Crown Point SG Grant Gelon is IU’s first 2016 commit #iubb

As Grant Gelon’s shooting proficiencies began drawing attention on the summer AAU circuit, his high school coaches at Crown Point knew what was next.

Bulldogs coach Clint Swan and his assistants told themselves that as soon as Gelon played well in front of the right college coach, a major scholarship offer could be headed his way. Then it happened.

Indiana coach Tom Crean sat down for a game at last month’s adidas Invitational looking to watch Eron Gordon, the brother of former Hoosier star Eric, and a prime target in the 2016 class. But it was Gelon who stole the IU coach’s attention after scoring 19 points and taking a charge against Gordon’s team.

While on an unofficial visit to IU Wednesday — a month to the day of that first encounter — Gelon received an offer from Crean and accepted on the spot.

Gelon’s verbal commitment makes him the first player in what is expected to be a sizable 2016 recruiting class for the Hoosiers. Indiana is expected to take between four and six players during the upcoming recruiting cycle, filling the first spot with a kid from The Region.

“Being an Indiana boy, growing up in Indiana, it just seemed right,” Gelon said.

Indiana is getting an outstanding perimeter shooter measured at 6-foot-5 and 176 pounds. As a junior at Crown Point, Gelon averaged 14.2 points and 7.1 rebounds per game, connecting on 102 3-pointers and shooting 44 percent from beyond the 3-point line. He played this summer for Indiana Elite Central.

At Indiana, Gelon projects as a replacement for senior guard Nick Zeisloft.

“He’s one of those guys that, even if you know where he is and you know what’s coming, he still has that ability to find ways to get his shot off,” Swan said. “He’s developed a mid-range game out of necessity because (opponents) extend so much on him that now he’s able to put the ball on the floor and hit pull-ups and runners and things of that nature. His size serves him very well and he has a very, very quick release. It’s off in a heartbeat, so I think all those traits like his size and his hair-trigger release serve him well as a good shooter.”

Gelon didn’t have an offer prior to this year’s adidas Invitational before picking up his first one from Western Michigan. He later added offers from Iona, UIC, Toledo, Western Carolina, IUPUI and Youngstown State. He does not have a star rating from any of the major scouting services, but says he had confidence that a major offer from a program of Indiana’s caliber would soon come.

“I’ve always known that I could make it to this level,” Gelon said. “I had no doubt in my mind and I know I’m a good enough player. I was never on the mainstream AAU teams, but I made the switch this year and it was exactly one of those right place, right time (situations) and I shined in front of coach Crean. I had a great game and he liked what he saw and chose to pursue me. Here we are a month later and I’m committed. It’s exciting. It was just a matter of getting the exposure and getting out there. It happened.”

In IU, Gelon sees a program that will push him to be more than a shooter. While he captured attention this summer with his instant offense, he’ll need to improve his defense and add strength before he’s ready for the Big Ten.

“He’s gonna need to continue to work on all the things that are gonna get him minutes at that next level. That’s the biggest thing,” Swan said. “He’s gonna need to get bigger and stronger. He’s gonna have to continue to work on his ball-handling. He’s gonna continue to have to work on being able to come off of a pick-and-roll, which he does well right now but getting to that level level, he’s going to have to get better and better at that. He just needs to be able to play good perimeter defense and all the things that you have to be able to do to be a good college player.”

With scores of offers out to four- and five-star players in the upcoming class, Indiana should continue adding to its 2016 class over the coming months.

Near the top of the class, 6-foot-9 five-star forward T.J. Leaf is back in Indiana’s sights. Leaf, a California native who has family connections to the state of Indiana, decommitted from Arizona last week and is considering IU and seven other schools.

Later this month, IU will host five-star forward Miles Bridges and four-star guard Curtis Jones on official visits. Bridges is ranked No. 16 in the 2016 class by 247 Sports and has IU listed among his final five schools. Jones, a former teammate of IU freshman Thomas Bryant last season at Huntington (W. Va.) Prep, is considering IU along with offers from Maryland, Georgetown and others.

Indiana is also hoping to land coveted five-star center Thon Maker, who’s considered one of the top 10 players in 2016. Maker intended to reclassify to the 2015 recruiting class and join a college program midway through the season, but decided against that plan earlier this summer. Maker has indicated that Indiana and Arizona State are the two programs making the most contact with him.

Four-star guard Bruce Brown is expected to visit Bloomington in September. Crean and his staff are also pursuing five-star guard Rawle Alkins and four-star forward De’Ron Davis, who is considering Indiana and two other schools. Gordon said earlier this summer that he is also considering IU.


  1. We beat a bunch of mid-majors and low-majors for a 0-star recruit. That’s encouraging.

  2. After he thinks about it for 5 or 6 months maybe he will change his mind and decide on a city school; IUPUI or stay closer to home; St Francis and then IU can say that this cost them a 20 win season for 2016-17….or maybe IU can include these 2 schools to possibly get closer to 20 wins.

  3. Spike Albrecht is from the NW Indiana stomping grounds…I’m from the NW Indiana stomping grounds…My jumper is ass-kicking…Zack Novak and McGary both from the NW Indiana stomping grounds. This is actually encouraging news…Maybe some push from Crean’s assistant coaching ranks to finally look beyond Indy and Southern Indiana…Gritty ballers with no fear…They won’t be Carmel candy soft…Solid h.s. coaches as well.. This young man won’t need pampering and he’ll have leadership skills. Need to start looking in the Chicago metro regions too…

  4. #4–H for H—Best post from you in ages. No flowery/vague language used, it came straight from the heart. You got your point across in a concise manner and I happen to agree with it. Well done. Hopefully, we will see more of these types of responses in the future.

  5. NW Indiana also is my homeland — and I’m sorry, but I’m not impressed by the commitment from Mr. Gelon. Hopefully, he’ll prove me wrong.

  6. Grant appears to be a very good recruit! I don’t care about his lack of national recognition! He WANTS to wear the candy stripes, he can shoot the 3, he averaged over 7 rebounds/game, he is 6’5, he is committed to working on every aspect of his game! What is not to like? Welcome to Indiana Grant!

  7. IU offered early after what seems like somewhat minimal or short analysis like he will be gone and IU has no chance of getting this recruit with 0 stars. Maybe he eventually becomes a 2 star player. Is IU thinking about MAC, Mo Valley (could they win or dominate the the Valley)?
    Huge Upside: Recruit is from Indiana.
    Huge Unknown: Will recruit ever be could enough to make relative to his role, impact at big ten and national level of play.
    Hugh Downside: Recruiting philosophy many years, that IU football traditionally has implemented (players have the potential to get better and better) that has created its win loss record.

  8. With the exception of big men, all of Crean’s under the radar/out of nowhere recruits have turned out much better than expected. So, I think he deserves the benefit of the doubt here

  9. Good enough for one big ten championship+one sweet 16 so far. Most everything else a train wreck in reality. Benefit of the doubt as far as recruiting goes….only; we will see how many blue chips sign to make up the 2016 class.

  10. t #10: at least get your facts right! The first 3 years don’t count. Years 4 and 5 two Sweet Sixteens and a B1G Championship (plus ranked #1 for much of the season). Year 6 mediocre at best. Year 7 NCAA fun team to watch. Year 8 pre-season rank about #14. Not spectacular, but pretty good. Certainly no “train wreck”!

  11. Is it 2 sweet 16s? ok. That would be, not bad for Purdue even though they hold all time series lead but no official national championship. I count all the years. Do you just get to cheery pick? So throw out all years except national championship years. Years 7 and 8 may have been fun for you. Not to fun for me, rather boring and lacked excitement. Lacked that natural high from a national championship run. As the train ran down the tracks I sort of had that train wreck feeling. Maybe, the caching staff and players can repair it this year and get this train back on its tracks. We will see.

  12. Two sweet 16’s are great for those who buy in to the” learn to be happy with less” crowd. They usually have something to protect like jobs, friends, or their own opinions. That’s what is wrong with this country today. Be happy with less. HELL NO !

  13. The two Sweet 16’s do, confidently, coincide with Cody Zeller in the post. Without one “everything hinges” recruit, it basically is a total train wreck.
    Fischer transferring…Noah leaving for an NBA after only one season(with a quote that he wasn’t being utilized nearly enough). ….Guy-Marc(“I sat in very imposing sweatpants for a year”) , Jobe, Jurkin, Bawa, and Perea(a.k.a. The A-Hope Ferocious Four….”Basketball bean berry berry good to me”)….Hmmm? Are there more? Oh, yes…there was Priller Walton ,Jeremiah April Jabbar….. the VJ III Turnover Factory…The Doc Rivers son that would never get a Duke offer…And what happened to the greatest “Movement” in history? Hollowell “Oh Well”…Patterson “Pat-a-cake, forget about me”…..Devin Davis? Though no relation to Betty Davis, we still sort hush..hush…chop-chopped him for a scholly slot. ..Did I mention “I’m Max Hoetzel and that’s all you need to know …other than the fact I’ve also boarded a train because praying at halftime doesn’t cut it for me? “….

    Bottom Line: Choo…choo.

    But this Grant kid from Dan Dakich’s stomping grounds(“the Region” area…not to be confused with smooth as silk street ballers from East Chicago or Gary…or Valvicious…or Uptown ballers from Chesterton the likes of Zack Novak, Mitch McGary, the kid from Blue Chips that played for Knight, H4H, etc) is very positive news and will amount to more than everything ridiculously hyped from A-Hope, or a “Movement”(minus Yogi), etc…etc…etc…etc. He’ll put in far more buckets than sales of “Hoosier Rising”: video or “We’re Back” t-shirts sold.

    If there is light at the end of the train wreck tunnel, Crean is never going to fix ND Basketball and remains one of the top X’s and O’s coaches in the country……country…countryside(oops…sorry, had a bit of acid reflux there) towns dotted along a trip down Highway 37.

  14. How da hell? …Is Price somewho changin worlds while I tripe them into these cloroxes…

    [coincidentally] coincide

  15. For the doubters of a n- start recruit…2 words for you ….Emmett Holt…Holt wasn’t widely recruited either BUT his game took big leaps playing the summer circuit.

  16. This Region recruit is fine as long as IU gets its share of blue chips as compared to elite programs which IU use to be (over a quarter century ago). Now a year has turned into a few, a few has turned into several, several has turned into many, and many has turned into over a quarter century ago.

  17. I did not realize E.H. has led IU bb to any championships. He has done some good things compared to other inside IU players, however where are the championships when competing against other players on other teams? IU traditional football philosophy. He is going to get better and better = won / loss IU football history.

  18. t- Is Holt finished? He may just play a very big role in leading IU to a championship. It’s Dipo and Zeller that finished before getting a job a “quarter century” in waiting done.
    To get enough one-and-done’s that are McDonald’s All-Americans, you have to be a UK bait and tackle shop. Otherwise, it’s pretty much a crap shoot and a hope that the few stellar players that want a real education stay four years…Those that can hack our school’s academics find every way possible to get the degree faster and find the bucks in the NBA..

    Give me a strategy to change the current status of “me world” in hunt of the NBA bucks? Even in a kid like Noah Vonleh would rather take his NBA chances than stay three or four years….

    This is what happens when you fire Bob Knight. We are now a Marquette…We’ll fight are asses off to get past the first weekend of the NCAA tournament…We’ll have a D-Wade…or a D-ipo…or some other diamond in the rough…But will we ever again have an elite X’s and O’s coach? We are now forever a Cinderella team… It used to be that Notre Dame was the football powerhouse of this state and IU was the basketball powerhouse….Indiana can’t even compete with ND basketball anymore….Are rivalry game against UK has been terminated because we’re just to afraid to be that embarrassed on national TV. Our new must-see-TV rivalry game is against the Northwestern Wildcats.

    You spend a lot of time on what is missing from our lineup…How about some strategy(given the backdrop of schools like UK hiring a known cheater…and schools like NC making up classes to keep the grades of athletes a charades)….How does IU get back to relevance? Give me a strategy that can compete with cheats? Give me a strategy to lure a top coach to Indiana again? Give me a strategy that can convince guys to love Indiana enough to stay three or four years, up the chances of deep tournament runs, while the NBA dangles 20 million dollar checks in front of their noses?

    Conclusion: We are now the Washington Huskies….We will soon lose “the basketball state” identity…and live happily ever after as “Cinderella” in all sports. It’s really nobody in particular at fault. It’s the priorities of the day…A weekend with X-Box game is more important than wasting time in attempts at bringing championships to a college without a big name coach that is going to make you work in the classroom.

  19. There is only one name that gives us the tiniest shot at changing our destiny. It’s not that he’s really that much better than Crean…but it’s perception. And, as we all know, perception is reality. And we all know the name of that one coach that will change the perceptions. There is only one name that can do that for Indiana Basketball. Good luck pulling him away from Boston.

  20. So much pessimism and fatalism on display in this string. Ever heard the quote, a “positive attitude is a force multiplier?”

  21. I am puzzled by this signing this early. Looks like another Max. Sure, IU can use shooters but why not wait until you see what highly ranked players you can get before this move is made. This is not a good move by Crean, signing unranked players at this time.

  22. Hosiery Hopeful- There must have been some sort of connection..Maybe they read scripture together. Nonetheless, the kid has a very quick release and can offer some pop from the outside. If something better comes along, Crean will find some kind way to put him on bus. But this young man is a stronger pick-up than all wasted A-Hope projects, Priller, April, Etherington, Hoetzel, and many, many more put together. He’s from a good Indiana h.s. program ..He may even grow a couple more inches and become the next Bobby Wilkerson.

    The perception of IU”s current state of basketball affairs is that we have a preacher more than a teacher. There are very smart people that could never run a restaurant….Crean is not a stupid man, it’s just that the lights appear to dim when he has to focus on many things at the same time. Point guards aren’t the only vital element on a team requiring court vision and a calming presence. It’s essential in a head coach.

  23. …..and the aftermath of the calming presence.

    There’s only one name that can change the perceptions of IU Basketball’s decline(cue “More Than A Feeling” by Boston).
    Then again, I’ve always enjoyed Cinderella teams n the NCAA tournament…I could normally live plenty happy with IU being a Cinderella…But this ain’t no normal Cinderella. .It’s just too bad when Cinderella even with pretty dress(recruits) and good looks(the kind of girl you’d like to bring to church) is so anxious and tightly wound to arrive at the ball that she can’t even open the carriage door…..

    And that, my Hoosier friends, is IU Basketball right now.. Wish it didn’t seem so negative, but it’s just the cold truth.

  24. CHICAGO (AP) Kyle Schwarber says he feels as if the Chicago Cubs are involved in a playoff game every day.

    Based on how he and his teammates are doing, it’s looking more and more as if they might reach the actual postseason.

    Schwarber hit two homers and drove in four runs, Jon Lester won his fourth straight decision and the Cubs beat the Milwaukee Brewers 9-2 Thursday for their seventh victory in a row.


    Dear Reds, Cardinals, & Orioles fans that wear their beloved team’s official caps during IU Football ScoopTalks,

    Wow…..just …wow. Yeah…Maybe it’s time Schwarber get more than one line in a Hoosier Morning?

    Seven in a row and 12-1 since Schwarber was inserted into the lineup. Are there other contributors? Sure…But this will soon be the biggest national attention a Hoosier has received since Spitz and Isiah.
    This is truly something incredible unfolding. Keep hitting it a mile, Kyle!!!!!!!!!!!

    GO CUBS!!!!!!!!!

  25. Jesse Rogers, ESPN Staff Writer

    CHICAGO — Is it Babe Schwarber, or do you prefer Kyle Ruth?

    hahahahahahahahahhaha…..Hoosier Baseball? Goodnight! Babe Schwarber from the basketball state? Well, I’ll say one thing…Fastballs are looking the size of basketball to him….and he hits almost as far as Knight can toss a chair….

  26. HH, how do you feel about Schwarber leaving Indiana early without putting up a banner?

  27. Considering the backdrop of controversy surrounding Tracy Smith(the Mellencamp brothers’ brawl with Smith’s son participating) and Smith taking the Arizona job in 2014, it wasn’t like Schwarber left anyone at the alter. Hoosier Baseball had a stunning and totally shocking journey to a College World Series the previous season and that’s a pretty decent baseball banner(maybe a bigger milestone than a basketball Cinderella making it to a Final Four).
    It certainly bigger for IU Baseball than a “Dipo going home party” and kissing Crean farewell after getting thumped at a Sweet 16 by the Orange. .

    Zeller and Dipo were cutting down nets after a home loss….They were already counting their money. That’s pretty distant from a Final Four banner/appearance.

    Many of these kids see their coaches as almost father figures…One of the most hyped centers from the state of Indiana in the last 20 years left his father figure coach after getting slapped silly by Syracuse. D-Wade did take Crean to a Final Four…I was hoping that kids so in love with Indiana might to a basketball equivalent of a baseball World Series(e.g. Final Four). Final Four banners are pretty cool..Knight had a few of those as well…Mike Davis too.

    I’ll be honest…I’m not a big follower of college baseball…Dustin was a real expert. There’s also the argument of how long it can take to work through the minor league system even when drafted high(which makes Schwarber’s rise to fast stardom even more incredible).

  28. Harvey,
    You got a gift. Only you could take a Hoosier sports icon and convince many IU fans to root against him just because you somehow try to claim him and then you pit him against other Indiana sports figures.

    It’s a unique gift. Of course, no one else would ever want to do such a thing..

  29. t: 1) we are in year 8, it is far from over; 2) I guess that you are ignorant of the facts relating to years 1, 2, 3, I am not; 3) you offer a kid a scholarship if and only if you believe that he can and will make your team better. When you offer the scholarship, you must hope that he takes it right then!

  30. I think t needs to apply for a scouting position for both the basketball and football teams because he seems to know more than both of the hose staffs in recent days. Step up t, you are such a great evaluator of talent I am surprised teams across the country aren’t knocking your door down for your scouting talents. How many championship teams have you coached and assembled? Until you do that multiple times you sound like a troll and a whiney Purdue fan.

  31. Harv,

    You might not believe this, but I do think there is some room for nuance on this issue. I think Schwarber leaving was the right thing to do. I’m a passionate follower of IU baseball as a VERY BRIEF walk-on under the absolutely horrendous Bob Morgan (more on him later). I lost my mind during the last 2 years of Tracy Smith, never ever thinking we could be that good.

    I’m just going to disagree with you about your stance on basketball. Vic and Cody left without a banner, but also a whimper. It was, no doubt, a disappointing season. They aren’t the first 1 seed to get bounced in the Sweet 16, but was worrisome due to the pattern of Crean’s tenure at IU and Marquette.

    BUT, leaving for the NBA was the right thing. They would have had a very inexperienced, unpolished team coming in next year with 4 future transfers (I lost count and don’t care to look it up). They may have seen the same writing on the wall that you did. I’m sure if Hulls & Watford were coming back, just MAYBE, they would have stayed. The draft was weak that year and there was no better time to get as high in the draft as possible.

    I guess what bums me out about you targeting these kids is that they seem to stand for just about everything that you claim to value: hard work, being good citizens, solid teammates and representing Indiana University to the highest of standards. Victor in particular. The kid just works his tail off and has turned from an athlete into a basketball player. It is pretty remarkable too, if you view Crean the way you do (I don’t know enough to say either way).

    I wish that you and I could celebrate that together, not be at odds about it.

    I couldn’t give 2 flying monkey feces for the Cubs, but I watch their highlights and read the box scores every day. So proud of Schwarber. Can’t wait for my Mets to face your Cubs in the playoffs some day. A battle of epic pitching vs some guys who can really swing the stick. It would be a really fun series.

  32. DD, #38 was very gracious of you. But why waste your time writing such a post to H4H? He is what he is. Your post #32 was a much better use of your time and more entertaining. Congratulations, that one was a classic.

  33. What Zeller and Dipo left was a solid chance at something money will never buy. Sheehey, Troy Williams, Vonleh, and Fischer were going to be part of that mix. Does Fischer transfer with the reality of an NCAA title playing alongside Zeller and Dipo?

    Cody & Co. were endlessly hyped as the young men that were determined to return Indiana to the elite stage. They had a one in a lifetime chance to look up at a banner that didn’t include this supposed “tradition” and “because it’s Indiana” sold year after year after year to offer as medicine for Hoosier Basetball’s lost luster.

    Life and love are no different…..It’s easy to judge. Standing tall for something more than individual accolades and to endure the difficulties and risks of nurturing a commitment is a rare trait. When something fast, lusty and beautiful tempts the ego/wallet/ libido, who doesn’t drop the drawers to feed the “me first” thirst?

    A team is something that I like to see as a nurtured concept. It’s rare that it will all come together in one or two years…(unless you can be one of those revolving doors for 7 McDonald’s All-Americans each season). The willingness to stay long enough for the right pieces to mix into the pot to achieve what those banners hanging in McCracken represent is something that shouldn’t be as easy a one night stand.
    Who wants to court any relationship? Who wants to risk heartbreak? Who wants to risk injury? Who wants to risk faith in anything? Who wants to risk all of that on the coaching competency of Tom Crean? Slam, bam, thank you, mam….Dipo makes ESPN Sportscenter highlights and does his little shoulder shiver. Whoop.

    Meanwhile, TC is dragged to the gallows and his “Final Four” days is a different light shining ever brighter….as a mediocre coach with a great eye for talent’s Hoosier divorce approaches at the big and beautiful empty basketball house with 30-year-old drapes more petrified than our determination to be something different.

    CONTENT WARNING: Naked picture of Jeremy Price here (not really, and why would anyone click such a link?).

  34. hOpe YoU sPiT yOuR cOfFeE oUt !!!

    Double Down- You are the best. Kiss me.


    as a mediocre coach with a great eye for [talent] and a Hoosier divorce approaches at the big and beautiful empty basketball house with 30-year-old drapes more petrified than our determination to be something different.

  35. Bummer, Harv. I see it very differently while agreeing with you on Crean and the overall state of the program. I think the net cutting down & the separate Big Ten Banner that followed were abominations. I don’t think there’s any link between them and Cody & Victor. I’m proud those two played at IU and will always consider them great Hoosiers.

  36. The word “resurrect” was thrown around a lot during the gargantuan hype of what Cody & Co. intended to bring to the candy stripes before they said goodbye to Indiana. I remember days long ago on Scoop prior to Cody’s commitment when a blogger named Husky Tom was poking fun at the hoopla and the spiritual importance of it all…The earth was going to move with Zeller and the seas were going to part…..Where is this Husky Tom now? I knew he’d disappear when I could rub it all in his face! The story is legendary…It will be told for decades to all future Hoosier generations. . There was the most beautiful resurrection and a faith restored…We put to rest the demon named Kelvin, We watched Crean’s twitter rise from its twitter bird ashes and return in all the glory of chrome candy striped helmets for Hoosier Football. Banners? I’ll do that tomorrow after I resurrect a yesterday’s fart from a sofa cushion.

  37. Give me Danny Moore…He resurrected more than Zeller and Dipo in all the brutal punishments of home losses and horrifically embarrassing McCracken shellackings long forgotten…..Danny once resurrected a knee burn and turned it into a Finkelmeier floater in the lane. God I miss him putting saliva on the bottom of his shoes. McCracken’s floor was that sacred to him. Please forgive me when I think you embarrass yourself when talking of what Zeller and Dipo did while forgetting Danny Moore and Brett Finkelmeier…and Mo Creek…and Tom Pritchard.

    Bummer, Double Down. Bummer you make it all so superficial and oily. It’s basketball. Put up or shut up.

  38. You ain’t got nothin’ on me …

    And your Mets aint’ got nothin’ on the Cubs as they’ll relive 1969 on the other side of destiny.

    Go Cubs!

  39. Well, maybe it will be another Frank Radovich deal. Maybe, Frank can come back and set on the Hoosier bench and offer guidance when and where it is lacking. It might be a good nutralizer for the hyper active coach. IU BB could use a wise old owl on the team.

  40. Have you guys seen the YouTube video that shows a recently discovered new camera angle of Crean trying to get his team to foul at the end of the Wichita State game … ? Gives a whole new perspective on things..

  41. I couldn’t help but laugh when I opened the morning paper (The Durango Herald) and there was a quarter page picture of Victor Oladipo accompanying a nearly full page story on USA Basketball.

    There were no stories about the Cubs.

  42. Interesting you say that because you put me on the stand in post #32 as if you stood on some higher bench in judgment. . It’s my defense that rests…It was a weak defense and I have been found guilty of an ugly hypocrisy that so erroneously believed a World Series for Schwarber was a hell of a lot more accomplished in the exiting of a baseball program than a B-ball Sweet !6 for what was sold as “We’re Back.” And guess what? I don’t give a rat’s ass. I know what was sold when Zeller & Co. snowballed the masses with their empty blow and “Movements,” etc.
    They made their choices.and there is nothing whatsoever legendary regarding their stay at Indiana. You want to be bummed…? That’s fine. I’m not bummed. I’d only be bummed if they gave it the full Frank Kaminsky effort and came up short. But with the experience and added talent on the inside with Fischer and Vonleh…? They likely gave away a Final Four experience. It had everything to do with them chasing something else and nothing to do with a miniscule unimportant fan(whether one as hypocritical as yours truly or one as righteous and perfect as Double Down). I wish them all the success in the world .

    Somebody will take us back to the Final Four. There is too much basketball talent in Indiana to see IU waste away without truly tasting the glory again. It just won’t be with Mr. Everything Hinges and Mr. Minnie Jordan. They were high on talent and short on belief.

  43. Maybe he’ll end up in Denver and you can get an autograph or polish his gold. The Nuggets would be a very watched team that he could help. He could put him on the back of one of your Kawasaki’s and take him to the top of your mountain …He could yodel the Hoosier fight song. .

    Chet- You confessed a long time ago that you don’t give a sh___t about NBA basketball. Now your bragging on a Hoosier that chose something you find dull and repulsive. We’re not much different. I found their effort in going for a banner rather dull and repulsive. But Syracuse loved it….And their head coach at IU remains as silly and stupid as the day they played their final game of sweetness.

  44. In summation: They left IU turned more yellow than that river in your backyard. It’s not all their fault…Crean & Cringesome® brought a level of toxic incompetence that easily challenges anything the EPA(Every Plausible Apologist) could do with a Kelvin Sampson spill wrecking all the pure waters of history in a Hoosier basketball river..

  45. I figured I’d give it the full power comparable to Schwarber’s taking the MLB by storm. You’re welcome.

    If only I could sing like Victor…………………………………….Hugo. Sheehey-Hugo? I like it. Les Dunk Misérables…

    Still lovin’ that stimulating NBA game, Chet? Would you like a refresher featuring some cutting and pasting of your old comments featuring just how much you get into it?

  46. Still not a big fan. Of course, that was never the topic, was it?

    The topic was how much bigger news on the national scene Kyle Schwarber and the Cubs were than any ‘ol NBA players. Not just that but it was more national notoriety directed toward any IU athlete since Mark Spitz. So you said.

    Which is true if by ‘the nation’ you mean Chicago…and Chesterton.

  47. Chet- I could just as easily pick out a hick paper from anywhere in the country and give you dozens of sports headlines giving plenty of notice to Schwarber the Cubs. It’s sorta hit and miss…. But, in many respects, you are right. The NBA is popular business these days and threatens to take many of the summer headlines away from baseball. The guy that does late night ESPN shows on the radio…Freddie Coleman(?)…. was recently talking about the NBA trade deadline hoopla getting more interest than the MLB All-Star game.

    I’ll concede…Victor Oladipo is bigger national news than Schwarber… Durango. And Donald Trump’s helicopter dunk at a State Fair in Iowa might be bigger news than that spoiled river in your backyard. I concede. Papers(the sort ink is still printed on) are not the managers of popularity contests…They are wrought, like anything, with agenda. Some still have a few old money dollars to fill the pages with whatever suits their editor’s fancy.

    There are a lot of people that enjoy watching the Cubs fail. But they’ve won 15 out of 16.. and just keep rolling. I’m pretty confident that whatever rock you find to live under, you’ll soon open a paper and find some wonderful story about Kyle Schwarber going 0 for 4 in the only game he sucked while having the highest slugging percentage over the last month.

    But if it really makes you happy, Victor Oladipo is the next Michael Jordan. He will steal every sports page in a hip town Chet lives.. He makes a gold rush amount more money in one game than I’ll make in a lifetime. Are you happy yet? The Cubs are terrible in the month of August and Schwarber is getting far too much attention for doing nothing….It’s damn straight that he should be left off the pages a Hoosier website that talks Hoosier Sports simply because the NBA is bigger business and usurping the popularity of everything. Happy yet? Victor Oladipo walked on water last night? Happy yet? Correction: Victor Oladipo walked on water while carrying Tom Crean across a yellow river…? Happy yet? Wanna wrestle? Wanna fly jets higher than me? Wanna win every argument on Scoop, Jet? It’s yours.


    ^ Show will be on ESPN Sports Center tomorrow morning @ 11:00 a.m. Eastern. Not sure what time zone that is at the center of the world, Durango,…But this is a story about Joe Madden…He’s the manager of a team nobody watches…and that’s why it’s going to be a feature ESPN piece… It may even be played in a few more time slots for nobody to watch.

  49. Oh, and I also apologize for being proud of some young men that made it in sports from the little town I grew up in. I apologize for not having an assortment of small hip towns backing against pristine lands to call my own. Some of us just settle…..Some of us grab all the gusto in life so they can open morning papers while counting the number Dipo articles against the number of moose in the yard. I still think of crappy Chesterton as my home town. I didn’t ask for it…I was sorta brought there at a very small age…..nearly as small as the age I currently mature like a fine whine hick stuck in Indiana.

    Does anyone else require an apology for my horrible claims that Shwarber and the Cubs are sorta big news in my tiny world? Just let me know. I’ll apologize. My life was built on apologies. When I was born, my mother lifted me into the air and demanded an apology. She had already seen her dreams waste away in Chesterton …She thought she was finished with kids…Then my old man hit a home run the likes of Schwarber…..Somehow it made it to Waveland Ave…My mom was not a fan of the home run.. She was wishing for a no-hitter at that stage of her life…..Anyway. watch the special on Joe Madden. You’ll find it more interesting than “The 70’s” documentary on CNN. …or maybe not.

    Go Cubs!! Go Chet’s Durango newspaper with morning Joe!(still following along, Chet? That’s sort of a joke..Morning Joe…Joe Madden…? But this would require you to have a sense of humor).

  50. I actually wasn’t the product of a home run hit by my Dad…I was more like a bloop single….just dropping over the glove a leaping Iván DeJesus…….I was never driven home…I was left stranded at first…but then they returned to the hospital…My dad claimed it was the product of a designated hitter.. Throw it back! Throw it back! ..Throw it back! could be heard from the rest of the parents at the maternity ward.

    Don’t even try, Chet. You ain’t got nothin’ on me. Ask Husky Tom…He once called me Hemingway….or was it Moneypenny? Hell, I can’t remember.

  51. Crean & Cringesome® .. LOL…I pointed to left field when I hit that one…

    You all take care…I’ll be gone now. Taking some time off. Think of it as a blogger named Sarah Tonin visiting Scoop.

  52. Anyway we can modify this site so that a person can only make two or three posts to a string in the same day? Or how about limiting the number of consecutive posts a person can make? LOL

  53. Podunker, So this is about limiting the posts of those YOU don’t like or agree with? Why not just ban them completely? Then you can have your own little online dictatorship.

  54. Hey, it’s therapeutic for him and it doesn’t hurt anyone. Have fun with it. You don’t have to read it. I tend to skim the posts with the same interest I give WNBA box scores. I once had a great aunt that would talk endlessly about knitting. Now, that was painful.

    There’s a lot worse things he could be doing.

  55. HC, Maybe. But not a dictator who preaches about lowering expectations and limiting free speech. Sounds like a third world socialist to me.

  56. Sorry but it is a toss up to some showoff rhyming riddles to fill space and waste O2.

  57. Far be it from me to recommend anything that limits free speech. Obviously I need to modify my suggestion. Perhaps the Scoop staff could modify our beloved site so that after two or three consecutive “contributions” (emphasis on consecutive) to the same string, additional posts are diverted into a different string. It would be like a holding tank for the more “active” Scoop contributors. They could call it that “Soliloquy Tank,” where people would be free to post as many consecutive comments (to themselves) as their hearts desired, while still holding on to the illusion that anyone else is reading them. Anyone wanting or needing to write comments for therapeutic reasons can rant on and on, regardless of the string’s original topic, until their fingers are sore and/or their angst has been temporarily pacified. Anyone wanting to read such material could easily click on the Soliloquy Tank and marvel at the excesses of the “eccentric” human mind. Sounds like a winning solution for everyone involved.

  58. As much as I hate to give Podunker any complements that sounds like a good solution. He would make a much better arbitrator than a prosecutor however I always consider it good news when I hear that a boat load of lawyers just drowned.

  59. I still believe in my post at #5. However, I apologize for anything that transpired later because of it.

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