Wilson confident Allen’s arrest is isolated incident #iufb

CHICAGO — On June 17, one day after leading tackler Antonio Allen was arrested at Memorial Stadium on multiple drug dealing charges, Indiana seniors Jason Spriggs, Nate Sudfeld and Anthony Corsaro decided there was no use waiting.

So they gathered their Hoosier teammates in the team room inside the North End Zone complex and talked through the situation. They touched on what they knew about Allen’s arrest, how they planned to move through it and how they wanted to rise above a serious off-the-field distraction instead of allowing it to bring the team down.

“It was an unfortunate event and I wish the best to him and his family,” Spriggs said. “We came together as a team and moved past that. Now, we’re looking forward to the season. I feel like it even brought the team closer together because we had to get through something like that.”

Allen was quickly dismissed from the program as IU moved to determine who knew what. A month later, Indiana coach Kevin Wilson said he is confident Allen’s arrest and alleged involvement in the drug trade was an isolated incident.

“My immediate thing is when that event happened was to turn directly to our team, and we’ve had a very, very strong (response),” Wilson said. “We’ve moved forward very quickly and very strong, very positively from it. I’m very confident and very comfortable with our group right now. Got a lot of respect for those men.”

Allen is charged with dealing cocaine and dealing heroin of 10 or more grams — both Level 2 felonies, which carry a penalty of 10 to 30 years in prison if convicted. He’s also charged with dealing methamphetamine. According to a probable cause affidavit, Allen can be seen on video counting money, weighing heroin and methamphetamine and handing the drugs to an Indiana State Police informant. A jury trial in Monroe County Court is scheduled to begin Dec. 16.

Wilson said he’s confident no other players will be linked to the case, but declined to explain how he reached that conclusion.

“There’s a case going on, so that’s pretty serious,” Wilson said. “I watch our team every day and I’m not at every place and everything they do. I don’t live them, but I see all the things they do on and off the field and their actions. I’m confident because I think if there was (more to come out), there would have been more from (the police). I think they did what they need to do on the legal side.

“The next meeting, I said, ‘Hey, this team is good and this team is going to stay good.’ I’m very confident in our team. I’m confident it’s an isolated deal. If not, I think the police would have (said more).”

Spriggs also said he’s confident that the team has moved past the situation and, from an Indiana point of view, it’s over.

“There’s always a chance of somebody knowing (more), but everyone said that they didn’t know,” Spriggs said. “My team is as close to me as I could want it and I trust every one of them. So if they say something, I completely believe them.”

In another bit of off-the-field news, Wilson said there are no developments with defensive lineman Ralph Green III’s status on the team. Green, who was sentenced to probation and community service following an April arrest on a misdemeanor battery charge, is listed as the backup at defensive tackle in IU’s 2015 media guide.

Wilson said in June that Green and receiver Isaac Griffith, who was arrested on May 23 on preliminary charges of illegal consumption, operating a vehicle while intoxicated with a blood-alcohol content of 0.08 and endangerment, were back with the team for workouts.

“As a department or as a program we’ve taken several situations seriously,” Wilson said. “We’ve had some things we’ve done. There’s probably maybe some things moving forward that can and will happen, but we’ll cross that when we get there. … You have university discipline. You have institutional discipline. We have departmental and program — like I say, some things have been done, counseling. We’ve had some penalties. And maybe there will be more as the future goes.”