Sudfeld staying busy in the spotlight #iufb

There are roughly 30 ideas that Nate Sudfeld wants to fit into a five-minute speech.

That, he realizes, won’t be possible. So to craft the perfect words ahead of his address at the Big Ten Kickoff Luncheon on July 31, Sudfeld is trying to whittle down his topics of choice to only a few bullet points. He wants to touch on his humanitarian trips to Uganda and the value of perspective. He also wants to make known his affection for the Big Ten.

There are a lot of things Sudfeld has to say. There’s also, he’ll tell you, a lot he has to be thankful for ahead of his senior season as Indiana’s quarterback.

“I’m very humbled and honored to get that opportunity,” Sudfeld said at Sunday’s Change The Play camp, which was hosted at Mellencamp Pavilion by Indianapolis Colts quarterback Andrew Luck. “As I’m writing the speech it’s kind of difficult to make it all concise within a 5ish-minute speech. I’m excited about it and I’m really looking forward to it. It’s such an honor to represent not only IU, but the Big Ten Conference, which I think is the best conference in America.”

The Big Ten spotlight is beginning to shift in Sudfeld’s direction as he prepares to reclaim the starting quarterback role after missing the final six games of last season with a separated shoulder. Sudfeld enters the year on preseason watch lists for the Maxwell Award, which recognizes the nation’s top player, and the Wuerffel Trophy for community service. His reach is also extending outside the college game.

Sudfeld seemed to make a positive impression at last weekend’s Manning Passing Academy in Thibodaux, La., where he had the opportunity to speak and work with Peyton and Eli Manning, along with New Orleans Saints coach Sean Payton.

Former IU receiver Cody Latimer, who is now Peyton’s teammate with the Denver Broncos, posted on his Instagram account last week that Manning gave him an impressive report after watching Sudfeld throw.

“It was incredible just sitting down for question and answer, and then just watching them work, watching them operate and seeing that a lot of the things that they emphasize are things that we emphasize (at IU),” Sudfeld said. “It feels good to know that what we’re doing works. So just continue to work at it. There was a lot I took from it.”

Sudfeld finished as a runner-up to Baylor’s Seth Russell in the Papa John’s Quarterback Challenge, which tests the accuracy of participants. The quarterbacks threw passes at moving golf carts that ran 10 and 20 yards away, while another rolled down the sideline as a deep target.

Oklahoma State’s Mason Rudolph, Stanford’s Keller Chryst and Pittsburgh’s Chad Voytik, along with Sudfeld and Russell, were some of the college quarterback who participated.

“That was one of the funnest parts,” Sudfeld said. “I was really looking forward to that and kind of stacking myself up to some of the premier quarterbacks in college and felt like I did really well. It was a lot of fun to compete with those guys. We’re all trying to be the best, but there was still a fun camaraderie about it, so it was a good time.”

The opportunity to mingle with the NFL’s top quarterbacks continued Sunday in Bloomington when Sudfeld joined a group of IU athletes who volunteered to help with Luck’s camp. Change The Play, which is run in conjunction with IU Health, aims to show kids the importance of daily activity and and healthy food choices.

Sudfeld was also involved with the initiative last summer and made an imprint on Luck, the Colts quarterback told reporters.

“He’s such a class act,” Sudfeld said. “He does everything the right way, work ethic. He doesn’t let anything get too big for him. He keeps it simple and lives a pretty simple life, which I really appreciate and look up to. It’s just the way he plays the game. He’s one of the best to do it in the game and he’s just gonna keep getting better. I study his film a lot, trying to implement how he plays into my game.”


  1. NS is what you want to represent IU football. Hopefully, they can get some wins to go with his example of very good leadership that is a positive for the whole team. NS is a college student athlete who is a very good role model and thankful for his opportunity at IU. He seems to be a real sincere teammate. I wish him and IU football team well for fall 2015 and maybe January 2016.

  2. Nate Sudfed has been great for the IU football program…..Nate Sudfed has represented the IU football team/program with integrity and dignity, Nate Sudfed has been wonderful for the IU football program, a great role model and a great team player…The progress the IU football program has made recently, would have been more difficult without him….the IU football program is a few years ahead of schedule because of Nate…I just wish that Nate Sudfed would have red shirt one year, if the IU program would have had one more year or two with Tre Roberson and Nate Sudfed this program would be years ahead of schedule..the competition between the two QB’s would have brought the best out of both….i am in hopes that Nate Sudfed can live up to all the expectation put on him this year..the IU fan is expecting a good to great season and all the expectation is centering around Nate Sudfed….If he has a bad game or something else goes wrong, the season is over and this program takes a major step back…the IU football program has no adequate backup…we do not have the luxury of Ohio State or some other program, the quarterback backup situation at IU (behind Sudfed) is still developing…But with all that i still hope Nate Sudfed has a great year and i believe in his ability to carry this team……Here’s to an injury free season and a productive seasons.

  3. IU79, I agree with you about what Nate has done for the program and IU. I think Zander showed enough improvement last year to say he is will keep the team from taking a step backwards if Nate goes down to injury again [knock on wood he doesn’t]. He showed against Purdue he can bring the team back for a victory and against OSU he showed the game isn’t too big for him. Yes it was a real struggle last year after Nate went out but a big part of the struggle were receivers that didn’t live up to the standards of the past few years. The freshmen receivers were going to struggle as they adjusted to being starters. I am hopeful with a Spring and Summer of working with the QBs and the addition of experienced receivers will lead the offense back to being an explosive unit.

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