Dutra could be available Saturday, Booth out #iufb

Chase Dutra could be ready to make his season debut this week, Indiana coach Kevin Wilson told reporters Monday.

Dutra, who has missed the last two weeks with an undisclosed injury, is nearing a return to the IU secondary. The free safety, who had his left knee/leg wrapped as he stood in street clothes on the sideline Saturday, has been running and could practice this week.

“It will be interesting to see where Chase is, how much work he can do and if he’s cleared,” Wilson said. “(He can probably) play if needed and we’ll trust Coach Knorr and Coach Joseph to decide how to use that and see if we can get going. We thought he had a chance going into this week but we don’t know yet. Not to say it’s a game-time decision but (we’ll) see if he’s available. We thought he could be. We don’t know yet.”

Sophomore Kiante Walton has started at free safety in Dutra’s absence. He’s been joined by true freshman Jonathan Crawford at strong safety.

“We’re playing without him and playing well,” Wilson said. “The young guys are doing well and are very talented.”

Indiana has also been without the services of sophomore receiver Dominique Booth, who is also dealing with an undisclosed injury. Wilson said Booth has been limited and out of practice for the last four weeks.

Booth was more active with the team on Sunday night, but Wilson says he believes it will be “a while” before Booth is ready to return.

“He’s just had a thing that’s held him out a little bit and we will see how it goes,” Wilson said. “Not major but he has not been able to practice either. When I say major, hasn’t had surgery, just hasn’t been able to go.”


  1. Playing well? Someone might want to tell Kiante when we have a cornerback blitz that everyone in the stadium knew was coming, he might want to get over to cover his guy. It was right in front of me and since i knew Bach was going, i was watching to see Kiante move over to get in position – because as i said, everyone in the stadium including their QB knew it so he audibled – and Kiante did not move ONE step pre-snap. As Ben was charging, he didn’t move. Came over after throw, and missed a tackle 10 yards down field, and the WR easily ran the rest of the way untouched for a touchdown. That was one of the worst performances of the nigth – so glad it didn’t cost us the game.

  2. Yes I saw the mistake and it cost IU a TD but one mistake doesn’t mean they aren’t playing well. Coach said in an article that he knew young DBs could make mistakes but he was more concerned how they responded in the up coming play and the player made the int and returned it for a TD.

    I’m glad Coach Wilson told the defensive staff to stop making calls that had the defense moving sideways. The defense even a 52 defense that uses slants and angles still moves forward by the second step so it is good coach stepped up and said to not to do it. It will be good to have Scales back on the field as he is the best LB IU has. This game will be a good test for the defense to see if they are still improving.

  3. Think about it. IU is 2-0 without best LB and best DB taking a snap yet. Lota of young talent. Defense is just going to keep getting better and better.

  4. Jason, they do good young talent and each recruiting year gets better which is why unless Coach Wilson loses the team I want him back for his seven years because we don’t know how good the team can be until then with the improved talent. I know many will say he has his own players now so this year should determine if he stays. The problem with that senario is the first year was just whoever they could get to come to IU. Year two was following a 1-.11 year so they still had to live with who they could talk into coming. The thrid year followed a 4-8 year so now recruits could see the type of team they were building and better athletes would come in. The fourth year followed the record setting offense and explosive offense they put on the field.

    IU has even better athletes waiting to play next year as we have more transfers coming in from major programs and our JC receiver that didn’t qualify this year. I hope this year’s team has the talent shine through to win enough games to move into the upper half of B1G East. I like that coaches are working to keep the offense balanced and I hope to see more play-action passes as a way to be more explosive at times. The offense and coaches need to learn how to finish drives so they get TDs. If they get inside the 10 yard line I don’t understand why they don’t run the ball at least two time with Howard with the option [my bet is he scores or is so close the next play is a TD] of using play-action on the next play. Then you have the 4th down, if needed, to kick a FG or go for the TD knowing you will bury the opponent’s offense if you don’t score.

  5. Yeah, but it wasn’t just getting beat. I mean – he didn’t move at all when it was obvious the other team knew the CB was coming. I just don’t get that one at all. And he is a 2nd year guy with a lot of playing time already, he isn’t one of the true freshmen. If he moved over and got beat on the route, that’s one thing. Idk….perhaps i’m being hard on him, but that was just beyond comprehension to me. I want Chase back ASAP, but reading coach’s words, he is acting like we don’t need him because we are playing well without him. As this play showed, we need him back NOW especially vs WKU. THey will pick us apart if we don’t know where to go.

  6. Most of the time showing is better than telling. I’ll bet large sum Walton has learned his lesson.

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