Live chat transcript: IU baseball, women’s basketball

QUESTION: MODERATOR: Good morning, and welcome to today’s IU sports chat. Thanks for joining us.

Mike, Jeremy: How are you today? Ready to get started?

JEREMY: The sun is shining again, so let’s chat (OK, we would have chatted anyway).

MIKE: Good morning, everybody. Let’s chat.
QUESTION: In the words of Denny Green “They are who we thought they were”. I am refering to IU Baseball. Before the season I said they would be 35-20, finish 5th in Big Ten and get a 3 seed in tournament. Actually they are 33-22, 6th in Big Ten and almost certain to get a 3 seed in tournament. Now I was surprised to see IU placed in Louisville in one of the projections (and I know these are not final) as 3 seeds don’t get regional preference, only 2 seeds do. If you guys recall the last 2 years when IU hosted we got regional teams in Austin Peay and Indiana St as our 2 and the 3 was Florida and Stanford. That is pretty much the way it works. If IU wins Big Ten tournament somehow they probably move to a 2 and are very likely to end up in Louisville or Vanderbilt but as a 3 they will be sent somewhere far away regardless of what projections say I am almost certain. Lastly, I was surprised to see you guys not go to the Big Ten tournament and give live coverage as Dustin has last 2 years.!

I assume if IU gets sent to Louisville or Vanderbilt or somewhere close they will send you guys but how about being sent to a far site like Dustin was to Florida St and Omaha a couple years ago?

Darren, Martinsville

JEREMY: Darren,

Good season prediction by you. Hard telling where Indiana might end up in the NCAA Tournament, and it may well depend on how these conference tournaments shake out. I’ll let Mike talk about coverage plans.

MIKE: Hey Darren,

You’re right, I gotta believe they’re safely in the tournament. Presuming that’s the case, they’d very likely be a No. 3 seed. I think IU can erase all doubt with a win over Iowa tonight. From there, with another win or two, they could possibly even be looking at a No. 2 seed. So where they go next week, it seems to be anyones guess right now. Because of the way the bracket works, a lot of No. 4s earn automatic bids, so you see plenty of at-large teams get in as No. 3’s. The NCAA tries to reduce travel when it can, but the No. 3 seeds can be, and often are, moved on the whims of the committee. If they can form a regional with four teams from the same general area, they often try to do that, but someone always has to hit the road. No. 3’s can go anywhere, is the short version of it, so you could see IU stay close to home at either Nashville or Louisville, or maybe they go somewhere like Charleston, S.C. Another win in the Big Ten Tournament might help their case to stay in the midwest.

As far as coverage, I hear you. Last year was the only time Dustin traveled to the Big Ten Tournament — I remember watching the 2013 Friday game with him on his couch — and I think the accepted train of thought for us was to save our resources for the NCAA Tournament next week. I expect to be on the road for that, though the destination could nix those plans. For basketball and football e typically drive to events within seven or eight hours of Bloomington, so I’m more than willing to go to plenty of places. If IU ends up in one of the Los Angeles regionals, for example, well, I may need to have a discussion with some folks in the office. Omaha is a 10-hour drive, give or take, and I’d gladly make a trip of similar distance. I’m looking at next week as if I’ll be on the road with IU. We’ll know more on Monday.

QUESTION: The Governor’s Cup….we lost. Again. To Purdue. What’s Purdue good at? Anything? Ok, granted, we don’t play them in Men’s soccer or Water polo or Rowing, which are three sports we’d probably earn points in, but that’s been the case since the competition started yet we’ve never lost back to back years to the choo choo trains. I find it embarrassing that our athletic department can’t win that competition every year, especially to a rival who is arguably in the bottom 10% of all Power 5 Athletic Departments. Pathetic.

And tell me if this isn’t “all sizzle, no steak” from Mr Glass. A few weeks ago they awarded a prize for the 1 Millionth Fan to attend an IU Athletics event this school year. Yeah right!

I looked at home attendance for the following sports….MBB, FB, M Soccer, and WBB and the total was somewhere near 600,000 people. So we’re to believe that baseball, softball and all of the other sports that people don’t attend in high numbers achieved 400,000 in attendance this year? C’mon Fred….I was born at night, but not last night.

Anyone have any comments on that farce of a promotion? Is it worth looking into from a journalistic side, since they’re basically flat out lying?

Keeping it Snarky

Snarky Hoosier, Hoosierville

JEREMY: Snarky,

Tell all the Hoos in Hoosierville not to worry. Mr. Grinch, er, Glass isn’t going to steal their Christmas.

Anyhoo, I haven’t done the math, but the number of other sports to boost attendance is greater than you think when you consider baseball, softball, volleyball, swimming and diving, track and field, cross country, men’s and women’s tennis, field hockey, women’s soccer, rowing, men’s and women’s golf, wrestling and water polo. That said, we’ll take a peak at the facts and figures just to be sure.

MIKE: Hey Snarky,

I wouldn’t lose sleep over the Governor’s Cup. It was close until the Big Ten Championships, when Purdue outplaced IU in men’s and women’s golf and track. The only sports that Purdue really won by a large margin were volleyball and wrestling, so it wasn’t an awful showing overall. The two baseball teams didn’t play this year, which probably hurt IU, too. Either way, IU still controls the Old Oaken Bucket, which I’m sure many folks in West Lafayette would rather have, anyway.

QUESTION: Good to see the IUBB win yesterday. Was glad to see Coursen-Carr get a win last week. My question, how does the scholarships work for baseball? I was talking with someone knowledgeable about the schoolies, and he had mentioned how C-C money was reduced. This kind of sounds like CTC pulling scholarships. Can you elaborate on this?


JEREMY: Louie,

I don’t have any insight on how the scholarships have been divvied up, but baseball, like soccer, has a certain number of scholarships which can be used however the coaching staff sees fit. That could mean adding and subtracting from year to year, but I think under the athlete bill of rights, it just can’t be taken away completely.

MIKE: Hey Louie,

I don’t know specifics about Coursen-Carr’s scholarship situation, but it wouldn’t be surprising. Baseball has 11.7 scholarships to divvy up as it sees fit. If I understand this correctly, scholarship money can be increased and decreased on a year-to-year basis, and it often is. Because of the IU Bill of Rights, I don’t think the scholarship can be completely pulled, but the amount of money an athlete gets can be adjusted.

QUESTION: Liz Stratman sat out last year as a senior, with a commitment to play her fifth year here at IU. Then she decided to leave IU hanging in the lurch.

Can she end up with five years of scholarships?

I’m all for student-athlete rights, but if a kid can work the system and get five years of scholarships, perhaps there should be an athletic department bill of rights.

Nat Hill IV, Bloomington


Student-athletes get five years to play four, and some can petition for a sixth-year due to medical hardship. If Stratman gets her course work done for graduation, she can use the grad transfer rule to play her final year of eligibility. If not, she would have to request a waiver from the NCAA or her career would be over since she can’t sit out another season and still be eligible. Which is to say, she’s willing to risk that possibility rather than stay and play at IU. Considering her last two schools have undergone coaching changes, it’s hard to conclude she is merely working the system.

MIKE: Hey Nat,

Her departure wasn’t expected by IU, no, but the situation she fell into wasn’t what she signed up for, either. Frankly, if she doesn’t want to play for a coaching staff that she didn’t expect to play for, more power to her. I don’t know if she has graduated, or is on track to graduate this summer. If she does, she can — and should — go somewhere and play her final season immediately.

QUESTION: So, now that the Spring Signing period has passed, does this mean that the WBB is complete or are there other players considering IU?

Steve, Indianapolis

JEREMY: Steve,

Not necessarily. The spring signing period is helpful as a timeline guide, but it doesn’t necessarily preclude IU men or women from adding a player for next year via a financial aid agreement. Of course, Teri Moren and staff picked up a 2016 commitment Wednesday night from Texas guard Ria Gulley, who joins Heritage Christian’s Darby Foresman as verbal commitments. But Cecilia Zandalasani of Italy is still a 2015 option and likely won’t make her decision until late July or even August. And to my knowledge, JUCO Morgan Smith, who IU had some interest in, has yet to commit anywhere, so who knows? One player we know had some IU interest was guard Kristian Hudson of Alabama, who this week committed to Florida International, so she’s out of the equation.

MIKE: Hey Steve,

Not sure for next season, though Jeremy is probably more in tune with the women’s recruiting these days. I did see they added 5-foot-9 2016 guard Ria Gulley from Texas. She announced her commitment last night. Wouldn’t be surprised to see another addition to this year’s class either. The signing periods are kind of overrated. Schools can still add players through financial aid signings.

QUESTION: MODERATOR: That’s all the time we have for today’s chat. Thanks for being here. Be sure to follow IU sports on Hoosier Scoop blog and app.

Mike, Jeremy: What else should we know as we inch closer to the weekend?

JEREMY: Mike will be keeping an eye on IU baseball, which plays again today at 4:30 p.m., while I’m taking a break from the IU scene to cover the Senior PGA at French Lick on Saturday. If anything else breaks, we’ll have it on the Scoop, of course.

MIKE: It’s a baseball weekend on my end, with the NCAA selection show on Monday afternoon. Thanks for checking in, everybody. See you next week.


  1. Searched for the ‘chat’ from Meek Miller Saturday covering important IU baseball qualifier game. Regret to say that neither HT or ‘Scoop’ seemed to cover it or give game progress reports. Many of us who follow HT sports do so in the hope that IU sports, especially those which show to be nationally competitive, consider the HT a good source of Hoosier coverage. Much of what HT sports does is right on and worth the investment but apparent ‘holes’ in coverage are hugely disappointing.
    That is the case with baseball, soccer (much of the time), diving/swimming (m&w), track and field. While our anxiety leeads us to read non-sport headline stories like ‘marijuana posession’ by athletes who don’t respect their colors and following and otherwise scandalous stories (DUI type); as faithful Hoosier/HT reading fans we also would much prefer coverage of IU athletes performance in B1G tournaments and we count on ‘our paper’, the HT, for that purpose.
    Thus our disappointment in the lack of ‘game coverage’ in the B1G baseball tournament on last year’s historical national finalist. Preparing the reporter to report could of been a home run. (So now I’ll check the big city Minneapolis papers).

  2. Sure good to know you’re still kicking, Tsao. I hope nothing of bad health was keeping you off Scoop. I didn’t want to envision a Scoop without you.

  3. Appreciate your thought Harvard, I hold the same esteem for you…and yes, you’re right, I was asking for more in the coverage; though two hours later I ending up eating the request when Maryland knocked the Hoosiers out.
    Did have a brush with destiny but am better and stronger (now). Never stopped reading and enjoying the Scoop, driving nurses and attendants crazy with things Hoosier, and using the Scoop as my private version of ‘Nurse Wratchit???’ Do I have her name right from “…Cookoos Nest”. In particular, Graham is a magnificent writer, Jeremy is really, really good commentary when he lets loose(also seems to me they’ve got him really busy doing a lot of routine ‘desk stuff’,..;then, there is Meek……??!! Part of the problem I see is the limitation of a way over-extended sports desk at the HT that has to handle (cover, redact and finish)nearly 10-15 (major-in the sense that that they require important reporting, developing, writing and commentary) stories/commentary per day, a physical impossibility beyond the reality of a major sports section/desk.
    One bit of sad news for you;…saw that your favorite place , Hot Doug’s in the Windy (Avondale ‘hood on California) closed with much and major moans. According to the info I saw, the founding owner retired or got sick and his heirs…???. The lines for the last few days went literally around the block…and made me think of you…and smile. I’ll try to find another to replace it and inform. (There is a place with really good ’empanadas’ not far from California and Fullerton (El Nandu). Keep it going Harvard…always worth reading.

    1. Hey Tsao,
      You’re not wrong about the workload these days, but it’s both part of the newspaper business and a case of a brush with destiny leaving us shorthanded on the desk temporarily. We’re muddling through as always and should be back to what passes for full strength soon.

  4. Whatever placed you near destiny, I’m very thankful to hear you came out of it better and stronger. Hallelujah! Truly great news!

    I had a small brush with what I thought would be very bad medical news….Sorta felt like I almost had miracle good news this week and dodged a bullet I thought directly aimed at my immediate health. It’s a chance to me to make a change. I hope that I am not like so many and squander such a chance when everything made me think to prepare for where my body’s symptoms were pointing.

    Once again, Tsao….Great to hear you’re doing fine.

  5. p.s. The homemade sausage(not to be called a “hotdog”) on a lobster-style roll establishment I’ve always visited is Frank ‘N’ Dawgs…@ 1863 N Clybourn Ave.


    About Franks 'n' Dawgs

    Franks 'n' Dawgs is elevating street food by incorporating the creativity of fine dining chefs, seasonal high quality artisan ingredients and deft attention to detail and execution.

    Our hand crafted artisan sausages (indicated by chefs hats on our menu) are house made daily using only the finest cuts of meats that will redefine your sausage experience.
    All our accoutrements are made in house; we use locally sourced ingredients by artisanal suppliers.
    Our gourmet sausage sandwiches change monthly; each is carefully crafted to provide immense depth of flavors.
    Our multiple award winning and lauded bun is a new england style lobster roll; baked daily by a local artisan baker, lightly buttered and toasted to perfection.

  6. Nothing but good here!

    Harvard, so glad you haven’t changed! You truly are part of the good ‘reading’ content of Scoop and the HT!; and you do it for love of the art! Thanks you for your thoughts…this may make you uncomfortable but I smile (smirk) and consider you a friend…a true one.

    Jeremy…easy to figure out that you are up to your b_tt in alligators and being asked to get in the swamp to drain it. Still, you manage to take the time to think and write… and do so with elegance. Repeat…from what I’ve seen it would be good for the readers to have more of you, Andy….and Mmm___!, Mmmmm___! MMMmm__!!! (God, I can’t say it!)….!!!

  7. Harvard…one more thought…in July we have to find a Cubbies game to try out the new bleachers. Did you know the owners have bought up a bunch (more than 6 now) of the rooftop buildings to control all the views (they’re still buying) and seats? Isn’t capitalism great??!!

  8. Thanks for info on the future of ‘…Dawgs’, Harvard…I did have your ‘dawg’ joint wrong. Glad to know yours is still alive and well and I’ll find it (dawgs…as many as you can dawgs oand beer on me. (Frank and Dawgs is not very far from my place).

  9. Tsao-

    Consider you a great friend too. Have always thoroughly enjoyed your writing and Scoop didn’t feel the same in your absence. Cubs game? Can I even name more than 4 guys on the roster right now? I know it’s all in the name of progress and capitalism, but I hate to see the old Wrigley lose that quaint hometown feel as a place economic status had somehow not totally invaded….Maybe that all ended with Brickhouse and Harry Caray…and Ernie. And the curse? Will all the spending in the world end the curse?

    Sure, I’m dodging the get-together in the bleachers invitation. I’m quite the reclusive blabbermouth…Maybe someday I’ll get up the nerve to step out of these comfort zones and we’ll clash some glasses(plastic cups?) of beer together and solidify our quirky bonding with cheers and beers at Wrigley….before that Crickets owner destroys the aura that made every Cubs fan feel the warmth of so many long passed on still placing your heart for the Cubs in their welcoming ‘Friendly Confines’ arms. There was never a sense you were the “common man” at Wrigley….because it just wasn’t part of its green ivy DNA to make the awkward and unnecessary distinctions all part of Ernie’s family.

    But for now….just a big HEY! HEY! for Brickhouse, Boudreau, and Tsao!

  10. If only Scoop was a baseball diamond…..The right foul pole could have a Tsao flag waving atop…The left foul pole a H4H flag….Inside the Hall would be the ’69 New York Mets.
    Korman would be the guy that couldn’t bring his billy goatee to Scoop…….

    (to be cont…or not).

  11. Harv, HC, Chet, DD…all of you- Thanks to all of you who make The Scoop a special place that makes you want to return. Jeremy, AG, MMMMmmmm….MMMmmmmm(still can’t bring myself around to say MMMm-m-mmmm..)…..thank you all for this great place to inform and entertain ourselves and love our Hoosiers.

    And Hoosiers, the planet stilkl can not duplicate you. Lucky to be here and aware of all of it!!!

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