IU to make major donation announcement Friday

Indiana will make a major announcement regarding an athletics donation on Friday at 4 p.m. at the Henke Hall of Champions.

IU graduate Mark Cuban is expected to attend and also take part in a “hackathon,” which brings coders together for the purpose of solving problems. The hackathon is being hosted by IU Athletics.

More on this as it comes.


  1. hopefully they rescind the ridiculous decision to renovate the hall and build a new one with cuban’s help instead.

  2. Here comes Tom Crean Hall…..It’s endlessly narrow with no doorways an escape. …The floor drops out at the very end.

  3. The announcement of an NCAA Divion 1 ice hockey program with an on-campus facility …

  4. There will finally be something of athletics more frozen in Bloomington than Crean’s coaching acumen.

  5. I seriously doubt we’re moving up to a D1 hockey program. There is no demand for it.

  6. My guess is Cuban is pitching in a few extra bucks so no one ever again has to try and pronounce the name Skjodt.

  7. New or highly upgraded indoor practice facilities? Too many teams depend on the Mellencamp facility, and IU needs more indoor space. Not sure, but maybe our Billionaire Alum will contribute to completing the upgrade of Memorial Stadium’s locker room and nutrition facilities. Just guessing, but regardless, good for him and good for IU.

  8. harv’s comment #3 was the funniest thing i ever read here. comment 9 was pretty funny , too. or maybe it’s just because i’m high.

    and podunk, there’s no alum. it’s alumnus, alumna, alumni, and if you’re a bug, alumnae.

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