Darius Latham suspended indefinitely #iufb

Indiana announced Tuesday evening that junior defensive tackle Darius Latham has been suspended from the football program.

Latham will be held out indefinitely pending the resolution of a proceeding with IU’s Office of Student Ethics. In a two-sentence statement, the athletic department said it will have no further comment “until the proceeding is concluded.”

This marks the second suspension this season for Latham, one of the top defensive players on Indiana’s 4-0 football team. The Indianapolis North Central product was one of nine players suspended for undisclosed reasons during the Hoosiers’ season opener on Sept. 5.

According to its website, the Office of Student Ethics typically handles reports of academic misconduct, personal misconduct or sexual assault/misconduct.

Latham, a former four-star recruit, has provided a major boost to Indiana’s defensive line during his two-plus seasons in the program. He originally committed to Wisconsin, before flipping to join IU’s heralded 2013 recruiting class, which focused on bringing some of the top in-state talent to Bloomington. Latham was one of three local four-star prospects to sign with IU during that cycle, joining Ben Davis safety Antonio Allen and Pike linebacker David Kenney.

After taking a personal leave of absence prior to last season, Kenney transferred to Illinois State. Allen was dismissed from the IU program in June following his arrest on felony drug dealing charges, and later transferred to Indiana State.

Latham provided an instant impact to IU’s defensive line as a freshman in 2013, finishing the season with two sacks, 22 tackles and earning an honorable mention selection on BTN.com’s All-Big Ten Freshman team. He finished with 26 tackles and 5.5 tackles for loss as a sophomore and, after serving his one-game suspension in the opener, started his junior season with strong momentum.

He recorded a career-high three tackles for loss, one sack and five total tackles in Saturday’s win at Wake Forest. That performance followed another solid effort two weeks ago, when he recorded a sack and one pass breakup in the win over Florida International.

“From the standpoint of understanding the rigors of college football, he’s gotten a lot more mentally tougher from that standpoint that he doesn’t allow little things to affect him like he did when he was younger,” defensive line coach Larry McDaniel said Tuesday, prior to the announcement of Latham’s suspension. “I think his maturity level has increased, which has translated in how he’s played on the field.”

Off the field, Indiana has stayed relatively out of trouble during Kevin Wilson’s five years as head coach, but a recent spate of incidents, including suspensions, have changed that perception.

In April, defensive lineman Ralph Green III was initially charged with misdemeanor battery, public intoxication and disorderly conduct. In July, he was sentenced to 50 hours of community service and one year of probation. The battery and public intoxication charges were dropped in favor of a guilty plea for the charge of disorderly conduct for unreasonable noise. A month later, receiver Isaac Griffith was arrested on OWI charges. Court records indicate that case is still pending.

Following Allen’s arrest on drug charges, the suspension of the nine players for the Southern Illinois game raised further questions about athlete behavior. Wilson said after that Sept. 5 contest that suspensions were levied for a variety of reasons, including missed classes and other incidents that ran afoul of team standards.

“We have to tighten that group and they will take care of each other,” Wilson said after the SIU game. “We’re humans and we can mess up and in this day and age, so many things can happen. A lot of good things in that group and I have a lot of respect for the way they handle their business and I think they are going to have a great year.”


  1. Very disappointing on the heels of the OSU game. I felt like he is our most important defensive player on the field and hoped he would be a leader in addition to helping recruit future 4-stars. Could be a sign of things to come for him.

  2. “Off the field, Indiana has stayed relatively out of trouble during Kevin Wilson’s five years as head coach, but a recent spate of incidents have changed that perception.” Since the same thing could be said about the basketball team, I’m wondering if those people who want Crean fired as a result of the recent rules violations committed by basketball players are now going to be giving Wilson the same treatment? Of course, there are a lot more football players than there are basketball players, therefore more chances that a football player will violate the rules, but still, if those Hoosier fans who criticize Crean for the behavior of his players, they need to be consistent. But I won’t hold my breath.

  3. Please do hold your breath…

    Crean sat on his throne and claimed the rest of the world was full of degenerates and wreckers; Five years after taking the job, he was making a public display at a nationally televised Michigan road game to still hammer home how his perfect world of clean Christian choir boys could never defecate on the candy-stripes image . He created the boomerang now hitting him squarely in the chops.
    . Wilson doesn’t waste time with that sort of highfalutin defeatism to float his own boat.. He simply moves on and acts upon what matters in the now. He doesn’t need the terrible history of IU Football speeches..He doesn’t search for excuses of youth…He won’t paint anyone as a “wrecker.”

    Boys will be boys…and that’s why they need a man that’s a leader. Crean is a boy still frolicking around in his “I’m telling” choir trousers. Wilson is an adult that doesn’t pass judgment to elevate his own standing. He will be accountable rather than seek scapegoats.

  4. It’s a damn shame but CKW seems to be remarkably consistent in these situations. I guess it depends on your personal feelings regarding the right to know but I kinda like his ‘we’re handling this in house ‘ approach to discipline. I would feel differently if it were criminal but stupid was always handled in house when I was in the military and it was a pretty good system in my opinion.

  5. KW has lost some good players (some of his best) lately on defense. However, he continues to build fb program. Damm kids that he is trying to mature into young men. It would be nice to see success because KW has a vision for what he sees as a successful program….And it seems to be a challenge filled with many barriers at IU including player attitude.

  6. What the hell does this have to do with Crean? Once again overly sensitive and paranoid minds at work still suffering from an obvious persecution complex.

  7. I believe this is Mr. Latham’s second suspension and it is probable that we’ve seen the last of him at IU. We wish him all the best. The only way to look at this unfortunate event is to support the athlete who replaces Darius and hope that he values the honor of representing Indiana University.

  8. WOW!! To bad for this young man…how awful that he and other college athletic/students put themselves in these situation, considering the opportunity they have for getting a great college education…..Darius Latham has the potential to be a very good college athletic, i hope he gets his act together….two suspensions in one seasons/year does not hold well for any individual…..looks like the young man is putting himself in bad situations….kudos to Coach Wilson for trying to handle all these team issues and hold this team together, while building a football program…….can we say next man up (Adarius Rayner) we heard all spring and summer how much this young man has improved, it is time to put it on display.

  9. I mirror Chet’s #4 to a T. But will add another hard learner has hit the wall. If the decisions you make cannot keep you above the line then you’ll lose your decision making to consequences. I would think that about now that is what DL is realizing. I hope we do not lose him but Wilson seems to always do what is best for the program and IU. Now a young man I’ve liked since I read about his recruitment and commitment to IU gets a big opportunity. Step up #47, Robert McCray III.

  10. RAM, are you paying attention? If so, you can answer your own question, but just to help you out, I took this opportunity to point out the obvious double standard and hypocrisy displayed by some of Crean’s critics. When a BB player breaks the rules and gets suspended, Crean’s critics use the incident to attack Crean and demand his termination. I’ve yet to hear any of that criticism directed toward Wilson when any football players get in trouble. I’ve yet to hear anyone calling for Wilson’s termination because a few of his players have been caught violating the rule. I agree that Wilson is handling these incidents in the right way, it’s the double standard and hypocrisy demonstrated by some Hoosier fans that I was pointing out.

  11. can some of you explain to me….when IU football program only gets a handful of 4-star and 5-star (none to my knowledge) athletic, that the majority of those athletics never develop, transfer, or dismissed from the team….Is it that we get so few of these type of athletics that it sticks out when they commit some type of infraction….the recruiting class of 2013 had six 4-star recruits and only one (Fants) is in the starting lineup..are the 4-star athletic which are committing to IU football really 4-star recruits?? Darius Latham had flipped from Wisconsin, coming to Indiana with the intention of revitalizing the program….enough negative on player and recruits…..My only hope that IU is competitive in the game against Ohio State this weekend, hoping for a victory, but being realistic…..If this games gets out of hand, i really hope the IU fans do not do a mass exit….just remember the seasons is not over no matter what happens with Ohio State.

  12. The OSU game is a zero pressure opportunity only game I hope the coaches get the players to play aggressively, not afraid of making mistakes, loose and free, and with passion. I have no clue what Latham did, nor does any reporter or fan, Whatever happens is all on his shoulders. I hope that he can recover from this. The IZu defense, his friends and teammates could use him playing hard on the field!

  13. Podunker WE GET IT. You use every opportunity to point out that you feel your boy is being mistreated EVEN when the conversation has nothing to do with him. You had better run on over to his house and make sure his feelings aren’t hurt because God knows yours are. Maybe you both can share hankies and have a good cry.about how the world is just not fair.

  14. RAM, Crean is not “my boy,” but yes, he is at times mistreated (i.e., scumbags at his son’s basketball game booing the kid). But I have been known to criticize him at times, too. I’m sure he let’s criticism roll off his back like a duck in a rain storm. But if I ever meet him, chances are we’ll share a laugh at how ridiculous and unreasonable some people are. Then he’d probably want to pray for his detractors.

    I just find it fascinating that some of my fellow Hoosier fans apply such radically different standards and have completely different expectations for IU basketball compared to IU football. I think I understand it, but find it incredible that some of the most passionate IU basketball fans don’t give a wooden nickel about IU football. And they continuously denigrate a coach that raised a program from a coma and lead it to win the first Big Ten Championship in decades, but bend over backward for a football coach that has never even produced a winning season. Hey, I support Wilson. I think his offense is great. I even give him a pass for the first three years after he agreed to make a legacy hire with Mallory. But I ask you, which program was in worse shape when each of the two coaches were hired? Which coach has lead his team to the post-season? Which coach recruits some of the very best talent in the nation, year after year. And which coach is the target of the most ridiculous personal attacks allowed to be posted on The Scoop. I just have fun pointing out that some of my fellow Hoosier fans appear to be a little out of balance. Don’t take it personally.

  15. If I remember right Dan Dakich took over the basketball program at its lowest point. And tried to put together a team, after getting rid of most Sampsons’ players. What do you think?

  16. T. Crean is recruiting for what use to be a storied program. That was 20 years ago. In a very small handful of cases Crean has recruited the very top talent. However, everything else is B level talent. T. Crean has lost out most of the time on the very best. Be accurate.

  17. t, how many McDonald’s All Americans has Crean signed? How many of them are on this year’s roster? Those players are amongst “the very best” players coming out of High School. Compare the number of McDonalds All Americans Crean has signed to IU’s previous head basketball coaches and/or other college head coaches. You have to acknowledge the context and climate of today’s college basketball created by the combination of the NBA’s rules and Calipari’s unscrupulous recruiting philosophy that made Kentucky into an NBA D-League, relative to IU’s tradition and stated values. Even Duke Hall-of Fame coach has acquiesced to the “rent-a-player” trend. IU’s dedication to players being true student-athletes and pursuing a degree places schools like IU at a competitive disadvantage. Given the context, and assuming the rules remain the same, IU will NEVER be able to recruit most of the “very best” basketball players coming out of High School, because many of those kids have no interest in doing what is required to pursuing a college degree. They want, and who’s to blame them, to take the shortest and easiest path to the NBA. And be assured, if the NBA ever eliminates the one-and-done rule, a large percentage of those “very best” players coming out of High School will go directly to the NBA. The one’s that need another year or two of maturity/ development will go to schools like Kentucky, where players are not required to seriously pursue academic achievement or a degree. If you don’t understand that, you’ll be perpetually disappointed in IU’s basketball coach, no matter who it is. Your implied criticism of Crean’s recruiting is ironic. Generally, people give him credit for being an excellent recruiter. It’s the other aspects of his coaching performance that justifiably leave him vulnerable to criticism.

  18. Tennessee Pete; Dakich was the terminator, but Crean inherited what was left over after that process was completed. The program Crean took over was in a self induced coma, as close to dead as it could have been while still having a pulse. How many academically eligible scholarship athletes were on the team the day Crean was hired? We Hoosier basketball fans tend to have short memories about the condition of IU basketball when Crean was hired.

  19. davis, I agree and I apologize but that was exactly my point. This thread was supposed to be about Darius Latham however it was hijacked in post #2 by someone with an obsessive agenda.

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