Former Hoosiers advance in Tournament

CHICAGO — Former Indiana University men’s basketball standouts Jordan Hulls and Christian Watford paced Armored Athlete into the Super 17 of The Basketball Tournament with a 91-73 win over Reach1Teach1 Sunday in the Midwest Regional at DePaul University’s McGrath-Phillips Arena.

The event, which offers a $1 million prize to the winner, concludes with the semifinals and finals in New York City on Aug. 1-2.

Armored Athlete is just two more wins away from reaching that point after Sunday’s victory, its second of the weekend. The first game saw AA win 98-86 over Chicago Elite on Saturday night with Hulls contributing 23 points and six assists, while Watford had 18 points and seven rebounds.

On Sunday, Hulls had 16 points and nine assists, including 4-of-7 on 3-pointers, and Watford added 18 points and nine rebounds. They are expected to be joined by former Hoosier teammate Will Sheehey next weekend. Sheehey was unavailable this weekend while playing in the NBA Summer League in Las Vegas for the New Orleans Pelicans.

Armored Athlete’s regional semifinal foe will be the Illinois Hoopville Warriors, who topped the One Chicago squad that featured former Hoosiers Deandre Thomas and Jamarcus Ellis.

The Ants Alumni team is one of Armored Athlete’s potential opponents should both reach the regional final next week and includes former Hoosier Rod Wilmont on its roster. Wilmont averaged 19.5 points during two wins in Chicago.


  1. Hello! Anybody home? It’s been four days since the last story was published on the Scoop. Did the entire BHT staff take vacations at the same time? I know it’s a slow time of the year for IU Sports, but to publish no stories in four days seems extreme. I get a new IU Sports story every day from The Indy Star. Seems reasonable that the Scoop could publish something at least once every three days.

  2. Dirty, dirty, dirty, you thought parroting a comment your Mom says to you was clever, didn’t you? But in this case, it missed the mark and just made you look silly and immature. We pay for a subscription to the Scoop, with the expectation that it will present information on a regular, if not daily basis. If I pay to have a newspaper delivered to my home every day, and it is not delivered for four consecutive days, I don’t think it is unreasonable, selfish or self-centered to contact the newspaper and ask why I’m not receiving the product that I have purchased. I’ve received a new IU sports-related story from the on-line addition of the Indy Star every day since I can remember. Somehow, they don’t seem to experience any 4-day gaps in their coverage of IU sports. Yes, the Star is a bigger newspaper and has more resources, but the BHT should be able to publish a new IU sports related story at least every other day, even during the “slow” summer months. You will continue to get what you tolerate.

    1. Not to dismiss Podunker’s point, but a few corrections: (1) The Scoop and the HT are related but not the same; (2) those two different entities often overlap, but in a different schedule, such as the Nate Sudfeld piece that was on the Scoop a day or two before it ran in the paper; (3) and sometimes they don’t overlap, such as the offseason soccer notebook I wrote for the paper but did not publish on the Scoop.

      That said, the gap in content should have been better filled. Duly noted.

  3. When you’re dead you don’t know you’re dead. It’s only difficult for others. it’s the same way when you’re stupid.

  4. “We pay for a subscription to the Scoop.”

    Is that a true statement because I’ve never had to pay anything to enter this forum or read the stories on Scoop. HT News/Sports is subscription based. Scoop is not. Is that not the only fact at hand? Scoop is free and there is no obligation on the part of any journalist to fulfill a contractual arrangement via providing stories for a paid subscriber.

    There are possible reasons Scoop is free. It serves as a platform to lure IU fans to the majority of HT’s online content in hopes of attaining subscriptions. It also pulls interest away from other competing blog sites that are not free. Lastly, there are funds supporting some minimal costs through the advertisers that use the pages of Scoop.

    There is no subscription required to read or comment on the pages of Scoop. If you desire to pay for content and commenting, I would suggest ITH. I would suggest living amongst the zombies of the internet that function in their pollyanna world of snidely remarks forever braving to push snidely up to a wall/fence of just the right amount of appropriate snidely to never venture into anything truly of free thought or free speech. In other words, sites like ITH are politically correct volumes of politically correct fully moderated vomit that must fit the agenda/viewpoints of those policing and ruling the sites. They have nothing to do with challenging anything. They fear free speech and they police it the extent that you’re basically reading fortune cookies from a communist regime while in a blogging comment box prison. .

    It’s my guess that Scoop’s only saving grace was to not be ruled by zombies of Pollyannaville subscribers happy to live under the rock a supreme moderator and being duped into free speech ending with the ability a wallet to pay.

  5. Free!? And all this time I thought I was paying good money just for the pleasure of reading the stimulating comments posted by Harvard for Hillbillies. Clearly, I stand corrected.

  6. I presume you’ve failed many times with good money to be adequately stimulated….but that has nothing to do with Scoop being free. I would also never guarantee my priceless comments to cure such an ill.

  7. Any chance of some pictures of what’s going on at the renovation of AH?

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