A few basketball notes to hold you over

The first Indiana basketball practice is scheduled for Oct. 2. That’s only 16 days away.

In the meantime, there’s plenty to pass along this week.


  1. blah….blah…blah. Crean should be gone. The #13 ranking is a joke without Holt.

    If you could rank teams based on late-season slides, absence of leadership, and off-the-court dysfunctional issues in character(e.g. boozing it up and hanging out with a recently ousted Perea) we’d be #1 in the ‘Shooting Yourself in the Foot’ list.

    Eight years into this clown and we’re supposed to jacked up over recruits….from the same prep school as one so intelligent as to get into a car with Hanner Perea….They(meaning anyone in that car with Hanner) are all responsible for Holt getting cut. They have already proven to be less than bright and have zero respect for the honor to wear candy stripes. They live for a Rivals ranking number and some cute “stars” placed next to their name. They epitomize the worth of Crean as only a beauty pageant judge using IU as a place they can get some stage time for the next level….They are not part of a solar system that makes a team….They do not use their “star” power to provide anything real in terms of team gravity to pull all together as one. They are dead stars only emitting a measured light…What does it mean other than a distant aloofness provided a look by a carefree and less than engaged telescope; a view from far, far away the heart of a team where coaching, trust, honoring of teammate and uniform, and all other essential ingredients to support life on a team,( the planetary forces and vital universal components a healthy roster than no talent telescope can really see)., …and take Indiana back to the galaxy of Final Fours.

    I’m so tired of just staring through the telescope of future “stars” in the distance…So many already dead of character…So many dot the universe unnamed and undiscovered. How many carry the real life of a team to shine long beyond time, to hang banners immortal, or reserve in deepest core a soul to house the real fuel inside to care about anything but their own light? And, thus, I give you rankings their light. Rankings soon to be sucked into another black hole of forgotten lore..

    four-star….five-star….? Oh, dear “star,” why do you get to be called such when not lived within the light I provide for one-billionth the time I warmed your earth before my first birthday?

    Yours truly,

    Mr. One Sun without a team….(and still not on a recruiting board)

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