Report: Michigan transfer Max Bielfeldt to visit Indiana

Michigan graduate transfer Max Bielfeldt will visit Indiana on Sunday, according to a report from CBS Sports’ Jon Rothstein.

Bielfeldt, who recently won an appeal that allows him to transfer to another Big Ten program, averaged 5.1 points, 3.6 rebounds and played 14.5 minutes per contest over 30 appearances last season. The 6-foot-8 forward is also reportedly considering Iowa State, Nebraska, DePaul, among others, and has ties to Illinois. A Peoria, Ill. native, Bielfeldt recently graduated from Michigan and will be immediately eligible to play at his next school.

After winning his appeal with the Big Ten on Monday, Bielfeldt visited Nebraska on Wednesday.

Indiana has two scholarships open for the 2015-16 season after dismissing forwards Hanner Mosquera-Perea and Devin Davis from the program on Thursday.


  1. VCU de-commit Jordan Murphy is no longer a possibility for Coach Crean as he has just committed to the Gophers.

  2. Seems transferring to a school within the conference you played in for four years would be very awkward. My guess is that he’ll transfer to a team that does not play at Michigan, or he’ll opt for a team in another conference.

  3. Thank you for the link to the grid.

    I kept reading that IU was over signed by 1 when Thomas Bryant committed.

  4. Ha. If this were an IU player fighting for an appeal to transfer to another B1G school, we’d have a field day with how bad he must want to stick it to Crean and the Hoosiers for some unknown, nefarious reason. But since it’s Michigan, he probably just wants stay close to home…

  5. coachv,
    That’s hilarious. I just saw the musical version of ‘The Producers’ at a local college last month.

    It was actually Max Bialystock.

    It was pretty funny watching the audience and seeing the reaction from the 30% who completely missed the humor. I was impressed that a college would take that kind of chance.

  6. IU was oversigned when Bryant committed, but then Jeremiah April transferred.

    It’s comical how Crean has the local paper so bamboozled…Can a local paper be so in the back pocket one basketball coach? Does IU Basketball really have that sort of command over HT to the point of whitewashing everything with such disregard any honest eye the facts at play? Is it institutionalized brainwashing at this point…? Because I just don’t get how there is absolutely zero room for the reality of the situation that has repeatedly been the defining signature of Crean’s year after year house cleaning of a roster; a theme that lives in rerun pattern each season that always ends up with the same ending and wholesale castaways….There is a complete callous regard his earlier courtships of players suddenly not the next best thing in line to save his coaching ass….

    Hoetzel…Robinson…Davis…Hanner…and April can somehow boil down to such a simple matter-of-fact conclusion …..”but then Jeremiah April transferred?” It’s beyond laughable..? It’s borderline conspiratorial. How on earth can you say that with a straight sugarcoated face?. It’s almost a flippant and casual loss of journalistic integrity to talk to an audience in such aloof fashion, burying the honest and rightful critique of Crean’s seedy tactics, so distortions can serve as nothing approaching the practices of treating Hoosiers like a piece of throwaway garbage…Why? I wish I knew…I can only surmise that the man at the helm of IU Basketball must have his knuckles wrapped very tightly around a very sensitive area of those choosing to don their blinders..

    I guess the aloofness and protection of the calamity that defines Crean sells just as much off the newsstand as a legit name at Indiana Basketball too difficult to secure in building something dignified and competent to write about. But that’s just a guess…Maybe it’s the knuckles and the grip. Is it IU Hoops or the Bloomington Mafia working with the Vatican muscling HT?

    1. It’s comical how Crean has the local paper so bamboozled…

      How does that statement make me or my colleagues bamboozled? It was a statement regarding the scholarship numbers, no less and no more, yet somehow that qualifies as a chance to impugn our journalistic integrity — presumably because we’re not producing pitchforks and torches for the right reason. If you read my columns, I think you’d know I don’t live in anybody’s back pocket, but spin it however you’d like.

  7. And don’t get me wrong…I know Jeremy is in a tough situation. Bloomington is so walled off from true perspectives that can flourish in an environment where more than the tightrope of the one school’s sports programs can command so much influence and power. And within that walled off world, fear is always winning the race ahead of objectivity….Too many careers at risk…Nobody wants to be that guy that risks something of an honest look when time eventually wears away at the passions of demanding something better…Crean can’t be here forever..I get it. But that sad thing is…nor will the integrity of the candy stripes and the university that I always believed would represent our state as a place that truly cared about young kids(those with hearts that don’t deserve such callous regard)…We will drive ourselves to a place like all things we are no longer shocked…We will be without a conscience and we will cheer without the same pride and warmth in our souls.. I want an Indiana that cheers because we honor a handshake and an obligation…I want my clapping for Hoosiers to embody a feeling that we believe in keeping a decent young man that stumbles on the right path rather than choose to cynically kick him out the door….Those players have already worn our uniform that were kicking out that door. Maybe that doesn’t mean anything to next best recruit that sees his name soon in lights, but it should mean something to us. It should mean something to those employed at a craft because of their ability to present without fear from a place removed though geographically a neighbor.

  8. Harvard for Hillbillies needs a copy editor but I get your point.

    It is very interesting how many players have left IU after new recruits caused the team to be over signed.

    I have no idea what occurred within the sanctity of the team but something didn’t feel right when a lot of those players left.

  9. Those players have already worn our uniform that [we’re] kicking out that door

    Day 1 over. Papa-in-law went to bed. Four more days of kissing the King’s small toes and another lovely visit will be in the books. Some unexpected positive news from Day 1 as no toilet plunger was called into action at this time But a very large greasy pizza with spicy sausage and mushrooms, 3 massive pretzel dough breadsticks with hot cheesy slop as dipping sauce is surely beginning to shift and rumble The morning brings a trip to Bob Evans and a time to rekindle that bond with the daughter he lives to remain in superior command her every thought and emotion…and the probable asking if she’s going to eat that last sausage link…. Day 2 will most likely bring much higher risk levels of a Mt. Saint Gluttonous full eruption. May we find the will to go forward.

  10. What I find most comical is how everything acts like it’s only IU that had transfers year in and year out. The Ron Patterson situation seemed a little shady, but other than that I think the kids saw the writings on the wall as far as playing time goes. But yes, I agree that Crean sent the cops to the dorm and planted pot on Devin. He also got Hanner to show up there under the false premise of a free DVD of Air Alert 2.

  11. And going 2-6 in the final eight regular season games(including three straight at home) is where all his maneuvering gets him in the seventh year his far too lengthy contracts and extensions. Take your pick…(1)incompetent coaching of the X’s and O’s the game…(2)a lack of ability in picking role players that can develop into seasoned and steady reliable veterans to grow into examples and leaders on our team…or (3) drug busts, failed drug tests, drinking and driving arrests, fake ID’s, and countless stupidity that abounds in an array of off-the-court issues that rival what many on these blogs freely called the behavior of “thugs” and “druggies” when they were “wreckers” under the watch of Kelvin Sampson.

    Do you honestly believe this is what we should be paying millions for the guy that said “Because it’s Indiana?” He hits his concessional recruiting home runs, but those few won’t make up for the dysfunction he brings in all other aspects the coaching profession. Everyone becomes his cheap commodity …which would be fine for any heartless fan if he could do something with his “next best” replacements…Never any cohesiveness and never any players looking out for each other. Never any leadership or reason to stay longer than the first call from an NBA scout. That’s what his “because” has brought to Bloomington. Just enjoy it…It will all be over soon enough. There will be a point that even the most aloof defenders and defeatists will take no more of this joke upon the candy stripes.

  12. correction: (including three straight [losses] at home..[and a double bitch-slapping from PU])

  13. How many six foot seven and six foot eight forwards does one team need? How about another six foot ten post player?

  14. Posted comments #11, #12 and #16 are right on target about the current state of IU Basketball.

  15. Harv,
    I wouldn’t worry. From the sound of that diet he shouldn’t live out the week.

  16. A fitting conclusion to the Day 1 evening….After an attempt to sleep in the wife’s chambers, I ended up sleeping on the floor of the cold den…Don’t get me wrong, I like the den. It is home of a late 1800’s upright piano from England that i spent a ton of time restoring…Why did I end up on the floor…? I was snoring, heaven forbid. While King Gluttonous of Two Shakes was getting his z’s with the most comfortable mattress in the palace of peasants with the ass-kickin’ Beautyrest of pocketed coil, I was fittingly serving out the first evening of His Highness visit (a man that has never been high enough to take the prickly edge off his mental superiority stance, but takes every pill ever produced by the pharmaceutical industry just because it fits in a palm), with three hours sleep on a concrete floor(albeit covered by a layer of carpet and 1/2″ padding)… The King and my wife, the adopted child he taught all other offspring his own supreme DNA to take target insult practice, have gone to the Bob Evans to snort sausage links and drench rubbery pancakes with sugary syrups and fruits and whip creams and margarine….The margarine is so the King can maintain the 34″ waist he proudly contends he has returned. It sorta looks like a Bob Knight 34″ waist during the sweater years….It’s rather amazing what a belt can fit underneath after years of rearranging hip bones to accept the size Wrangler camouflage pants the King now sports.

    Chet- He is some sort of pill-pumping mutant that has defeated the longevity odds that would have killed mere mortal men 25 years younger his number while eating 1/3 the gluttonous amount supplemented by all the healthy living secrets of Dr. Oz. He loves time travel movies…..He certainly can bring clocks to a crawl when he comes for visit.

  17. If you throw out enough shrapnel chances are you are going to hit something that needs to be hit.

  18. Harvard you make the same basic points in every one of your posts no matter the topic. It seems as if you are a strong Coach Knight supporter, but knight had more than his share of players transfer. Jason Collier, Luke Recker, Steve Hart, Sherron Wilkerson, lawerance funderburke, Rob Hodgeson, Micheal Herman, Neil Reed, Chris Rowels, to ne a few.

  19. Glad I read the full comment by Jeremy Looking at the recent comments on the right side where Jeremy said ‘Crean has local paper bamboozled’ lead me to believe Jeremy has finally lost it. Thrown in the towel. Given up. His dream job offer came true.

  20. Just don’t think you can make that statement without some form of context. If you’re comfortable being aloof to his methods and his vulgar ways of turning so recently courted talent into wholesale castaways year after year without any context as if it all just came down to a couple names to wash it all clean, hold onto it with all the integrity you think it deserves. It’s a walled off world and unless the drums are beating and Kent Benson is tearing up his tickets, it’s best to play the aloof game.

    I understand…Those that were not afraid of Crean have left HT…for a dream job in Tennessee…Right.

  21. And why not put some of that same objective stance into Scoop what you claim is in your columns? It doesn’t have to involve pitchforks and torches to show some spine with the apologist crowd for every seedy task they ardently defend. Why even comment at all on the threads if you’re not willing to offer the same balance you claim to offer in columns? Do not even see anything somewhat tragically sad in how Devin and Hanner have had their final curtain calls? Do you honestly believe they are bad kids not worthy of less drastic measures this final conclusion while Troy and Yogi remain on the team? And it doesn’t have to have anything to do with blaming Crean….There is something seriously wrong in the leadership this program and maybe its time a local paper can at least acknowledge how a “Movement” almost all fans saw as a turning point of great kids recruited by a great coach could ever turn into something so fractured? I’m really being that out of line to ask for that on the pages of Scoop once in a while?

    1. No, it’s not out of line, though the trick is keeping some things where people actually pay to read them, but what is out of line is taking a simple comment regarding the scholarship numbers to mean something so much more.

  22. I read the now-infamous headline Harv so succinctly brought to our attention and thought there might have been a hint of sarcasm– if not downright smarminess– to it. Didn’t bother reading the article, so I’ll assume I’m right as usual. No need to comment, Jeremy. Everybody has their own truth. And we’re all spot on. Right?

  23. In actual news, I couldn’t agree more with RAM. We now have a plethora of guys in the 6’6 to 6’8 range, but who would all mostly be playing undersized in their likely backup 4/5 role given the recent vacancies. So do we look to the future with guards, maybe a bigger graduate transfer, or does everything hinge on Thon now?

    It’s always interesting. One things for certain. Our needs right now will be completely different a year from now. And the year after that. And after that. Conspiracy theories are fun, but the calculus isn’t.

  24. I will say–as a complete gut call–that I think there’s some combination of transfers who voluntarily leave (to seek more immediate playing time, realized I wasn’t the right fit, and/or just flat out couldn’t hang), players who are gently nudged out, and players who are strong-armed out. Well, and of course those who are down-right kicked out… but not without public and justifiable cause I have no idea what the ratio really is, but I would guess it’s somewhere between those who assume there’s always some draconian plot, and those who assume each transfer just had a whimsical change of heart.

    Not to be cold, but it can be a cold world. I always pack sunscreen, flip flops, and a parka. You know, just in case.

  25. Jeremy, you are wasting your time responding to Harv the Windbag. His self-righteous, bombastic attacks on anyone and everyone who dares to offer a difference of opinion tell us all we need to know. Harv seems to revel in his odd, cryptic posts. What he really needs is to give his disdain for CTC and his adoration for BK a rest. We get it, and we are tired of it.

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