IU reveals traveling party for Big Ten Media Days

The unofficial kickoff to college football season arrives next week with the madness and the beautiful brand of crazy that is SEC Media Days.

The Big Ten, whose event is considerably more understated, will follow later this month.

In preparation for the annual preseason shindig, the conference announced Thursday a list of athletes scheduled to attend the two-day event, which will be staged July 30 and 31 at the Hyatt Regency McCormick Place in Chicago. Quaterback Nate Sudfeld, left tackle Jason Spriggs and defensive lineman Adarius Rayner will represent Indiana.

Earlier this spring, the Big Ten announced plans to modify the structure of the event in order to facilitate more media coverage. Instead of cramming all 14 teams into one day of Q&A’s and podium time, the league is splitting the event into two days. Indiana is one of seven schools that will be featured on Thursday, followed by the other seven schools on Friday. Sudfeld and Ohio State linebacker Joshua Perry will speak on behalf of the players during Friday’s annual Kickoff Luncheon.

IU, Illinois, Iowa, Maryland, Michigan State, Ohio State and Wisconsin will be featured on Thursday morning, while Michigan, Minnesota, Nebraska, Northwestern, Penn State, Purdue and Rutgers will wait until Friday.

A full list of player representatives scheduled to attend can be found after the jump.

Adarius Rayner, Sr.,DL
Jason Spriggs, Sr., OL
Nate Sudfeld, Sr., QB

Brad Craddock, Sr., PK
William Likely, Jr., DB
Andrew Zeller, Sr., OL

Joe Bolden, Sr., LB
Jehu Chesson, Sr., WR
James Ross III, Sr., LB

Jack Allen, Sr., C
Shilique Calhoun, Sr., DE
Connor Cook, Sr., QB

Taylor Decker, Sr., OT
Joshua Perry, Sr., LB
Adolphus Washington, Sr., DT

Jordan Lucas, Sr., S
Angelo Mangiro, Sr., C/G
Anthony Zettel, Sr., DT

Leonte Carroo, Sr., WR
Darius Hamilton, Sr., DT
Keith Lumpkin, Sr., OL

Josh Ferguson, Sr., RB
Ted Karras, Sr., OG
Mason Monheim, Sr., LB

Austin Blythe, Sr., C
Jordan Lomax, Sr., DB
Drew Ott, Sr., DE

Briean Boddy-Calhoun, Sr., DB
Theiren Cockran, Sr., DE
Mitch Leidner, Jr., QB

Tommy Armstrong Jr., Jr., QB
Nate Gerry, Jr., S
Jordan Westerkamp, Jr., WR

Traveon Henry, Sr., S
Christian Jones, Sr., WR
Dan Vitale, Sr., SB

Danny Anthrop, Sr., WR
Robert Kugler, Sr., C
Frankie Williams, Sr., CB

Michael Caputo, Sr., S
Corey Clement, Jr., RB
Joel Stave, Sr., QB


  1. I don’t know how much Wilson had to do with NS being chosen to speak at this B1G event but it sure plays into Wilson’s goal to put the focus of placing his QB in the spot for the spotlight to get the mental prep for the season launched.

    Also, sadly read the news of the passing of Kenny Stabler. Always enjoyed his rebel competitiveness and his style of play.

  2. Hopefully, NS potential is realized and KW can comfortably say he has his quarterback so what he wants to do on offense can be consistently and fully implemented + executed + rest of team will realize potential to help make the offense and defense work.

  3. My guess is that each team nominates a player to speak at the event, and then a committee narrows it down to 2.

  4. Ohio state is leaving its quarterbacks in Columbus to keep that from becoming a media circus.

  5. PB, you nailed it regarding Sudfeld’s speaking opportunity. It’s my understanding that each school nominates a player to the Big Ten and the conference makes the final decision.

  6. I hope Nate does a great job and shows he is ready to lead this team into a bowl game. He says the young receivers contact him every day to play catch and sometimes he needs to take a break because of a sore arm; I hope this means younger QBs step up to throw to the receivers. The offense this year could be a beast once again with 2 experienced receivers being added to the mix along with one of the top 6 RBs in the country last year. From watching the Spring game the REB may be in for a battle and the receivers caught the ball well despite a defense that played well against them.

  7. The offense could be very good this year. I totally agree. However, I do not know where people think the IU offense was ever consistently a beast. It did have its beastly moments but never a beast consistently against high level competition even though IU did win a game here and there where the offense was beastly…That does not make a beast = loosing records and several wins coming against lower competition plus it was not all defense’ s fault even though most of it was. I have watched games where defense played ok to well and offense failed. Having said this I am optimistic about the 2015 IU football season and looking forward to a winning record with both an improved defense and offense.

  8. T, my comment about the offense could be a beast again refers to the record setting offense of 2013 capable of putting up big points against the top teams. Did they come up short at times, yes they did but so do all offenses. It has been the defensive shortcomings in the past that were the biggest problem with winning games. When the defense did step up against Penn State the offense dropped 44 on them and beat PSU for the first time in IU’s history [PSU had a better year than people anticipated]. Until the defense can consistently stop an offense no Hoosier offense will be good enough. Like you I hope they make it to a winning record with the offense and defense improving.

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