IU will host McNeese State, Kennesaw State next season #iubb

As it continues to fill its 2015-16 non-conference home schedule, Indiana has signed contracts to host McNeese State and Kennesaw State next season, a Herald-Times open records request confirmed Thursday.

McNeese State will travel to Bloomington on Saturday, Dec. 12 and Kennesaw State will follow with a game prior to Christmas on Tuesday, Dec. 22.

These games are in addition to four other in-season events that are confirmed for the upcoming season. The Hoosiers will host Creighton on Nov. 19 in the inaugural Gavitt Tipoff Games, which pit Big Ten schools against those from the Big East. IU will also join Kansas, St. John’s, UCLA, UNLV, Vanderbilt, Wake Forest and Chaminade in the 2015 Maui Invitational field from Nov. 23-25. Indiana is expected to play on the road in this year’s ACC/Big Ten Challenge and will also face Notre Dame in the Crossroads Classic on Dec. 19 at Bankers Life Fieldhouse.

IU beat Kennesaw State, 90-66, on Dec. 22, 2013 in the only prior meeting between the schools. The Owls, ranked No. 343 out of 351 Division I teams, finished 10-22 last season before firing coach Jimmy Lallathin after one season. Former Boston College coach Al Skinner was hired in April. Kennesaw State was ranked No. 325 in offensive efficiency and No. 332 in defensive efficiency last season by KenPom.com.

Indiana and McNeese State have never met. The Cowboys, ranked No. 288 overall by KenPom.com, went 15-16 last season and finished in the middle of the Southland Conference standings with an 8-10 record.

Indiana also knows its conference matchups for next season, though dates and times have not been announced. IU will have home-and-home matchups with Illinois, Iowa, Minnesota, Nebraska and Wisconsin. The Hoosiers will host home-only games against Maryland, Northwestern, Ohio State and Purdue, and travel for road-only matchups with Michigan, Michigan State, Penn State and Rutgers.


  1. KenPom rankings: 288 and 342.
    Quit scheduling these types of teams!
    No fun for the fans. Little challenge for the players.
    Meaningless W. They can only have a negative impact on tourney chances.
    And, don’t go on about the difficult teams they play. That isn’t the point.

  2. Nothing to gain. Chance of player injury. Can see opening up with one or two of these just to get the feet wet. And I know ‘everybody does this’. but still – it’s an embarrassment.

  3. Without knowing all the facts that went into this decision, I agree that scheduling games against these weak teams is somewhat embarrassing. IU should strive to schedule teams that are ranked in the top 200 at the very least. But the value in playing these teams is that it should allow Crean to give a lot of minutes to the younger or less developed players. Why play the top seven guys on the team after the first 15 minutes in games like this?

    Then again, didn’t IU lose at home to some little nothing school from Washington last season?

  4. I have yet to visit the states of Kennesaw or McNeese. Perhaps later this summer or in the fall, when I have some vacation coming.

  5. Po, that little team from Washington made it to the tournament this past season. So they must have been a pretty good team.

  6. iuhoosier1992, yes, I know. Hence the sarcasm when I referenced “some little nothing school from Washington.”

  7. “It’s old news” is right. Big deal it is preseason scheduling.

  8. You don’t think non-conference scheduling provides a hint of where you are as a program?

    IU ranked #322 out of #351 – non-conference SOS (kenpom). Same competitive area as Akron, Grand Canyon, UC Davis and Central Michigan. Big Ten, IU ranked 13th. Ohio State edged us out of last place.
    Top ranked 60 teams, with IU final ranking of #53, only Ohio State and Notre Dame had worse ranked NCSOS.

    Ohio State and Notre Dame had decent results, apparently not affected by the low NCSOS.

    The ‘everybody does it’ thing? Wisc @38, Duke 105, Ky 100, Arizona 180, NC 35, Kansas 9 and Louisville 234.

    The ‘give all the guys some game time’? Going back to the Zeller years and 30-40 point non-conference wins, I remember yelling at the TV, “get the starters out – let the other guys play”.

    You are who you play ?

  9. They voted on that championship 10 years or so after that season. NCAA championships started in 1939.

  10. Even having multiple trees the problem painter has and it is paramount, no PG. He is scrambling all over the JUCO country hoping Zeke appears. He got lucky and got 1(grad. transfer) last year but this year could be different. Wouldn’t it be hell 3 bigs and no 1 to pass to them.

  11. I know it was a voted championship. If it was IU, IU would be sure to count 6 instead of 5. That was the way it was done at the time.

  12. McNeese State and Kennesaw State..? It’s clearly evident from this scheduling that Crean has a problem with the vowels i,o,u……and sometimes why.

  13. Remember when t-top American sports cars were cool? When’s the last time you’ve seen a t-top on the road?

    McNeese State and Kennesaw State..? It’s clearly evident from this scheduling that Crean has a problem with the vowels i,o,u……and sometimes why.

  14. Okay. Can somebody please tell me how the B1G-ACC matchups are determined? Once upon a time I assumed it was based on the previous year’s finish in your respective conference (i.e. Defending conference champs play each other, and defending 7th place teams play each other, etc…)

    Apparently that’s not the case. But it also doesn’t seem to be based entirely on pre-season rankings, either. Is there an actual formula, or are they all just making shtuff up as they go along, trying to find suitable matchups?

  15. Not sure if this will help…It sounds like it’s basically an attempt to match according to probable and foreseeable strength each team. The bottom tier is pretty interchangeable.The other important factor in determining matchups is to not put teams on the road in successive years against “Challenge” opponents. They also like to balance total number of home and away games for each conference in the Challenge.

    Not sure who or what committee makes the ultimate decision…I’m sure there’s very early preseason expectations and attempts to have some geographical separation playing into the matchup selection process.

    I found the following article from SB Nation…that has some insights to probable matchups.


    Take care, Punjab.

  16. Thanks, Harv. That does help. Seems to me it’s a lot like drawing up the NCAA tourney– some general guidelines to follow, but few hard and fast rules. Most people will be pleased, but someone will inevitably feel shafted.

    Either Duke or UNC would be awesome, but the contrasting styles of IU-UVA would also be a juicy matchup. I guess we’ll find out soon enough.

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