A summer in the sand with IU basketball

Construction on a 30-by-40 foot sand pit placed neatly between Assembly Hall and Gladstein Fieldhouse began shortly after Lyonel Anderson was hired as Indiana’s new strength and conditioning coach in June.

A month later, the site has become one of the central areas of IU’s summer workouts.

That was Anderson’s plan when he pitched the idea to Indiana coach Tom Crean during his interview process. Anderson said he used to train in the sand while he was an NFL tight end bouncing between NFL practice squads and the arena league. Prior to taking the IU job, while he was working as the associate director of football sports performance at the University of Houston, Anderson led athletes to Eleanor Tinsley Park in the heart of Houston to guide them through the same brand of sand workouts that he admired as a player.

And, early in his Indiana tenure, Anderson’s sand workouts are beginning to take shape on 17th street.

“It’s a great biometric workout, core and mind, and I’m in it, too,” Anderson told reporters last month. “Every day, we’re going to use the sand as much as possible, you know, get the guys off the concrete, get them off the court, get them off just the regular things they’ve been doing and put them on that new stuff.”

A look into Anderson’s sand workouts appeared on Indiana’s men’s basketball Youtube account on Wednesday evening, giving us all a look at a barefoot basketball team on yet another overcast summer day in Bloomington.


  1. Makes my calves hurt just watching. I was wondering too, whereJBJ was and why Priller is just ‘coaching.’ Also amusing to see that the upperclassmen are more agile and in better shape than the freshmen – who seem to have more than a few clumsy moments.

  2. Congratulations to coach Anderson for his use of sand as a tool for conditioning and training. Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay and other South American soccer teams (professional and national teams) have long made use of sand in their training (beyond the obvious benefits to goalkeeper training on the unforgiving challenge of jumping and diving from the sand).

    Sand could be a great host for 3v3, 5v5 training and scrimmages since the sand forces well executed passing and, particularly, constant and perpetual motion off-the-ball to provide the ball handler with target opportunities since the over-used dribble is totally eliminated and the focus shifts to those who do not have the ball to get and remain open. Are the Hoosiers using the sand for game-like training?

    Great contribution Coach Anderson. And Mike Miller for recognizing its value (just don’t try to eat the sand Meek!)

  3. The video has actually left me a bit concerned…Bryant moves eerily Tijan(ish). The arms are rather flailing……Expectations suddenly a bit tempered.

    What’s next…? This drill?

  4. I guess Crean has a new last-minute target for some inside depth to complement Bryant….It’s my understanding that there’s some 6′-9″ Amish kid from the Pennsylvania countryside that Crean is pulling out all the stops to lure.

  5. This workout in the sand reminds me a great deal of my favorite exercise. Walking along the beach at the Flora-Bama with a margarita in my hand.

  6. Chet, I’m guessing you got a few good workouts at the Naval Air Station in Pensacola?

  7. Along lovely Mustin Beach. It actually is pretty. The personal trainers were very effective. Good times.

  8. It’s unfortunate that the sand in all its resistance to impede progress and stymie a chance to quickly accelerate “the movement” serves as perfect metaphor for a Syracuse game with Tom Crean’s coaching….

    I remember the piggyback drill a few years back when our Hoosiers were asked to carry Crean on their backs while attempting to run up the steps of Memorial….. So many steps…So little reason why…

    It’s gotta be a bit disheartening somewhere deep in the gut of a Yogi six-pack to know how four years of grueling workouts and physical hell to get ripped and ready can’t change the fact that he is locked in stagnancy with a grossly substandard teacher to improve the mind for the game.

    Our boys are always prepared because they have strong hearts and strong will. We let them down by not being of the same strong will in what we provide them in true chances to collectively win as brothers of the candy stripes. All their efforts and we give them upside some good use of banner cloth….

  9. Because Price has been so nice in allowing a bit of summer fun…..

    now I bring out the big lumber…. This final(?) one is for Rhinestones.

    GO CUBS!!

  10. I maintain that HTO should send a reporter in the sand (like the great Dopirak used to do). I nominate Price. Harvard, I was also praising your “Let’s Pray” masterpiece (posted a couple of months ago). I haven’t kept up with your posts but as I said you remain the most refreshing presence on this blog!

  11. CHET, Not yet. I live near the The Tennessee line but spend alot of time near the Alabama-Florida border off of 98.

  12. Nothing like a good night’s sleep on a bed of porcupine quills. I love morning people, sunrises, the complex aroma coming off that first poured cup of freshly brewed tractor oil, and the call of an old familiar crowing cock from the blogging yard….
    Honey, step on it…or we’ll be late for the eight-thirty service……and that will be too bad….to be too late.

  13. Musicians’ platforms painted in candy stripes…? Check
    Is the song “because” enough for our head basketball coach…? Check
    Name of the band represent IU fans’ level of confidence in our hoops program….? Check

  14. RAM, if you haven’t been there check out Navarre Beach. It’s at the other end of Santa Rosa Island from P-cola Beach. It has National Seashore on one side and an Air Force facility on the other. Just a couple miles of development in about a 30 miles stretch of beach. Back in the day it just had a Holiday Inn and a couple houses. A lot more now but still nice.

    The Panhandle is the only part of Florida that holds any interest to me any more. Pretty area.

  15. I seem to remember a place called the Flora-Bama near the NAS west gate out on Perdido Ky. Honky tonk bar.

    Same place?

  16. You are correct sir. Where millionaires and regular folk all sit at the bar together and have a great time.

  17. Cool. Many years ago the place for Naval Aviators was either the Flora-Bama or Evelyn’s Grunge Bar in P-Cola (and Seville Quarter, of course). I can’t imagine that the Grunge Bar survived until today in it’s original incarnation but that place was an institution in the aviation community way back when and a truly, truly low down dive.

  18. Yes Flora-Bama was a friendly dive before Hurricane Ivan. No more. The New owners have dumped a TON OF CASH into it. The Point off of 292A is another one of my favorites.Also Pirates Cove in Josephine is good. Seville Quarter is nice during the day but to stuffy and young at night for me.

  19. The panhandle is beautiful indeed. My highlight was going to Pensacola and watching the Blue Angels practice. Truly amazing. The museum is awesome as well. I could’ve spent all day in there looking and studying the planes. Destin and Grayton Beach are my favorites. It’s more quiet and laid back. Panama City Beach used to be nice, but the crime is out of hand.


    Thank you for the suggestions concerning where to eat in Chicago. They were absolutely delicious!

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