Couple changes to this week’s depth chart

Jonathan Crawford is listed as the starting strong safety and Andre Brown is ahead of Noel Padmore on Indiana’s latest depth chart, released Tuesday afternoon.

It’s also worth noting that Tegray Scales is back on the two-deep at weak-side backer after serving a two-game suspension. He’s behind Marcus Oliver. Devonte Williams, who has returned seven kickoffs, including three on Saturday, is listed in the top spot at kick returner.

Chase Dutra, by the way, is listed as the starting free safety for the third consecutive week.

Here’s how it all looks:

LT: Jason Spriggs, Brandon Knight
LG: Wes Martin, Delroy Baker
C: Jake Reed, Wes Rogers
RG: Dan Feeney, Jacob Bailey
RT: Dimitric Camiel, Tim Gardner or DeAndre Herron
WR: Ricky Jones, Nick Westbrook
WR: Simmie Cobbs, Leon Thornton
SLOT: Mitchel Paige, Damon Graham
QB: Nate Sudfeld, Zander Diamont
RB: Jordan Howard, Devine Redding
TE: Michael Cooper, Anthony Corsaro, Danny Friend, Jordan Fuchs

DT: Darius Latham, Ralph Green III, Shawn Heffern
NT: Adarius Rayner, Nate Hoff
DE: Nick Mangieri, Patrick Dougherty, Jacob Robinson
BANDIT: Zack Shaw, Nile Sykes, Greg Gooch
SLB: Clyde Newton, Dawson Fletcher or Zeke Walker
MLB: T.J. Simmons, Dameon Willis
WLB: Marcus Oliver, Tegray Scales
LCB: Rashard Fant, Ben Bach, Devonte Williams
FS: Chase Dutra, Kiante Walton, Mario Swann
SS: Jonathan Crawford, Tony Fields, Jameel Cook
RCB: Andre Brown, Noel Padmore

K: Griffin Oakes, Aaron Del Grosso, Calob Meinzer
P: Erich Toth, Joseph Gedeon
LS: Josh Pericht, Nolan Guedel, Dan Godsil
H: Erich Toth, Nick Campos
KR: Devonte Williams, Damon Graham, Ricky Brookins
PR: Mitchell Paige, Rashard Fant


  1. If you have not heard it yet KW’s weekly pregame presser setting up the WKU contest is just short of sensational. From start to finish all the little vintage Wilsonisms we occasionally get a peek of when he has let them slip out in the past 4 years are on display which in this video he sets up for us like dominoes and it is top notch. He talks about how he arrives at some decisions and the thought process he applies get there. How he wants players handled and coaches to coach depending on what day of the week it is. Still the W. Carolina staccato style and the 2-3 topics in 1 incomplete sentence but in this presser he doesn’t employee the vagueness many like to wring their hands over. He really is an open book and is pretty damned easy to read. It is near 30 minutes long to watch and he really puts you at ease that he is gaining more and more confidence about what this team can do. I watched it today(in fact was so enamored I watched it twice)and I do not remember which site it was on but it should be easy to find. Maybe the HT guys can help. Even Hep would have taken a couple of notes away from this 1. Enjoy.

  2. This game will be a real challenge for IU as the strength of WKU is the passing game and IU’s weeakness is our secondary. The good thing is our young secondary has gotten a lot of work in the first to games either with the pass or outside runs. I hope they continue to pull off wins even if they are close games as it is good preparation for B1G games. Good Luck Hoosiers!

  3. HC—I believe the video you are talking about is at:–sports–football–archived stories. The archived story is listed as: 9-14-15 Media Monday: IU vs. WKU. is the official IU website for all IU sports.
    By the way, great synopsis on the video. Written stories cannot capture the true essence of Coach Wilson like video does.

  4. “……doesn’t employee the vagueness”

    I think you meant ’employ’ the vagueness.

    I always thought Wilson was a smart and fun dude…I’ll watch the video nonetheless. Didn’t really understand the recent attacks and attempts by some on Scoop to suggest otherwise… My favorite Wilson moment is still the time he attempted the Slip ‘n’ Slide

  5. vgBMG, Correct although I seldom use unless I need info from the roster listings as I just find the site to sterile but yes it does provide much accurate info on IU athletics. But that is certainly the best presser I’ve watched since Hep’s intro as new HC. Wilson looked so natural and at ease offering detailed answers to many Q’s from the press. That is why I stated I believe he is gaining confidence the team can continue to improve for future success.

  6. The future success of IU football will not include Kevin Wilson. Barely beat a Division II football team that is predicted to finish 7th in their conference. Barely beat a Florida team with little football history from a much weaker conference. Glad for the two wins, but hardly worth getting excited about. Most longtime IU fans know what lies ahead. This team is performing no better than it was five years ago. The younger players will get better, but it’s too late now. I’m a big supporter of IU football. Have not missed a home football game in ten years and have 12 season tickets to IU football. Tailgate and take family members with me every Saturday. By year five we should easily be handling these types of teams, not having to make second half comebacks and saying our prayers in the fourth quarter. I’ll be cheering for the Hoosiers on Saturday, but I’m greatly disappointed with the development of this team over the last five years. Love the players on this team, but they need a new voice and a new direction. Tired of the excuses. A rough road is coming up. I’m not sure what the answer is for IU football, but it’s not Good Ole Mr. Wilson.

  7. S. Illinois is a FCS division program that plays in the Missouri Valley Conference. FCS was formerly called Division II.

  8. You may be an invested fan but you are a soft supporter and Chet exposed how little you know about FB. 4 whiffs, and your out.

  9. Xavier,
    You are mistaken. The rule you are referring to limits competition between FBS and FCS programs both of which are Division I.
    Football Bowl Subdivision (FBS) teams have not been allowed to schedule Division II for as long as I can remember and I can remember a long time.
    You are confusing Football Championship Subdivision, again Division I, teams with Division II. There is a world of difference.

  10. Prior to adopting the name Football Championship Subdivision it was known as Division IAA.

    Just a heads up, most everyone reading posts on the Scoop already knows all this.

  11. While xavier was confused or wrong about DII vs FCS, I’d hardly call anyone who has purchased ten season tickets and brought his family and friends to every home IU football game for the last ten years a “soft supporter” of the program. IU needs more fans like xavier and his family, a lot more! In fact, IU needs thousands and thousands more fans like xavier! And while I think it is a little too soon to give up on Wilson, I’ll defend xavier’s right to criticize him and the relative strength of this football program. xavier buys the tickets, travels to Memorial Stadium, sits in the seats and supports IU Football like relatively few Hoosier fans do. Therefore, he has the right to expect that the program improve over time, field a team that is competitive within the Conference and perform to a certain level against teams from much weaker conferences. Anyone doubt that Arkansas fans are very displeased with their team’s head coach after last week’s loss to Toledo? Teams from Power football conferences like the Big Ten are supposed to beat FCS teams and middling teams from weaker conferences. If they can’t do that, even early in the season, it does not portend well for their ability to compete with and win against teams from within their Power conference. I know it’s not that simple, and I know teams evolve and improve rapidly in the first month of the season, but what xavier and many others witnessed in the Southern Illinois game brought back embarrassing memories from previous Wilson teams that were not prepared to beat teams from weaker conferences, and that went on to losing seasons. The simple fact is, most Hoosier fans believe IU must win all the pre-conference games if they’re are going to retain hope of having a winning season in 2015. The team that was lucky to survive Southern Illinois did not look like a team that was any better than the team that lost to Ball State in Indianapolis four years ago. In some ways, they looked worse. Wilson has had plenty of time to demonstrate that his leadership and coaching skills have produced an improved level of performance that IU fans desire. The near disaster against Southern Illinois created legitimate doubt about his ability as a head coach. Beating a good Western Kentucky team this Saturday will eliminate some of that doubt. Beating Wake Forest will renew the Hoosier Nation’s hope that Wilson has turned the corner and silence his skeptics, at least for a couple of weeks. I’m sure xavier, in spite of his doubts, still hopes Wilson can do it. And if not, at least he’ll be in the stadium supporting the team.

  12. Clarion, you are unusually exuberant in post #1. Nothing gets you going like a red-faced, to the point 50+ white male in a leadership position. I’d guess that you are WWII history buff and admire General Patton and Churchill.

    I like Wilson too from a personality standpoint. His ability to form a competent staff and recruit the right players on the defensive side is disturbing and probably his achilles heel. I hope otherwise.

  13. The comments by xavier may be wrong about the designations between Division I and Division II teams, but anyone looking at an IU preseason football schedule is not witnessing an inspiring level of competition. It’s safe and it’s boring. It will not fill seats. And scheduling some games that will not wind up until the late hours of the night, is also adding a danger element to families returning home(especially those having to head northward through construction zones back to Indy)….Low attendance in nighttime hours seems to add an even gloomier look through a camera’s eye pointed toward the stands….

    I get it…Everyone schedules “soft’ to put a couple high probability wins in the back pocket for a rainy day…But IU football shouldn’t be the norm right now…They need to take more risk and give their fans something to get on board early. The clouds of doubt will not lift with teams like Western Kentucky, Southern Illinois, and Florida International….Teams like Missouri and Navy in a preseason schedule gave hints that IU was willing to take some risk for the fans and prove, most importantly, to themselves, they were making strides to participate in a conference they should have long ago been evicted for never paying the rent in victories. Lower level mid-majors and almost always playing it safe in non-conference play is an insult to a concept of “Win Today.” You may win today, but you will lose tomorrow. You will not part the clouds of doubt , nor bring a true sense of optimism to a paying fan, as you march to war with a .500 record in your pretty candy striped chrome helmets to an Alpo Snaps Bowl.

    Do I like Coach Wilson. Yeah…he’s seems like an honest and decent guy. But the scheduling indicates a job to be protected…Stronger preseason scheduling shows more.. It shows a love, belief in his mission, and a determination strong enough to make it worth a risk or two(for those putting on the uniform and fans alike)..

  14. But the scheduling indicates a job to be protected

    That’s, obviously, a reference that also points to Wilson’s boss. You’ve got to risk more than just dumping big salaries next to guaranteed contract extensions. Believe enough in your choices to risk your own hide.

    Extremely soft non-conference football schedules…? Removal of the legendary IU vs UK basketball series perfectly timed to when UK is repeatably putting #1 ranked teams on the hardwood . ? It’s soft. It’s uninspiring. It’s safe. It’s boring, Mr. Fred.
    It’s a slap in the face to the loyal and educated fan that the spirit of IU is “undaunted” by the size of any Goliath and the uniform has always represented a level of pride and effort to seek challenges above the norm rather than below.

  15. Saturday against WKU is absolutely key. A win begins to start us on the road to being a credible competitor. A loss is disaster and validates the position of several on this blog that we really haven’t made much progress, if any. I think we’ll pull this one out and its been some time since we’ve had 3 consecutive wins. While realizing that Florida International is not Ohio State, I thought we played well and I thought we were probably better coached in that game than in any previous game in the Wilson era (even the few we won). Unlike prior contests, I had the distinct impression that our coaching staff was truly dialed in whereas in other games, it was more like “lets try this and see what happens.”

    Coach Wilson is clearly a work in progress and I think he’s made some strides. At this point, he is not at the level of B1G coaches in terms of game day coaching…not there yet. His strength is recruiting. I don’t know if he can grow to be a B1G coach. I hope so.

  16. Wilson probably had little or nothing to do with this season’s pre-conference schedule. Even if he did, I believe the schedule reflects the reality of IU Football four years ago, and the limited financial resources we had (and still have) to entice more prominent non-conference teams to play in Bloomington. That’s a direct result of IU’s poor attendance at home games. It also reflects the reality that if IU is to have any chance of developing a winning program, it’s going to have to learn how to win against teams from weaker conferences. The reality is, IU can’t schedule teams like Notre Dame, Baylor or USC for a home and home series. IU tried that back in the 80’s, playing non-conference teams like Nebraska and USC, and we watched as Corso’s boys got physically beat up. IU can’t afford it financially, and the program’s reputation can’t afford to take the beat down that would result on national TV. At the end of the season, no one remembers which teams you defeated. They only remember how many games you won and if you went to a bowl game or not. IU football needs to take baby steps, learn how to defeat teams like Southern Illinois and FIU decisively, and break the string of consecutive losing seasons, and go to bowl games. When IU can do that for a few years in a row, and reap the recruiting benefits that result, then Glass can start improving the level of non-conference competition that will entice fans to attend the early season games. The frustration for many Hoosier fans is that it does not yet appear we’ve made much progress in reaching that level of performance over the last four seasons. Hopefully, a win this Saturday will begin to change those perceptions.

  17. In both 2009 and 2010 Lynch opened up 3-0….against cupcakes. Went 4-0 against non-conference opponents.. ;

    All the talk is cheap until the BIG season….All the opponents are cheap until the BIG season. We’ve played this very dull and broken record before. It won’t fill the stands.

    IU Basketball is much the same these days…Stagnant. We go exceeding “safe” in the non-conference scheduling…We get a couple decent recruits we can watch flicker on and off at the next level(most of which are soon fading stars destined to ride pine)….Most IU grads were always destined to ride pine at the next level…It was only through excellent coaching from Knight and some early Cinderella runs via some legendary Indiana h.s. kids to put IU on the map(Steve Downing, Steve Green, Abernathy, Ritter, Alford)that allowed basketball to rise to something beyond the occasional phenom that decided to wear cream and crimson. Isiah Thomas likely doesn’t even decide to come to IU without that first Cinderella run to a Final Four….It was game-changing recruiting momentum….and the talent fortunes such momentum was not timed to a carnival salesman, but a brilliant basketball coach.

  18. Leave the non-conference scheduling uninspiring and that’s where the program will find its level… The non-conference schedule recently released for the next seven years is beyond dull.

    Nobody is asking for USC or Baylor…..Nobody is realistically pleading to play ND. But we can do far better for the fans than the sort of dull that is being presented. It’s safe…It’s low risk. And much like everything done around Crean(the cancelling of the storied UK series), it is to protect jobs. And considering all the off-the-court issues in basketball, it is perpetuating an uninspired athlete that is merely at IU to put in their time.. Everything is low risk and without passion that gets