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Indiana’s Emmitt Holt and Thomas Bryant were cited with illegal possession of alcohol, the latest in a strong of off the court incidents for Tom Crean’s Hoosiers, Mike wrote.

The Hoosiers’ behavior is like a broken record, one that has IU less college basketball heavyweight and more punchline these days, I wrote.

The IU football team’s youth in the secondary makes that a potential Achilles’ heel for the Hoosiers, Andy wrote.

Former four-star cornerback Wesley Green is transferring from South Carolina to IU, and other notes, Mike writes.

Whatever it takes, IU basketball’s bad behavior simply must stop, Pete DiPrimio of the Fort Wayne News-Sentinel writes.

As the bandit in IU’s 3-4 defense, Zack Shaw gives the Hoosiers flexibility and a disruptive presence, Taylor Lehman of the Indiana Daily Student writes.

Getting ready to play in the NFL isn’t a simple task for former Hoosiers offensive lineman Rodger Saffold, as he writes for CBS Miami.

Former IU receiver Shane Wynn is still getting support from high school coach Ted Ginn Sr. at Brtowns training camp, Dan Labbe of Cleveland.com writes.

Wynn is also getting some reps at defensive back due to injuries, Tom Reed of Cleveland.com writes.

Based on the bottle in their hands, IU basketball players aren’t getting the message, but here’s The Police with “Message in a Bottle.”


  1. Jeremy-

    Any chance you’ll post your commentary on Scoop? I think the multitude of off-the-court alcohol problems that could easily endanger the public is something far bigger than a Derek Elston tripping of a Northwestern player(a commentary Kellenberger felt was important enough to place on Scoop free of charge)…

    It sounds as if your commentary is contrary to much of the apologist climate on Scoop. I’m not sure if you covered any of the territory involving the grim statistics of the millions that die at the hands of drunk drivers/alcohol related crashes. We heard a lot of outrage for the verbal abuse Tom Crean’s son was subjected to at a high school basketball game…It’s a terrible lack of character for teenagers to chant viscous remarks aimed at a boy’s father. But where is the outrage for the millions of children riding as innocent passengers in a car that will perish for simply being in the wrong pathway of a drunk behind the wheel?

    Regardless of Holt’s level of drinking being remotely responsible for Devin Davis’s brush with death, one would think it would cause the opening of the eyes to some level of maturity and respect for the preciousness of life. How can there be a sound and believable embodiment of any faith or religious principles when there is a flippant regard for the life at the other end your bottle that could take your car into an unsuspecting child your drunken arrogance has no regard?

    There is a culture of arrogance and entitlement breathing in our basketball program that is bordering nothing less criminal than the severely intoxicated loser stumbling out of a tavern, firing up his Escalade, without a care in the world to soon be placing multiple obituaries of children into the morning paper.
    If you don’t value life, then drink yourself into a coma in your dorm room. But once you enter a car, this becomes way more than poor old Tom Crean’s team being a “punchline” ….


  2. Jeremy there is no need to post more. We know the score from what we have already learned. h4h just wants more to harp on. We all know his score too.

  3. I’m having a visual of Foster Brooks saying “Be-be-be-be-cause It’s…it’s…it’s…it’s… Ind–in-in-in-indi-indi…Indianaaaaaaaaahna”

    “I have a very good reason for being loaded tonight….I’ve been drinking all day.” Foster Brooks

  4. Some of the issues that IU bb is having are related to the type of individuals being recruited and they are not all that great of basketball players. Several programs have issues, but what a 21st Century tradition IU bb is developing. IU fb has there issues also, but it seems to be better dealt with; with a larger number of players. Traveling the country to get these players? More Indiana kids needed. Indiana bb is getting out recruited for high talented high -character kids by less than the very elite schools. Butler is a more attractive program for bb. This leaves IU bb with players that lend themselves to develop baggage, if they did not have some already. So you end up with a majority of your team susceptible to negative issues. This has become an extended amount of issues over an extended period of time.

  5. The results from Tom Creams program during his time here at Indiana are pathetic. Multiple loosing seasons and multiple off court incidents are destroying and embarrassing the tradition coach cream babbles about on a regular basis. He demands his players be accountable yet he takes no accountability. Its time for Tom Cream to go wins and losses are insignificant at this juncture.

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