Six Indiana teams earn APR recognition

For a third consecutive year, Indiana men’s basketball has been recognized for sustained academic excellence.

Men’s basketball is one of six IU programs to earn an APR Public Recognition Award, given annually to teams that posted multi-year Academic Progress Rates in the top 10 percent of all teams in their sports. This year’s awards are based on scores between the 2010-11 and 2013-14 academic years.

At Indiana, men’s basketball is joined by men’s cross country, men’s golf, men’s soccer, men’s outdoor track and field and women’s tennis on the list of APR honorees.

The APR measures a program’s ability to retain or graduate athletes, while keeping them eligible. Full national APR data for all teams, including access to postseason play and penalties for underperforming teams, will be released May 27.

In addition to men’s basketball’s recent run of academic success, this is the eighth straight year that men’s golf is being honored and the fourth straight year for women’s tennis. This is also the third consecutive honor for men’s soccer.

“I want to congratulate these students for their outstanding work in the classroom, and commend head coaches Tom Crean, Ron Helmer, Todd Yeagley, Mike Mayer and Lin Loring for continuing to reinforce academic achievement as a top priority,” IU athletic director Fred Glass said in a statement.

Because of the poor academic state of the program Tom Crean inherited in 2008, the annual APR recognition has become a point of pride for the IU men’s basketball coach. This is the fifth straight year that Crean’s program has achieved a perfect APR single-year score of 1,000, and IU was one of only eight teams to earn an APR award and play in the NCAA Tournament last season.

Since Crean’s arrival, 22 players have earned Indiana degrees, including 21 bachelor’s degrees and five master’s degrees.

“Our staff and (academic advisor) Marni Mooney keeps all involved on task, the players understand our commitment to their education, and everyone in the program takes tremendous pride in our academic success,” Crean said in a statement. “Our players consistently exceed their own expectations and reach new heights that are as rewarding an achievement as they experience.”


  1. I just saw on ESPN that Kentucky was at the top of the APR list.

    How is that even possible?

  2. Crean gets them off the team before an APR could dip anyway. Classes get more demanding at the 300 and 400 level. If there not heading to the NBA, they’re getting nudged to go find their PT elsewhere. Plus, it may cause more doubt to see truth in numbers if everyone on a roster is getting very high grades for three or four years straight. Pull those A’s and B’s down for a year or two and then give them the boot…If they all look like 4-yr. Rhodes Scholars, somebody will start digging and start questioning.

    UK may not have the overall admissions standards an IU, but that doesn’t mean Calipari’s recruits aren’t intelligent young men. Is there really that much difference in curriculum for freshman level classes across various schools? I doubt any team that is making deep tournament runs is doing it with kids that aren’t intelligent and hard-working young men.

  3. He’s a dope at basketball….He’s very qualified as a beauty pageant judge…Could probably do very well as a circus promoter/ringmaster.

  4. Circus Ringmaster sounds kind of fun. Definitely a lot less creepy that Beauty Pageant Judge.

    My career in Pet Psychiatry might have to be put on hold if there are any openings.

  5. Hey! Here’s some good news about IU’s athletes and coaches. Come on, let’s have some fun dumping on them and denigrating their achievements.

  6. Hypocrites, yes it is nice that all kids do well in college. Regarding major colleges; on the outside they are presented as glorious higher level learning institutions. I do not know what the small so-called prestigious colleges have become. They have become uniquely weird in their own right. However, except for the landscape I am not sure how many fans, watchers, or those who are vested really care about GPAs in the course of major college sporting events. I think you could implode all the buildings on campus except for the dorms, frat/sorority houses, a big gym, in some places a fb field if it were not for the beauty these buildings add to the landscape and the appearance of higher level learning that make those involved seem as an intelligent human species. Except for the TV commentators PR ing I have never seen a fan during the course of a game in the NCAA tournament or any game or even before or after refer to players; oh what a play! He does really well in his Physics class and what a great student he is. Let us analyze his grades. Then there is a discussion of what kind of student that player is. No, all the fans are looking at or wins and championship caliber performance that brings excitement, happiness, heartbreak, highs, lows, and a celebrating party state of mind. By the way KY bb seems to recruit high quality kids.

  7. The preferred walk on’s are in the mix which pushes the totals upward as well . Perra and Yurkin were good students as well just couldn’t grasp the game . CTC will take any positives in respect to his performance at this point in time. He is a very good person but can’t coach . He still remains to isolated from the team most of the time . We just have to hope Yogi will be the coach or a really good assistant is hired. Rumors are out there about John Lucas ,he is working with Robert Johnson and Troy Williams now and seems to be very close to Thon Maker . In addition I. U. has offer Maker’s brother . Lucas would be a excellant choice . The team must have chemistry to be successful all good teams have it or a coach that builds it .

  8. No one who appreciates the concept of “student-athlete” can deny the importance of this fact: ” This is the fifth straight year that Crean’s program has achieved a perfect APR single-year score of 1,000, and IU was one of only eight teams to earn an APR award and play in the NCAA Tournament last season.” Now if we can maintain the academic performance AND make the Final Four, life will be good! Can the HT please give us the full list of the 8 schools?

    1. The eight schools who earned the APR award in 2014 and played in the 2015 NCAA Tournament: Indiana, Belmont, Duke, Kansas, Louisville, Northern Iowa, Notre Dame and Texas.

  9. Can we also have the scores of all teams that were in the NCAA tournament…I highly doubt there’s a huge variance. Harvard probably had the lowest score. NC likely kicked Apr butt as they did with inventing classes that athletes received official credit. I have no confidence in the NCAA to investigate and punish the truly corrupt…Why would I have any more confidence in anything they want to paint as success stories.. There only motivation is profit. There only examples of corruption that they serve heavy penalties and put on public display on the eve of NCAA tournaments are 3-way phone call offenders.

    It’s great that IU is on an NCAA glamor list. . But with an NCAA so wrought in hypocrisy and the glorification of programs that have absolutely no concern for college living without the manipulations an NBA farm system(e.g. UK), what is there to really believe when it comes to any of these numbers. It sounds like pass-fail. Yippee. Simply because one school can achieve these marks with no hiccups has no correlation to the challenges some athletes take on beyond this standard within far more difficult academic courses, standards, reputation of the school, etc. etc. Bottom Line: Until real penalties come down on real violators(e.g. the despicable stuff that went on at NC), it’s really not a private club that says a whole lot of the character its members. It might as well be one of those fake charity organizations in the news recently for stealing 99% of all donations that were supposed to be helping children with cancer….

    Until the NCAA can prove that going after the “club members” at their Establishment schools is as equally important as a witch hunt on the eve an NCAA tournament for a 3-way call offender, there “good news” always feels like being on the “good side” of the Town Hypocrisy tracks. I honestly don’t think their numbers nor their investigations are based in any quest for truth and integrity….They have shown measure of outrage to suggest they care about anything that separates a true student-athlete from someone getting an ‘A’ for a make-believe or highly inferior level class constructed to protect the “good” people of the profit world.

  10. oops…[Their] only motivation…[….]..[Their] only examples of corruption…

  11. They have shown [NO] measure of outrage to suggest they care about anything that separates/differentiates a truly enrolled student-athletes that may slough off or “fail”(e.g. 19 F’s!) and drastically bring down an APR from a school that has allowed a large group of supposed “student-athletes” to get the ‘A’ in make-believe courses constructed to protect the “good” people/coaches of their choice club members in their profit world.

  12. Did Derrick Rose contribute to the falling off of any APR score for the one year he was at Memphis..? Yet, it’s pretty widely accepted that he did not take his own SAT test to get enrolled in the university….How much BS truly goes on to pass through the system certain kids while making failure examples out of others we’ll never know. Why on earth should I believe that any number posted by UK or NC means sh___? I can only hope our basketball numbers mean more than any confidence I would have in either of the two aforementioned programs.

    Calipari blabbering on social media that Crean deserves ‘Coach of the Year’ is about as credible as Crean advocating Calipari as deserving ‘Educator of the Year.’ for UK’s upwardly trending APR scores.

  13. Out of those “five master’s degrees” since Crean’s arrival, how many were at IU their first four years? Just curious. I can only think of Finkelmeier..Were all the others graduate transfers? Do you have the names of those five…? Not that big of list to recognize such an achievement.

  14. I know Matt Roth got at least one masters and possibly two. I believe Jordy earned his masters as well.

  15. Wow…That’s right, Chet. How could I forget Roth? He possibly accounts for two of those master’s degrees that Tom Crean can gets to have mentioned in a Scoop story..Too bad he wasn’t worthy a summer phone call to give some spectacular outside shooting while he was eager and still eligible to play hoops. Jordy earned his masters in four years?

    Don’t you think a certain amount of excessive pushing kids off a team and the supposed voluntary transfers that also leave our program should have some repercussions on the APR? I just don’t feel it’s right to slather yourself in this number when the entire “Movement” became so fractured. There’s a lot of APR ranking and consistency to be proud(if you put a ton of stock into what those numbers really represent when John ‘Educator of the Year’ Calipari can put up great marks), but did we treat all these kids ethnically in the process their great performance in the classroom? I think we sorta treated them as very expendable while holding up their strong determination in the classroom as “our” doing things the right way.

  16. Thanks Mike. Congrats to all of them. No Finkelmeier….? Dentists don’t count? Have Dipo or Cody completed their degrees? Would Crean get credit when and if that ever happens? Should he?

    I wonder what Knight’s teams APR’s would have looked like? Did they have this form of assessment back then? Would his teams have had a score of 1,000 for 20 years straight? I wonder how many kids Knight graduated? And I wonder how his yearly average would have compared to Crean’s average over seven years….That would be sorta fun to know. …or maybe not. Maybe the increasingly narcissistic aspect making for the very transient nature of recruits, and the more prevalent NBA influences of the one-and-done thing, would make the comparison rather irrelevant.

    It appears Crean has trumped Bobby in the ‘getting kids to really value their education seriously’ department. Good job, Tom. You’ve proven that their often dysfunction behavior on the court has nothing to do with their minds. Though I think most of us already knew that….including you.

  17. And congrats to the teachers/profs of IU!

    Without good teachers, learning isn’t very fun…. and it often immediately shows on the faces in the classroom…

    And without good teachers on the hardwood, basketball can often appear to be more frustrating than fun…I think Chet and I covered the “fun” b-ball topic during March. first I thought APR stood for Average Podium Ranking.

  18. Yes, Jordy got a masters in 4 years. In much the same way, Victor was a graduate when he left after 3 years.

    Good for them. I damn sure didn’t graduate in three years.

  19. Wow…And just ponder this, Chet….If Victor and Cody would have stayed for banner parties, they would have likely each had doctorate degrees…Vonleh would have stayed and had a master’s degree…Fischer would now be in his second year of law school and Crean would have earned(and I stress earned) a $74,000,000 contract extension until Death Do Us Never Hoosier Part with an honorary coaching doctorate in ‘Because it’s Indiana/The Movement/We’re Back/Hoosier Rising/Zellerpalooza/SheeheyDipo/I Got Magic in My Mad Ants.’ Tom would also be in the PHO(Podium Hall of Fame) and Assembly would be renamed to Whatzone APR Hall. Jamarcus Ellis would be the honorary speaker at the ceremony to raise the 7th banner and an extra sun would be born of the 19 forgivenesses found in Crean’s heart for all Sampson APR wreckers now born again something or others. Hoosier Football would still be Hoosier Football …and Bruce Jenner would be the new track coach.

  20. You, Chet…? Really!? Even you didn’t graduate in three years. Chet…Chet..Chet. Don’t be so hard on yourself. You climbed into the cockpit a fighter jet and you were something like one of 1600 to make it through the Pensacola training program and earn your wings. I doubt Victor or Cody could do that in 3000 lifetimes. And don’t think the rush to get to the NBA is everything….Touching a banner may last as long in the heart as touching the tops those clouds in the fashion your long and beautiful journey….All these prima donnas get “called” by the NBA. How many of us get called by a billboard in Southern Indiana to conquer something never planned? Don’t beat yourself up for not getting that master’s degree in Sports Social Media…You’ve done just damn fine. And that wife…? And those kids all in the Ivy League…? I highly doubt Cody’s kids could ever do Ivy. Hell, the only Ivy anyone in my family has ever been close to is at Wrigley Field…Held my nephew up on my shoulders at center field on Autograph Day….I vaguely remember Jody Davis and Mel Hall somewhere near the simple smile a kid I thought worth more than all the tea in China. Moral of the story: Nothing can replace the moments given to someone else. I guess that’s the moral. But what do I know? I’m not sure anyone cares about the little things anymore. It’s just one big party of stomping down those we want to stomp and holding like gods those we still feel superior.

    My father never graduated from high school until after serving in the Navy in WWII ….Is he any less a man than someone that gets a degree in three years? His favorite thing to say to me when I couldn’t do something he had learned our understood was…”You’re smarter than that….You went to college.” I often wonder if I would have been smarter to not go to college and join the Navy instead… Maybe I would have had more moments.

  21. Harv, please reread BeatPurdue’s #12. How can you trumpet caring about the little things while completely disregarding the inconvenient little truths? To many Hoosier fans, these are the little things. At least some of them. But they matter. Maybe not as much as Final Fours and banners… or even wins and losses, perceived coaching acumen, post-game tantrums, substance abuse, and compliance… or whatever… but little things like perennially high graduations rates and academic achievement also matter. One of Eight schools. Five straight years. To ascribe skepticism and/vitriol to something that’s indisputable only serves to cheapen what our players and programs have accomplished. All of them. Not just basketball. Is it so hard to just take a minute to celebrate them? Get back to your usual horn trumpeting narratives tomorrow…

  22. You’re right, Punjab. It is a great achievement and Tom Crean deserves a good share of the credit for bringing in kids that value the classroom. I wish that was enough for me. Is it enough for you to excuse what you’ve seen in terms of players getting into problems off-the-court that go way beyond anything under Sampson? Is it enough to excuse losing three straight home games and going 6-8 down the stretch? Is it enough to now claim Northwestern as the Wildcat team to replace our longtime UK rival to the south(a very reputable academic institution by all accounts an NCAA also giving them very high marks in APR)? Is it enough to bring a center named Jeremiah April to Indiana while in desperation to cover your butt and not honor the faith his mother put in God and Indiana’s integrity?

    This is the players accomplishment. Would I really be surprised that young men of strong Christian faith wouldn’t behave/attend/take seriously the classroom? Would I also be surprised they would not honor their coach’s desire to push them through the academic system as quickly as possible because it makes all the seedy scholly crunch moves, inconsistency in discipline, and broken trust with kids he axed from the program though desperately last-minute recruited look more admirable when kids are amassing credits and graduating early? Would I really be surprised those that back this man for reasons nothing to do with getting Indiana back to an elite stage in basketball use this singular marker as some justification to feed this man millions upon millions in salary for teams that look confused and tired in March Madness(not to mention never looking like they’re finding any joy or brotherhood in the game)?

  23. oops…going [2-6] down the stretch(or losing 6 out of 8 down the stretch).

  24. That’s why I’ve never understood why CTC brings in these projects and dumps them in a year or two. Someone on this blog said that were trying to find the next Oladipo. That only goes so far. When you consistently dump players every year it starts to get embarrassing. I guess I still don’t understand why you just don’t bank the scholarship and use it on someone you really want. The whole scheme cheapens the program if you ask me. Some might might say others are doing it but this is IU. Finding decent talent shouldn’t be a chore or an act of desperation.

  25. ” I’ve come to set the record straight
    I’ve come to shine the light on you
    let me introduce myself
    I’m the cold Hard truth “

  26. Harv, I didn’t start learning life’s hard lessons until I was older than anyone on the current Hoosier team. They’re not toddlers. If it’s the players’ accomplishments, as you say, than it must also be their failures. Points taken, but it doesn’t just go one way.

  27. My entire point…This is treated as if it’s Crean’s accomplishments..which, to me, is a terrible stretch. He’s not studying ….He’s not taking the classes…It’s not his mind doing the achieving. It’s his mind doing the coaching of kids that can’t figure it out on the court(meaning they’re not given the proper tools and foundation in the fashion that allows them to shine in the classroom) Crean retains kids in the program that have valued education….He recruited them….That’s where it ends.. Why does it not reflect as “Crean’s program” when they suck playing as a team? Why is not “Crean’s program” when he cannot instill responsibility in the choices of behavior in dorm rooms, or on the streets of Bloomington, in the same fashion some on here seem want to attach Crean’;s name as having the influence to instill the values for the classroom? Honestly, I think his realm of responsibility is to teach basketball and keep them safe..He has failed miserably in being a role model that can keep them safe. he has failed miserably at being a proven X’s and O’s coach. If they can’t hack the classroom, it’s a given they won’t stay in uniform. . If our team fails miserably at learning basketball, it’s not given that Crean be stripped of his teaching/coaching credentials.

    It’s always the same from the apologists…..Knight had hundreds of stellar kids that valued education and went on to promising careers. I’m sure many will do the same that played for Crean. But it’s nice when a basketball coach can turn Assembly(and, now, Cook)into a place that provides a top notch basketball education where chances of success at banners and team accomplishments(rather than just individual) are of a level something Indiana has always taken great pride…We have some of the best high school coached kids come to Bloomington. It’s a pity to see what they’ve learned in high school stop under an instructor that just isn’t up to snuff with the true teachers of the game.

  28. So, if I understand this. when something negative happens to a team member, anything at all. CTC is at fault.

    But, anything good, credit needs to go elsewhere.

  29. No…When something positive happens in the classroom, it’s Crean’s accomplishment and “Crean’s program”… When something that appears on a basketball court that looks like total confusion and dog excrement(as in our team defense, losing 6 out of 8 in our final stretch), it’s not Crean’s program; it’s simply the lazy dumb kids on our team that just aren’t getting it.

    Yup…. They are just so damn smart in the classroom, but appear as if they’ve had a b-ball lobotomy with Izzo’s Igor.

  30. Izzo’s Igor….? That could be a future Scoop screen name with legs…I’ll sell it for a $15.00 Trojan Horse gift certificate.

  31. Ron,
    Where did you camp?

    I was camping in the Rio Grande Gorge last week. Trip down Memory Lane. Camped in the same spot 32 years ago. First time back since.

  32. Ben-

    I don’t know how I missed you post #30….Not sure if it was there the whole time or was placed in a Price replay review holding situation…Thought you put out a really nice summation describing how there has been major “cheapening” of the program. Excellent job of putting it into a succinct group of ideas and well-written too.

    Admittedly, I also get a small boost of happiness to see some rare agreement with my own thoughts. Not many on this blog(other than those Jeremy has labeled as “trolls”) have any room for agreement with someone that has never been a fan of Tom Crean’s methods. Thanks for being so honest…I’m with you on this one. Character is measured by things like brotherhood, parallel expertise in your own coaching profession to what is demanded of kids in a classroom, unselfish play on the court, having backs of teammates, and not bamboozling recruits to Indiana in desperation and casting them out in one year like dog excrement. Perfect scores in APR should not serve as all the perfume to excuse far from mediocre scores in ethics and prepared teams that roll into March with unity and momentum.

    Anyway,…. Hope all is well in Alabama.

    1. Ben’s post was in the holding tank for whatever reason, so I freed it, but that’s likely how it was missed.

      As for baseball, if the criticism is that we didn’t send Mike to Minneapolis, so be it. That’s a business decision that will hopefully allow us to travel wherever the NCAA Tournament might take IU. But Mike has posted updated stories from each game — starting Wednesday — both here and on the regular web site/paper, so without being there in person, not sure what else might fill the hole.

  33. I didn’t mention baseball, Jeremy. The last thing you probably want to do(for Tsao’s sake and the blog) is to have the apologists think we’re one in the same……

    A Ben ‘holding tank’ dedication.

  34. Oh, maybe you’re responding to the Kartje “gash”….I was just being playful/cynical. I have no problem with the baseball coverage. I think it’s plenty…I’m actually quite impressed that Mike covers these contests inning by inning. Hope he takes a cooler of brew. But would the world be right if Tsao wasn’t seriously demanding more from an HT journalist?

    1. Sorry, just trying to answer two things in one response. Forgot Tsao’s baseball comment was on a different post but glad to have him reappear none the less.

  35. Couldn’t agree more, Jeremy…and no need to be sorry. Elated to see Tsao reappear.

    Great Memorial holiday to all. And an immeasurable thank you to all those Americans that served in the military with all noble intentions and honor rooted in our Founding Father’s declarations; to keep safer ans stronger a free America and to strive for a more peace-loving and free world.

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