Indiana 8th nationally in average attendance #iubb

The NCAA released official attendance figures for the 2014-15 NCAA men’s basketball season on Monday, and Indiana University ranked in the top 10 nationally in all categories.

The Hoosiers drew a total of 309,477 fans last season at Assembly Hall, the fourth-most in the country. But they did so over 19 games for an average attendance of 16,288 fans per game, the eighth-best total in the nation. That average is second-best in the Big Ten to Wisconsin (17,279).

The Hoosiers’ numbers are down slightly from the previous two seasons. Indiana was fifth in attendance for 2012-13 and sixth in 2013-14.

It is Indiana’s fourth straight year in the top 10 in attendance and 37th time in the last 43 years the Hoosiers have landed in the top 10.

Total attendance for all games — home, road and neutral — saw IU accumulate 521,870 fans during the 2014-15 season, which is ninth-best nationally.

The Big Ten led the nation in attendance for home and conference tournament with 3,195,137 fans, the second-most in history behind the 2006-07 Big East.

The Big Ten was also first in average attendance for the 39th consecutive season with an average of 12,781 fans, although that number was down 753 from a year ago.

Syracuse was first in both average and total attendance for home games with 23,854 and 429,378, respectively, while Kentucky was second at 23,572 and 447,874. UK led the way for home, road and neutral games with 845,594 fans.


  1. I wonder if the revenue generated by the difference of 6,160 attendees per Kentucky home game makes up for the difference between Calipari’s compensation and Crean’s? A rough estimate suggests that would need to be about $500 per head per home game. Heck, based on those metrics, Syracuse is getting great value out of their coach’s compensation package.

  2. Big congrats to all Hoosier fans.

    Come wind(and you know who I’m talking about), rain, snow, or shine…or hail…or 3-way witch hunt…or torches….or volcanic eruptions…our face-down burials….or falling beams from the sky…..or Lipscomb cupcake….or date with UCLA during a student holiday, the students , the nationwide following of alumni, and the thousands upon thousands of residents stretching across town upon town every corner of this state have never ceased in loving their Hoosiers.

    This is not about the coaches…This is not about the players…This is about you. Congrats and thank you to all of you that make Assembly Hall into an elite class of steady and storied destination like no other place in the world. It’s easy to mock and take the defeatist attitude with sports at Indiana….It’s easy to put names of millionaires on the buildings for an ego in need of feeding…
    But it’s you that stay true…It’s you, the undaunted fans of the candy stripes, that deserve the greatest “thank you.” It’s all meaningless without you.
    Thank you..

  3. Post Number one UK doesn’t allocate a large number student tickets and those extra tickets have a donation attached to getting the tickets. U OF L. also has few students tickets and a donation per seat. IU has a large student section allocation, lots of noise from the students, but not much of a present donation base.

  4. I’ve always said between Tom Crean and Bill Lynch the real coach was Bill Lynch. It would have been better to keep him and send Crean away instead. Indiana has spent millions (~24) for an abysmal 3-8 record in the Big Ten Tournament. About 8 million per win. Time will come when this nuisance, this self-imposed sanction, will too be lifted. Enjoy the last year of Tom Crean. Enjoy the bumbling, cloying humility, obsequiousness, and all the insincerity that comes with it.

  5. Based upon the trajectory of the football program at the time of Coach Lynch’s departure by this point IU would be winless in Class 2A high school football.

    The Hoosiers were getting worse every year against weaker and weaker competition and losing by embarrassing scores (83-20!). But we had a really nice coach who probably gave every player a participation award.

    I’d have hated to have seen the results if we hadn’t had a ‘real coach’.

  6. ^ HS football, Chet? CKW previous experience as a head coach was as a HS head coach exclusively and his record there speaks for itself: 0-10. Regarding that Wisconsin game what else can we expect from you other than selective amnesia? Ben Chappell injured at half time. The game was close at that point. CKW lost just as badly to Wisconsin and not only afterwards. Bill Lynch’s last game (in an otherwise pretty good season) was a win at Purdue. CKW is yet to beat Purdue away. (Maybe he is afraid he will lose his job if he does?)

    Of the three Crean remains the worst. At a basketball school like ours this is unacceptable.

  7. Bill Lynch had a wonderful, nurturing relationship with Ben Chappell, which had many signature moments. One was on Play 1 of Ben Chappell’s career, where Chappell had to go in for a play when Kellen Lewis was banged up. Lynch called for a quick-out timed pass – a terrible play for a kid’s first game-action snap at the college level – which Chappell promptly threw for a pick-6. Hoosiers saw their momentum and lead evaporate in the snap of a wrist.

    Another precious moment was in 2009, a season when the Hoosiers seemed to carry a halftime lead into almost every game and then blow it all away each time. This time it was in Iowa, where IU held a 21-7 lead with 8 minutes in the third; they were driving, on the Iowa 5, on the verge of putting the game farther out of reach. Guess what happened? ‘Twas pure Lynch-to-Chappell magic, my friend!

  8. Coach Lynch’s last season Indiana racked up wins against this mighty collection of powerhouses:

    Western Kentucky
    Arkansas STATE (36-34)

    As to those ‘close games’ against ranked teams, the Hoosiers played (and lost) to 4 ranked teams by a total of 103 points.

    You were saying…

    (drops mic)

  9. Coach Lynch in four years as Indiana coach is 19-30.

    Meanwhile CKW in four years as Indiana coach is 14-34.

    Their conference record is abysmally identical: 6-26.

    You were saying…

  10. I don’t often agree with Rico Chet, but the facts he presents in #11 don’t lie. I support Wilson, but if we’re being fair and consistent, his record to this point is not good. His win over Missou last year, the impression that he’s signing better talent, and IU fans’ relatively weak interest in football is keeping his seat relatively comfortable right now, in spite of his teams’ dismal record over his first four seasons. And of course, many of Lynch’s wins were attributed to the season immediately following the death of Hep. And of course, it could be that so many IU fans are foaming at the mouth in their disdain for Crean, that Wilson gets a pass, but sooner or later (hopefully this year) Wilson’s got to produce a season with at least six wins. Otherwise, it will become very difficult to justify the argument that he needs more time. IU fans love basketball, and rightfully so. But football is essential to the financial health of IU athletics.

  11. Lynch followed Hep and stepped into a pretty solid (for Indiana) situation.

    Wilson followed Lynch and had to field teams made up of borderline MAC players that Lynch, for some reason, chose to recruit.

    But, I agree, time to fish or cut bait.

  12. No one in their right mind would deem the HC abilities of Lynch and Wilson equal. Charades anyone?

  13. At least Wilson has a positive vibe and appears to integrate an atmosphere of fun that goes with wearing the colors and teaching…He’s trying to build something that has always been very little of anything.

    As far Wilson getting a pass while Crean gets all the contempt? I don’t think Wilson ever chased a villain. Decades upon decades of losing and bottom-dwelling …and irrelevance…and mockery(e.g. Podunker’s make-believe friend: “IU has a football stadium? When did they get a football team? “) is a pretty big villain.

    Butler is running a basketball program. Tom Crean is running a beauty pageant… You could give every dollar Crean has stolen from Indiana to any school in this state that has reached a Sweet 16(ISU, Valparaiso, Butler, Purdue, ND, Ball State) and it couldn’t serve as enough bribery to hire our head beauty pageant judge..

    Losing because of gross talent disparity has always been the struggle at Memorial. Losing because of a teaching ability disparity while talent abounds on the roster will always be the struggle for Crean. He brought that struggle to make a joke out what had always defined our basketball heritage(at every level of the game played in this state). No matter the amount of athletic talent, Indiana once believed in honoring the game of basketball enough to teach it.

    Wilson may not be a bag of podium wind, but I think he has confidence in his knowledge of the game. An Indiana football coach will never have the luxury to be a beauty pageant judge.

  14. Even more facts…

    Lynch’s most recent season, 0-4 vs. ranked teams. Point differential (-103)
    Wilson’s most recent season, 1-2 vs. ranked teams. Point differential (-40).

    Biggest wins.
    Non-conference. Lynch, Western Kentucky. Wilson, #18 Missouri (SEC East Champions)
    Conference. Lynch, Purdue. Wilson, Purdue.

    Worst loss. Lynch, #5 Wisconsin 83-20. Wilson, #5 Michigan State 56-15.

    Best performance in a loss. Lynch, #15 Iowa 18-13. Wilson, #1 National Champion Ohio State 42-17 (similar to the national title game score of 42-20 vs. Florida State)

    All Americans. Lynch, seriously? Wilson, one.

    Of course, certainly due to his superior coaching abilities and not due to misfortune, Lynch had the use of a quarterback that season. But, let’s not even make that part of the equation.

    After his first season coaching Hep’s team Lynch never coached a single win over a team that was worth half a damn. Not one.

    That is a fact.

  15. Regarding Lynch’s teams getting weaker and weaker blah-blah blah:

    Lynch in his fourth season, conference record: 1-7.

    CKW in his fourth season, conference record: 1-7.

    Of course Wilson’s teams are getting better and better from 0-8 in his first season to 1-7 in his fourth, yes?

    At least Lynch didn’t come up with catchy slogans like “Win Today!” as Wilson did as soon as he came here, and then finish almost without a win: 1-11 (0-8).

    Finally, let’s admit that even as the putrid state of Indiana basketball generates memorable highlights such as this one the fans still continue to come and support the team. Perhaps Wilson after only four years can argue that he needs a bit more time. But after eight years to continue with the travesty (charade, farce, deception, parody) that is Crean’s “coaching” is absolutely scandalous.

  16. I nominate Blackmon Jr. and Tim Buckley as best supporting actors in the “Karate Kid” short film found in the post #15 link. Such mastery of understated performance in a furious and frantic moment our best actor stealing a scene. And in the subtle expressions of Buckley and JBJ during such an explosive moment a big game, you’ll find all truth, confidence, and belief of the man in charge. It’s a wonderful film on so many levels. You just have to let your eyes move around the corners…You have to allow yourself to step back and take in the entirety of so much more happening outside a basketball game. Those are the places truth, unmoved, must home to escape from the charades that distort any reality.

    Within a 15-second clip can be an 8-year movie too brutally honest any words. Such a marvelous place can be found in the captured moments of film so regularly omitted from what we want to see. Too find Hoosiers on our bench merely going through the motions in such a “big stages” of desperation a game seemingly lost in confusion is a greater indictment than any journalist or blogger could ever put into challenge amongst the crowds of delusional. A priceless clip, indeed. A priceless look into the world of IU Basketball under Tom Crean.

  17. oops.

    [To] find Hoosiers on our bench merely going through the motions(a longtime assistant under Crean and a very highly heralded top/”star” recruit that decided on Indiana over UK)…

  18. Why are we still even talking about Lynch…Leave the poor man alone. Nobody has ever done anything with IU Football. Why must he be the target for a hundred years of something that would be heavenly if only mediocre?

    Such distractions from managing what is wrong with now serve no purpose. It serves no more purpose than chasing down and deriding an ex-assistant coach of IU Basketball on national TV. Villains…villains…villains….villains. Losers search for villains. Winners simply quietly teach and move on without such nipples of security and excuse to never let go.

  19. The biggest mistake Coach Wilson has made was installing Doug Mallory as DC. He listened to IU icon Bill Mallory; if you checked Doug’s record as DC he has failed and been fired at every place he had been, trying to satisfy IU legacy was a bad mistake. It is a shame it took him 3 years to decide a change needed to be made. Last year was a washout once Nate and Covington were injured along the transfers during the summer of the #1A and #3 QB.

    This year is the real test to what Coach Wilson can do with IU football. I agree he must show that his teams can win but remember it is only the second year of a new DC. Up to last year, Coach Wilson showed he could put a top 20 offense on the field now the DC needs time to show even more improvement in the defense than in his first year.

    IU certainly has improved their talent level and I expect to see a team that wins 6-8 games this year. IU historically has struggled to have a winning football program so expecting to step up to winning seasons before learning how to win isn’t realistic . Last year the team had the opportunity to collapse yet found a way to come out each game fighting the opponent no matter how good they were. Yes they came up short but I believe the scores they had at half time showed what this team could do. With more offense and more talent ready to step up and contribute to this team, I am hoping this year is the year it show up in the win column.

  20. But Mallory didn’t have the benefit of Wilson’s maturing recruits and better selections that our, at least, coming to a team because of perceptions an exciting offense. There has to be some momentum in recruiting better defensive players as well when a team can show some sustained ability and results on the offensive side of things.

    The real question is how much minimum expertise does a head coach need for each side of the ball? Can we simply use defensive coordinators as the fix-all, or as the excuse, when overall performance/results remain rather flat? And if the overall results are still not very strong by year three of Knorr’s contract, does Wilson continue to get a pass if the offense is still adequate?

    And if our defense is such a cakewalk to score upon, doesn’t that allow opponents a bit of playing more loose when their own defense is on the field(thus making our offense possibly appearing better than it really is)?

  21. I’ve never seen any statistics that would indicate that to be true.

    Could you give an example?

  22. Just giving theory to thought, Chet. I simply wonder how many stronger Big 10 teams do a lot of bending and experimenting with personnel/schemes when they inherently believe they can score with ease against a very weak defense. If our offense makes some big plays against and the game tightens up to something around a 2-score differential, then the opponent stops treating us like a scrimmage lab mouse to test new ideas, players, sets, pass protections, etc, etc.

    From the opponents point of view: A heated battle against a worthy rival/equal is not the place to gamble. But when you know your offensive line can destroy a Hoosier defensive line if push comes to shove, you’ll likely give up some cheap points/big plays you could have otherwise prevented by way of usual tendencies/assignments/adrenalin rush that comes with a serious test to your defense.

    Is it really that much different in hoops….? If you have a dominant offense that can score at will on an inferior opponent, doesn’t it allow for more gambling on defense and a bit of relaxation? Thus, some team we’re beating by 30 points has a guard suddenly light it up and look unstoppable? Is that because his offense is so outstanding or our team knows they can put down the throttle whenever they choose. Don’t get me wrong, it could really bite you in the ass in a basketball game that can swing quickly. But without good coaching and discipline, an offense that has its way can make for complacency on defense against an outmatched and physically inferior.opponent.

    The psychology(at team and individual leve), of any contest is hard to measure statistically.

  23. Until(if ever) our football team can take serious control of games early and prove they can overpower an opponents offensive line, I’m not sure if we can be too confident over offensive numbers that often come by way of big plays(big gainers by running backs or big passing gambles). Sadly, I often feel opponents are a like a pit bull toying with rag doll….”Go ahead…get your couple TD’s before I break your heart and rip you to shreds

    Bottom line: Until a team shows serious strength in offensive and defense, there may be a lot of fools gold in those stats so easy to count as resurrected value on one side of the field/court.

  24. No coach is going to reveal any tricks they have up their sleeves against an inferior opponent. You try those things out in practice and then keep them under your hat.

    Now, would you give 2nd team players a little extra playing time? Sure. If you are Ohio State or Michigan State would there be a noticeable drop off if performance? Not likely.

    One of the oldest axioms in football is that a quality team might actually beat you worse if they empty their bench because they are just putting in more high caliber players who are even hungrier than the guys they just took out.

    If all your yards or all your points come in the last 5 minutes then you’ve probably got a point. In regards to IU football, the opposite was usually true. They managed to hang in there UNTIL the end of the game. Things generally got out of hand at the very end.

  25. vesuvius 13, you are exactly right in post #20. I expressed my doubts about Doug Mallory when it was first announced that Wilson hired him as IU’s DC. And goodness gracious did rabid chipmunks attack. It was blasphemous! Most disconcerting was that Doug Mallory went from LSU (fired) to U of New Mexico, which was, at the time, the absolute worst program in college football. As I opined at the time, a really good Coordinator with a strong reputation does not go from the penthouse of college football to the outhouse in one move. A really talented DC would have had other, better options. But that’s all water under the bridge.

    Ironically, Doug Mallory’s three year tenure as IU’s DC may be the reason to justify keeping Wilson on longer. Hope it’s irrelevant, but it would a valid defense for Wilson to say, “hey, you guys recommended I hire the guy, and my mistake was going along with it. Since he was so bad, I get a pass for his second and third year.” I wonder if that will hold any water with Glass and the Board of Trustees. As I have for decades, I wonder if they really care?

  26. Are we really taking control at the line of scrimmage with early leads or do points come early…because they’re not taking the Hoosiers seriously at the beginning/first half of the game? Which tends to certainly show up more on the defensive side of things for an opponent.

    Sadly, I do think many stronger Big 10 teams are merely scrimmaging against us and players of our opponent are not experiencing the normal early adrenalin rush and excitement that comes with a worth test(a team that can truly stop you).

  27. Crean coaches an entire game from beginning ’til end like a rabid chipmunk….but somehow you can’t find your own nuts stored in a defeatist tree when that happens.

  28. HH, We will find out this year if it is because teams are overlooking IU. I hope we have the kind of offense IU has had on the field the previous years, this past year was a washout, with Coach Wilson to go along with an improved defense. Then we should see how teams respond when IU gives them a battle for the entire game. I am tired of IU not moving into the upper tier of the B1G and would love to see it this year.

    Podunker, I think you are right about Coach Wilson getting another year or two to turn things around due to taking on Doug Mallory. I hope the defense steps up this year so we don’t need to wait another year to see what they can accomplish.

  29. DM went to NM after being fired at LSU because Mike Locksley, HC of NM and he had a relationship from working together years before at Maryland. Plain and simple. He was handed a case of low recruitment talent by the Lobos just as he was by Indiana and also suffered through the outrageous behavior Locksley displayed during his coaching tenure there. No one would have survived that ordeal. He is presently assistant LB coach in the NFL, of I believe the Falcons. Much of the talent at IU which will shine this year on the D side of the ball was recruited during his watch. Knorr is the better DC but DM is a solid FB man.

  30. The argument against Doug Mallory is weak at best as it invokes the eye test. And whose eyes are involved, those same eyes that defend the “rabid chipmunk” style of coaching of Tom Crean ad nauseam. The numbers don’t lie: Doug Mallory served as the assistant head coach, co-defensive coordinator, and safeties coach for the Hoosiers While he was here (2011-2014) the Hoosiers went from 0-8 to 2-6 to 3-5 in Conference play. He was fired and Hoosiers promptly returned to an abysmal 1-7 in Conference play last year. If Wilson gets a bye and is given more time is not because of Doug Mallory as some idiots are saying. It’s because it’s Indiana FB, traditionally submediocre, like the current state of the basketball program under Tom Crean.

  31. Coach Wilson may have a similar record to Coach Lynch, but he has had to overcome a lot of problems which the IU football program has…..The IU football program needed rebuilding from the ground up…the foundation of the iU football program was in the gutter…Yes, Coach Lynch took us to a (cheap/low class) bowl game, but the program was on its last leg…we had a bunch of poor recruits and poor players that did not want to play football at IU….Coach Wilson had to come in and literally clean house….more players left the team than where on the team…he had to rebuild from the foundation up..we literally had high school players going against college football players (physically)….On the upside he was fortunate enough to have a decent recruiting class his first two years at IU, he was able to get players that bought into his system and the IU program….An now that he has put the foundation in place we are ready to restart this football program all over…be for real!!! The IU offensive rates with any offensive in the BIG 10…the Offensive line is no longer a joke (smaller than most MAC school)….we have decent backup at every position on Offensive….On Defensive we have a slightly different problem, the secondary is in disarray due to a players arrest and a players transfer, but we have young talent their now that is capable of replacing these loses, where before we did not!!!! The front seven on Defensive is capable of playing a very competitive game but does need improvement…i agree with some previous statement that Coach Doug Mallory did not help this team from a Defensive stand point….But i do believe that Coach Wilson has changed the culture/foundation of the IU football program…we have good (pro caliber) starters and potentially some good backups players…if Coach Wilson next two recruiting classes produces some good players (esp a quarterback) the IU football program will have excellent chance of taking the next step or moving up to middle of the pack BIG 10…instead of being a cellular dweller….GOOD LUCK COACH WILSON….GO IU!!

  32. Rico Chet, calm down. Take a hit of whatever substance relaxes you. Then maybe you’ll recognize sarcasm when you read it. No one believes Wilson would or could use Mallory’s tenure as DC as an excuse or justification to extend his employment as IU’s head coach. He either starts producing six-win or better seasons, or IU will find another head coach. Wilson’s intelligent and a realist, and he knows that he’s in a bottom line business.

    IU79, I love your optimism. Right on!

  33. Rico, Please be advised the “abysmal 1-7 in Conference play last year” was because of the in season loss of the starting and backup QB’s not because of the firing of DM as DC.

  34. Rico, it isn’t a matter of whose eyes are looking at the DC. Doug Mallory is a good position coach but not a good DC. Each year he was at IU the defense got worse but the records got better because the O was improving. Last year was an anomaly because of the two QB transfers last summer and the injuries to Sudfeld and Covington against Iowa. Yes the record got worse with our new DC but the defense improved in every area. The record in conference declined because our offense was one dimensional with a 5th string QB at the helm with young receivers. This year will be a better test of what Coach Wilson can do with IU football as the team is more athletic and deeper than in previous years.

    It is time for people to support IU football and see what they can do. I expect an exciting year that will surprise people much like our 1967 team that won some close exciting games on the way to the Rose Bowl. This team has a much tougher schedule so I am not predicting a Rose Bowl team but a fun, exciting, and winning team is possible.

  35. Even Northwestern Football has a niche and a recruiting advantage over any coach at Indiana….Yes, they must compete against the same top Midwestern teams(Wisconsin, ND, MSU, Michigan, OSU) for the elite talent, but their school borders a wonderfully vibrant and beautiful city, and a degree from NW holds some academic prestige(albeit, likely overrated) that can hold possibilities after football.

    Indiana Basketball was always an oasis in Southern Indiana….It had the fortunes of residing within a state that lived and breathed hoops like no other(and still, amazingly, produces top b-ball talent as the passions watered down after the destruction of the h.s. single/all-inclusive tournament that ignited the beginnings our fire) and the fate of landing one of greatest minds for the game in the early 70’s.

    I honestly find it rather amazing that any coach will seriously take on the challenge of IU Football. Sports are fighting against far more options a young person’s distractions to spend the hours than 20 years ago. Can the window be reopened to create the passions to fill the stands of Memorial in a geographic setting somewhat isolated from a very populous hub/city and operating in a state that still produces far more hoops stars than memorable names of the gridiron….? Add to the mix the constant of powerhouse Big 10 teams with storied tradition in football only a couple hours our borders…Add to the mix an ND in South Bend….

    I honestly believe we have something very unique in Wilson. A very narrow crack of that window may just open because we have a football coach that young men seem to find a charisma and sense of belief that this is a man of unique systems and future coaching star potential. The potential is there with Wilson to finally make Indiana Football appear to be worthy a football conference in which it has never been taken seriously. It can never be “Because it’s Indiana” ….That means something different for IU Football. something very hideously different(I think of story of Jane Eyre and the crazy wife of her lover hidden in the attic). The window has to open “Because it’s Kevin Wilson”…..He may be our only chance to find football love in Southern Indiana. He may be the only chance in the last 25 years to build something in the sport we so tried to love against the bloodlines of hoops cast into every beating heart as our sports identity from the ‘Big O’ to ‘The Hick from French Lick’…to Bryce Drew and his Shining Moment for a tiny Valparaiso school …to Scott Skiles and the Plymouth Miracle state championship….to Milan and Plump and Hollywood film….to Blue Chips and Bobby….to Crispus Attucks..

    I think we have something unique in Kevin Wilson. If anything, at least we now know we have a crazed wife in our Hoosier attic. Maybe the whole place goes up in flames, but at least we heard some pounding on the floorboards and the bit of noise is prompting some curiosity.

  36. We used to have NoMendacity…We used to have some on Scoop that proclaimed to be of the female gender and wanted membership in the cigar club… Don’t give me a hard time, Rhinestones, because I’m a romantic sap…You need more sensitive readers like coachv….

    I sort like the reference comparing our football program to Mr. Rochester’s crazed wife locked in the attic a Jane Eyre novel. And maybe we’ll have to go blind because of Tom Crean’s coaching….while trying to save the crazed wife in the attic an inferno of sorts…..But, somehow, we will find love again in Bloomington. Be it football…or be it the crazed Tom Crean we know keep locked in the attic our once beautiful marriage in the old Hoops Mansion.

    Carry on….

  37. oops..

    ….the crazed Tom Crean we [now] keep locked in the attic our once beautiful marriage in the old limestone Hoops Mansion .

    I guess that makes Kevin Wilson our Jane Eyre. He does like to ‘Eyre it out’….(Damn, now I’m really going deep).

  38. Why has Tennessee football been in a slow death spiral for a decade? Because their facilities are horrible. Neyland Stadium is spectacularly bad. The restrooms are better in the infield at Indy at the end of the race. The seats are sized to fit a three-year-old. I haven’t seen the locker rooms but cockroaches come to mind. My father-in-law was unable to use his tickets in the last few years and I passed on them because it’s just no fun to be in that place. It’s right in the middle of freakin’ Knoxville. Ever been to Knoxville? Unless the NFL is the only concern I can’t understand how a high school player would choose to go to such a place.

    High school kids don’t have an institutional memory. IU is in the midst of putting together some of the best facilities in all of college sports. All we need is a modicum of success to lure young talent. Why would a player choose to play in a dump just because the team was good when they were in the second grade?

    If you build it they will come (maybe).

    Basketball is an anomaly. A couple great players can have a huge impact. You need about 40 to turn a football program around…and a decent collection of coaches.

    There have been plenty of isolated decisions I haven’t agreed with but I think the overall direction of the football program (and, by extension, the athletic department) is sound. They are literally building the program. Brick by brick.

    Even the blunders can be made up for by racking up wins. Winning cures a lot of ills. I really hope to see something special this year.

  39. Basketball is no anomaly in Indiana. It wasn’t an anomaly for Butler to make back-to-back Final Fours/National Championship games….while Crean was pandering to Adams and A-HOPE…and backyard kissing of the locals butts via Jordy…Jordy…Jordy.. and choir songs to keep the locals in his early favor. And a witch hunt here and there was fun diversion, too.

    But now we love football again because we see in Wilson something of the old mastery and mind a genuine passion rekindled…..Dare I say a cute, young “General” sharp and and with unpretentious wit? We see in Crean a crazed wife locked in the attic of a once old basketball mansion in the limestone hills We have a wealth of basketball talent to lure to the fine tapestries on the walls…But we have nothing of a teacher for our children.
    We thus turn to the only thing where hope can flourish…And it hurts us so to turn away from the attic our first passions….But we must….we must. For basketball is crazed at the moment and football is young and vibrant …untamed and undiscovered. We long for the caress of something real again.
    Kevin “Eyre it out”: Wilson is a final chance to see the old mansion find again its glorious glow under the midnight moon… Tapestries, bitches….tapestries. .

  40. Sad that Dustin ended up at a place going into a “death spiral.” And the numbers in the stands…so depressing.

  41. Yep, they fill that firetrap up for every home game.

    Like I said, ever been to Knoxville? There’s not a huge number of entertainment choices. It’s my wife’s home town and UT her alma mater (she was a swimmer there, as I’ve said).

    She couldn’t leave fast enough. You couldn’t get her to go back to Knoxville at gunpoint. Even when I still subjected myself to the occasional game (free tickets to any game) at Neyland she declined attending…and she likes football.

    But, the point was, their football facilities border on tragic. Big…but tragic.

    Texas is big, too. So is Ethiopia.

  42. Chet-
    Unfortunately, probably the largest population influx from any given state into Indiana over the last 15 years has been from Tennessee….Didn’t Manning play there? Anyway, I think that’s part of that change happening at Indiana U. A lot more influences and students from the South and part of the reason Crean’s appeal…Bible Belt country. But is Oklahoma really that much different?

  43. Chet, I think you’re being a little too hard on Neyland Stadium, University of Tennessee, and Knoxville. I’ve been there several times, and while the stadium is a dump, most of the fans don’t notice or don’t care, because they’re wasted well before the game starts. Vols fans know how to tailgate! Regardless, the stadium is packed for every SEC game. Football in Tennessee is a religion, like it is in all SEC College towns, and the experience inside Neyland Stadium beats the hell out of anything I’ve ever witnessed inside Memorial Stadium. Knoxville is not a terrible place, and the campus is nice. UT is not IUB, but it’s a good campus. Knoxville is not a great town, but it sure beats the hell out of Tuscaloosa, AL. And University of Tennessee is a fairly good school (ranked in the top 50 Public Schools in the country.) Not quite IU or Purdue (both ranked higher), but equal to Kansas, Oklahoma, Oregon, Iowa State, etc.

    But to answer your question, why would anyone want to play football at Tennessee? Because it’s in the SEC, a conference that produces more NFL players than any other.

  44. Can’t argue with any of that (Well, you’re the first person I’ve ever heard say the campus, in the middle of a crappy part of Knoxville, is nice.). Giving Knoxville the edge over Tuscaloosa is like saying Attica is nicer than Folsom.

  45. Harvard, I was unaware of the Tennessee to Indiana migration.

    When did this start?

  46. That Bruce Pearl guy was always creepier than an Al Gore and Tipper kiss…..

    Speaking of tipper, I think it was Husky/Seahawk Tom that once said Crean was a terrible tipper. .I believe he said that right here on Hoosier Scoop. I think Husky worked at the restaurant next to Trojan Horse.. or was it Malibu Grill? .

  47. Are you asking for stats again..? It’s just been my observation that there’s a lot more Southern twang in these here parts…I see a lot of Tennessee plates and they’re usually attached to very over-sized pick-up trucks.. I’ve also noticed more dentist offices and dental care popping up in strip malls. Oh, and the churches…the massive, massive churches..They buy up acreage and put these behemoth mega churches everywhere…There is definitely an influx of pick-up’s, Bibles, and bad teeth. Maybe not all Tennessee, but a damn big percentage. It’s the death of Indiana U. Might as well plop it in Tennessee.

  48. Dustin must come on here and read stuff occasionally…Be interesting to see what he thinks of pick-up truck paradise….I do believe Tennessee has very attractive coeds…There has to be some positives.

  49. I drive a pickup truck.

    Long before I met my wife I knew more than a few lovely Tennessee coeds. There are some really cute ones for sure.

  50. Q: Why are there so many unsolved murders in Tennessee?
    A: There are no dental records and everyone has the same DNA

    Q: Why couldn’t the baby Jesus be born in Tennessee?
    A: Because they couldn’t find 3 wise men or a virgin.

    Q: Why did the Volunteers change their uniforms to Orange?
    A: So they can play the game, direct traffic, and pick up trash without changing.

  51. H.T.(Husky Tom) #46

    Wednesday, April 20, 2011 – 1:59 PM EDT

    By the way, I said yesterday that I met coach WIlson at a restaurant, and he was gracious and friendly. The staff at the same restaurant says Crean comes in all the time, and everyone hates him – rude and poor tipper. SO far they give Wilson a high rating.

    From the same thread:

    Tsao Tsu Gonzalez #10

    Monday, April 18, 2011 – 1:50 PM EDT

    Some coaches, like Coach Crean, are about socializing, selling, p.r. and glad-handing. Then, when it comes to game time, we question their demeanor (they appear confused and ridden with anxiety). When the game gets down to coaching, adjusting plans or changing tactics to fit the moment, they are either puking in anxiety or frozen in tactical paralysis. You’d never go to war with these guys.

    It’s going to be five years next April(after this year’s 2015-16 season concludes), since those comments… I don’t think I’ve seen the term “glad-handing” since….And the descriptions in his final sentences so accurately match the five years of squandered chances with top talent because of “puking in anxiety or frozen in tactical paralysis”(e.g. the tragically comical clip on this thread of Crean in the final moments a Wichita State game) This is why Scoop needs Tsao.

    Once a poor tipper, always a poor tipper. Once a coach in ‘tactical paralysis,” always a coach in tactical paralysis. Are the two related…? Very possible that the tip calculation of multiplying any restaurant bill times 2 and moving a decimal point one space to the left is too much math at bill-pay crunch time.. I bet he also gets very impatient when the bill doesn’t arrive promptly at the end of dining…I could see Crean attempting to get the server’s attention with the same forearm chop to call a timeout. Or, maybe all religious fanatics see something sinful in being generous to those that work hard. Maybe it too brutally confirms some sort of repressed guilt for getting paid gazillions for bamboozling the gullible followers blinded by his slogans and twitter preaching while doing so little. “I shall be purposefully conservative with my generosity because I actually earn the right to my yacht.”

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