Recruiting updates on Eron Gordon, Joey Brunk

A month ago, Eron Gordon believed he had a short list of schools he would seriously consider and Indiana didn’t appear to be one of them.

In the meantime, that has changed.

Gordon, a 2016 guard out of Cathedral, said this week that he expects Indiana will be one of five official visits he will take this July, adding the Hoosiers to a summer itinerary that includes Arizona State, Xavier, Auburn and Notre Dame.

“Indiana’s picked it back up,” Gordon said. “Auburn’s really picked it up, so I’m here and there. My top three was Arizona State, Notre Dame and Butler. Now it’s changing around. It’s just constantly changing. I just don’t know when will be the correct time for me to choose my college, but I’ll definitely take all my visits and take my time.”

Indiana assistant coach Tim Buckley is at the top of the recruiting picture for Gordon, the younger brother of former IU guards Eric and Evan Gordon. IU was the first school to offer Gordon when he was a budding eighth-grade prospect in 2012, and the 6-2 guard has remained a key target in the upcoming class over the ensuing three years.

In the 247 Sports Composite, Gordon is a four-star recruit considered to be one of the top 100 prospects in the nation. Rivals also tabs Gordon at four stars, slotting him at No. 57 in the 2016 class. Those ratings, of course, could be further boosted over the upcoming year.

“I feel like my shot could become more consistent,” Gordon said. “I think I’m a good shooter now, but nowhere near a great shooter, nor what I could be. I feel like that’s one thing that stood my brother, Eric, out apart was his shot. We both have the same athletic ability, but our shot — that’s what separated him that doesn’t separate me.”

While Gordon said he knows the programs at Indiana and Butler best because of family connections and proximity to his Indianapolis home, his priority isn’t necessarily staying in the state. He’s spoken with his brothers about the recruiting process, and says both Eric and Evan are pushing him to make his own decision. Eric played the 2008 season at IU before he was selected No. 7 overall by the Los Angeles Clippers, and Evan transferred to Indiana from Arizona State to play his final season season of eligibility in 2014.

“They both said they loved (IU),” Gordon said. “Evan said he loved Arizona State, so Evan was honest to me about both places. He loved Arizona State, he loved IU and he just wants me to choose my college accordingly and make it be my own decision. He doesn’t want me to base it off theirs.”

The familiarity of Indiana also extends to the locker room, where Gordon already has relationships with local products Collin Hartman and Yogi Ferrell. The same is true at Butler, where he knows Kelan Martin, and at Notre Dame, where he has a friend in V.J. Beachem.

“I’m definitely looking at the players because that’s who you’re going to be around most of the time,” Gordon said about what he values in a program. “Definitely the coach and definitely the environment. I think that’s something that’s underrated, the environment and what’s around you. I feel like this past year has been a roller coaster for IU’s environment, so that’s something you have to take consideration into. That’s something you have to take into consideration with every school — what you do like and what you don’t like.”

Before he decides on his college landing spot, Gordon will embark on a potential 2016 Mr. Basketball campaign as a senior at Cathedral, following in the footsteps of Eric, who earned the honor in 2007. Gordon’s junior season was initially delayed after the IHSAA deemed his transfer from North Central to Cathedral to be for athletic purposes, but that ruling was overturned in court in January and Gordon was able to play the final few weeks of the season.

As a member of the Indiana Junior All-Star core team, Gordon averaged 20 points per game in two contests against the Indiana Seniors last week. He posted a team-high 23 points in the Juniors’ 103-89 win on Wednesday in Columbus.

“It’s really been a roller coaster,” he said, “being considered to be one of the top players in the state and not playing all year, except for one month. It was fun being able to watch guys like Kyle (Guy, a Virginia commit from Lawrence Central) and C.J. (Walker, a Mr. Basketball contender from Tech) all year and scouting them and going to high school games and watching. It was a lot different for me.”

Brunk commits to Butler

Indiana lost a 2016 target on Sunday when Southport’s Joey Brunk committed to Butler.

The 6-foot-10 center chose the Bulldogs over IU, Oklahoma, Michigan State, Purdue and many others. Spartans coach Tom Izzo came to Bloomington to watch Southport play Bloomington South on Dec. 12.

The three-star prospect visited Indiana for its game against Purdue on Feb. 19 before IU coach Tom Crean and assistant Tim Buckley had an in-home visit with Brunk in April.

“I want to find a place where I fit in with the coaching staff as well as the players,” Brunk said after Wednesday’s Indiana Senior-Junior All-Star Game in Columbus. “I want to like the school and (find) somewhere I can get an education and fit into the scheme. It’s got to be a big overall fit.”


  1. Mike, is there a future for the Indiana Kentucky Basketball All Stars game? With less than 900 fans for the Lexington game.

  2. Eron, like his brothers, seems to have a good head on his shoulders. Very thoughtful kid articulating some mature and candid thoughts about his selection process.

    I do think, if he’s weighing stability of the environment, Crean’s program might not make the final cut. Crean has never been a model of stability. He’s an incredibly hard worker, but he’s also manic and seems to have little awareness about the dust cloud and wreckage his Tasmanian Devil style has on those around him.

  3. DD, especially when you struggle to win big on a year to year consistent basis. Even good 3 star and 4 star players are not breaking the door down to come to IU. IU does get the 3 and 4 star recruits but they have to work for them for it having or use to have the tradition that it has or had. Joey Brunk and Butler, coach is someone to keep an eye on as he has continues to do a good job.

  4. Double Down, you are absolutely correct. The man operates in a manic vortex and he and his fans wonder why he is questioned by outside observers. If you dare question the turbulence you will be labeled as “hater” by his overly sensitive cult-like followers.

  5. The “turbulence” being his flatulence…? It melts podiums and turns local journalists into stunned states of silent confusion with only a frozen smirk to combat .? Because if you fear this man, your problems are with the resurrection of foul gas of elite magnitude? “Because it’s In-dee-anal” …canal where his volumes of excuses and abuses heat?

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