IUWBB: Ria Gulley committed for 2016 class

The Hoosiers recently received their second verbal commitment for the 2016 class, and this time it’s a 5-foot-10 guard from Texas.

Ria Gulley announced her intention to attend Indiana via Twitter last week. She averaged 8.5 points per game as a sophomore at Clark High School in San Antonio but increased her point production to 11.5 points as a junior. She was an all-district player this past season for Clark High.

This makes for the second player Teri Moren has recruited out of Texas. Incoming freshman Danielle Williams is a 6-foot-4 post from the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

Gulley joins Darby Foresman from Heritage Christian (Indianapolis) as a verbal commit to the 2016 class for IU.


  1. Thank goodness we have all these guards on this guard heavy, defense based, physical team we’re trying to build. I don’t really see what moren is trying to do here

  2. Really trying to stay positive about upcoming season(s), but still trying to figure out the recruiting. Coach complained about lack of height and too many guards. The players that left have been replaced by players who average 2.5 inches less in height. I have checked out videos of these players. They sure can hit layups.

  3. T. Moren is trying to win. This guard is 5’9″ or 5’10.” + 6’3″ DF from HC committed for 2016 with KR this year along with rest of team + more scholarships available. Future could be coming together nicely even against some peoples wishes.

  4. She did not like Agler or Brooks and didn’t think MM was any good. Coach ran them off by distancing herself from them and reducing Agler’s playing time. Her tenure will be short lived at Indiana if she doesn’t win. Brooks could have been amazing this year. Her recruiting of short guards along with what she has said publicly does not match up. She didn’t want these girls and they were plenty good.

  5. Jarts, Agler’s playing time was reduced because she shot so poorly from the field (19%) and Walter was tearing it up. She has only recruited one short guard (5’3″), the others are between 5’9″ and 5’11”. As I have stated before, one of our problems last year was 5’5″ Brooks and 5’7″ Buss trying to defend bigger guards. Moren recruiting the short guard is a mystery but, the others is a good thing, we need more size in the back court. Harriet, your statement of replacing what we have lost by an average of 2.5 less in height is inacurate. The only recruit smaller than what we lost is the 5’3″ girl. Remember, Brooks was only 5’5″. Hoosierfan, I like you am also a bit befuddled by our not going after size up front?

  6. Maybe T. Moren has not been able to land a quality (excellent/good enough) up front size worthy forward for 2015-2016 yet.

  7. Kemokai – 5’3″ Brooks – 5’5″
    Elbert – 5’7″ Agler – 5’9″
    Towner – 5’10” Muensterman – 6’0″
    (listed 5’8″-5’11”)
    Gulley – 5’10” Stratman – 6’2″
    That is an average of 2.5 inches
    The other players had committed prior to losing the former players listed

  8. Harriet, while your overall statement is correct, I think you are a little skewed on your basic assessment because of position. Muensterman played forward when she played. Stratman of course did not play at all and she was a center anyway. Yes the other players committed prior to the others leaving but, Moren did recruit them and for some reason you don’t count them, strange. You do realize that Williams at 6’4″ and Royster at 6’2″ are coming on board? You are being a little selective in your comparison about height leaving and height coming on board. You must compare overall recruitment, not just who is recruited by a certain date. Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t think Williams will contribute much but, Really believe Royster will be a stud!

  9. Nothing is skewed in my statements. My statements are based on the timeline that I stated. The height you mentioned was already on board, before the season. They were committed prior to the end of the season. During the season coach complained about lack of height and too many guards. Every person that left after the season was over was replaced by someone shorter. If you want to call Muensterman a guard, then that further illustrates my point. Why is she still going after short guards when she needs height. Especially after the emphasis she placed on height when she didn’t have any. and she still doesn’t.

  10. T. Moren is recruiting players more suitable for competition IU plays in big ten; bigger more physical than those who are no longer with the team. In a couple years that is what IU will have.; bigger, more physical team that will still have a couple smaller tough physical players at guard with a couple larger guards.

  11. T. Moren is approaching 1 year on the job. She was a late hire and really did not have the full advantage of recruiting that first year. This is not a women tradition filled program like Connecticut, Notre Dame, Tennessee or even Purdue. IU women bb has tremendous upside and is a great opportunity for T. Moren. The advantage is she does not have the pressure of following a coaching legend. The state of Indiana is a bb state with good high school girls programs, great university, and men’s tradition. It is not going to be an overnight success. However, give T. Moren a couple years.

  12. T, since when is Purdue among the likes of Tenn, UConn, or ND? Lay down the crack pipe. Also, the not so subtle diss on curt miller can be addressed with this– while miller may not be considered a coaching legend, he is now coaching at the highest level and has a much more impressive coaching record than that of CTM. Also tired of the excuses about not having enough time to build from the coaching side of the bench. Coaches that make excuses have teams that make excuses.

  13. Coach Miller was an excellent coach for I U program had a very good insight to women’s basketball.
    We all wanted to see what long term results could be achieved under his leadership, but that didn’t happen. If, Coach Miller were still the coach, I wonder how the team’s two heralded players would co-existed under his leadership or we would have the same results, with one still transferring? I don’ t think damning the new coach will lead to anything positive for the women’s program. Would some of you like to return to Coach Jack times? Also, I believe Purdue won a women’s national championship.

  14. Have to agree with Mike C on Royster, also like what Towner brings. Williams , a work in progress and most likely the best Moren could get at this stage. The IUWBB is the problem , the tradition and reputation is lacking, Miller just started bringing that back up, left and now we have TM. So there you have it in a nutshell. What true big [6’4 and larger] who is very athletic would even want to to come to IU, therein is Coach T’s predicament. Just how good a recriuting staff does she have. Can she entice upper etchelon bigs to come to this program and help build a monster, I have my doubts but time will give the answer. Is this coach the answer, can she even bring them up to the middle of the pack, they are now a bottom dweller. With players leaving some who started and at least 1 [stratman] who left the program before even setting one foot on the floor,,,, something is severely wrong with that picture.

  15. Lexie Brown, PG, U of MD, who took them to final 4 twice and Kaila Davis, All American GT, both starters, have chosen to transfer, announced this past week. Should we suggest/suspect something is severely wrong in those programs too? It’s a sign of the times folks.

  16. The severely wrong I was referring to was not the starters that left but Stratman who transfers to IU then transfers out before playing even 1 second for the candy stripers.

  17. Not sure I follow your point SW…Other than players that sit out traditionally don’t travel (I.e. Get full team experience), so maybe the change in staff and lack of bonding played into it? Does anyone know where she is going?

  18. To the comment regarding the former HC “coaching at the highest level”. That must have come with some sort of financial sacrifice because the last public records had his salary at sub $500k. So, because he had such a strong desire to coach at “the highest level” he gave up being a HC at a BCS school, and took a likely significant paycut to be an assistant coach in the WNBA… That is a head scratcher. He must have made some great investments to give up that salary so soon.

  19. Look at last seasons team poster. Look at the two girls in the center. They gone.

  20. Overtime, if you believe the rumors, our previous head coach did not leave on his own to take an assistant job at “the highest level”. He was asked to leave for an undisclosed reason, not because of health and family as was stated. One other thing overtime, you are correct about transfers being a sign of the times, I posted a few weeks ago where I read where there were over 700 transfers in division 1 basketball during the last off season, that is a fact. That is men’s and women’s combined. And yet we whine about 2 or 3 at our school? The only one that boogles my mind is Stratman, very strange? As you stated, the strangest of all is Brown leaving a team that the last 2 years makes it to the final 4? Hmmm, makes you wonder? Is Brenda Freese harder to get along with than Moren? What is Brown thinking leaving a team getting to the finals two years in a row?

  21. To follow up on Jeremy’s Post yes concerning Browns transferring the main reason being she needed to be closer to home which means she would need to be playing in a Ga. school . Also following Mike’s post about Stratman, very strange indeed as I indicated previously. Hopefully the coaching staff can use their remaining selections on at least 1 good big who is both athletic and can play.

  22. Thanks Jeremy for the article about Lexi Brown, this certainly explains her reasoning to transfer. This must have been a very tough decision when you consider this team will probably be a favorite to get to their 3rd final 4 in a row this upcoming season.

  23. comparing 5 girls leaving IU to 1 girl leaving Maryland is a stretch even for you Mike c. That’s not even counting the three who want to leave but can’t or the injured girls who have eligibility left but decided to move on. Once again, Stratman came to play for Miller. She was going to stay but after watching last year up close decided to transfer or not play at all. No chance she would ever play for moren. You also seem to forget elbert is 5’7″. Instead of size you better worry about grades and chemistry especially when the new girls get a load of our media darling who demands constant attention. as for Lexi brown if rumors are true she will need her year off for personal reasons. you are the scarecrow.

  24. How is it that someone “can’t transfer”? It is easier now than it has ever been. The women’s game should start offering 2 year (renewable) scholarships so that everyone can reevaluate their decision at the mid-point – coaches, players and parents. It would be similar to the 1 and done on the men’s side, and allow coaches to have better recruiting vs. scrambling to fill a position. I also think, just like declaring for the draft has a deadline, announcing transfer should have a deadline. On another note. I often chuckle when someone says their kid doesn’t like a coach. Do you think the coach likes every kid?

  25. A player must be released from the scholarship at their current school before they can transfer. Lawsuits such Bielfeldt’s are not uncommon due to transfer restrictions.

    The NCAA scholarship rules for men’s and women’s basketball are the same. I don’t know if NBA and WBA rules are the same.

    The new IU athletes bill of rights theoretically makes full scholarships a 4 year guarantee.

  26. Casual, you are killing me, you have stated on several occasions that some of the current kids can’t transfer? I, like Overtime would like to know why a girl “can’t transfer”, really? All of these girls were relatively highly sought after, if they are unhappy with the current coach then, get out of Dodge and go somewhere where they will be happy! Your statement makes no sense at all. Anybody can transfer and would be able to pick up a scholorship at another school if they so desired. Persoanlly, I think you are just firing this misinformation out there for effect. One other thing casual, I was not trying to equate the Brown transfer to our losing 5 girls, I was simply trying to point out that with over 700 transfers last year, this is not unusual. Kids transfer for many reasons and coaching change and lack of playing time are the two most common. You need to get over this and let your other close personal friends on the team know that they can find another place also that they will be happy with.

  27. I am glad that IU finally has a women bb coach who understands that it is going to take defense and some physical toughness to be successful at a higher level and not just over relying on outside game including shooting 3’s and when you are hot you can win but win you are not hitting 3’s then you lose. With a decent team so you get to the NIT and peak at winning a game in NIT. Upgrades in player quality are in the process of being made to go beyond past level of performance. Currently, IU women bb is in a transition toward success.

  28. They probably “cant” transfer because they’re so close to graduating it wouldn’t be worth it. I don’t know if any of you played a college sport (probably not) but transferring is hard! Imagine spending all this time choosing where you want to go for the next four years and having it all ripped away from you because the AD chooses a coach with NONE of the qualities of the former staff. Then she comes in and fires everyone else that was familiar about the program. I truly believe moren *thinks* she has what it takesto compete in the big 10 but I’m highly doubting since only 2 players on the team even “like” her and its because both of them think if they suck up enough they’ll be the “stars” of the team. And t, you didn’t care or even know a damn thing about iuwbb til your girl stumbled into her new job by being the only one who would take the job. Don’t unpack everything yet t. This “new” team is going to be……something

  29. While it is entertaining (and somewhat unhealthly) how much HoosierFan and Casual Observer dislike the coach and her Partner, I don’t think T is who they think. Follow the men’s blog and you would see he/she posts there as often. And, I am a former college athlete whose stats get better every year removed and I would bet there are some other former athletes who post on her as well…

    Chet and Mike C. Good comments on transfers, IU Player Bill of Rights and a big welcome to Max B. I was referencing the potential for changing the current state of college basketball relative to transfers. Obviously there are NCAA rules and Instituonal rules at play as we speak today. And, I am sure there are pros/cons for keeping the 1 year penalty (and conference restrictions) but there might be a future where none of this exists, especially as the Big 5 continues their push to break away from the NCAA, as proposed, and athletic departments are graded as revenue producers like a company with many share holders.

  30. *unhealthy…just in case HFHB gets bored and decides to proofread the women’s blog too. (wink)

  31. I know you may not realize this overtime but iu has some excellent education programs because it is a school! And that’s why most of these girls didn’t transfer. Also I’ve never seen “t” deny being who everyone knows they are. And i never saw t post anything before moren was hired. Its not so much a dislike for moren that i have so much as a dislike for the direction of the program.

  32. Overtime don’t know or care who t is . Also don’t worry about my health . Hoosier fan pretty much summed up why these girls won’t transfer .
    Mike c it must be easy to sit in your rocking chair and tell these girls to get out of dodge if they don’t like it . They came to i.U. to play for curt miller . That’s why the ncaa needs to change the transfer rule . Someone like M.M. Came to i.U. To play for miller and was blindsided by a coach who had no use for her and ended up sitting out the entire year . Now she has to sit out a second year .
    Mike c. Are you the scarecrow or the tinman ? I think you’re both !

  33. notice who coach moren took to huber winery last night ? The fresh folk three ! Where are all the upper classmen ? Maybe they were visiting the nursing home !

  34. T. Moren is a Indiana High School BB player alumni right in IU country and a stand out player at that. She went on to Purdue to represent that part of the state as well. Then, she was involved in various coaching positions in recent years. She has a couple highly successful seasons and gained a few honors along the way for the opportunities she earned. She was a Hoosier high school kid in in a Hoosier gym on Hoosier soil living the Hoosier dream…continuing college up north on Indiana soil…then, included in her stops are Butler, Indianapolis, ISU all on Indiana soil. Now, T. Moren continues back in a Hoosier gym on Indiana soil living out her dream that started in Seymour, Indiana. She has some success in her resume with some quality endorsements along the way. It sounds like a pretty good representative for IU women BB to me.

  35. Casual, didn’t care much for that movie to be honest with you and certainly don’t care to portray either of those roles you mentioned. One other thing, I don’t own a rocking chair. As far as me telling the other girls to get out of dodge, your other close personal friends did, if I was so unhappy, I would be searching for another school as soon as possible. And Hoosierfan, most of the other girls have only been here 2 years, and yet you think they may be about to graduate? I’m not saying that may not be true but, most kids take 4 years although I do know that a couple of men’s players graduated in 3 years a couple of years ago. I still think mister casual observer is stretching his opinion a little for effect like I stated yesterday?? I’m sorry but, I just can’t imagine that a girl that is that unhappy with the current situation would stick around when other past teammates have shown that it isn’t that hard to move on to another situation more comfortable for them? One other thing about our coach just to make myself as clear as possible, I have never said I was a huge coach Moren fan! I have simply stated over and over again that any coach deserves a chance of more than one year to prove their worth as a coach. I may be just like the nay sayers that appear on this website in a couple of years if after given a fair chance our coach shows that she is highly inadequate? I have been an IU fan for over 55 years and would like to think that any human being deserves a chance to prove their worth in a reasonable amount of time on the job. Maybe she can do it or maybe she can’t, we will see?

  36. mike C. I agree coach moren should be allowed several years to build her program. We don’t disagree on everything. Its how she’s gone about it that I don’t agree with. Nothing I’ve said is for effect. in fact there are some things I won’t touch. The way I think you should do it is slowly, recruit girls to fit your style not treat the players you want to leave like they don’t exist. T seems to have the thought process of a 5 year old so I ignore her. We seemed to tweet religious sayings all the time while we’re treating some players very poorly.” Women in Christ”.

  37. CO: Several years, slowly? Does that mean 6 or 7 years? Wow! Talking about being T. Moren supporter. I have been consistently in the few year range as in (3) wanting to see noticeable positive difference in wins plus tournament appearances whether it be NIT or March madness….and (4) additional wins plus more competitive during season and in NCAA March Madness tournament. By then recruiting should be showing upgraded physical talent. If players who are no longer with IU women were good enough to achieve the measurable goals I just noted, they would still be on the team. They just lacked the physical talent or tough minded physical attitude to make that happen. So they are finding situations more suitable for each one of them. So It is a win win for both IU women and ex IU women who will be well in what they have chosen. Much to your and a few others who are dismayed from this program transition process.

  38. Hey casual, just read this morning on ESPNW that Baylor which is a perennial top 10 program as I am sure you well know if you really follow women’s basketball has another player transferring this year. Imani Wright , their point guard who averaged 9.4 points a game and was their leading 3 point shooter is leaving the program. She becomes their 3rd transfer of the year. Now this is a very high profile program that is a two time National Champion and they are experiencing what teams throughout the country go through every year. This even happens to the elite programs as this proves. As I have stated, this is so common it is ridiculous. I understand your concerns about how Moren is reconstructing her roster to become the kind of team she desires but, it is what it is! This is big time college athletics and we simply have to put up with it. Maybe it will work out for us or maybe it won’t? We will see? As you can see, you don’t have to be a run of the mill program as we currently are to go through these things, even the top 10 teams (Maryland & Baylor) have these issues also. BTW, knowing you are a student at IU, I hope this past year went well for you academically? I really do enjoy our interaction on this site as well as the other posters, keeps things very interesting and it is good to know that we all have a love for IU women’s basketball or we wouldn’t show up here.

  39. I must say after this post, 46 posts for IU women’s BB. Now that is pretty impressive even though it is a handful making the posts.

  40. Now 48– Even though Im unhappy that IU either directly or indirectly caused the unhappy student atheletes to leave Im also very curious to see what the new additions will look like this coming season. No one knows how it will play out we just have to wait and see, what will be will be. Hopefully it will be an upswing from last season.

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