Schwarber expected to rejoin Cubs on Friday #iubase

When the Chicago Cubs called up Kyle Schwarber last month to serve as a designated hitter during a run through interleague play, the former Indiana star knew his stay in the big leagues would be short. Once the Cubs’ need for a DH was no longer necessary, Schwarber knew he was headed back to the minors.

But after being optioned to Iowa on June 21, Schwarber found his stay in Triple-A to be nearly as brief.

According to multiple reports, the Cubs will recall Schwarber in time for Friday’s second-half opener at Atlanta. The move comes a week after catcher Miguel Montero injured his thumb prior to the All-Star break, prompting speculation of Schwarber’s possible return. Jonathan Mayo of says Montero is expected to be sidelined until rosters expand in September, which could allow Schwarber to remain with the Cubs for the remainder of the season.

Between Double-A and Triple-A this season, Schwarber is batting a combined .323 with 16 home runs, 49 RBIs and a 1.022 on-base plus slugging percentage. He supplied six RBIs over six games when the Cubs called him up last month, going 4-for-5 in his first major league start on June 17 against the Cleveland Indians. Schwarber was named the MVP of Sunday’s Futures Game in Cincinnati after hitting a two-run triple and throwing out a runner attempting to steal second base.

How much time Schwarber sees at catcher is unclear. The Chicago Tribune reports that the Cubs are expected to continue carrying three catchers, including David Ross and Taylor Teagarden.


  1. I hope his performance convinces the Cubs’ Management that he belongs on their Major League roster permanently.

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  12. He can hit. He just isn’t a major league catcher yet. The Cubs are giving him a chance at that position both in AAA and the Majors but the signs point to the Outfield or 1st Base (which is tough with Rizzo there). He’ll play in the Majors but it may not be at catcher for the Cubs unless the NL goes to a Designated Hitter.

  13. I meant to say, “…it may not be at catcher for the Cubs or it may not be for the Cubs at all unless the NL goes to a Designated Hitter.” He’s an exceptional hitter but he has to find a place in the field if he is going to play in the National League as the rules now exist.

  14. Harv, thanks for sending up a flair. Have a very sick mother that I had to attend to (who’s now doing ok).

    Hope you are well my friend. Glad that one of the best Hoosier prospects landed on the Cubs so you have double to root for. I know you love it!

    Mets were supposed to get him, but got a guy at Oregon State named Michael Conforto. He’s going to be tremendous, too.

    Cubs and Mets need to make a trade. Let’s talk. 😉

  15. Theo is going to be looked at as a BB guru with this Schwarber kid who is killin it for the Cubs. How many HR’s in how many official AB’s?

  16. Looks like Kyle is showing everyone how the Hoosiers play ball. What a game last night.

    I have no love for the Cubs, but I’ll be hitting the box scores daily from now on.

    Always thought his swing would translate well to MLB. Tight, compact and powerful. No one could have predicted this level of breakthrough, though.

  17. Given Schwarber’s success at the plate, especially his production in key situations, the Cubs will have to find a way to make him a full-time player. If he’s not yet a fully polished MLB catcher, who cares? His bat more than makes up for any defensive deficiencies he might have right now. And given his age, he’ll have lot’s of opportunity to improve from OJT. But the bigger question is, should Schwarber even play catcher at all? Why jeopardize that potential offensive productivity by having him play catcher, a position that takes a huge toll on a man’s body and limits their career longevity? Look who’s playing first base for the Twins! As the Twins have demonstrated, a team can find other catchers, but offensive talent like Schwarber is demonstrating thus far is very rare. A week or two in the majors does not a career make, but Schwarber appears to be the real deal with a bat in his hand. I hope the Cubs exercise good judgement about this kid.

  18. Cubs have already announced he isn’t going back down and they will find a spot for him. 1st base is out with Rizzo there but I see left field as his home to keep him in the lineup. The Cubs look very smart with their 2013 and 2014 first round picks. 2013 Bryant, 2014 Schwarber. That lineup is scary to opposing pitchers right now, Schwarber, Bryant, Rizzo. Can’t pitch around any of them. The future of the Cubs is now.

  19. Yea, I’ve been saying that about the Cubs since 1969! The Cardinals remain formidable and may have something to say about the Cubs’ immediate future. But they’re better than normal and exciting to watch.

  20. Post #24 is right on Podunker. My dad and I talked about that last weekend. Maybe a move to left field would benefit? You’re right the catching position is hard on your body and I’d hate to see the talented Schwarber having to hold down that position. Still in position for final wildcard spot, but I’d love to at least catch the Pirates.

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