Antonio Allen out of jail, off the team #iufb

Indiana dismissed junior safety Antonio Allen from the football program Wednesday, one day after he was arrested by Indiana State Police on multiple drug charges.

Allen, IU’s leading tackler in 2014, was taken into custody as he walked off the football field on charges of dealing heroin, dealing cocaine over 28 grams, possession of heroin over 10 grams, possession of cocaine over 28 grams and maintaining a common nuisance, according to Indiana State Police.

In a probable cause affidavit filed Wednesday in Monroe County Circuit Court, Allen is alleged to have sold a confidential informant between five and 10 grams of heroin and one gram of crystal methamphetamine in one transaction. A second transaction consisted of Allen selling between five and 10 grams of crystal methamphetamine to an informant.

The informant was also arrested after attempting to keep some of the drugs for himself, according to police.

State police maintained surveillance on a residence in the 400 block of East 19th Street prior to executing the search warrant. The court document stated a trooper watched Allen leave the residence and head for the Memorial Stadium football facilities across the street, where he was arrested shortly after 5 p.m. Tuesday. Allen was booked into Monroe County Jail on a total of $75,000 surety, $1,000 cash. He was released at 1:41 p.m. Wednesday.

According to Rivals, IU coach Kevin Wilson has recruited only six four-star high school prospects in five years at Indiana. Allen was one of them.

ESPN named Allen one of the program’s most indispensable players last month after he earned an All-Big Ten Honorable Mention selection from the coaches and the media as a sophomore. Allen led Indiana with 74 tackles, including 45 solo stops last season. He intercepted two passes, made 3.5 tackles for a loss, one sack and one pass breakup.

Sophomore Tony Fields played behind Allen on last season’s depth chart.


  1. The informant was also arrested after attempting to keep some of the drugs for himself, according to police.

    Can we please get back to stories about Aubrey Wathen & Jordan Hulls’s Wedding Registry…and crystalline purchases of the Crate & Barrel glassware variety? Where have all the flowers gone…?

  2. Coach Wilson got this right, putting Allen off the team was the correct decision. In doing this he probably cost himself a chance to have a winning season and going to bowl game….was Allen this great player? of course not, but he was fairly good and he had experience on his side. Indiana defense was never very good and saying the next man up (this is not Ohio State or Alabama), does not work at Indiana, we actually saw this in action when Nate Sudfield got injured. Indiana next man up is probably a 1 or 2 star athletic with very little experience. although Kevin Wilson has brought in good recruits we are not at the level of competition where Indiana football team can take this kind of action. with the lost of Antonio Allen and the suspension of Ralph Green III this could be another long season….but i believe in Coach Wilson and i still believe that Indiana is going to have a winning season and go to a bowl game. GO IU!!!

  3. Actually losing Allen’s experience hurts less than would losing Nate again. Tony Fields is capable, now has some experience and is thought highly of by the coaches. As they do Kiante Walton and Jameel Cook. The depth at S is not as strong as there is at LB, DL or OL but just because of #’s of bodies never should be. But we do have the next man up in depth and yes that can be attributed directly to the organization Wilson has orchestrated. Thinking about Covington is interesting as he played LB and safety in HS but do you switch a kid’s position for the 3rd time in less than a year? I do think at SS he could excel and achieve. Wilson and staff will get it figured out.

  4. No question that AA needed to be kicked off the team and as far as depth is concerned, it is what it is and hopefully, we’ll get our six wins (tough). What concerns me more is whether this situation with AA is the end or the beginning. How much more unlawful activity is going on with this team? I realize that the kids can’t be monitored 24/7 but this thing with AA had been going on for some time right under our noses and we didn’t know anything about it. I’m hoping this incident will cause our athletic staff to redouble their efforts to make certain our athletes are making the right choices both on an off the field.

  5. If one defender’s departure is going to cost IU the opportunity to win six games, then Wilson’s program is much weaker than we’d all like to think. I think AA’s loss is a setback for the team, but I don’t agree that it will cost IU a chance to play in a bowl game. He was good, but he was not a superstar. And the timing is fortunate. The guys behind him will have time to physically and mentally prepare to take his place as a starter.

    As for, “I realize that the kids can’t be monitored 24/7 but this thing with AA had been going on for some time right under our noses and we didn’t know anything about it.” How could “we” know about it? He lived in an apartment! IU coaches and administrators don’t have any power to perform random apartment checks. They can’t hire private detectives to spy on their players every move when off campus. The bottom line is that their must be some level of trust within every organization. A small percentage of people do bad and/or stupid things. A small percentage of people commit serious crimes. AA was in the very small percentage of people. The better question is, “how does IU Football further minimize the risk of signing another player who is likely to make the mistakes that AA made?” What clues, if any, were missed by Wilson and staff while evaluating AA during the recruiting process?

    And to put this unfortunate incident into perspective, I believe I read yesterday that LSU recently had three or four players arrested for a variety of crimes. This is not an IU problem, this is a societal problem, but the sky is not falling in Bloomington.

  6. Post # 4 This team, the basketball had two players dismissed on drug use. My question is, what about the whole total university population have a drug problem?? Is there a drug problem in whole community? AA isn’t the total supply chain, just a street seller?? I would appreciate any comments.

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