeremy deletes, you would see my percentages of “submit comment” dominance would drop way down.

    And now that Tsao is back, the real reason Podunker’s levels of anxiety and trolling increase, (By the way…Great post from Tsao in #22 and a demonstration of a brain young as college sponge in refusal a defeatist mode of indifference and lazy acceptance) my percentages(in terms of submit comment dominance), and my character counts, will find a natural leveling off by way of a trusted friend I will gladly relinquish and share any space to defeat the defeatists.

  22. You certainly gave that a lot more thought than I thought it deserved.

    But that’s just me.

    Carry on.

  23. Harv, just playing devil’s advocate here, but has it ever occurred to you that maybe some of us who haven’t fully given up on Coach Crean are the only non-defeatists here? That maybe it takes a winner’s mentality to continue to believe in someone who gives you only glimpses of hope he can still fulfill what once were grand expectations? Does that make us dreamers? Fools absent any sense of rationalism?Schmucks without the chootzbah to cut bait when it too often seems like the necessary thing to do? Or are the real defeatists the ones eager to find reasons to abandon ship the minute waters start to get a little choppy?

  24. It’s year seven…going on eight, Punjab. And your point is valid. There were many that hadn’t fully given up on Bill Lynch. …There were many dreamers that believed Mike Davis’s trip to a championship game should have been taken into more account before the tide that quickly turned against him. And there are even those dreamers that believed a young man that could endure living out of a car on the streets of Chicago deserved some form of value rather than just using a wide brush of labeling once he succumbed to the same temptations Crean’s very own players have proven as human to stumble.

    I’ve always been the dreamer. I’ve always been the guy that believed in second chances. It’s Tom Crean that brought defeatism rooted in an arrogance that never involves a mirror upon himself or any true form of admittance to have ever made some errors in judgement(at the human level and at the coaching level)…If I could have every seen just one tiny glimpse of such humble truth, I may have had more room for thinking Crean is someone I’d like to give such long patience. Sorry, I left that ship a long time ago.

    But I do love your eloquence…You have a nice gift for writing and I have real respect for your manner and decency in the way you offer an argument without a snidely tone of blind arrogance so often perpetuated by many of those that defend Crean in the same fashion they wanted Lynch’s head on a platter.

  25. Because when you get right down to the nuts and bolts of coaching and decisiveness under stress, it’s always appeared to me that we now have Bill Lynch coaching our storied basketball program.. Just a lot more in local b-ball interest/talent and those old dusty banners hanging above the jam-packed stands at Assembly that makes incompetence a bit more “dreamy.”

    Rather intriguing…..I wonder if Bulls fans are dreamers? Wasn’t D-Wade from the streets of Chicago. I wonder if he would like to finish out the final years of his career with Tom Crean as the new head coach of the Bulls? I know there’s been a lot of discussion around the Iowa State coach, but there’s a dreamy prospect at Indiana that should not be overlooked.

  26. http://miamiherald.typepad.com/sports-buzz/2015/05/wade-heat-have-significant-difference-in-contract-negotiations-wade-open-to-leaving-heat-if-it-doesn.html

    The stars are aligning….Crean to Chicago …D-Wade to compliment D-Rose as Bulls. Reunions with Calipari.and Crean….Group hugs and pictures of two of college basketball’s greatest names in coaching having a couple their greatest college players sharing the United Center court….I am having quite the dream. I am one twisted dude.

  27. Po,
    I actually posted using you as the recipient because I wanted to make sure h4h would go nuts. He did not disappoint..

    I’ve been very negative with the prospect of TM coming to IU for the 2nd semester only but he has reason for that to be a necessary action. He is by age a 2016 recruit but has pushed it up to 2015. He has some scholastic obligations to complete which cannot be done before the end of the 1st semester. He does not appear to be the demanding prima donna I read into his 2nd semester admittance decision. In fact he is now saying he will be in college for at least a year and a half. I have since backed off ridiculing him.

  28. The bottom line is CTC couldn’t carry Harbaugh’s or Bieliene’s backpack . As long as CTC is at INDIANA we will be a under achieving middle of the pack un elite team. This guy has a major Napolean complex and is unable to communicate or form relationships with the players which is why there is very little chemistry among the players . How can you call yourself a coach when you have the worst defense in the conference and not take steps to fix it ? Bryant will be a one and done because CTC will not play through him. Ask Zeller and Vonleh they both could have stayed another year Dipo was ready. CTC did not develop Dipo, it was Dipo’s unbelievable work ethic . CTC is the original flim flam man . He is a good person with a very high opinion of himself who can’t coach . Zero X and O skills . Maybe if he would sit his butt on the bench he would see what everyone does . No doubt he was a cheerleader and never played the game . How could you spend all that time with Izzo and not learn anything ?

  29. HC: I am not ridiculing TM. Does he enroll in January semester and immediately get to play the same day? I was being critical of NCAA. I really do not blame any player for taking advantage of legal rules that are in play. It is not their fault. However, I do fault NCAA for having certain rules or lack of rules in the first place regarding one and done or in this case maybe not even one and done and things of that nature. This goes beyond one and done. For example, individuals who might be very capable in his or her chosen career cannot leave college early for a profession without completing required course work and/or licensing. I just do not like the current lack of a system in place to make players more of the college process or just quit calling the college athletes, especially the major ones college students. Especially in bb, officially call it a farm system or minor league system for the NBA. Of course I am a high school and college fan not a Professional sports fan.

  30. “CTC did not develop Dipo, it was Dipo’s unbelievable work ethic.” Congratulations, you win the prize for the most ridiculous comment posted on The Scoop for the Month of May. As a result, your comment will remain eligible for the “H4H Ridiculous Comment of the Year Award,” which honors the first person diagnosed with TCDS, and the universally recognized all-time leader in posting ridiculous anti-Crean comments on The Hoosier Scoop.

  31. Tom Crean is the Bill Lynch of Hoosier Basketball. The only difference is that Tom hired his own AD. Cue Church Lady…”Isn’t that special.. And who would be responsible for such a deceitful manner to ensure millions in corruption a job’s security…? Maybe…….Satan?”

    In other big breaking news: It’s my understanding that Fred is now working on a lifetime contract extension and installing a Creanatorium under McCracken as part of the Assembly Hall restoration…A Final Four Hours to Ashes banner will be erected during the conclusion of the regular season storied rivalry game against the Northwestern Wildcats.. Danny Moore has already agreed to sing “Danny Boy”…Dustin Dopirak has agreed to return to HT and write the “Tom Crean is Going Home” story (The new head coach of the Marquette Warriors, Victor Oladipo, is pissed)….McCracken’s floor will open as the belts moving the soon to be flame-broiled his final pacing from baseline to baseline (Don Fischer..now 110 years old, will operate the switches retracting the floorboards and firing up the ovens) ….Cody Zeller leads 20,000 fans in one final bowing of the heads to ..”Because it’s Indiana.”…..And somewhere up in a cloud, there is glowing ray of sunshine turned into the image of a most handsome man …and the meeting at the beautiful golden gates brings to all a love for Indiana the appearance his face.

  32. What the hell is Dipo, anyway? He plays on the most pathetic team in the NBA…(only almost as boring as Charlotte). He had the chance to bring a banner to Indiana and passed it up for Disney World dopes that know sh___ about hoops. He made an ass out of himself at a dunk contest. Every team that plays the Magic is taking the day off. Men of character fight for things that mean something. All these narcissistic singers and saviors could have made the man that brought them to Indiana into a coach that wouldn’t have to get on his knees to Calipari and Izzo. Let’s tell it like it is, people.

  33. Just noticed that Scoop’s tech wizards took out the “Link to Website” section that used to be under the screen name and email boxes. Does this mean Geoff will no longer be able to put his name in the same red fonts an HT journalist? The tragedy…..

    Meanwhile…the Archives function still doesn’t work.

  34. “He made an ass out of himself at a dunk contest.”

    I thought Vic finished second despite being the shortest player in the competition…and then donated his winnings to a children’s hospital.

    What a buffoon.

  35. And the donation was probably 1/1000 his monthly earnings. Be like most Americans donating a Happy Meal. If there was true philanthropy amongst the corporate greed machines(one of those being the NBA)running this country we wouldn’t have cities in ruins with schools beyond shameful.
    But back to the point…and really the only point. Oladeeppockets and “Everything Hinges” Zeller “could have made the man that brought them to Indiana into a coach that wouldn’t have to get on his knees to Calipari and Izzo.” At least Wade put a Final Four in Crean’s resume. Zeller and Dipo quit after watching Crean’s get his butt handed to him by Syracuse. All in the name of greed…Nothing in the name of a selfless mission to change the course of Indiana’s 30 year drought via the highest achievement in college basketball. It was an opportunity(especially with Fischer and Vonleh to follow) that ever get to have such chances at dominance. They left in the memory of fans a Tom Crean that looked as stupefied as always when going against a program that Indiana once had equal tradition and chances to walk away victors(no pun intended). They left Indiana for cold cash and nothing, absolutely nothing, to take Tom Crean and the candy stripes to a going home party that could have ended in “Because it’s Indiana.” And to pass on such once in a lifetime opportunity truly makes them buffoons. They could have rested in eternity as Hoosier legends. Now they will rest as the hinging nothing of broken “Movements”(might as well be of the bowel nature) and a third rate singer that left people silently asking …”Whaaaaat the ___?..Was he on American Idol” at a dunk contest….

  36. This is the legendary mark upon the image their coach to always look up at the banners in Assembly.

  37. There was only one Baryshnikov of the hardwood.…and that sure as hell ain’t LeBron…and that sure as hell ain’t Koby…and that sure as hell ain’t Russell Westbrook….and that sure as hell ain’t Stephen Curry…and that sure as hell ain’t D-Wade…and that sure as hell ain’t ever going to be a guy that left a final memory of choice his days at Indiana to a annihilation and total embarrassment against a Syracuse team that performed a dissection against the candy stripes like never before seen. Stars and legends don’t walk away from such spit in the face of what is supposed to be the undaunted spirit of the Indiana Hoosiers….And they sure as hell don’t walk away from the coach that developed such potential to be forever anchored in ridicule and memory his indelible stupefied pose and labels of brain dead in the X’s and O’s. .

  38. oops…

    There was only one Baryshnikov of the hardwood.…Pure don’t need no windmills and no voice to rival the song of springtime robins to be of godliness its origins.

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