1. And….Jordy scores 22 and team wins whatever European league championship. Not bad for a short guy.

  2. That’s tremendous! Congrats to Jordy! Hopefully, you can get him to write about it after the champagne bottles are in the recycling bin and the offseason kicks into full swing.

  3. Jeremy, thanks for the links. Glad to see Jordy do well in the BIBL Final, Game 2. He appears to have made good progress through the season, and displayed good leadership for the team. Yeah, Jordy!

  4. I’m delighted for Jordy. That’s great news for such an outstanding young man. I know absolutely nothing about the league he plays in, and I wonder if he can make a living playing there. One of the stories said the finals were played in front of sold out crowds. I wonder if those arenas hold as many fans as Jordy’s High School Gymnasium? Does anybody know anything about the league he played in?

    I expect that when his playing days have ended in the international leagues in a few years, he will return to the US and begin his coaching career.

  5. Thanks, Jeremy. That was interesting. And as I suspected, both games were played in arenas that appeared to be about the size of an above average sized Indiana High School arena. But the fans sure seemed very passionate.

  6. I have an explanation for Podunker concerning the league Jordy plays in….

  7. Had forgotten that off the shoulder shot Jordy has.

    Somebody send this recording to BTN. Makes the BTN filming coverage look like 8th graders..

  8. After watching about 30 seconds of the game footage, I quickly came to the conclusion that both these teams couldn’t compete with a 16 seed in the NCAA tournament. I’m not sure if they could even compete in Division II… Grand Canyon University could likely blow them out.

    Loved Jordy as a Hoosier….Great young man. But I couldn’t watch five minutes of those games and pretend to stay interested…Lord, guess it doesn’t take much in some lands to have a good time.

  9. I noticed that the European big men had hands of stone. They struggled to catch passes in both games and committed numerous turnovers, often moving before they had caught the ball. I also noticed:
    1) Jordy’s team came from behind to win both games.
    2) For a while, the games looked like 3-point shooting contests with more than it’s share of air balls
    3) Did I see it wrong, or did the game involve ten-minute quarters? You’d think at that level, the quarters would be longer than ten minutes.

    It was interesting.

  10. Toni Kukoč could catch a jelly fish…..and proceed to drain it..

    Jordy does still launch it with all the recoiled force a trebuchet projecting a boulder at the castle wall….I wonder if this could add to his European appeal? “hands of stone…” “trebuchet triples”….? If you stare very closely at basketball nets, the weave pattern resembles the crisscross barricade system used in medieval gates


  11. Po, this might be true in the Balkan league, but not in Spain or Italy. The western Europeans play a great style of basketball that I’m sure most Hoosier fans would appreciate. In fact, they probably have better fundamentals than most if not all NCAA teams. I went to a couple of games in Spain a few years ago and absolutely loved it.

    Phil Jackson and Kobe Bryant have talked about this fact, too. They blame AAU ball in the US for underdeveloping fundamentals. American kids don’t learn the team aspect, as they’re only interested in racking up stats so they can get high in the rankings. They have tremendous athleticism and great individual skills like shooting and driving, but poor team skills as they don’t practice as a team enough. Phil’s book talks about having to teach NBA rookies simple things like catching a ball, making a pivot and passing.

    While I continue to digress, one of the coolest parts of Phil’s book was him talking about how they won the 1993 Championship on Paxon’s last second shot. He said that was the pinnacle of talent and teamwork. On that play, all 5 Bulls on the floor touched the ball to set up that game winning shot.

    I was never a Bulls or Lakers fan, but Phil was one of the greats. Getting all those egos to play like a team was certainly an incredible feat. 😉

    So, back to Europeans….

  12. Jordan was never a selfish basketball player and it wasn’t Phil Jackson that made him that way. There is absolutely no necessity in attempting to compare Jordan’s incomparable genius to shine as a clutch performing star within a totally involved team compared to Kobe’s inability to value a teammate rotating around his narcissistic purpose to be THE star.

    Da Bulls! ……ain’t no bull fight in Madrid. European ball at any level does not belong in any paragraph with the name Michael Jordan. That’s criminal at “purist” level or any level. There are gifts on provide a god that can translate into what MJ could bring to a clutch moment. …And it was never about selfishness. It was belief in something that will never be duplicated.

  13. What does Phil Jackson know? He only needs to get his toes in the action to display all his championship rings.

    Harv, this is yet another example of you not even coming close to listening or arguing from the actual substance of a comment. I wasn’t comparing the NBA to European leagues. Just the NCAA. And I brought it up because Po had said “European big men had hands of stone.” I responded that the Balkan players aren’t the cream of the crop in Europe and that you’d see a different quality of hoops being played in Western Europe (Spain, Italy, France). I can’t speak of some of the better Eastern Euro teams as the only knowledge I have of them is the occasional game or two in the Olympics. Certainly not enough of a sample size for me to form an opinion.

    Too bad you’re so dismissive of them. I think you’d really enjoy watching it based on the type of hoops I think you like watching.

    I brought up the 93 Bulls’ as a digression–a vignette if you will–of what I thought was a very insightful and entertaining story told from the man that drew up the play. Leave it up to you to pick a fight for no substantive reason.

    Good thing I didn’t mention your boyfriend Mitch McGary, or I’d still be cleaning the mess off of the walls.

  14. I responded that the Balkan players aren’t the cream of the crop

    Then why all the excitement ….? Why all the hulls-abaloo…?

    i absolutely love it when you get worked up, Double Down. Glad you basically admitted that the BIBL league(how ’bout that…just one ‘E’ short of BIBLE League..? ) featured in these clips looks like pre-1950’s US. ball(before most African American players were allowed to join in the organized games)….The Big O’s Crispus Attucks H.S. teams could likely destroy these dorky squads….Are we sure these weren’t the Washington Generals warming up for the Globetrotters?

  15. I’m not worked up at all, but nice attempt at trying to troll me.

    I don’t even know what you are arguing with me about. Maybe I’m the dummy. Could be.

  16. For those that might get to Bloomington this summer….Hoosier Auditorium has a great interpretation of a Tony Award-winning musical coming soon….

  17. Just some explanation here….The ‘Dr. Strangelove’ was the creation my great mentor….the one and only Remora of Basketblog. Crean filling in for Peter Sellers was Remora’s creation(at least I’m near 100% certainty)….I don’t know. the more I looked at “Strangelove Crean,” I started to get recollection of a celeb/Broadway musicals performer with a very distinctive husky voice…..Yes, Harvey Fierstein, I thought. Tom Crean looks a hell of a lot like Harvey Fierstein….Anyway, Harvey was a big hit in ‘Hairspray.’

    DD- Take care. I was mainly agreeing with you. The BIBL/Balkan league sorta looks like it sucks….The BIBL League is to a United States D-1 University of Kentucky team in the same fashion a Maine high school basketball team to an East Chicago Washington team(back in the day)….or North Central H.S(more recent)….”H.S” ain’t H.S.in some worlds……and “Pro” ain’t Pro in some as well.

  18. Secondly, I think you’re a stale turd for having any discussions with someone as cold of heart as Podunker…

    You’ve read this blog. You know how his degrading comments are from a different place…I thought better of you to comprehend the difference. Go with the style of the day in ganging up on me, Double Down. Instead of having my back, you kiss up to the same people that have made cruel remarks aimed at my mental health…You remind me of a guy that played friendship like a game long ago on Basketblog. Sometimes having the back of a nutcase is just too much to ask of any friend….And why throw stupid words like “friend”: around a blog when nobody here has the courage to ever meet these people on Scoop they want to pretend a shared honorable existence.

    My mental health may be in question…My comprehension may be weak…My debating skills may tire quickly.. I may have TCDS…I may chase windmills of my own creation…I may get all the direct spew because the easy target I’ve made myself for not selling out my heart to man that I believe has made a shenanigans out of IU.

    But I’ll live with that…And no matter the ease for you to join the Yacht Club that puts me in the corner where the misfit and “delusional” blogger that misses on “the substance of arguments” belongs, I have no fear of what is in my heart. And if my mind shall never stay afloat, I will drown where the blood my heart finds my voice in storms or tranquil sea. For I would choose to be lost than to guide something not to be me.

  19. “Po”….like he’s your best friend….Nothing like using a shortened version of a made-up name on a blog to address an entity of this toy internet sandbox world as if a good old buddy you know the character like a brother. That, in itself, speaks to more than 1000 words of truth now tarnished. There are no friends here…There are no shortened names. There is only the sheltered and the hidden. A box is the place you want to keep your fear….To interact here is safe for all stranger than the most clumsy of the most world queer. Deformities of the soul and now frown or smile could ever detect….There are only curtains where faces and solid handshakes …and generous eyes cannot live. Speak at will for what you know those with shortened names will enjoy to hear…Toast a drink to the imaginative “Po” you cannot see if smile or shed a tear….Pretend it all to be sincere when you join in mockery those you can’t see but, oh, most certain the fraud to give your carefully placed worthy sneer. But I say if you drink it with all truth of what can be said and not seen in the dark, it just as well be warm piss in a glass you toast while thinking it’s going down as cold beer.

  20. Got nothing but love for you, Harv. Too bad you took my comments about basketball as anything but.

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