Sudfeld named to Maxwell Award watch list

Indiana senior quarterback Nate Sudfeld was named to the watch list for the Maxwell Award on Tuesday. Here’s the full release from IU:

Indiana senior quarterback Nate Sudfeld earned a spot on the watch list for the 79th annual Maxwell Award, the Maxwell Football Club announced Tuesday.

The Maxwell Award, named in honor of Robert W. “Tiny” Maxwell, has been given to America’s College Player of the Year since 1937. Maxwell’s contributions to the game of football were extensive, including time as a player, a sportswriter and an official.

Sudfeld ranks second in program history in completion percentage (60.6), tied for second in 300-yard passing games (four), fifth in passing touchdowns (34), eighth in passing yardage (4,306) and completions (346), ninth in attempts (571) and 10th in total offense (4,377) in just 25 career games (14 starts).

The Modesto, Calif., native passed for 1,151 yards on 101-of-167 (60.5 percent) with six TDs, three picks and a 126.6 pass efficiency rating before he suffered a season-ending shoulder injury in the second quarter of game six at Iowa last season.

The Maxwell Football Club is a member of the National College Football Awards Association (NCFAA) which encompasses the most prestigious awards in college football. The 22 awards boast over 700 years of tradition-selection excellence. Visit to learn more.

Beginning in 2015, The Home Depot College Football Awards will have a new home at the College Football Hall of Fame and Chick-fil-A Fan Experience in downtown Atlanta. Airing live on ESPN on December 10, 2015, college football’s brightest stars will be honored for their performance on and off the field.

Semifinalists for the Maxwell Award will be announced November 2, 2015, while the three finalists will be unveiled November 23, 2015. The winner of the 2015 Maxwell Award will be announced as part of the Home Depot College Football Awards Show. The formal presentation of the award will be made at the Maxwell Football Club Awards Gala hosted by Tropicana Hotel & Casino Atlantic City on March 11, 2016.


  1. Sudfeld’s success this season will be directly tied to A) him staying healthy, B) IU’s Offensive line creating an effective run game, and C) the ability of his young receivers to catch passes throws to them. I’m confident Sudfeld will be ready and better than ever. But will the rest of his offense allow his talent to flourish and get the recognition it deserves? Should be interesting.

  2. Podunker, Nate will have two big time WRs joining his young receivers to the 2015 offense. People forget that IU pulled in one of the top JR college receivers along with a UAB receiver [Hawkins] that transferred from Florida. One encouraging sign was how well the receivers caught the ball this Spring. I hope the additions to the offense and the maturing of the young receivers give IU one of the top offenses in the country once again.

  3. Sudfield’s success will also be tied to defensive performance. If we can’t make stops and are always playing catch up, the pressure on a young receiving corps will take its toll. I also agree that our success will depend on staying reasonably healthy. Our talent level is up, no doubt, but we are not a next man up program yet and if we go into conference play banged up, this will be a disappointing season.

  4. We need to enjoy Nate this season. Very few QB’s playing on Saturday throw the ball as well as he does. I expect Nate to have a season for the record books at IU this year.

  5. The defensive shortfalls were magnified by the fact that we did not have a viable quarterback. That’s kind of a big deal. If we had not had one of the best running backs in the nation who knows how bad it could have been. I wonder how the other Heisman candidates would have fared had the opposition known they were getting handed the ball every down?

    I don’t know how many three and outs we had last year but it was a lot. That is hard to manage particularly for a team without defensive depth. Those guys had to be exhausted much of the time.

    On paper (here it comes) this could project into quite a turn around year. Unless you had been closely following the IU story it’s hard to fully grasp that they truly were playing with an undersized 5th string freshman QB and what that meant. Losing your top 4 QBs in a matter of weeks is unprecedented and, unless you are Ohio State, nobody has that kind of depth at quarterback.

    Years ago the Carolina Panthers made the boneheaded moved of drafting 29 year old Chris Weinke out of Florida State and then handed him the keys to the kingdom. Practice injuries took out his backup(s). Weinke was so bad that by the end of that experiment the Panthers were actually playing without a quarterback and direct snapping the ball to their running backs. If I’m not mistaken Weinke holds the NFL record for most consecutive losses as a starter. The Panthers won one game that year and finished with 15 straight losses.

    It’s hard to underestimate how devastating the absence of a viable QB is to a major college or professional team. Nothing is going to work if you don’t have a quarterback.

    Hope springs eternal.

  6. Not extending the expectant glow to far into the shadows but I was more than pleased with the performance of the D in 4 of the last 5 games last season. I really feared a 3 W season after leaving Iowa. Besides Wilson building mental and physical toughness into the program which is obvious, he has built depth at every position, even QB before the 2 transfers and even though iufan23 thinks we do not have the next man up talent yet, I absolutely think we do. In fact the next man up talent is pretty damn good. 1 piece of proof is in watching Tony Shields perform at SS this year where short sighted AA roamed. WR was as slack as it was because NS was not there to make it more positive. My main Q for this season is at CB although I suspect Fant, Padmore or 1 of the other fellows to be adequate at 1 spot and to cover up the for the other a lot of nickle will be played which we have personnel to do and being in the 3-4 will help that. Chet just stated “it could project into quite a turn around year”, I concur. This coaching staff is the tits and I will not be surprised in the slightest if 2-8 newcomers, 2015 commits and 2014 redshirts, not just play significant amounts of time but contribute to a winning performance on their side of the ball. POTFB-GO IU!

  7. Congratulation to Nate Sudfeld, he deserve the recognition…he is a very talented QB with a very bright future…..this will be a great year for Nate provide the Offensive line provides the protection.

  8. Hoosier Clarion, like you I really like the coaching staff we have which is why I am hoping this season surprises a lot of people. Hopefully, it will diminish the drumbeat of impatient people that we need a new coach. We have seen the program improve from recruiting to the type of athlete on the team with only the number of wins left to show all this improvement. IU has been a tough place to develop a winning program and I hope as Coach Wilson leads them to more victories he is content to stay with the program he builds and not be looking elsewhere. I too was impressed with how the team came together after the loss of our QBs and how much Zander improved as the season went along. People that are negative about the program have told me the defensive improvement was a case of opponents looking past IU. They just refuse to see the good things that are going on.

    I am looking forward to this season as I think the offense will be a beast again and the defense will show up to be a solid defense on its way to becoming an outstanding defense.

  9. ^ I love your optimism. We agree on many things. Coach Wilson has some very loyal coaches on his staff which I think has helped bring stabilization to the program. Can’t wait for the season to start. 6 victories is achievable and is my personal goal.

  10. I think the football team will suck per usual…

    The only hope for IU is by starting with a competent basketball coach. Any other topic or wasted wind is simply zombies walking in the night. With the proper leadership, and a truly knowledgeable b-ball coach that isn’t afraid of ownership and accountability, it’s the only thing that can realistically be brought back from extinction our two major sports. .

    vesuvious13 sounds like a shampoo for another case of Inside the Hall Pollyanna scalp. The optimism is just a tired way of giving up from the hard decisions at IU that need to be made….. Glass was hired by Crean. Nothing gets fixed without addressing the greed in cahoots that has taken all of IU hostage via far too much dollars spent on men with gross shortcomings in the teaching phase of our most important sports asset: IU Basketball.

    The Establishment loves our irrelevance…and they love the blind optimism asking for nothing but more of the same at a lifeless McCracken.

  11. Havard for Hillibillies, I would hate to live my life as negative as you are on these sites. I can’t say much about b-ball as that isn’t my background but as a successful high school football coach I do know what to look for in football. Turning around a tough program like IU isn’t easy for many reasons. Glass has helped to improve the areas so when athletes looking to come to IU see they will be practicing in areas as nice as other schools.

    Coach Wilson and the other coaches have made big improvements in the offense and now made the move on defense that was needed. IU is now back to getting players other BIG schools are after instead of competing with MAC schools.

    Yes the team and coaches need to start having winning seasons to show the improvement but I think they are there. Last year was a year they could have gone to a bowl but losing Nate and playing a 5th QB [when Spring game Zander was listed 5th] hurt the team but they pulled together to still compete with the other schools.

    You think you are being more demanding but I see you not truly understanding the problems IU football had until Glass and Coach Wilson got here. No I am not blind optimism instead I see the other improvements on the team like tackling better, having players in the right place, seeing players improve, etc. Coach Wilson has had to learn to be a head coach and make better decisions in game but I have seen him improve. It wasn’t easy to come from being a OC for one of the best teams in the nation with lots of great athletes to IU with a hard time getting great athletes to come here. As I stated in another post it takes PATIENCE to make IU football relevant and with the improvements that some of us can see we are willing to be more patient than people like you.

    By the way, my time in the Marine Corps taught me a lot of things. One of the things I learned was to never give up and until Coach Wilson shows the administration he can’t do the job I will not give up on IU football or the coaches.

  12. vesuvius13 stated something above only a football mind would pick out, “having players in the right place”, which can be brought about by switching players early on to play positions allowing them to gain the most improvement and achieve their best performance. This staff evaluates talent so well and identifies skills that allow position changes(which every successful program excels at). The names are too numerous to list but multiples of TE’s to OL, DT and DE, RB to DB and WR, LB to DT and DE, DT to DE, DB to LB. Most of these players were told this possibility before they committed and it had something to do with them choosing IU. There is a HS player presently in the recruitment process who is an outstanding DB that I believe if IU gets his commitment he will become a WR in Bloomington. Smart, smart coaching when you are not yet raking in the vaunted in state or out of state *’s.
    I am pleased beyond belief to see h-1-1-1-1-h’s negative IU FB abd BB thoughts. He makes me feel even more resolute in possessing the 1’s I own.

  13. a) Memorial should have been demolished and a beautiful new stadium erected
    b). IU Football needed to have superior facilities than the football powerhouses of the conference. Didn’t need more seats.. We’ll never put the numbers in the football stands of a OSU, Michigan, ND, Tennessee, etc. But we should have had a brand new stadium on the way.
    c) You’ll never get me to believe Glass knows what he’s doing when he guaranteed so many dollars in wasted extensions thrown away at Crean. You do know basketball, vesuvious13..You must be aware that much more priority is put into paying Crean ungodly sums than will ever be promised to football’s vitality at IU. I’m not the person setting that priority. Then again, it’s called job security. Glass wasn’t hired by Wilson, he was hired by Tommy Bahama.
    d) The only way Indiana gets out of the endangered sports species list is to show we aren’t clowns(much like the clowns we’ve always been associated when football season is in full swing).. We used to be able to shed the pathetic football clown image because of the polar opposite rebirth that could be found in hoops. That is no more. Now, with an incompetent preacher that has no real chalkboard/game-planning skills as the second act to all the band-aides put on football (renovations to an old dump and second fiddle salary for a football coach that will never see what Glass will waste in dumping into a Crean bank account), we are nearing complete national relevance extinction in both major sports.
    e) We don’t need more money thrown at salaries. We needed new stadiums the same manner we built new Chemistry Halls.
    f) When a coach is in his 7th year of his contracts/extensions and loses three straight in Assembly, both contests against the :Puke in Lafayette, and 6 out of the last 8 games going into the Big 10 tournament, it’s time for a change. Crean was a fine witch hunter.. He’s not a fine basketball coach. He locates talent on a level no different any coach that would operate under the traditions of Indiana. The turnaround time for IU Basketball will never need the patience of IU Football. Those that pretend that is the case our merely feeding the clowns more of what they want to hear.

    Sorry to be so negative…But I’m not the AD excusing mediocrity at Assembly while trying to paint an overall portrait of improvement. If we had a basketball coach anywhere approaching the genuine ownership that occurs with Wilson at IU Football, there might be some glimmer of hope. But you can’t keep a clown in front of the public at Assembly and get me to believe you’re truly invested in legitimate passion for IU(be it a fan, a donator, trustees, or the the top brass/Pres/AD).

    You can’t come on here and act like you care about football when the leader of our hoops program is a serving as the comforts a national mockery for buying his bag of wind at such an outlandish financial cost.

  14. HH, believe it or not I don’t care about basketball as my professional life was teaching and coaching football. I don’t disagree with you about basketball I just have no opinion. Now my SIL agrees with you 100% and he does get into BB. Sorry if it bothers people that I don’t care or watch BB but my focus all through my adult life has been football. Other than a two year stint coaching 7th grade BB I have no experience with the sport. My brother was a great BB player playing for the All-Air Force team, Fredericksburg JR College, and at the University of Southern Indiana; he has the knowledge and experience I don’t have.

    I could be wrong but I see the signs that IU football can become relevant in the B1G and in the country. We have seen games the past two years that show this IE PSU in 2013 and Missouri in 2014, but not the consistency needed to be relevant. Because I care about IU I do want the BB program to be one of the top programs in the country and see the football team build the foundations of doing the same thing.

    Keep your passion and keep pushing fans to support the teams.

  15. vesuvius13-

    This is a very good time to have no opinion about Hoosier Basketball. All the zombies in the room with Crean also have no opinion of Hoosier Basketball. They also simply don’t care. And sorry to belabor the point, but by simply the admission of knowing so little about basketball, you have just proven you’d make a stronger basketball coach than Tom Crean. Please don’t take this the wrong way, but are you sure you’re not Tom Crean and just reaching out? It’s o.k….And if you are Tom Crean, please know that this is where all my negative posts of your time at IU has hoped you’d find this POSITIVE step in the right direction. I know all the podium slogans and the disclosures of so much time with the book in the nightstand drawer are just ways of covering the old scars with more layers of armor. I know you’re afraid to admit you really love watching freaky athletes put a ball in a round receptacle but don’t understand it. There are lots of very wealthy people that have rubbed the right shoulders …or married into the right families…or hired their own AD…. to stretch careers far beyond where their 7th grade expertise in a sport/field/profession topped out. The first step to improving knowledge is to ask for help. I’m proud of you, Tom. I’m proud that you are taking the first steps in a journey of self-disclosure and admissions of a stage performance of such magnificent impersonation a learned basketball coach. I would start your journey by donating most of your earnings to charity. Keep enough to purchase a modest home in town with only one church. Put in an application at the local middle school to coach the 8th grade team… You’re still a young enough man to build 15 years of truth from the ground up. You’ve always had a good eye for talent….I think you’ll quickly identify the 4th and 5th graders that will soon be top prospects on your 8th grade team. Surround yourself with people that will test your knowledge and demand to see things happen on the court that go beyond your keen recognition of all the catchy phrases and jargon your sport of choice.

    Anyway, this is the most positive I think you’ve ever been. This almost makes me there was a higher force at work here. Your admission of having “no experience with the sport” is such a momentous step that it puts a rather ironic spin on all of this….I think I have found faith. Praise to all the gods above….for in one man’s truth he is lost we shall all be found.

    My only other question, Tom.. Where did you come up with visuvious13? Does it have to do with your eruption at Jeff Meyer in the ’13 Michigan game?

  16. Oh, and that was clever as hell to do that flip thing, Tom. You playing it like you’re the brother-in-law, Jim Harbaugh…..So the SIL reference is actually you. Damn it….That was good. You have plenty of intelligence to learn the game of hoops.. The pressure that comes along with such a level of charades progressed is probably the main reason you get so easily confused…Don’t get discouraged. Start the journey and you shall find in knowledge somewhere faith can truly root.

  17. Harvard for Hillbillies, You do have a future in comedy. Have you thought about getting on stage like Pat McAfee did this past weekend?

  18. vesuvius13 …..with lava stone powered pulverizing scalp conditioner-

    Thanks for being all cool with that mess above. You have demonstrated a humble side and the rare Scoop quality of backing off narcissism to choose a less serious position of taking to humor. There aren’t many on this site with those qualities. I have a feeling you’re a hell of a football coach. From this point forward, I will trust your judgments concerning IU Football to be the second most sound opinion; only relinquishing one spot to my hopeless viewpoint that IU Football is a lost cause. …blah…blah…blah. Fix Basketball. We must gather one large collective burp and belch Crean out of Bloomington.

    Anyway, I’ll finish with a song that exemplifies how I feel about IU Football ..

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