5 Hoosiers named to Phil Steele preseason teams

The optimism from Kevin Wilson’s fifth spring in Bloomington is going national. Five Hoosiers were named to college football prognosticator Phil Steele’s preseason teams, led by right guard Dan Feeney’s selection to the All-Big Ten First Team and All-America Fourth Team.

Left tackle Jason Spriggs (second team), running back Jordan Howard (second team) Nate Sudfeld (fourth team) and kicker Griffin Oakes (fourth team) were also named to Steele’s All-Big Ten teams.

Feeney has allowed only one sack in 24 starts at right guard, including all 12 last season as a junior when he led the Hoosiers’ offensive line with 80 knockdowns. On the other side, Spriggs has started 34 of his 35 games at left tackle, making 28 consecutive starts to start his career. The senior allowed only two sacks in 689 snaps and made 45 knockdowns last fall.

Howard, a transfer from UAB who is eligible to play immediately this season, ranks second nationally among active running backs with 451 carries and 107.3 rushing yards per game. Sudfeld, who missed the second half of last season with a separated shoulder, is second in program history in completion percentage (60.6) and tied for second with four 300-yard passing games.

Oakes kicked a school record 58-yard field goal against Maryland, made 13 of his 18 field goal attempts and all 23 extra point tries after taking the job from Aaron Del Grosso in September. Oakes and Del Grosso are once again expected to compete for the job in preseason camp.

You can find more of Steele’s Big Ten selections at his web site.


  1. Looks like the Offensive was well represented, but not a single Defensive player listed…..I just hope the Offensive lives up to expectation. The Offensive will need some help from the w/r and TE position to be effective this year….i feel the best part of the team is the Offensive line, i think they will have an excellent year….But Indiana cannot go bowling unless the Defensive gets better….the secondary (esp. the corner back position) is a big concern……the front seven on Defensive should be able to hold its own…..Lets go IU…..this years IU football team is going to be exciting and fun to watch.

  2. God help me, it’s happening again….I’m optimistic about IU football. I’m like Charlie Brown, running up to kick the ball with Lucy telling me she’s REALLY not going to pull it back this time. What could possibly go wrong?

  3. I continue to have faith in the eventual turnaround of our football fortunes. Under CKW’s watch, we’ve witnessed some pretty measurable progress and this article is certainly not one that we would ever seen at any time prior! Four years ago, we had all we could do to find athletes who could fill these positions at any talent level much less with B!G kudos! So, this is great!

    I think a bowl is attainable if we can win out our non-conference schedule, however, any hiccups with that probably kills any chance of winning the required six games. The conference is tough, our defense is suspect at best and we do not yet have the depth to support a “next man up” strategy. But, if we can win out the non conference schedule and are reasonably healthy going into conference play, there are at least two potential wins. Go Hoosiers!!

  4. Yes, I’m highly curious to see how IU does this season. There should be no excuses for Wilson and staff going into his fifth year at IU. He’s got to win six games this season.

    iufan23, I believe the only measurable progress for Wilson’s program is the number of wins he achieves in a season. Otherwise, this type of positive fluff notwithstanding, there’s no real difference between Wilson’s tenure and Lynch’s tenure as IU’s head coach. Lynch won five games in his last season as IU’s head coach. And he had the benefit of having produced a winning season and leading IU to a bowl game three year’s prior to that. Wilson must produce at least six wins in 2015. It is essential if he’s going to maintain the momentum he’s achieved in recruiting and avoid the job security speculation that comes after a certain number of consecutive losing seasons. I see 2015 as being another pivotal year for IU Football. I hope Hoosier fans realize it and will show up at the games and give this team the support it needs. I’d love to watch IU play football in late December or early January.

  5. Podunker, I don’t disagree as to your comments around CKW. I do think that should we not get to a bowl, we need to make a change. Perhaps naively, I put CKW and CTC is pretty much the same category—guys who have shown an ability to build a program (recruiting, conditioning etc.) but not necessarily game day coaches. My prediction for football is 5-6 games and either way, we probably could use a change and obtain a coach who knows how to win on Saturday. That’s the next step. CKW has built a foundation (at least on the offensive side) for which he merits a lot of credit. However, I’m not at all convinced he can get the program over the next hurdle. I think he should be given a chance which is this year and hopefully he’ll prove me wrong.

  6. Simply a good news story about some fine Hoosier football players receiving preseason recognition…Instead of congratulatory words is just more KWDS and attempts set bars of achievement for a coach attempting to make something out of the most notoriously defunct football program in the history of the Big 10(probably in the history of all college sports). Wow…Isn’t our DC only in his second season? Isn’t that the other half of rebuilding a quality football team? Is two years a fair window to get that done in a way to measure the effectiveness the total product/total team? Isn’t that the half we plan to use to give the ax to Wilson with inappropriate expectations a turnaround as if God of heaven reached down to Memorial and turned us into the Ohio State Buckeyes defense overnight?

    And rather than dwell on those with such a severe case of KWDS and complete lack of understanding in what it means to bring winning college football to a place that has never had any the light of sustainable achievement or backyard recruiting pools of supreme football talent in the backyard as our beloved Hoosier hoops……Congrats to the fine Hoosier football players acknowledged for their talent and their proven confidence in the upbeat coach, a coach that never seeks excuses or builds a wall of pious protection or untouchable aura, that must row the Hoosier boat through a stormy ocean of doubt after 25 years stagnancy.

  7. personally, i think Coach Wilson is a better overall coach then Bill Lynch was….i feel the IU football program has grown tremendously since the Bill Lynch era…….under Bill Lynch i do not think IU was competitive with other Big 10 school…and that doing the Bill Lynch era our non-conference schedule was so WEAK (division III) that going to a bowl game was made possible….i do believe in the last three years of Bill Lynch era we only won one game in the Big 10 each year……although we only won one Big 10 game last year, i feel that we will be very competitive in 4 to 5 (Rutgers, Iowa, Maryland, Purdue) Big 10 games this year…..being competitive is something new when you talk about Indiana football…..an Coach Wilson has a lot to do with that….We have a 5-7 very good offensive lineman (never before)….a pro caliber QB (possibly)….an very decent to good skill (running back and wide receiver) players…yes, i am buying the Kool-Aid that this is going to be a very good year and that Coach Wilson has made tremendous strides in rebuilding the Indiana football program….i suggest signing him to a future contract (this will help recruiting), before he leaves for greener pastures, don’t wait until it is too late and to expenses.

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