Michigan graduate transfer Max Bielfeldt picks Indiana

Indiana found the post depth it was searching for on Tuesday when Michigan graduate transfer Max Bielfeldt picked the Hoosiers.

The 6-foot-8 forward is expected to slip into IU’s rotation as a backup to five-star center Thomas Bryant, filling a role that would have been occupied by Hanner Mosquera-Perea. When Mosquera-Perea and fellow forward Devin Davis were dismissed from the program last month, Indiana quickly began its pursuit of the Wolverines’ Sixth Man of the Year.

On Tuesday, the Hoosiers were rewarded.

“The unique thing about being recruited for your fifth year is it’s one year,” Bielfeldt told The Herald-Times. “I think you just have to look at what’s there and how you’ll fit in, and how good you can make your next 12 months.”

Prior to the dismissals of Mosquera-Perea and Davis, Indiana was expected to begin next season ranked in the top 15. Bielfeldt’s transfer likely ensures the Hoosiers won’t fall from those early predictions.

Bielfeldt’s final decision came between IU, Nebraska and Iowa State, saying last week he wanted to hold his announcement until Cyclones coach Fred Hoiberg’s job status became clear. Hoiberg had long been connected to the Chicago Bulls’ head coaching job, and he officially accepted that position on Tuesday.

“I know it kind of came off as me waiting to see how things were gonna be (at Iowa State), or that they were my first choice or something, but honestly for me, I just wanted to see the product that each school offered,” Bielfeldt said. “I had a little bit of time to figure things out and I was considering three schools very strongly. I think they all would have been really good choices and all would have offered something very unique at each place. It was interesting, but at the end of the day I think I’d be happiest, most successful at Indiana.”

Typically, players are not allowed to transfer within the same conference. Bielfeldt won an appeal last month that granted him permission to do so, and because he will enroll as a graduate at IU, he will be able to play immediately.

According to Mlive.com, Bielfeldt was told last year that the 2014-15 season would be treated as his senior year at Michigan. If he wanted to play one more season, it would have to come elsewhere. Bielfeldt reportedly continued to express interest in returning to Michigan, but never received assurance from the coaching staff that there would be room.

Bielfeldt said he hasn’t decided on a track, but was interested in the the finance, entrepreneurship and management options within Indiana’s Kelley School of Business. Indiana and Michigan are scheduled to play only once next season, a meeting that will come in Ann Arbor.

“I definitely made my choice independent of the whole Michigan thing,” Bielfeldt said. “The whole reason I set out to look at the other Big Ten schools was for the fact that the Big Ten has some of the best academic and athletic institutions, especially closer to Peoria (Ill.), where I’m from. Once I got (permission to look within the Big Ten) at what schools could offer me and what I could offer them, we kind of went from there. I found this was the best fit both academically and athletically.”

Bielfeldt finished his weekend visit to Indiana on May 18, when he met with IU coach Tom Crean and his coaching staff and participated in a 70-minute workout on campus. From both that interaction and his film from previous seasons, Bielfeldt said that Crean offered avenues to make the most out of his final year. Crean told him he could help him discover more fluidity with his shot and allow him freedom within IU’s offense.

He averaged career highs with 5.1 points and 3.6 rebounds, while logging 14.5 minutes per contest over his 30 appearances for the Wolverines last season.

“They said with the situation with the guys leaving, there was a unique opportunity, although it’s not ideal that that happened and you have to go through that,” Bielfeldt said. “For them finding out I was available, they were pretty ecstatic. (Crean) saw some interesting things in my game. He had been really studying my film and said there were a couple things that I could improve on to really change my game and be a bigger threat. He said with how hard I work this summer there will be different kinds of things I can do, potentially play a little 4 and a little 5 next year, rotate there, get some minutes and do what I can do.”


  1. Welcome Max….Please – please – please say you love to play defense. Please.

    And, nice to hear about Elston, Will and CWat hanging around Assembly Hall.

  2. I’d be lying if I said I knew much about the guy but he definitely has 4 fouls a game written all over him. He will get minutes.

    Welcome to Bloomington.

  3. Actually, Max is a 6’8″ forward and is not an ideal back-up for Bryant. I am sure Crean is still searching all options for a bigger power rebounder to still add to the team. Of course the ideal situation is that they get Maker who would be available second semester and make IU a force going into tournament time.

  4. So much for Podumpster’s theory….

    Good get. It will be difficult for Crean to apply his “unlearning curve” to a kid with a great foundation from those with actual teaching acumen….Did this kid ever practice at all with McGary? If so, even more good news. Don’t have a big recollection his game, but I already know he’ll be an improvement….Maybe a Tom Pritchard that has some touch on a jumper. ..?

    This is beginning to look like a team Crean will need a lot of excuses to screw up. But we’ve been there, done that…so the optimism must always be tempered.

  5. Good news! I think Max will be a great fit. Seems to understand his role and have a good head on his shoulders. Leadership and humility is a good combination, and that looks to be what we got. Don’t expect All-American production, but a reliable backup who does the little things down low is exactly what we needed.

  6. After watching some highlights, I’m not quite as optimistic. He’s a bit more uncomfortable with his size than I expected. He’s been plagued by a lot of injuries as well Not sure if he’ll be anymore impact than a guy like Jeff Howard. Don’t know if there will be the “fluidity” Crean is thinking he can pump into his game/shot.

    Biefeldt’s biggest moment on an ESPN televised game was when Dakich admired his enormous calves.

    I miss Geoff’s red name….almost as much as I miss Geoff.

  7. Expectation management, Harv. Not to belittle a guy that just today dawned the stripes, but I don’t think anybody expects Max to be the missing piece to a banner. He has a role to fill, and as long as he plays solid defense, rebounds, and scores a few buckets now and again, I expect he’ll provide valuable minutes with a few clutch performances mixed in. The downside seems minimal. If he ends up being a complete scrub, he just sits the bench unless we’re desperate… and we’re no worse off than we were yesterday. But if you look at it through the prism of a solid (if unspectacular) addition that we needed, you couldn’t have asked for much else at this point in time. Welcome, Max!

  8. Interested to see who the last piece is. I’m of the mind that if it’s not Maker– or unless something new opens up– we let it ride. I’m not keen on the idea of giving a scholarship on a lottery ticket just because we have one. It tends to just lead to negative commentary if/when it doesn’t work out in 1-2 years, with little to no benefit to the program. I’ll support whoever we bring on, but I tire of hoping we’ll find a potential contributor 3-4 years down the road just to have him leave in 1-2.

  9. Yeah…don’t mean to temper the excitement….But wasn’t Geoff that once said the most difficult skill set a hot prospect was to find a splash of finesse while still bringing major post presence?

  10. I doubt many see Max as a “hot prospect.” Doesn’t mean you can’t get excited about his addition, but there have been many valuable contributors on innumerable teams who would never be accused of having finesse. Based on limited footage and commentary, he’s who Max most immediately reminds me of. And that’s not a bad thing.

  11. Whoops. For context, I wrote “Elston comes to mind.” Not sure what happened to that sentence before I hit send.

  12. Punjab-

    Had some thoughts about Elston compared to Beilfeldt but Jeremy has it in the hold chamber for some reason. It was fun chatting with you again.

  13. Unlike Crean with Roth, there were discussions of future and the common courtesy of phone calls a coach to a player that desires his honesty rather than just being ignored…It’s also my understanding that Beilein actually sat down with Beilfeldt …told him their names were too alike to give him lots of guaranteed PT that’s been already set aside for Dan Dakich’s son.

  14. This is an excellent pick up. He has big ten experience and your not going to find too many talented kids to back up a mcdonalds all american center. I think he will be more effective than Hanner or davis would be this year. Now we have a solid back up anda Scholly for Thon Maker.

  15. This finishes the Hoosier Roster until December. Save the 13th scholarship for Thon Maker at the second semester, and keep your fingers crossed! This could be a great Men’s Basketball season in 2015-16!

  16. I am shocked that Hoosier fans are actually advocating bringing in a one semester-and-done. But no need to worry…Under Crean, he’ll be 75% completed toward his degree in that one semester.. Seriously? We have any right to mock UK when we’re actually giving this young man that desires to use a college as a highway rest stop one iota of thought?

    But back to realty….A coach that makes 3-way calls to a recruit is the scum of the earth and “wrecker” of our stellar reputation.

    Bryant commits + Yogi staying + possibility of Maker = Shove off Jeremiah April…Cut Perea and Davis for no worse actions in frequency or severity than Troy Williams and Stan Robinson. Do it all in the name of bringing in a graduate transfer and a prima donna that wants to treat college like a bigger joke than someone playing for Calipari. Yup. We are just oozing of class. This is Creaning at it’s finest.

  17. Two important pieces of news were revealed only recently. One, UM did not invite him back for his fifth season of eligibility. And that’s what prompted him to begin his search in the first place, so his loyalty to UM and the emotions about playing against his former team are probably not as strong as one would normally expect. And two, when ISU’s coach took the job with the Bulls, his choice became a no-brainer. Hind site is always 20/20.

  18. h4h, here is the straight and narrow on Maker. I was as sour as you for TM advocating he would only be available to play collegiate BB for the 2nd semester. He is by age a 2016 recruit but has chosen to move it up to 2015. He still has scholastic responsibilities he must accomplish. Those cannot be fulfilled before the 1st semester is complete. He has stated he will be in college academically and athletically eligible for a season and a half. Now use this correct info justly or unjustly.

  19. I’m not super-impressed with him anyway…He looks like he’ll be pushed around. Just another high-flyer. Plus, the disruption in chemistry….? I’d pass. I’d rather seen the interest and time given to Holt, Hartman, and the grad transfer. It’s a sexy pick..But as far as helping the team when brought in this fashion…? Again, I’d pass.

  20. Clarion- Can he enter the NBA draft after one semester at IU? Would that be allowed under NCAA rules or does he have to stay in college through spring of 2017?

  21. I know no more than he says he will be in school for a season and a half. Much like Bryant says he is staying 2 seasons. That is what is being stated.

  22. Wow, the Crean bashing is even more over the top than normal. I think some of y’all need some therapy to deal with your Crean issues. It reminds me of Ray Finkle’s hatred of Dan Marino. “LACES OUT!!!!”

  23. Harvard you need to get ya some short shorts and and lock yourself in a room with a Steve Alford poster. This is 2015 and some kids don’t need to go to school for multiple years to make millions. It’s just such a selfish and unrealistic take on a kids life. The only reason one goes to college for 4 years is because some group of people told you that’s how many years you needed to go. If they told you 5 you’d go 5. Well a different group of people are saying 1 or a semester. What a joke. Short shorts…do as your told….stay 4 years….it’s Indiana.

  24. Double trolling and attacks, Jeremy…You going to label them as such?

    Were my posts really that drastic? Think about it…Mr. Tom Crean is going after a recruit in a manner that makes UK look no less the evil in terms of their tactics and representation of what a college athlete should be about.

    And advocating that a kid wear the candy stripes for one semester is a lot different than a demand for a coach to recruit kids that we hope will stay for four years…I’m thinking one semester and done is asinine and an insult to the other players that work their asses off in practice while attempting to build a true team.

    And for what it’s worth…short shorts are on the comeback.

  25. Maker, or any future NBA prospect, has to be 1 year removed from HS graduation and turn 19 in the year of the draft they want to enter. I’m confused by where Thon’s graduation from HS is… if he has HS obligations thru fall of ’15, I’m not sure how he could be eligible for the ’16 draft, meaning he’d have to stick around another year.

    We have 2 spots open, well now 1, due to the bad choices made by former players. Bringing on Thon would be an insult to nobody at this point. We need to fill the spot with someone, and I’d rather it be Thon, another transfer, or a Juco player instead of settling for some 2-star guy we get late in the process like Priller or April who probably wouldn’t ever have an impact, but would take up a scholly for potentially 4 years.

    Oh, and welcome to IU Max. Lose a Max, gain a Max right back.

  26. Harvard you come across like Crean is the only coach in the NCAA that would take a player who is speculated to leave early. Don’t forget that Maker has no guarantee of leaving early…he may be a 4 year player.Also, does Crean not get any credit for sending kids to the lottery early with a 4year degree in 2 to 3 years? How many coaches do that? With block scheduling…prep schools…ininternational education and ncaa and nba age rules it’s not Makers fault he is in a unique position
    to become a college student and division 1
    basketball player at the 2nd semester
    mark. I think one has to separate what’s
    good for the fan and what’s good for the
    player/person. Today’s game unique
    situations are becoming more common. If
    rules are bent but not broke I honestly see
    nothing wrong with that. Bryant stated he
    sees himself as a 2 year player…should we
    not take him? Is there a time frame that’s
    better or worse? Is 2 years acceptable and
    1 semester not? Do we really want another league that takes all the great talent so the ncaa competion is limited to players that otherwise wouldn’t leave the bench? So every record from here on can have an Asterisk stating this record was broke afterthe real youth talent was no longer a factor in ddivision 1 ncaa basketball? We won an ncaa national championship in 1981 under bob knight with Isaiah Thomas
    A who left early. That happened 34 years ago under coach knight….not calapari or crean. It’s just not a new thing but it is a more common thing. The reason why it’s a more common thing is players and coaches like Thomas and knight who experienced success in both the ncaa and nba by leaving early.

  27. y your thinking a kid who works hard but doesn’t have the natural intellect who takes 15 years to get through med school deserves to be a doctor more than the kid who had natural talent and aced every test without studying. If your into a program who has to recruit kids who have to stay 4 years you may be a little happier being a
    fan of a smaller school than storied teams
    in power conferences. It’s just the nature of
    the beast and progressive forward movement that can be related to many
    professions in life.
    This kid from Michigan had a year of eligibility left and belien flat out told him it would not be used at michigan. It’s very similar to the Roth situation. Yet belien is a great coach and Tom Crean isnt. Crean had more sucess than belien this year. Now belien has to make room for more gifted players so he can keep his job. I’m not saying I agree with the way things are but at some point you have to accept it or move on to another hobby or interest. Players and coaches should not be ridiculed for Navigating within the rules. Whoever makes the rules should definitely be questioned due to the results.

  28. I agree the rules are the rules. Coaches and players should not be criticized for navigating within the rules. That is why the death penalty should be given to the NCAA organization; an organization that hired a disgrace; Miles Brand for its president after IU disgraced itself by hiring Miles Brand for its president. Philosopher, Miles Brand was a disgrace at Oregon before IU, at IU he was a disgrace including BK situation, and Miles Brand was a disgrace as the NCAA president. Other than that I am sure he was a good person to those like him and he was close to. I do not hate the NCAA or Miles Brand. That is just how I view the NCAA’s job performance. It coincides with many institutional values in this country that has led to corruption though much of it has been made legal (does not mean it is right and not corrupt). American Institutions are linked together by those that are at the top or near the top of the pyramid can live that wonderful world of color/Disneyland lifestyle that is leading to the destruction of this country. It continues to just run downhill imploding society from within until it is all just flushed down the toilet.

  29. It all makes sense now. Harvard is a UK fan. Wait for it, now comes his 38 responses.

  30. Thanks, Chet, for mentioning such a great institution in post #37.

    Tonight begins the great hardwood showdown between Silicon Valley and the Rust Belt; old, dirty America vs. the opulent, prosperous New. May the Force be with the City of Cleveland. Go Cavs!

  31. Wow….That was too easy. It even brought out Seattle Slew to neigh a couple times.

    Ben_M – Work on the following: You + are = you’re

    t- It’s Myles Brand(spelled with a ‘y’)

    Chet- Isaiah Thomas also didn’t lead his team to an NCAA banner….nor play for the greatest teacher of the game. The University of Washington is most known for being the home of Ted Bundy and this.

    Geoff – Uhhh. I think Troy Williams and Stan had just as many reported incidents/”bad choices” as the two players kicked off the team. And it was also a pretty bad choice for Holt to be out a 1:00 a.m. the night before a game. Crean is a huge hypocrite. …but, then, we already knew that. “Bad choices?” What! I thought only a Sampson thug made bad choices…? And kicking off April after recruiting him while his mother bought into Crean’s reassurances that it was Jesus that came to her door to bring her son to IU, was about as despicable as it can get. There is no coach more oily. There is no coach more clueless in the X’s and O’s..

    Now it’s all about operating within the rules…You people should be ashamed. When it’s Indiana, it should be about (1) having one of the best teachers of the game that our money can buy, (2) integrity and (3) accountability. Sampson was an act of desperation that administrator knew would be treated the same way Jeremiah April was treated by Crean. Crean was an act of collusion between clowns and promoters that are experts in protecting and covering their own incompetent asses.

    Thon Maker for one semester-and-done will be as sexy a tweet to Joyce…Just add a ‘g’ and you have “Thong” Maker(which was actually Crean’s main job under Izzo). Everything comes full circle.

  32. oh…forget to mention one more thing.

    t- I just love your style. Love it when you open up your game to add a couple paragraphs from the heart. You add some real slap-in-the-face perspectives of the world and society. You make me almost think there is hope for something beyond the brains so dead to have to buy into excuse makers, witch hunters, and defeatists that can’t get enough of podium charlatans and men like Tom Crean.. But why blame Myles Brand for an out of control Bob Knight? Myles will always be my hero. He saved us from Pat Knight and Dane Fife…

    And Crean’s been as fun an IU basketball coach as George Bush a U.S. president. They will both have their place in history. The prevailing climate always Booze, God, Chasers, and Opportunists that succeed on the heels of catastrophe and selling fear.

  33. Harve, you know I’m done defending Crean… I also never had any issues with Sampson… Hypocrisy is the rule in college sports, not the exception. I’m just hoping that Thon comes and stays for 1.5 seasons and we have success. I’m not banking on anything tho.

  34. Geoff-

    You know he won’t be here for 1.5….but I like your honesty otherwise. How is the weather today in Maine? Actually considering a summer vacation through Vermont, New Hampshire, and up to Maine. I don’t know if I want to fight the rat race of getting hotel rooms, etc. I like to do things spontaneously on the travels and that day seems pretty gone.

    Oh…and I’m the biggest hypocrite in the world. I’ll be excited as hell if Thon chooses IIU.

  35. I always simply astounded how Geoff never receives any similar backlash when he says he “never had any issues with Sampson.” Where is the normal hate from Podunker, Clarion, and all the dozen up dozens of others that have given me crap through the years for saying Sampson was merely a convenient villain for Crean to lean against in saving his own incompetence? When Geoff of Red Fonts has no problem with Kelvin, the world is right….It’s almost comical. People sure love their ‘Harve’ as a source for all their spit. But when I’m backed a bit by a very knowledgeable and fair person as Geoff, they have to swallow that vile spit. Right, Jeremy? Geoff backing Harvard doesn’t get that cute little “troll” put in parentheses after his name.

  36. Going way out on a limb here…

    Maybe it’s because Geoff said it once and then moved on to something else.

  37. You’re a snidely one, aren’t you, Chet?

    I seem to remember Geoff speaking of Crean’s complete coaching incompetence quite a few times last season…No backlash there either. I just think it’s because Geoff was using those red fonts.

  38. Harvard, maybe it’s because you’re as stimulating as an old fashioned broken record that keeps skipping and playing the same short verse over and over and over until someone lifts the needle. All joking aside, your obsession with the need to express your contempt and disdain for Tom Crean is a sign of an unhealthy mind. But that’s your business. Aside from a few of your fellow Crean-haters, many of us are simply bored with your compulsion to post enormous volumes of the same old rant. Your obsession simply pollutes and diminishes The Hoosier Scoop.

  39. Score one for you, Podunker. Score one for a diagnose of truth. But within that truth may function something truly unveiling of your own sword There are far worse things than an unhealthy mind. And in the humble opinion of this broken record, the manifestation of such emptiness in a soul begins with a death to a sense of humor.

    I’ve always considered the discussions of our love or “contempt” for coaches as removed from the four wall our Scoop family. It’s much the same as a person that has an utter disdain for a politician or someone within the public realm they consider less than genuine. Opinions rarely have blurred lines.

    But within the home that begins these comment boxes a Scoop family, I appreciate those that have not taken my obsessive opinions to make a judgment aimed at the core of who I am. I’ve found those people here…They’re good people…People like Jeremy and Dustin…and Chris Korman…and Seahawk Tom …and Punjab….and Tsao…and JPat…and Clarion….and Double Down….and Goeff..,,,and Ben…and many, many more. They are the family I’ll trust and share some laughs serve as medicine the good and bad in all.

  40. oh my God….

    ….and Chet. I should not have omitted Chet by name. I thoroughly respect Chet, and though I take my shots at him, there is something that always draws me into his compassion and a heart I know is kind. We all cut deeper in words than our hearts…at least most of us.

  41. Stodgy old men who think their doodoo doesn’t stink rarely have a sense of humor. It goes with the territory.

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