IUWBB: Hoosiers get verbal from 2017 post

Indiana has received a verbal commitment from 6-foot-2 sophomore post Linsey Marchese, according to her high school basketball team’s Twitter account.

The commitment would be Teri Moren’s first of the 2017 class. Last month, Moren and the Hoosiers received a verbal commitment from 2016 guard Ria Gulley (San Antonio, Texas), pairing her with forward Darby Foresman (Heritage Christian/Indianapolis).

Marchese hails from Dacula, Georgia, where she plays for Archer High School. She averaged 11 points, 5.3 rebounds and 0.7 blocks per game as a sophomore.

Marchese currently has a three-star rating from ESPN.com and is a part of the ESPN HoopGurlz 100 Watch List.


  1. Two years. Hopefully, she can add an inch or two. IU women will take it and it sticks. Good job! Sounds solid for sophomore.

  2. Marchese is actually 6’3 1/2 and nasty physcial down low.She post and seals with confidence and fans are going to love her game .

  3. Watched her video, looks very polished around the basket, uses her left hand well, nice jump hook. Just the kind of post we are looking for. Nice to know that she is taller than originally listed in the article. This is what we are looking for. To bad we have to wait a couple of years for her but, it is what it is. Seems like the coaching staff is working hard on their recruiting. With Foresman coming in next year (2016) and having Royster and Williams (project), we are on the right track. Go Hoosiers!

  4. Sounds very promising. How many scholarships are now available for 2016 and does anyone have any names of Indiana girls interested in IU and talented enough for the B1G competition in that class?

  5. there is an Indiana girl out there that can really turn the program around. I just wonder is iu in the running?

  6. Keith, that is a very general statement that could refer to several girls, do you have a name? Teasing us with such a statement is not fair if you won’t give us the particulars. Give us more than that.

  7. Again, aiming for more physical team. Hopefully, commitments stick and women bb program can better match up physically complemented by play makers for a more talented team. T. Moren for the most part goes along quietly doing her job staying focused on what is trying to be achieved regardless of some naysayers.

  8. t, I don’t know if you are trying to bait someone into commenting negatively, but so far on this thread everyone has been positive. This player sounds like a potentially good get. Hopefully she will end up at iu. I would like to see some Indiana girls come to iu, but i am afraid the local talent is wary of coming here.

  9. F.H., Not trying to bait anyone, however with what has been going on with men’s side of IU sports the last few years I just think the situation should be looked at with care and that is nothing against S.M.

  10. She appears to have a nice quick release on all her shots, not bad for a sophomore.

  11. All offense? Didnt see any defense in the vid. Her body type and size reminds me of Zahui B. Looks impressive though still 3 yrs from IU to play.

  12. Doesn’t coaching staff have any interest in the 6’4″ girl from Evansville? Are we still trying to recruit from Indiana?

  13. They have offered Emily Sullivan already. She has 16 offers and will cut it to 5 this month.

  14. I noticed that Morens former team also offered a scholarship last dec. I noticed also that her game picked up from sophomore to junior. Not many bigs 6′ 3″ or 6′ 4″[have seen both listings for her] avg. 12 reb, 6 blocks. Bet TM doesnt land her but that would be no surprise.

  15. Too bad by this time Evansville knows about moren. Muensterman is the best player out of Evansville for a long time so if shes not “good enough” for moren nobody out of Evansville will be.

  16. Recruiting is need specific to the vision of the head coach. So much more goes into recruiting than just the caliber of player from what state.
    Team and individual chemistry, the players families and how they fit in. (so much more)
    I believe coach brought in that huge body from (Texas) to clog the lane and take up space in the paint. (Vision)
    I am sure Sullivan is a good player but she looks like a stretch 4 to me. Foresman is rolling in and she is a very good stretch 4.
    You also have other stretch 4’s on your roster. Once your have that specific position covered you move on to other needs.
    Coach, is bringing in Marchese (2017) for a specific vision. Kid has a big strong athletic body frame(can score) and tough down low.(Vision)
    I believe coach will bring in a crazy athletic 2 and a long 3 (5’8) or better..Plus others…
    TM has a vision to take you guys where you want to go.. (Recruiting = Vision)

  17. Archer, very good points in your post that are for the most part, spot on. The only thing I disagree with is the “long 3 (5’8″) or better”. A 3 can be termed as a small forward. We already have a couple of players at that position that are around 5′ 11″ or so in Gassion and Walter, although they are listed as guards are really playing the 3 spot at small forward or also termed as a wing. In the rugged Big 10, most small forwards are in the 5′ 11″ range to a little over 6 foot. Several teams in the conference had small forwards in the 6′ 1″ to 6′ 2 ” range that were a tough matchup for us defensively. Forseman will be the perfect 4 or “power forward” although she is a year away. All in all, Archer, I agree with your assessment of Moren’s recruiting.

  18. Overall, T. Moren is taking IU women program to a longer term higher level…not just a flash in the pan pretty 3 point shooting with deficiency limited potential team. That seems to be the steps she is taking. Again, her tenure is now, 1 year.

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