Bielfeldt sends letter to Guyton #iubb

Max Bielfeldt’s Indiana career is only weeks old, but the former Michigan transfer is already looking to make a connection with the IU basketball community.

Former IU player A.J. Guyton tweeted a photo Thursday of a handwritten letter sent to him by Bielfeldt, who apologized for the program’s most recent off-the-court incident and the embarrassment it has caused Hoosier fans and alumni.

The full text of Bielfeldt’s letter is below:

Mr. Guyton,
My name is Max Bielfeldt. I grew up in Peoria my entire life and played in your basketball camps over the summers. I’m not sure if you have heard, but I decided to transfer for my 5th year from Michigan to play at IU for my final year of eligibility.

I wanted to apologize for everything you have had to deal with as an alumni of this university, and I wanted to personally tell you that I will do everything in my power to lead this team from within to make you proud to cheer for the Hoosiers without distraction. I understand that this basketball program is special, and it is an honor to be a part of this storied tradition, even if it is only for 9-10 months.

If you have any advice on what this program needs, or even just want to grab lunch when I’m home in Peoria, don’t be hesitant to call or text.

Go Hoosiers!

Max Bielfeldt

In his tweet, Guyton, who was inducted to the IU Athletics Hall of Fame last November, said he has a lot of respect for Bielfeldt and plans to visit with him at this year’s Hoosier Hysteria.

Bielfeldt’s letter is the second to surface this week. On Sunday afternoon, Emmitt Holt sent reporters a public letter of apology after he was dismissed from the program following his involvement in a second off-court transgression in less than a year at Indiana.


  1. Well done Max. Harvard will love you because you played for Michigan. We’ll love you because you stepped up.

    Seriously though, Max couldn’t have picked a better person in AJ Guyton to look to for leadership. Still probably my all time favorite IU player.

  2. other than the fact max needs to learn the difference between alumnus and alumni before he gets his masters, this is a real nice sentiment. at least he didn’t use alum, something the “professional” sportswriters here haven’t figured out.

    here’s hoping max has a great season and gives us the front court depth we need. cheers, newest max.

  3. Appears as though IU basketball may have found some leadership. Good gesture, Max.

    Leadership may be the missing ingredient to a great basketball season. Here’s hoping this is a step in the right direction in making a successfull season possible. Go IU!!

  4. Nice letter to a great basketball player. Wish AJ could come back to IU hoops in some capacity. Love his passion and opinions.

  5. Instead of writing letters to Knight in an attempt to validate the holier-than-thou incompetent Crean, he should write letters to Crean to resign.

    I’m tired of this sort of self-serving crap…Don’t lose 8 out of your last 10 games…Don’t get bitch-slapped by Purdue twice in one season and embarrassed in Assembly Hall…Don’t make a season hinge on game against Northwestern while being too cowardly to maintain a traditionally rivalry against UK.

    Good for this young man being allowed to do what Crean denied Matt Roth. Good for him for buying into Crean’s desperation. But, if I may beg to differ, there is no embarrassment to the game of teaching basketball bigger than Tom Crean. Sure,. I’d like his role models of Christian perfection to stay out of the vodka being lofted in convenience store parking lots as if it were a banner above Devin’s crushed skull on asphalt.

    But Guyton is a Crean apologist….His pleas for all the sloppy warm hugs and kisses and Knight healing should begin after the charlatan preacher is asked to leave. Get your “harassment” priorities straight. ..This young man is taking advantage of an NCAA rule. No better place to do it than with a desperate Crean. I’ll pray before every game that he is 1/10 the talent a Mitch McGary.

  6. Just in case any of you need a reminder…..Here’s his desperate move to save Crean’s hide.

    This Bielfeldt-Guyton game of love tag stuff is just more damage control for Crean….Just go back to the game where Crean attempted to assualt Bobby for a handshake of validation(Double Down alluded to it in a different thread). Ingrain the expression of Knight upon your brain cells, A.J.

  7. Guyton is a Crean apologist? Yeaaaaaaah, ok.

    AJ played his rear-end off at Indiana and wore the Cream and Crimson with pride and honor on and off the court. Him wanting Knight, who is really important to him, to reconcile with Indiana University has almost nothing to do with Crean.

    AJ sees the bigger picture. An Indiana University that is bigger than the current head coach. Him hoping for reconciliation with the fans and students of our school is a good thing. It’ll never happen, but I applaud AJ for it. What should he do, sit back and pout like Benson and Kitchel did (much to your consternation) with Sampson?

    I think your missing the forest for the trees here. I see this letter as a shot across the bow; an indication of the lack of leadership around the Indiana program. If Max feels it is necessary to go outside of the program to see how he can be a better Hoosier and leader, there must be tumbleweeds in that department within the program.

  8. In the context of a blabbermouth needing validation…? We all saw Crean desperately attempting to get something, anything, from Bobby. I’m sure A.J. saw it as well. Glass has used numerous reunions and other events in an attempt to use Knight for the apologists.
    We had a former Knight player on the bench with Crean. It that wasn’t enough to convince Knight to shake a sweaty Crean palm, why waste arrogant breath?

    I’m tired for apologies for everything except horrific coaching and uninspiring effort. If you want value and honor restored to a program then get rid of excuse-makers that remain accountable for nothing(including a pathetic last place in team defense). Knight was a lot of miserable things, but he wasn’t a fraud at teaching the game….You are asking a man to return to place that fired him while it is being coached by one of the most clueless in history of the program?

    There are a boatload of guys that played for Knight that left their guts on the court. Guyton doesn’t own that world anymore than the hundreds that donned the uniform during Kngiht’s nearly 30 years at IU. To ask Knight to return while bozo is in town can be nothing other than an apology nobody should make nor plead an answer. There is no bigger insult than to place coaching excellence with 10 miles of McCracken’s Witch-hunter Disaster..

  9. And I sorta disagree with whole idea of talking down to an iconic coach that was fired….It’s really nobody’s determination to tell him that IU is bigger than the spit that was left in his face. I think it’s arrogant to put yourself in the wounded heart of somebody else. All work through things at their own pace…And it’s highly possible that Knight will never work through a sense of shame Indiana placed upon his name.

    Maybe if Guyton had said nothing in a letter, Knight would have mysteriously showed up at A.J’s Hoosier Hall of Fame induction. ..?

    But get bozo the clown out of town….There is no dignity for candy stripes until that happens. A.J. surely must not be so inclined to think Bobby would return during a time of such miserably coached basketball.

  10. Harv, I’m trying to process what you’re saying and just can’t. I guess you just disagree with me. I think. I dunno.

  11. It’s o.k., Double Down…99% of the time I’m just a rambling nothing. The other 1% is sleep.

    Your a good dude for trying….You have a good heart.

  12. IU basketball culture with Knight during last quarter of 20th century ( over 25 years of elite, exciting entertaining times for much of that time) vs.IU basketball culture during first 15 years of 21st century????? Just SAD!!!!!

  13. Good for Max.It takes courage to step up and not just be one of the guys. That’s a concept that most of this current team has failed to grasp. On the other hand it has to be hard for the youth of today to buy into a basketball philosophy that is intertwined with the teachings of Joyce Meyer.The amount of arrogance and self-righteousness oozing from that woman is enough to make any red blooded american kid want to run down to Nick’s and order a double shot of the strongest stuff available.

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